The following report was given to Rumour Mill News in 1996, the year it was written.

The source who hand delivered it at the time would not state who the author was.

Some material in the following report is now somewhat dated, but none of it is unimportant to people who are concerned to see Australia shake off covert control and regain its former status as a free and sovereign nation.


Author's Note

This report results from two years of part time investigation of recent developments in Australia which appear to indicate that some unusual and urgent preparations are being made to turn Australia into a self sufficient "safe haven." The details mentioned in the report have been kept as concise as possible to enable readers to make up their own minds about the wide ranging evidence which suggests a well organised and developing plan of action aimed at reaching culmination by the end of the present decade. This report can be considered as interim only as the process is ongoing and apparently gaining in momentum. The author intends to continue his investigations and publish additional reports in the future.
JUNE 30, 1996


During 1989/90 closed door discussions began between the Federal government in Canberra and all the State governments in view of upgrading all Australian emergency services. It was agreed that prompt action would be taken to facilitate better co-ordination between all existing services and funds would be provided to assist with training programmes, the provision of new equipment and the recruitment of additional full time professional staff. Communications were considered of primary importance and it was decided to establish an Australian wide standard system encompassing all existing services which are Federal and State police forces, metropolitan fire brigades, country fire authorities, ambulance services, rescue services and other volunteer emergency services.

Basically the reorganisation seems to follow along the lines of the old Civil Defence Organisation and it is interesting to note the same old names are being used again. The states have been divided up into regions and each placed under the command of a controller. A sub regional controller is responsible to a central regional controller. From there it goes to state level and then on to Federal level centred in Canberra. As was the case with the original organisations each region is capable of operating on it's own if the chain of command should break down due to warfare, civil unrest or natural disaster. Close liaison has been arranged with all branches of the armed services and in some instances joint training programmes have been arranged on a regular basis. Military reservists are encouraged to become voluntary emergency workers in their local areas as not only. their knowledge is of use but it helps develop mutual trust between the community and service personnel in general.

During the past year the Federal Government has encouraged voluntary involvement of as many private citizens as possible. In this way a regional controller with a small staff can develop a substantial organisation at very low cost. Further so called cost savings have been made by centralising emergency communications in each state and 'privatising' them by selling them off to an outside contractor. State Government has moved the communication systems covering Police, Fire and Ambulance services under one roof at great expense to the tax payer and then sold them off to a company called 'Intergraph Inc' which is a specialised American communications company said to be closely connected to the United States National Security Agency (NSA).

Of further interest is the origins of some of the professional staff members who have been employed to develop and consolidate the new look organisation particularly in the State of Victoria.


In 1927 Mr. Ernest W. Cox, then President of the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria formed the National Safety Council (NSCA). The objectives-of this new organisation were: safety at work, safety on the roads and safety at home. From the outset it was run by a committee made up of representatives from major government organisations such as the Police Department, Education Department, Railways Department and Tramways Board. Community and business organisations were also included such as the Automobile Club, Commercial Travellers Association, Trades Hall Council and Accident Underwriters Association. By 1928 it had a full time staff who were promoting its aims throughout Victoria. When the depression hit Australia in 1929 the Victorian government withdrew its financial support forcing the staff to work on reduced wages and for the NSCA to. depend on private contribution made by big business and some wealthy individuals. The organisation survived and in 1934 the government renewed it's contribution allowing the NSCA to further expand it's role in the community.

The second World War produced rapid growth in the organisation and for the first time it became involved in military matters, a role it maintained throughout it's remaining history. By 1948 the NSCA had led to the development of an entire safety and security industry employing more than 300,000 people.

In 1976 a mysterious person named John Freidrich joined the NSCA as a safety officer at the State Electricity Commission power station in Yallourn, Victoria. Freidrich was not his real name and to this day his real identity has remained unknown. Due to his high intelligence, diligence and a good measure of assistance from several powerful backers, principally the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), he quickly rose through the ranks and, despite the fact his background was a myth, and he did not even possess an Australian passport or valid birth certificate, he became the executive director in 1982. His meteoric rise to power could only be described as astonishing, however as there was plenty of money in it for everyone there were few complaints. When an opposition member of parliament raised a question about the appointment in the House he was howled down by the government.

Freidrich (CIA Code Name 'IAGO') took to his new job like a duck to water. Money started to flow and the NSCA plunged into an unprecedented period of expansion.

The NSCA headquarters were moved from plush offices in St. Kilda Road, Melbourne (close to the US Consul General's office in Albert Road which was then the principal CIA Station in Australia) to Sale, a country town in Gippsland, Victoria.

A building at 60 Albert Road Melbourne, near to the original NSCA headquarters in St Kilda Road, had not only housed the US Consul General's office, and the principal CIA Station in Australia at the time (which had a cover of being a high security design group for General Motors Holden), but was also the Head Office in Australia of Hay Associates.

The latter organisation consulted in job evaluation and remuneration management and was a vehicle by which CIA agents, who were often skilled psychologists, could gain access to the board rooms of companies and government instrumentalities in Australia. Their purpose was to identify executives who were sufficiently weak-willed to be easily bent to serve the interests of the US in Australia. The Hay 'scouts' were also on the lookout for individuals in high positions who could be bribed or who were already corrupt and could be readily blackmailed.

Besides building a client list which included major US and Australian owned companies, including all the major banks, Hay Associates also conducted 'studies' and installations of its system in the Australian Defence Department and the Navy, Army, and Air Force, plus every Australian Police force. In the UK, Hay Associates had even conducted a remuneration study throughout the Houses of Parliament.

To this day the tentacles of Hay Associates are everywhere in Australian commerce and government. However this consulting front organisation is no longer a principal tool of the CIA, as in the early 1980s it was sold to the British advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi, prior to a subsequent management buyout and registration in The Hague. Since then its embedded agents around the world have largely been operatives of the secretive Mossad.

A complete airport was built in West Sale opposite the RAAF base situated in East Sale. No cost was spared and an elaborate base which included the largest hyperbaric (decompression) facilities in Australia and an indoor horse riding arena was built in record time. Any amount of money was made instantly available by the government and banks. All that was required was Freidrich's signature.

Together with the development of the base came what can only be described as a private airforce involving dozens of fixed wing aircraft, both propeller and pure jet, and dozens of helicopters. In fact Freidrich's private helicopter, a Bell 212, had previously been owned by Idi Amin! Apart from that there was a marine section which purchased a number of the latest deep sea recovery vehicles at enormous cost. It seemed that everything that was required by the new look organisation was provided immediately with no regard at all to the costs involved.

The NSCA obtained contracts from all the military services to take care of their search and rescue requirements and from the Bass Strait off shore oil rigs to attend to any emergency that may arise. Facilities were set up at Sale to provide specialised training to many public authorities and to train special service personnel employed by the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and their backers, the CIA.

Perhaps the most important services NSCA provided was firstly security back up to all the American secret bases in Australia including the new Omega bases in Victoria and Tasmania, and secondly provide deep sea submarine rescue facilities for the American nuclear submarine force constantly patrolling the Southern Ocean. There were several occasions when they were called in to use helicopter crowd control methods at Pine Gap and the Gippsland Omega station. It is not known if their submarine rescue facilities were ever used.

The association with the East Sale RAAF base was a close one. In fact two senior RAAF officers sat on the board of the NSCA. East Sale is a secure RAAF base and is often used by NASA (U2 flights) and other unexplained US aircraft. It is also the repository of secret UFO information and was the base that Frederick Valentich attended for a special course relating to UFO's before he disappeared over Bass Strait on 21st October, 1978 while reporting a close encounter with a large UFO. So concerned was Valentich about what he had seen and been told at Sale that he emotionally told his parents shortly afterwards that "should they take me I should be O.K. so don't worry, they will probably put me back." (This was told to the writer by Guido Valentich, Frederick's father, in late October, 1978).

It has been inferred that the NSCA was closely involved with the UFO problem and had all the equipment necessary to effect retrievals on land and from the great ocean depths. They also ran their own international airline which did not account to anyone and moved people, drugs and money in and out of Australia. Freidrich's ex personal pilot told the author that he often flew him to airports in various parts of Australia where he would transfer to another aircraft and disappear. On one occasion he flew to Essendon Airport in Melbourne where Freidrich told him to wait. An executive jet in US colours and the CIA insignia on the tail landed shortly afterwards and Freidrich climbed aboard. Four hours later the plane returned and Freidrich walked back to his own plane and ordered the pilot to fly back to West Sale. Apart from mentioning the weather he said nothing about the strange flight. The pilot also claimed that he often received orders to fly together with a back up pilot to deserted airstrips in the Australian outback.

Most of these strips were built during the second World War yet, oddly enough, are still maintained by persons unknown. Another plane would be parked there and the keys and instructions as to what to do next would be in one of the wheel wells. The instructions usually involved flying to a second air strip where Freidrich would be waiting with his canvas overnight bag. He would then fly Freidrich either to Richmond RAAF base in New South Wales or back to West Sale. On three occasions he had to pick up Freidrich from Pine Gap. Each time he flew alone in a NSCA Lear Jet and made the pick ups around 3 A.M. Even at Pine Gap Freidrich was always waiting alone on the vacant airstrip.

It was also well known that the US Airforce conducted joint training exercises with the NSCA and there were several reports of the US Green Beret officers entering Australia on tourist visas and going directly to West Sale.

The operation had some similarities to other past CIA activities in Australia. The best known example was the case of the Nugan-Hand merchant bank which prior to it's collapse in 1980 was said to have been involved in arms and drug trafficking, the laundering of drug money, and the funding of CIA operations in Australia and Asia. Nugan-Hand was run by Australian Frank Nugan and American Michael Hand, a past Green Beret officer and employee of Air America. In the late 1960's and early 1970's the officer in charge of the overall operations of Nugan-Hand plus a major US currency counterfeiting operation in Sydney was the already infamous General Richard V. Secord.

When the operation was closed down, Michael Hand was given a new passport and immediately returned to the USA where he now lives under another name. Frank Nugan lost a great deal of money and threatened to expose the operation if he was not reimbursed. This was a serious error as he was shot dead a few days later with a .300 magnum hunting rifle.

As the Cold War came to a close it was decided to dump the NSCA. Suddenly it was revealed that hundreds of millions of dollars had been misappropriated and Freidrich was blamed. The West Sale base was closed and hundreds of trained and highly experienced personnel were dismissed. Freidrich initially went into hiding as he knew full well that when such secret operations are closed down the cleaners come in and any potential embarrassments are quickly eliminated. Freidrich played his cards correctly and surfaced to face charges of bank fraud and other commercial crimes. While on bail he supposedly committed suicide which, of course, was most convenient to everyone involved. However, there were strong indications that he was not dead but had been quickly withdrawn to the USA just like Michael Hand and a unidentified corpse from the city morgue had been put in his place. Several police officers who talked about this were told that they would be dismissed without pension rights if they mentioned it again. Everyone shut up.

It has since been independently confirmed that the man known as John Freidrich did not die as reported. He is, in fact, still alive.

But what of all that trained staff? Within weeks of the NSCA close down many of them were absorbed into other government services and the organisations they had helped to train. Many others are now involved in the new rapidly developing State emergency services. No doubt, like the old Civil Defence Organisation personnel, most of them will have kept their American contacts and are firmly part of the security old boys network. Nevertheless NSCA trained officers are considered the best in their field and are fully capable of putting organisations together quickly and effectively. This seems to be what they are doing at the present time.

There are indications that a fully operational, co-ordinated nation wide rescue and emergency service must be ready for any eventuality by 1998/99 at the latest. The reason for such haste is not clear but it appears that something is expected to happen by the end of the decade and as far as humanly possible the government wants to be ready for it. This seems to fit in with other preparations being made by the Federal and State police force and the armed services.


The Australian Submarine Corporation has just launched it's second Collins Class submarine and a further six are due for delivery by 1999. Their cost is estimated at around one billion dollars each. There are plans to produce many more for friendly nations in South East Asia and if possible keep the enormously expensive factory in continuous production well into the next century.

The naval dock yards in Melbourne has launched their second $500 million frigate, with a further eight planned for delivery by 1999. Like the submarines, the government expects to receive further orders from New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore and possibly Malaysia.

On the 16th January, 1996 the government announced that a new $200 million armaments depot and munitions loading facility will be built for the Navy at Point Wilson near Geelong (49 miles from Melbourne). Building will begin this year and the facility will be fully operational by the end of 1998.

The airforce has just ordered at the cost of $900 million, 12 new C130 transport planes from the USA to expand their air transport capability. Also their entire fleet of F111 fighter bombers are being rebuilt to bring them up to the latest standards. The cost per aircraft is about $30 million. More than 40 aircraft are involved in this refurbishment programme.

In late 1995 the army moved it's southern armoured division from Victoria to the Northern Territory. The government stated at the time that as they did not expect an invasion from the Antarctic there was no point in keeping them in the Southern part of Australia. Does that mean they expect an attack from the North?

In January, 1996 a source in the USA advised that the army had placed a large order for Jeeps specially prepared to resist chemical and biological warfare agents. The exact number is not known but it is understood to be in the hundreds. Similar vehicles were used by the American forces in the Gulf War. Why should they be considered a vital addition to the army's inventory of equipment in Australia? Delivery will take place over the next two years, meaning it will be completed by mid 1998. No mention of this order has been made by any of the Australian media or any government authority.

United States B52 bombers, F15 and F18 fighters as well as early warning aircraft are now stationed in northern Australia and a so called practice bombing range in the Northern Territory is being used by American, Australian, Indonesian and Singapore airforces. Singapore has been allowed to station a fighter squadron in Queensland and Indonesia is conducting regular military exercises with the Australian armed forces. The last one involved 7000 Indonesians for two weeks in Northern Queensland.

A whole new era in the relationship between Australia and Indonesia opened in December, 1995 with the signing of a joint defence treaty by the Australian and Indonesian governments. This treaty contains some very unusual and ambiguous language. One point has already caused some debate as it indicates that one party will go to the aid of the other "due to any adverse challenge". This could mean anything. Most critics immediately assumed Australia would have to help Indonesia even in the event of an internal problem developing in their country. They did not seem to think about the possibility of Australia asking the Indonesians to help them in one of their internal problems.

This situation is disquieting as the people that write such treaties know what they are saying so it is unlikely the loose wording was just a slip of the pen. Also the results of the survey which was given to US Marines at Twenty-Nine Palms in Southern California, wanting to know if they would shoot on their own people, were similar to the results of secretly conducted surveys in Australia. They won't do it! However there are many foreign troops that would, and this has produced the fear of United Nation's troops being used in the USA for that purpose. As for Australia they now have access to some of the most unscrupulous professional killers in the world in the form of the Indonesian military. Portuguese Timor is a perfect example of their capabilities.

Apart from the rather negative aspects of the treaty there are some positives. Indeed following the signing of the treaty Australian Foreign Minister, Gareth Evans, said "Of course neither of us will involve ourselves in each other's internal affairs but we may have to act together to stop terrorists, drug smugglers or a huge influx of boat people moving to the south." It seems fairly certain that the issue of forced migration is the most important one. Morally Australia could not be involved in killing off thousands or even millions of people trying to get to it's shores. It would have to think of some other way. On the other hand Indonesia would hardly think twice about it particularly in view of the fact they would be first to be overrun. If one looks at a map of Australia and South East Asia, the only way boats small or large can quickly get through to the south is via the waterways that divide the islands of Indonesia. Any other route is long and dangerous and most small boats would not survive such a voyage.

The speed with which this new treaty was entered into indicates things need to be arranged quickly and this fits in with other recent developments.

On 4th January, 1996 news leaked out that Singapore was going to terminate it's military training arrangements in Taiwan and with the agreement of the Australian government move it's programme to Australia. Almost certainly a defence treaty will follow the move which would further help seal off the waterways to seafaring migrants. Further the Singaporians are in a very insecure area of the world, surrounded by millions of Muslims and facing the prospect of Malaysia becoming a fundamentalist country by the end of the century. Most readers would be aware of Singapore's neo fascist system and extreme methods of dealing with almost everything e.g. an American boy was incarcerated for three months and flogged for spraying some paint on a car. A local citizen was imprisoned for two years for littering etc. etc. Outside threats of any kind make their militant regime very nervous. As Singaporians are basically Chinese, the Malaysians would be only too happy to see them disappear. Could it be that there are plans to move a large part of Singapore's 3,000,000 population to Australia and save them from a fate worse than death? Their military is already here so why not bring their brains, banks and hotels as well?

Presently, the CIA maintains its largest station in the Western Pacific in Simgapore; with the exception of its extensive operations in Australia that is.


On the 15th January, 1996 it was announced that the Australian army, airforce and navy will be placed under single command. A new post of 'Commander Australian Theatre' (an odd choice of name) is being created to coordinate the country's air land and sea defences under a single Commanding Officer.

A new site is being selected for the establishment of a headquarters and this is expected to be in a secure area (possibly underground) in New South Wales. As the new headquarters must be reasonably close to Canberra it will probably be situated in the extensive underground facilities in the Snowy Mountains. These secret facilities were built at the time of construction of the Snowy Mountains hydro electric scheme and totally concealed from the public. It is a vast system capable of supporting thousands of people and connected to Canberra by a secret underground railway.

The Defence Department said this was the biggest change to the Australian defence force in 20 years and only stops short of total integration of the army, airforce and navy into a single body.

The underground base and connecting railway definitely exist. The principal contractor for their construction was Civil & Civic, the company formed by migrant Dick Dusseldorf, which went on to become Lend Lease. The person who was crucial in steering this work to Dusseldorf was John Dieter Kahlbetzer, who now lives in Argentina but still controls substantial business interests in Australia.

General Baker, the defence force Chief of Staff, said the restructuring would help eliminate the need for any major changes between peace and war. Further he said Australia was leading the world with this new approach.

It is obvious that an integrated military force closely coordinated with all Federal and State emergency services and police organisations would be a very effective and efficient organisation. Such coordination could, in times of emergency, be used rapidly and decisively to deal with any problem situation on an Australia wide basis. Total military control could be established in a few hours.

The target date for having the $500 million reorganisation fully operational is by 1998/99. By that time the machinery of a police state will be firmly in place and it will then be possible to introduce dictatorial powers at a moments notice.

The 1996 Port Arthur massacre provided the governments of Australia with the excuse to disarm the population, in readiness for this new phase of preparedness for military rule.


Since the second World War the Australian Government has operated a coast watch system along the northern coast line of the continent. The responsibility for this was initially placed in the hands of the Australian Navy and Airforce. In recent years it became necessary to greatly increase the capacity of the service to control illegal fishing, drug smuggling and the flow of illegal immigrants. To achieve a much higher level of surveillance the system has been partially 'privatised.' Like the NSCA, a private South Australian company which operates a large number of aircraft has been contracted to undertake continuous surveillance from the North West to the North East and patrol the ocean dividing Australia from Indonesia and New Guinea. Over the past two years the government has been very generous to this contractor by donating a substantial number of fixed wing aircraft and providing interest free finance for the purchase of new aircraft from the USA and Europe. As the trickle of boat people has been increasing over the past few years the government appears to be acting with some urgency.

The Navy and the Airforce are still involved in the coast watch, the private contractor being used as their extra set of eyes. Normally when an arrest takes place it's the Navy that does the job. Modern patrol boats similar to those being used by the US coast guard are in constant production in Western Australia and added to the Navy at the rate of around six per year.


Over the past five years the State and Federal police forces have been undergoing a great deal of reorganisation. New training methods have been adopted and 'state of the art' equipment purchased at very high cost. Advisory groups, mainly from the American FBI, have been helping with the reorganisation and it seems their advice has been taken very seriously.

The Federal Police are changing their entire structure. In future only the senior administrative staff in Canberra will have ranks such as 'Inspector' or 'Director'. All others will be described as ‘Federal Agents', no matter what their previous status was. This is in line with the American system. New legislation is envisaged to give the new Australian FBI far greater powers than were enjoyed by the old Federal Police Force and allow them to operate on an Australia wide basis. As far as the State Police Forces are concerned, they are rapidly adopting the methods used by major overseas police forces. Special operation groups (Swat Teams) are being established in ever increasing numbers on the excuse that they have to combat terrorism!

These groups are now training on a regular basis with the Army SAS. The government said this was necessary to provide the best possible training in view of the threat of international terrorism occurring at the Sydney Olympic Games in the year 2000. This seems rather odd as it would hardly be necessary to initiate such a wide ranging and long term training programme in every state to combat a possible fourteen day threat in the year 2000. Who are they kidding? The public as usual.

As part of the upgrading of the State police forces a larger number of officers are being sent overseas for specialised training. As in the past, the majority of them are sent to the USA for specialised courses with the FBI and the International Police Academy. This training seems to involve everything including such subjects as 'Advanced Interrogation Methods.'

Other Airwing officers are being sent to a special helicopter training school together with military personnel and selected civilians, to learn helicopter crowd control and other techniques. It is planned to 'privatise' the police airwings by selling them to outside contractors. Two large American companies have already made it clear that they want to buy this part of the business.

All police forces are coordinated with the State Emergency Services and have direct contacts with Australia's intelligence organisations. It's one big happy family.

Australian prisons are being 'privatised' as quickly as possible. This is very disquieting as private prisons are wide open to abuse particularly if they fall into the hands of unscrupulous people. This seems to be what is happening in Australia.

The American Wackenhut Inc. seems to have no difficulty in obtaining the rights to run the prison system in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and it's expected they will do the same in all other states. The fact that Wackenhut Inc. is subject to criminal proceedings in the USA does not seem to concern any of our state administrators.

The founder of the company, Mr. Wackenhut himself is described as a shadowy figure who previously was a senior officer in the FBI and still has regular contact with both the FBI and CIA. It is claimed that his main expertise was in the area of clandestine operations.

Privatisation of the prison system will save little or nothing. It's main purpose seems to be to place control of these establishments in the hand of a foreign power. At the same time government authorities lose their vital, independent right to oversee the conduct of the prisons and the selection and control of those that operate them.

In the USA it has been proved that Wackenhut has employed convicted criminals as prison guards and there are rumours that they have been doing the same thing in Australia. Further they have diverted millions of dollars of US government funds to their own use thus depriving prison inmates of drug rehabilitation and educational programmes. In November, 1995 it was reported to the New South Wales government that the same scam had occurred at one of Wackenhut's new state prisons at Junee. The New South Wales government said they would "investigate the matter", but were not worried about the integrity of Wackenhut!

These developments can only produce justifiable concern. Anyone that thinks about it has to ask the question, "What the hell is going on?"


For the past ten years rumours have persisted that the government has built internment camps 'in prohibited military areas in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. Following completion they have been mothballed. Reportedly one built at the 'Woomera Prohibited Area' in South Australia was classified as ‘reserve army camp for use in the case of emergency.' No comment has been made about the others.

If there really are internment camps as many people suspect then, due to the great distances involved, it would be difficult to transport large numbers of people to them in times of emergency. It may be that they are designed for advance use and no urgency would be involved during the period of initial occupancy, when the largest number of people would be sent to them. If this is the case then the authorities must have a definite time frame in mind. Like everything else is it during the latter part of the present decade?

In times of emergency involving great disasters the transportation of large numbers of resistant, and in some cases hostile, people is difficult. It is far better to process them and place them under detention in areas close to the disaster zones. But how does one build large internment facilities near populated areas without the public noticing and causing scandal and embarrassment that the authorities would be able to deal with?

The answer was found to be quite simple. Tent camps like those being used as civil prisons in America (Arizona) could be purchased in kit form complete with razor wire and electric fencing and warehoused in each state until required. A source in the government advised the writer that he had heard a procurement programme had been underway for the past two years and 'Wackenhut Inc.' is the willing supplier. In this way it would be possible to store hundreds of prisons around Australia that would take no more than a few days to set up in any available open space without the public having any advance knowledge of them whatsoever.

Independent research indicates that at this time (2007) there are 30 internment camps or assigned sites for such camps in Australia.

It is important to consider that if this system is adopted in Australia it would have to be of similar interest in the US and other countries. The prison export business could prove to be very profitable indeed and no doubt 'Wackenhut Inc.' is fully aware of such possibilities. In the United States alone they are making over $100 million per year out of their private prisons and exporting prison camps in kit form or allowing licensed manufacture would represent a very nice addition to their existing business activities.

Wackenhut has already supplied a quantity of ready-to-erect tent camps and containment fences to the Australian Feds. It is not known what plans the Federal authorities have for the timing of any internment of dissidents and other identified 'threats to national security and Australian values'. However, William Cooper a former US Navy Intelligence officer writes of the plans of US Authorities in his 1991 book, 'Behold A Pale Horse'.

Having worked inside the system, at a high level, Cooper is aware that:


Two senior officials of Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs told the writer in late 1995 that the greatest problem facing Australia and the world was over population. At the present rate of growth the world population will exceed fifteen billion by the year 2015 which is considered unsustainable. Should the climatic changes continue and food production become more difficult, such population pressures can only lead to disaster.

At the present time the Australian population is around eighteen million. The increase of about ten million since the end of the Second World War has been mainly due to immigration.

Several Australian demographers believe that the population should not have been allowed to rise above twelve million as although Australia is a large country it is mainly desert and can not produce unlimited quantities of food. Australia is often subjected to drought conditions which restrict the production of essential foods.

Indeed during the recent drought Australia was forced to import wheat for the first time in it's history. If the population continues to rise due to immigration either legal or illegal, there is every possibility Australia will be unable to remain self sufficient in the production of most basic foods. Should disruption to world climate occur resulting in mass forced migration, Australia would have to resist or face acute food shortages and domestic upheaval.

There is growing criticism of the government immigration policy which, over the past few years, has placed enormous stress on the country’s social services and produced an unacceptably high level of unemployment. To go on adding to this problem could lead to a social schism.

The Foreign Affairs Department is generally against increased immigration and has strongly advised the government to take every advanced precautionary measure to prevent illegal immigrants entering the country. Like the British in Hong Kong the Australian Government has concluded agreements with China, Vietnam and other south east Asian countries enabling prompt deportation of illegal immigrants to their homelands. Large holding camps have been established in northern Western Australia and the Northern Territory which are presently holding several thousand of these illegals.

The Foreign Affairs Department estimates that there are 20 million Chinese people alone who want to move to Australia by any means at, their disposal should they get the chance.


From the time British settlers introduced the common European rabbit to Australia it has been a pest. With no natural enemies it bred at a tremendous rate and by the mid 19th century it had become a tremendous problem to farmers throughout the colony. Rabbits destroy crops, denude land of natural vegetation and dig millions of burrows which lead to land degradation and erosion eventually turning rich farm land to desert. Until the 1950's the only way to control them was by shooting, poisoning and trapping. By that time the infestation had reached crisis level causing an estimated reduction in food production of around 20%.

In the mid 1950's a group of scientists in the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) discovered a virus called Myxomatosis that would only infect and kill rabbits and could easily be spread by mosquito's. After extensive testing it was released and within a matter of months the rabbit population was under control. They died in their tens of millions and the land started to regenerate.

Some 25 years later it was found that the rabbit population was developing resistance to Myxomatosis and an entire new stronger breed of rabbits was starting to infest the country. Once again farmers had to start poisoning, shooting and trapping to keep the rabbit population down.

When coupled with drought and other climatic changes the new rabbit plague once again had a serious effect on Australia's food production. The government asked the CSIRO to find another answer and to do it quickly. This time they suggested the use of the European Calici virus which only attacks rabbits. However, animal rights groups conservationists and 'do gooders' found out and demanded extensive inquiries be undertaken before any permission was given for the release of a new rabbit control agent. The CSIRO had concluded that unless something was done quickly food production would be seriously effected "by the end of the century".

The government had to listen to the objections and with the concurrence of the groups involved they allowed testing of the Calici virus to begin on an island off the coast of South Australia in early 1995. The tests were to go on for four or five years before consideration was to be given to the general release of the virus. Then something happened. The virus mysteriously jumped to the mainland and much to the delight of the farmers immediately started to decimate the rabbit population with a mortality rate of more than 95%. The virus is now rapidly spreading throughout Australia and has, in only a few months, reached Queensland some 2000 miles away. The effect should be to virtually wipe out the rabbit population by 1998 which will automatically increase food production by at least 10% by the end of the decade.

It is rumoured that to avoid years of public inquiries and never ending delay the "accidental" release of the Calici virus was not in any way accidental. If a disaster occurred food production would be of prime importance thus any factor that could present an unmanageable problem at the time should be eliminated as far in advance as possible. It seems the haste with which the CSIRO acted indicates the time is short.

So far there seems to be a wide variety of preparations being made that all have similar timetables. From military services to food production strong efforts are being made to have everything operating at it's peak by the end of the decade. Does this indicate an intricate coordinated plan or it is just coincidence?


Over the past five years American corporations have become the largest of all foreign investors in the Australian economy. They have purchased large sections of the food industry, ranging from the farms to the supermarkets, mining and raw material production and processing, engineering, computer and electronics manufacture, retailing, transport, advertising, the printed media, television and radio, hotels and resorts. This has been added to existing major investments in banking, automobile manufacturing, the aerospace industry, insurance and many service industries.

American investment has now entered a new stage. Due to the economic conditions caused by a vast loss of capital during the second half of the 1980's the Federal and State government have been forced into a massive privatisation of assets to provide cash to repay loans and interest (mainly to the USA and Japan). So far all manner of public utilities have been sold off including the entire electrical power and distribution systems of Victoria and New South Wales to American buyers for billions of dollars. The other states are more than eager to follow suit. It is clear that apart from normal business investments, America is now keen to buy the infrastructure of the country and is progressing very rapidly in that direction. There are strong indications that either Pacific Bell or AT & T will buy the entire Australian telephone system for around $35 billion. If the rate of this sell off continues America will have an iron grip on the total Australian economy and it's government by 1998/99. Is this another coincidence of timing?

As one foreign affairs official told the writer, there may be a good aspect to all of this. He said "It's better the Americans own us than the Japanese" and if that's the only choice he is probably right.

The loss, or perhaps a better description is the near total disappearance, of a vast amount of Australian capital appeared to begin around 1983/84 shortly after America's Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) was launched by U.S President Reagan. Under it's defence agreements with America, Australia agreed to become an important part of the most secret research and development programme. It really had no choice as key factors in the form of the sensitive American bases were vital to the success of this major undertaking. Also as the estimated costs were expected to far exceed the combined cost of the Manhattan Project and NASA's mission to the moon, vast funds had to be found without the public's knowledge. But how do you find more than a trillion dollars and keep it secret? Certainly it can't be part of any legitimate government budget as no one in their right mind would stand for it.

The only way is to steal it and later blame the resulting disaster on economic miscalculations and unscrupulous entrepreneurs. If government regulators willingly involve themselves in such a scam there would be no way of preventing it. Obviously, no single government could afford such a huge depletion of it's capital base but the combination of a number of governments who were all part of the same club could, even though the outcome would be certain economic recessions and the possible deaths of millions of people in third world countries which suddenly found they could no longer obtain financial aid from the developed world.

Perhaps coincidentally the Labor government headed by Robert Hawke deregulated the Australian economy turning it into a financial 'free for all' just at the right time. From 1984 to 1989 money poured out of the banking system and overseas borrowing skyrocketed. However, a lot of the new capital seemed to be doing very little apart from making a few individuals very rich. Also an unusual number of government officials were taking early retirements and vanishing overseas to new lives of luxury in the south of France, the USA and the Caribbean.

So much money was removed by 1989 that several banking institutions collapsed, the most prominent being the State owned banks of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. It is estimated that overall losses, most of which could not be traced, amounted to more than two hundred and twenty billion dollars.

The lasting effect of this situation has been a lack of available capital, enormous interest rates and an almost permanent state of economic recession. If the money was Australia's contribution to SDI then hopefully it will be worth it in the long run.

Rumours have persisted in Australia that all the initial SDI experiments and developments were successful and a large part of the system is fully operated and controlled by America's secret Australian and Antarctic bases.

After the end of the cold war the US went through a period in which it seemed to be targeting China as the new 'threat' to world peace. However, that changed when it became clear that exports to China, particularly of energy (coal and natural gas) and minerals could revitalise the Australian economy. The US then moderated its demonising of China. Australian companies, nearly all of which are US or UK owned, concurrently embarked on major export drives to that country.

As a consequence Australia's economy recovered without government or industry having to do much other than keep shiploads of coal and iron ore sailing north to China. The economic stability enabled the building of Fortress Australia to proceed at a fast pace.


Since 1992 some of the larger US companies have increased the size of their administrative facilities in Australia. Some of these organisations such as I.B.M., Ford, General Motors and others who also manufacture in Australia, are centralising their Asian administration in Sydney and Melbourne. Many other American companies are opening large facilities which seem quite out of proportion with their local business requirements. One theory is that they are establishing back up head office facilities so their empires, or what would remain of them should a disaster take place, could be operated from the safety of Australia. Certainly many of these new facilities will be firmly established, complete with the usual private satellite communication systems, by 1998/99. These developments are accompanied by large scale purchases of expensive private houses and country properties by prominent Americans, their families and friends.


It is widely accepted that the demise of the Whitlam labor -government in 1975 was brought about by the direct intervention of the American CIA and NSA in Australian domestic affairs. The reasons were clear, Whitlam resented the fact that America's secret bases at Pine Gap, Narrunga and North West Cape had been established as a result of agreements made with the previous conservative government and for all intents and purposes apart from very low level liaison, Australians were excluded from them. This was the height of the Cold War and there was genuine concern among members of government and the public at large that Australia could be subject to major nuclear attack as a result of having these bases on their territory. This fear was not unfounded.

According to reports at the time, Whitlam had constantly pressured the American government to allow Australians to take a greater role in the operation of the bases and to have full access to the intelligence they gathered. He also wanted to alter the terms of the agreement to put Australia in charge. Such demands were too much for the American administration to tolerate so orders were given to destabilise and get rid of the government. It is ironic that Pine Gap played a key role in Whitlam's destruction by acting as the main carrier of secret communications between Washington and Australia during this period.

The notorious young spy Christopher Boyce (see the book 'The Falcon and the Snowman') who was working in TRW's 'Black Room' at El Segundo, Los Angeles, claimed he only decided to sell his country's secrets to the Russians because he read the top secret coded traffic going to and coming from Pine Gap. These communications clearly indicated to Boyce that America was attacking a friendly government with the full intention of destroying it.

He watched daily as instructions were sent to CIA field officers, Australian union leaders, politicians, senior public officials and many others on the payroll. The CIA was collecting it's debts and Pine Gap made it easy. Boyce said he did not do it for the money but due to the revulsion he felt about the American government's actions.

Boyce mentioned that Sir John Kerr, the Governor General of Australia who used the constitution to sack Whitlam was one of the their men. Boyce's supervisor constantly referred to him as 'our man Kerr' and regularly told Boyce and others in the Black Room that he was the key to ridding Australia of Whitlam and all the commies and pinkos surrounding him. Sir John not only had a code name but an entire individual code system was created just for him. It seemed that the bases were so precious that America would stop at nothing to protect their continued operations and the secrets they contained.

The above information about Sir John Kerr has since been independently confirmed. It is also known that the forced resignation of the then Governor General and former Archbishop of Brisbane, Peter Hollingworth, in 2003, came at the insistence of Washington. The Americans considered that he was too highly principled and too concerned with human rights at a time when such rights were to be largely removed from ordinary Australians. The replacement of Hollingworth by Major-General Michael Jeffery was designed to ensure that the CIA again had 'one of their own' in the position. Major-General Jeffery has experience in both the Australian SAS and the British SAS, and high level connections in the CIA.

So what was going on that would produce such a hostile reaction and even cause the deputy Prime Minister of the time, Dr. Jim Cairns, to emotionally tell many of his staff and friends that he suspected that the Americans would mount a violent overthrow of the government if they did not succeed by clandestine means. At one private meeting in 1974 he said 'I believe there is a strong chance the Americans will try to do to us what they have just done in Chile, we could all be killed in the process.' When this comes from the mouth of the deputy Prime Minister you know it is serious.


Some of the following information was derived from an impeccable scientific source who, up to the time of his retirement occupied a key position among the Australian scientific elite. Due to his position he was fully informed about all joint government scientific programmes and was often asked to advise on technical and intelligence matters relating to them, He agreed to comment on some American activities in Australia providing he was not identified by subsequent use of the information. The man has an amazing background involving an association with some of the greatest scientific discoveries of the 20th century, In his old age he feels that people should be made a little more aware of what is going on around them.

There are at least ten top secret American facilities in Australia with the so called 'Joint defence Space Research Facility' at Pine Gap outside Alice Springs being classified as the most important. At the time the agreement to establish Pine Gap was signed by the Australian government it's purpose was to control and act as a downlink for geosynchronous satellites stationed over the Pacific and Asia. The American agencies involved with this intelligence gathering are the CIA, NSA and the NRO. However there were other reasons for establishing the base which have never been fully revealed to the Australian government. The agreement clearly stated that it was not a requirement for the USA to share all information with Australia. In fact when the Whitlam government came to power in 1972 what little information that was being shared with the Australian Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) was reduced to a trickle and at one time, prior to 1975, stopped altogether.

The main reasons for Pine Gap being situated where it is are proximity to the Pacific and Indian Oceans and Asia, it's Southern hemispheric window to outer space, it's-position on the earth's surface in relation to other important areas situated on the planet, its isolation and the fact it is situated in an area of low electromagnetic radiation. Construction of the base was undertaken by American contractors who flew in their own workforce from the USA on a shift basis. No Australians were involved in the construction work which took around two years before the base became operational.

Construction work continued for several years on large underground facilities which are rumoured to extend some twelve levels below the base. Long tunnels are laid out in a pattern similar to the spokes of a wheel and extend several miles from the center of the base.

In a deep shielded underground chamber a nuclear reactor similar in size to those used to power submarines was installed to drive large AC and DC generators. This fact has been kept secret as it was quite illegal for such equipment to be operated without an act of parliament changing the existing laws relating to the installation of nuclear power stations in Australia. But when it's all secret in the first place who needs to get permission? The Pine Gap base also has an above ground diesel powered generating station which, it is claimed, is the only power station there. If that is so why is it shut down most of the time? If you need an electromagnetic free area you don't build a power station in the middle of it. Of course it can be used when the base was not operating but then what keeps everything running when it is turned off, batteries? Pine Gap is not connected to an outside electricity supply.

Since this 1996 article appeared the fact that Pine Gap runs on nuclear power has been independently and positively confirmed. However, it is not known how the waste from the reactor is disposed of.

Reportedly, extending some twenty thousand feet below the base is a bore hole containing an ultra low frequency antenna which is apparently used for secret experiments supposedly related to Nikola Tesla's resonance theories as well as low frequency communications throughout the world.

Pine Gap's communication systems are the most sophisticated available utilising satellites, micro wave, low frequency and their own dedicated cable to the USA Also they are directly connected to Nurrunga, North West Cape, Geraldton, Australian Defence Signals Directorate in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, all CIA and NSA stations, ASIO, SIS and perhaps one of the most interesting secret departments of all, the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation which deals with UFO's and crash retrievals.

The number of staff at Pine Gap varies between four hundred to five hundred at any one time and all except a liaison officer and his small staff are Americans. Although Alice Springs is only fourteen miles from the front gate, few of the Pine Gap's occupants ever visit there. They stay in their self contained theme park enjoying all the luxuries of home. So stringent is the security that even personal shopping is undertaken in the USA and everything ordered on a weekly basis, including the groceries, is delivered on the Thursday C5 flight from California (there are usually three or four per week).

In 2007 the number of staff at Pine Gap has grown to over 800, of which some 70 or more are thought to be concerned with the operation of the nuclear reactor and the ancillary power network of the secret underground base.

Pine Gap is a multi billion dollar operation of great importance to the American government. It is said that to be selected for a tour of duty there is like being elevated to the priesthood, a comment which may not be as silly as it sounds. The vast empty territory of central and South Australia has always been an area of high UFO activity. The Woomera rocket -range and the nuclear test site at Maralinga seemed to be their focal points during the 1950's and early 1960's. However this changed somewhat when construction started at Pine Gap and later at Nurrunga. From the time the earth moving equipment moved in, there was a rapid rise in UFO sightings in Alice Springs and the surrounding area. The regular sightings have continued to this day and some of them could only be described as bizarre.

Pine Gap can be observed from the distant surrounding hills which overlook the entire secure base area. All that can be seen are eight white radomes placed in close proximity to groups of long low buildings. A few miles from the base a double security fence winds its way around through the grass and light scrub and cuts it's way through the lower levels of the nearby hills. The fence is patrolled continuously by American guards and members of the Australian Federal Police Force. The American guards live at the base and the Federal Police at Alice Springs.

One case which received some limited publicity in 1989 involved three hunters who were on an all night shooting trip in the hills near Pine Gap. At around 4.30a.m. they observed a large camouflaged door open on the side of a low hill inside the security compound and a metallic, circular disc appear from the gaping black hole, tip on it's edge and disappear vertically at tremendous speed. The door then slowly shut and everything returned to normal. The camouflage was so good that from their vantage point they were unable to observe anything unusual about the area after the door closed.

There are several other incidents of a similar nature which were reported by visitors to the area and in one case in 1975 the occupants of a passenger plane which was passing some eighteen miles to the east of the base observed a large white object, similar in size to one of the white radomes, suddenly leapt into the air and disappeared rapidly towards the north west. As everyone on the plane was interested in seeing what Pine Gap looked like most of the passengers and crew witnessed the event. When the pilots reported the incident everyone on the plane was interested in seeing what Pine Gap looked like - most of the passengers and drew witnessed the event. When the pilots reported the incident everyone on the plane was interviewed and told not to talk about it.

A camouflaged door case occurred in 1980 when two members of the Northern Territory Police, who were taking part in a search for a missing Alice Springs child, watched as three 'bath tub' shaped objects flew slowly over the base and then one by one disappeared in to an oblong black hole in a hillside. This also occurred during the early hours of the morning and as the two police officers had arranged to meet other members of the search party they left without seeing the door close.

Another type of sighting involves, blue, red and gold pencil like beams.

In 1973 a government cartographer was camped in an area near Pine Gap. Some time after midnight he saw a vertical shaft of very bright blue light emanating from the area of the base. He decided to take a closer look. He drove his four wheel drive to the top of a low hill from which the Pine Gap base could be seen some eight miles to the east. There was a full moon so the white radomes could be seen quite clearly with the naked eye. Taking a closer look through his twelve power binoculars he could see most of the base as well as a strange looking object apparently hovering above it at a height he estimated to be around one thousand feet.

Firstly he thought it was a cigar shaped balloon or blimp but this idea quickly evaporated when the object slowly tipped to a 45* angle exposing what appeared to be it's top surface to the now somewhat surprised observer. It was clear that the object was perfectly circular with a central dome. As the bottom edge was still about one thousand feet above the base, the cartographer estimated the diameter of the disc to be a little more than half the distance between the Pine Gap base and the disc's bottom edge, making it between five to six hundred feet in diameter. In the moonlight the disc appeared to be a dull grey colour with a slight yellow fuzz around it's edge.

As he watched a thin bright blue beam, like a rod, slowly extended from the disc to the base. The strange thing about it was that unlike a flash light it did not just turn on, it slowly moved in a telescopic fashion from the disc and gradually extended behind the radomes. A few minutes later the light beam retracted only to be followed by a similar blue beam slowly extending from the base to the disc. This was followed by a gold coloured beam which appeared very close to the blue one. After about thirty seconds both retracted back into the base. This process continued for about forty minutes and ended when the disc made some rapid oscillations 'lit up like a neon sign' and ascended vertically at very high speed, disappearing in a few seconds.

The cartographer reported the incident to his superior officer in Alice Springs. This resulted in what he later described as a 'grilling' by some very officious people who warned him to keep silent about his experience otherwise he would be in for some very real trouble. He was also told that he had not seen anything and to remember that.

A more complex sighting involved five witnesses in 1984. The leader of this group was a technical expert with a Western Australian government department who had received persistent reports from colleagues of intensive UFO activity around Alice Springs and Pine Gap. He was told that between certain dates something big was going to happen. The information was so intriguing that he decided to mount a clandestine expedition to Central Australia and to approach Pine Gap from the west through the Gibson Desert and MacDonnell Ranges. They used two specially prepared four wheel drives and once in the area of the MacDonnell Ranges travelled only at night in an effort to reduce the chances of detection. After reaching the Pine Gap area they concealed the vehicles and POSITIONED themselves in an elevated area which overlooked the base at a distance of about ten miles. As they had several small size astronomical telescopes with them they had no difficulty in gaining a good view of most of the base area.

For the first two days and nights very little happened. Apart from the occasional movement of small vehicles and a few people everything was quiet. The group was becoming a little impatient but decided to sit it out for at least a week in the hope they would see something interesting.

During the evening of the fourth day they noticed some unusual activity developing in the main base area. A number of vehicles were moving around the base and what appeared to be groups of people dressed in coveralls were gathering at various points near the radomes. Suddenly a bright beam of gold coloured light sprang up from the centre of the radome area. This was not a pencil ' like beam but seemed to be several meters in width and extremely intense. The width of the beam appeared to remain the same as far as it could be seen extending vertically into the sky. When observed through the telescope it looked almost solid. As they watched long uneven clouds developed in the clear air surrounding the beam which despite a breeze blowing at the time remained stationary. The beam suddenly cut off and the tubular cloud started to drift to the east like a vertical vapour trail. The beam pulsed several times and each time it did so the cloud effect returned even forming what looked like a series of smoke rings.

No one in the group could explain why but they all felt extremely disturbed by what they had just seen even to the point of nausea. But the show had only just started.

The gold light beam shot down and once again the dirty looking clouds started drifting away. It was at that point that the group noticed five star like objects approaching from the South. As they drew closer four of the objects were seen to be in a tight diamond shaped formation and the fifth which looked like a cylinder was following at a distance of about two miles. The objects slowed as they reached the base area, the four smaller objects took up positions north, south, east and west of the base each moving in small circles. The cylindrical shaped object which appeared white in colour with a bright while halo around it's center moved towards the base reducing altitude to about five hundred feet in the process. It then stopped, rocking up and down like a boat at it's moorings. Once in position blue light beams started flashing between all five objects and the ground. The whole scene was more than bizarre as it appeared that extraterrestrial craft were in direct communication with the human occupants of the base below them.

It should be mentioned that the whole episode was recorded on video tape and thirty five millimeters still film. However as this was virtually a case of a government department spying on a foreign friend nothing has been released and it almost certainly never will.

This scene continued for about five minutes then one of the small objects rapidly descended towards the base and appeared to land at it's northern end. It remained there for seventeen minutes then returned to it's original position east of the base and approximately one thousand feet from the ground. The gold light beam again emanated from the area of the radomes. This time the small objects began to rotate around the beam and ascend vertically as if they were examining it. The cylindrical object remained in it's position bobbing up and down as before. The four objects then returned spiralling down the beam and returning to their previous positions. The cloud was thickening around the light beam and looked like a long thin Ionic column. The beam was turned off and once again the greyish cloud broke up and drifted towards the east. In a jerking motion the cylindrical object started to gain altitude, stopping in proximity to the smaller objects which had reformed their diamond shaped formation. The group then moved off in a southerly direction and disappeared in a few seconds.

The witnesses were shocked by what they had seen as it seemed obvious there was human co-operation with extraterrestrials. It also seemed strange to them, that despite the strict security applied at the Pine Gap base, they were able to get reasonably close to it without interference. Perhaps no one would believe them anyway and declare their photographic evidence a hoax, however that did not seem logical as good security is maintained when there is no evidence at all and when no explanations or a programme of ridicule is necessary. Yet all this was happening in front of them and only about fifteen miles from the large town of Alice Springs. Perhaps what they had seen was a vital experiment and such open exposure was unavoidable from time to time.

The group spent the next few days observing the base day and night and apart from helicopters and other small aircraft they observed at least seven other UFO's in the area. One of the witnesses later described the experience as making his skin crawl every time he thought about it.

After leaving the area they took a circuitous route around the base and then drove down the main highway to Alice Springs. As it looked like they had travelled from Darwin no-one took any notice of them. After arranging the rail transport of the two four wheel drives back to Perth they left by plane the next day. They all agreed that the incident had changed their view of all things in general but had in some way disgusted them as they now knew their government had lied to them from the start and had done so in co-operation with a friend and ally.

Does all this mean that there has been a working co-operation between extraterrestrials and earth bound governments for a long period of time? The answer is a simple yes.


Although UFOs had been observed on a regular basis during and after the second World War, they did not become a problem with the potential of serious social consequences until 1947. The burst of publicised sightings which followed Kenneth Arnold's original encounter in the north western United States caused great official concern. It was obvious from the outset that what was being observed was vastly superior to anything manufactured on earth and it was only logical to assume that the operators of such machinery were likely to be of a very high order of intelligence and almost certainly from outer space. So much evidence, including recovered equipment, was accumulated that there was no way of denying the importance of these events and the dangers they represented. The earth was being openly visited and closely observed and what was officialdom going to do about it?

Firstly it had to be covered up so the public would be protected. Secondly it would be important for our government leadership to make contact with the visitors and try to come to terms with them before total exposure occurred which could only result in the collapse of civilised social order. Thirdly as what was being observed represented an advanced science of very high order, technical advantages could be achieved if contact was made.

It is not clear exactly when contact was first achieved by the USA but information from various sources indicates radio communication followed by direct face to face contact occurred in the early 1950's. The Soviet Union and the United Kingdom were also attempting to do the same and established their own contacts about the same time. After some understanding was reached, the initial methods of communication were centralised in the USA with the Russians co-operating by the mid 1950's.

The importance of the situation led to the secret establishment of the National Security Agency by the Truman administration in November, 1954. The initial task of the NSA was to establish and develop reliable and secure communications with extraterrestrials who were visiting earth and find out as much as possible about them. There are strong indications that to this day the NSA is deeply involved with the UFO's and their primary activity is to identify and monitor alien communications and to suppress any information that may confirm their reality to the public. This policy has been rigidly maintained and is perhaps more useful to the aliens themselves than it is to the human race. The aliens are pursuing their own agendas and they do not want unnecessary interference from earth's officialdom or the broad masses they control.

Alien involvement in Australia is similar to that of the USA, Europe and Russia. For some technological rewards and minor co-operation in other areas the ET's conduct their own genetic experimentation and the exploitation of the country is generally totally unhindered by humans. They have a free hand to do what they want as there is no way of stopping them.


UFO involvement in Australian affairs started in the late 1940's just as it did in the USA. It became a major concern during the 1950's and early 1960's when the British were conducting nuclear testing in South Australia and test firing a variety of missiles at the Woomera Rocket Range situated in the same state. So intense was the UFO activity in these test areas that nuclear explosions and rocket launches had to be suspended, often for several days, due to electromagnetic effects causing total electrical failure at the test sights. The township of Woomera itself was often blacked out for hours by the close approach of the UFO's which a source advised were filmed by rocket tracking cameras at great length. In fact during one UFO flap in the area more than 16,000 feet of film was taken of a variety of vehicles crisscrossing the area. The film was promptly sent to Washington D.C. for analysis. Almost certainly due to the technical achievements of the USA there seems little doubt that the E.T.'s focused their main attention on that country. However, they did not ignore the activities of other countries and to this day continue to monitor human activities both military and civil throughout the world.

As a result of internal efforts made during the early 1950's both, the USA and Russia made contact with two alien species who apparently often worked together on various scientific projects and joint military matters including what we would describe as the policing of their own areas of influence.

Apart from this contact which developed into a form of co-operation, it became evident that as many as seven other groups were visiting the planet and did not have an association with the first two. In fact there was every indication that they were unfriendly to them and each other and often directly hostile to humans. Secret official research at the time indicated that several of these groups appeared to be preparing a huge world wide military operation or police action against the earth. This made friendly co-operation with the first two groups even more important.

There are indications that the technical help provided by the two initial contact groups brought about a tremendous leap forward in technology and made the development of SDI a real possibility. In return for our governments giving the groups a free hand to exploit the planet and human race, and as far as possible keep their presence a secret, they would provide the technical know how to prevent further major wars and stop any other interested extraterrestrials from invading the planet. It has been said with some authority that they are the brains behind SDI the extension of which is the HAARP (High Frequency Active Aural Research Programme) system which is aimed at creating an electromagnetic shield around the world to prevent an attack from outer space. This development never had anything to do with the threat from Soviet Russia, in fact the Russians have actively co-operated in the development programme since it's inception.

Such advanced defence systems required world wide coverage involving operational centers in secure areas in several countries. Australia was, and still is, an ideal piece of real estate for this purpose and is being utilised to the full.

From the beginning, Pine Gap has been associated with secret scientific experiments into anti gravity, magnetic propulsion and what the radical press of the 1960's described as Sci-Fi research. Certainly, it's communication functions were important and still are but it's research and developments sections situated below the surface are considered vital to the future of the planet. Here extraterrestrials conduct their work in partial co-operation with human scientists. They live in special conditions in virtual isolation and come and go as they please.

Presently, in mid 2007, there are some 240 Grays living and working at the underground base at Pine Gap.

The final stages of SDI including the HAARP system, should be functioning providing it all works, by 1998/99 and if necessary it's entire world wide operation will be controllable from the network of secret bases in Australia. Who or what would be at the controls, humans or something from outer space? One can only guess at the answer but it seems certain that the isolation and security of these bases situated in a distant part of the southern hemisphere is of as much importance to the aliens as it is to their human counterparts.

Beginning in 2003 the inland areas of Eastern Australia have suffered the worst drought experienced since British colonisation in 1788. In 2006 this drought was declared to be a 1000 year event. It has now broken in some areas but the financial damage has been done.

Many Australian farmers and graziers will now be forced off their properties by the banks in 2008. It seems that the timing of this move to repossess land that has often been in families for generations will be delayed until after the forthcoming Federal election - so National Party members of the Coalition can keep their seats.

What has this got to do with Pine Gap? Everything as it turns out. One of the capabilities of HAARP is 'weather warfare'. By affecting the upper atmosphere with HAARP's radiation the US military can control weather patterns across the globe. In around April 2000 the Pine Gap base began to use the HAARP system to build a severe drought in Eastern Australia. The weather began to change over several seasons until, in 2003, drought was declared across an enormously large and previously productive agricultural region of the country.

Contrary to some theories that have raged in the past concerning the widespread and systematic eviction of farmers and graziers from their inland properties by Australian banks, the present aim has nothing to do with creating cheap settlement opportunities for American farmers and global agribusinesses. It is simply about depopulating the Eastern inland regions of Australia - another facet of building Fortress Australia.


In many ways Nurrungar is similar to the base at Pine Gap. On the surface it's military role is to draw information from a series of geostationary satellites which watch for missile launches and nuclear detonations throughout Asia and the Middle East. However this represents a small percentage of it's activities. Basically it acts as a back up facility to Pine Gap complete with extensive underground installations and an illegal nuclear reactor which has to be supplied with large amounts of water carried by a regular train service originating in the southern part of the state of South Australia. Like Pine Gap it is situated in an isolated area of low electro magnetic activity and sealed off from the public view by a security zone which is part of the 'Woomera Prohibited Area'.

From the time construction of Nurrungar began in 1969 the UFO activity in the Woomera area increased to similar levels experienced during the height of the nuclear and missile testing of the 1950's and early 1960's. It remains one of the most active UFO areas in Australia. One source told the writer that ET's used Nurrunga just as they did at Pine Gap. They have a free hand and there was no way of controlling them. "They run the place," he said.

Apart from it's more obvious functions, the main purpose of Nurrungar remains -top secret. It is known that it has similar communication links as Pine Gap as well as a separate undersea cable link to the USA Also it is rumoured that direct links are maintained with a similar installation situated in North West China and the ultra secret American base at the South Pole.

The Nurrungar facility was genuinely decommissioned in 1999. Some functions were transferred to Pine Gap but the main centre for spying on all forms of communications to and from Australia is the new facility at Geraldton. Due to advances in surveillance technology, in which listening posts at Geraldton and key telecommunications centres around the country now record all domestic and international voice and data communications in Australia - with the 'cooperation' of the network carriers - Nurrungar was no longer needed. That's why you can now view a genuine image of it on Google Earth - "See it's harmless".


The principal partners in this new venture are the United States and Australia. Under the UKUSA agreement the British and other club members are given access to the information gathered when it is considered necessary. The controlling bodies of the ultra modern installation are the American NSA and the Australian DSD. It's purpose is to monitor the entire Australian telecommunication system with particular emphasis placed on all incoming and outgoing international telephone call, facsimile messages, telex and radio transmissions. It operates in conjunction with Pine Gap and to a lesser extent Nurrungar, giving it almost unlimited intrusive powers into all levels of electronic communications in Australia. No one is safe from it's prying abilities which take place at every level.

As the Geraldton installation is one of the most modern of it's type in the world, it was also one of the most expensive ever built. The Australian government announced that it had contributed four hundred million dollars to the project but in reality their investment was much more. A source quoted the actual figure at one billion and four hundred million dollars with the American government contributing equipment and technical know how. In this way the USA normally makes a profit on the deal particularly after the host country covers the establishment costs in full.

Geraldton represents an important part of the constantly increasing surveillance network based in Australia. The system as it stands now is capable of conducting world wide clandestine surveillance and just like its counterparts in the United Kingdom, one of it's major purposes is to gather intelligence information from throughout the United States. In this way the various agency head offices in the USA cannot be accused of illegally operating outside their charters. One has to ponder who is behind these extending tentacles and what is their ultimate objective.

An article in Asia Times Online, June 6, 2007, voices concerns in Asia that Australia has become an integral part of US military and economic strategy and now threatens many populations to its north. The article by Conn Hallinan notes that:

Once the Geraldton base is up and running, it will be almost impossible for Australia to be fully neutral or stand back from any war in which the United States is involved, according to Australian Defense Force Academy visiting fellow Philip Dorling.

Indeed, that may already be the case. Australia, along with Japan, India, the Philippines and South Korea, signed on to the US anti-ballistic missile (ABM) system, which China fears is aimed at neutralizing its modest fleet of 21 intercontinental ballistic missiles.

On March 12, Australia signed a Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation with Japan that, according to Richard Tanter, a senior research associate at the Nautilus Institute, is an "anti-China, US-dominated, multilateral alliance system" that "confirms the already accelerating tendencies for both Japan and Australia to militarize their foreign policies".


Following the high levels of British missile testing of the 1950's and 60's the Woomera facilities fell dormant for almost twenty years. They are now experiencing a new lease of life.

NASA has become a regular customer having launched numerous rockets there over the past two years. The Japanese space agency will be starting tests of their space shuttle at the range during the second half of 1996 and perhaps most important of all will be the launching of the Russian designed satellite carriers which will be assembled at the Australian Submarine Corporation in South Australia. The government is injecting substantial funds into the Woomera range to bring it up to modern standards and turn it into the best space launch facility outside the USA and Russia.

It is rumoured that the new American space plane which is designed to fly in and out of orbit under it's own power will have it's principal base of operations at Woomera by the end of the decade and NASA intends to construct large ground facilities there by that time. This would represent a major move by NASA as their center of operations has always been the continental United States and there appears little reason for them to move a large part of it to a distant foreign country. Perhaps the future security of the American's capabilities in space are at stake in view of a possible world disaster occurring towards the end of the century. If NASA had advance knowledge of this it would be a top national priority to reposition such vital resources in a safe area.


Although still important for Very Low Frequency submarine communications in the Indian Ocean the rapid advancement of technology has tended to push the Exmouth Bay facility into a back up role. The station is now mainly operated by Australian personnel indicating that it no longer retains the high levels of secrecy placed on it by it's American builders. Never the less it remains part of the global network and is said to be involved in a wide range of low frequency and resonance experimentation in conjunction with Pine Gap and the Alaskan based HAARP project. North West Cape could be a key point in controlling the HAARP magnetic field over a large part of the Southern hemisphere.


Probably best described as the Wright-Patterson A.F.B. of Australia, East Sale has been involved in top secret operations since the second World War. NASA makes extensive use of the facilities on a regular basis and it appears to be their main Southern hemisphere base for high altitude U2 operations over the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. In addition to these reconnaissance operations NASA regularly operated it's flying astronomical observatory from East Sale as the area south of Australia provides excellent viewing of the Milky Way galaxy and solar system.

Apart from the NASA activities many other American and foreign nationality aircraft have been seen flying into the base or parked outside the ground facilities. In the main these appear to be large transport aircraft such as the C5 and C130. Some Sale residents have told convincing stories about other strange aircraft operating mainly at night time which appear to be American Stealth fighter planes or very similar in design.

Since the late 1940's East Sale has been deeply involved in the UFO problem. As the main military and photographic interpretation center in Australia it was given the initial task of examining the sudden stream of UFO movie films and still pictures which began flowing from military sources in 1946/47 and asked to come up with some acceptable answers. It was unable to do so. In fact it quickly became patently obvious that they were dealing with an entirely new phenomenon which had the characteristics of a super science which was not of earthly origin.

Over the years and in co-operation with the United States and other major world government authorities East Sale has become a major UFO research establishment incorporating the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO). This organisation, established in the early 1950's in conjunction with British Commonwealth and United States government military intelligence services, was given the Australian mandate to investigate UFO's, try to determine their origins and objectives and take advantage of any technical knowledge gained from the investigation. Little did they know the extent of their task and the magnitude of the problems they would have to face over the next forty five years.

As the central point of official UFO research, East Sale conducts joint investigations into all aspects of the UFO phenomenon including crash retrievals. As mentioned earlier in this report the National Safety Council which was situated in West Sale was the main instrument of the retrieval operations until it's sudden closure in 1989. Obviously operational methods were changed as it would be most unlikely that interest would ever be lost in extraterrestrials artifacts.

An organisation the size of the East Sale DSTO requires a large staff of trained personnel which, over a period of time, requires a continuous flow of trained replacements who are able to continue the research programmes as the older staff retires or leaves the group for other reasons. Talent scouts are always on the look out for young recruits who would best suit the future needs of the service. One such recruit was the enthusiastic Air Training Corp pilot Frederick Valentich.

Most people are familiar with the disappearance of Frederick Valentich on the 21st October, 1978. There is strong evidence that Valentich, together with his Cessna 182, was abducted by a large UFO while flying over Bass Strait south west of Melbourne. What they are not familiar with was his interest in UFO's and the special training he had in the subject during a 15 day course at East Sale just prior to his fateful mission. It seems he had been recruited by the Australian Chapter of the most secret intelligence service in the world and was overawed by the trust that had been placed in him. The fact he disappeared so shortly afterward and in such unusual circumstances gives much food for, thought. Could it be that the final encounter was expected or even arranged? Anything is possible in the secret world, even the sacrifice of a young pilot to serve a supposed higher cause.

Other evidence points to the fact that the East Sale base has been deeply involved in the UFO business for a long period of time.

An intriguing story was told to the author by a retired television executive who had previously managed the news department of a major TV station in Melbourne. He was convinced that the story was true and the word of his then responsible staff members could not be doubted.

During the mid 1980's the TV station news department received a standard public relations request from the RAAF East Sale air base for a film crew and reporter to attend the opening of a new administration building by the Minister of Defence.

On the designated day two cameramen, an assistant and a reporter left by the company helicopter for East Sale where permission had been granted for them, to land on the base helipad. The day was warm and clear and due to an early departure coupled with a brisk tail wind they arrived there around forty five minutes prior to their designated time. They were met by two armed guards who were very friendly and did not seem at all disturbed that they were early for their appointment. The guards asked them to wait in a lounge area beside the helipad, said they would return for them and promptly left. After a few minutes the group decided to take a look around the other helicopters that were standing on the pad and take a few background shots for inclusion in their report.

After taking some short views of the helicopters the cameramen walked out of the helipad area so they could take some shots of some of the large hangers spread across the base. One such hanger was about one hundred yards to the right of them and two side doors were partly open. Like good inquisitive news men they decided to walk over and ,take a look inside. As they walked towards the hanger they noticed how quiet everything was, apart from the aircraft standing around, the base seemed devoid of human life. They picked up their pace and were soon at the hanger doors. What they saw inside caused them to stop in their tracks and really wonder what they were looking at. Towards the rear of the hanger was a large metallic grey disc like object standing on three short legs. It was about sixty feet in diameter with a central height of about eighteen to twenty feet. Scaffolding was arranged around it's right hand side with a platform extending to what looked like a curved top doorway situated near the top of the object. They also noticed what appeared to be small square windows on each side of the doorway and evenly spaced around the top of the object.

It did not take them long to realise they were in the presence of something really unusual and their immediate reaction was to turn on their video cameras and tape as much of it as they could. They walked around the object noticing various details including surface markings in various places which looked similar to Korean script. As they walked behind the scaffolding they approached a brightly lit mobile office and to their surprise saw that it was occupied by three people.

There was a tall elderly balding man in a white dust coat talking to two smaller men in the center of the office area. It appeared they were looking at drawings on a small table and were so involved in what they were doing they did not notice the cameramen taking videos of them through the doorway and side windows. A minute or so passed and then the tall man looked up and appeared puzzled by the two cameramen.. He walked to the door and asked them if HQ needed more pictures and why hadn't they called him about it. The TV men replied that they were only looking and had nothing to do with HQ. This really did it and the man's expression changed from puzzlement to what could only be described as absolute horror. He shouted at them to stay where they were and grabbed at a telephone. At this point the two TV men decided it was time to leave and they quickly walked around the object and out the hanger doors. They were almost back to the helicopter area when a car screeched to a halt in front of them. Out jumped four guards including one of the officers who had met them about half an hour before. He smiled and asked them what they had been doing. They smiled back and said they had been looking around and were particularly interested in the new plane they had seen in the hanger.

The officer looked thoughtful for a few seconds then said as the area was restricted and photography was not permitted without prior permission, he unfortunately would have to insist on taking their cassettes from the cameras advising they would be returned after security had a look at them. He then said it was time to go to the new Headquarters Building and set up as the Defence Minister would be arriving in about fifteen minutes. Nothing more was said and it was if nothing had happened.

On the way back to Melbourne the cameramen discussed what they had seen in the hanger. They both new it was not a normal aircraft and decided it had to be one of those flying saucers that they had been hearing about for years. Also there was something very strange about the two small men in the mobile office. When they thought about it they realised they were the size of five year old children but looked much older, they wondered if they , were dwarfs, but then why would the airforce employ such people? It just did not seem right.

A few days after the event two new tape cassettes arrived at the television station. There was a note with them from the Airforce advising the originals had been accidentally damaged and to please accept two new ones with their compliments.


Although not situated on the Australian continent, the American Antarctic Base situated at the South Pole is an integral part of America's network of secret bases in the Southern Hemisphere. It is linked via satellite to Pine Gap and other bases in Australia, Christchurch in New Zealand (it's main supply base), Punta Arenas in Southern Chile and the long standing CIA/NSA base in Cape Town, South Africa.

The base is built mainly under the ice. This was done by mining out large trenches in which buildings were placed in neat rows. The trenches were then covered with ice and snow. Due to the natural ice build up over the years the base is now deeply below the surface of the ice cap.

Due to the large airspaces in the trenches (now tunnels) the ambient temperature of the air was raised to above freezing level without effecting the surrounding ice. This combined with the individual heated buildings make it a comfortable place to live.

The main purpose of the base appears to be top secret experimentation in the area of electro magnetism and the earth's magnetic field. In fact so secret are these activities that personnel are openly hostile to any uninvited visitors even though such visits are few and far between. One such case involved the Australian millionaire adventurer Dick Smith in the late 1980's. Mr. Smith was on a trans polar flight in his private plane when he encountered bad weather and strong head winds. To play it safe he decided to land at the American Base and request additional fuel. He later described his arrival there as an unpleasant incident. Although the base administration knew who he was, he was greeted by an armed angry group of men who told him he had no right to be there and to leave immediately. He told them that he needed fuel and would pay for it. This was met with a refusal and an order to take off without delay. In fact the Base Commander put the order in the crudest of terms. So much so in fact that Mr Smith started to fear for his life. On leaving the base he decided to turn back to the Russian Base where he was warmly welcomed, accommodated for 24 hours in very comfortable conditions and given all the fuel he needed free of charge. On his return to Australia he made very bitter comments about his reception at the South Pole.

Another rather amusing incident occurred in December, 1995. This involved a lone Englishman who was walking and sledge sailing across Antarctica to create a record for the Guinness Book of Records. He sailed into the base on Christmas Day and wondered if it would be possible to telephone his mother in England to wish her a merry Christmas. Once again the reception was hostile and, believe it or not, was told to leave immediately. Being stubborn he insisted on using the telephone and after a lot of argument he was allowed into an above ice hut and told he could make a quick call. He did so and after hanging up was presented with a large bill for the cost of the call. It was inferred he may have trouble leaving if he did not pay. Fortunately he had spare English money on his sledge and decided to pay up. Finally to add insult to injury he was given a very poor exchange rate for his English bank notes.

An Australian scientist who had spent a year with the Aurora Borealis (Southern Lights) research team at the main Australian Antarctic Base situated at Mawson told the author an interesting story about American activities in the region., He said that when the Americans conducted their regular experiments big changes occurred in the Aurora and communications were effected. He did not know exactly what they were doing but believed they were driving electro magnetic energy into the earth's magnetic field which was causing the disruption in the Aurora. He agreed that it was probably related to the HAARP experiments in Alaska as he had heard the effects on the Northern Lights were similar.


The Tidbinbilla tracking station situated close to Canberra in the ACT is the most important in Australia. Established under a joint agreement between the United Kingdom, Australia and the USA it is an essential part of the US space programme. It is also a vital control center for the Hubble orbital telescope. In fact the first images transmitted by the telescope were received by Tidbinbilla and they caused quite some concern.

A scientific advisor to the Australian Government told the author that he was present when the first photographs arrived. They clearly showed solar systems around the closer stars at which the telescope was aimed. According to this advisor it was possible to discern more than fifty new solar systems in the first few hundred pictures. It seemed apparent that virtually every star has a solar system of one type or another and the evidence arriving at Tidbinbilla was undeniable. The revelations caused consternation among the control room staff, particularly the Americans who were angered that Australians and British were parties to these revelations. A meeting was hastily arranged and although all present had security clearances they were told that it was of utmost importance that nothing leaked out and they must not talk about what they had seen.

One American scientist said that the public must not know about any new planets as it would "start them thinking and who knows where that would end." It had to be kept secret. But how can the results of such a highly publicised event be kept secret? The answer was quite simple, tell the public that due to some miscalculations the telescope was faulty and was not able to produce clear pictures. It would have to be modified before it could be used properly and such modifications could only be carried out by a special space shuttle flight to be arranged in about two years time.

The story was accepted without question and NASA was only too happy to take the blame. They had made such a large investment in the Hubble telescope that it was not difficult to obtain extra government funds to conduct the so called repairs.

NASA was now in an ideal position. It could carry out extensive testing of the telescope in absolute secrecy as it was assumed it did not work. The door was open to make improvements to the system and get a closer look at those planets. A new camera costing US$100,000,000 was constructed and a modification to the secondary mirror system, which could be adjusted from the Earth, was designed and produced at similar cost. The power system was expanded in size to handle the increased electrical consumption of the new camera and integrated computer system. Rarely do scientists have the chance to test their equipment in such a way and, then make modifications at any cost. The Hubble telescope now operates around the clock and the results are most satisfactory. All photographs are carefully checked and even airbrushed prior to release to other scientists. The lid is on and will stay there for a long time to come.


Situated in a beautiful area in New South Wales the Parkes radio telescope complex is perhaps the most important of it's kind in the world. Larger facilities exist in the Northern hemisphere but none of them have the advantage of a clear and direct window to the Milky Way.

Parkes has been involved in the US space programme and many major research projects over the past thirty years. According to a government source it detected intelligent signals from outer space more than twenty five years ago and has done so ever since. Perhaps the most publicised project in which Parkes has been involved was the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) programme which was abruptly closed down in 1995. It was meant to be a cover or public relations operation to keep the public reminded that nothing was out there and if it was, it was so far away it could not be found. Unfortunately for the secret governments it did not turn out that way. Parkes hit rate (a hit being a positive identification of intelligent signals) was alarmingly high. The plug had to be pulled before too much leaked out. The public was told that as nothing could be found the project would be terminated immediately to stop any further necessary depletion of funds.

The results of Parkes intensive investigation produced some bizarre results. Intelligent radio and what proved to be television signals were identified in several parts of the galaxy and emanating from areas up to three thousand light years away from the earth. The contents of these emanations are classified above top secret as they indicate that technical civilisations equal or superior to our own were very active more than three thousand years ago. Without doubt the most interesting material of all would be the enhanced television pictures which apparently showed the daily life of a number of alien civilisations of ages past and still do.

The American NSA has close co-operation with Parkes and has liaison staff posted there on a full time basis. Under these arrangements the Parkes facilities are a defacto outpost of the NSA's vital intelligence gathering network.


It has been independently established that there are presently three NSA staff at the Parkes Radio Telescope facilities. All intelligent signals from deep space are sent to America. No copies are left at Parkes or elsewhere within Australia.

The Prime Minister of Australia is not aware of this continuing capture of intelligent communications from other worlds at the Parkes telescope. This is one case in which John Howard really hasn't been told anything.


The late Sir Phillip Baxter who was the head of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission during the 1950s and early 60s was convinced at that time that the world was careening head long into inevitable nuclear destruction. He strongly advocated the production of nuclear weapons in Australia, the strengthening of all it's defences and close military involvement with the USA. He said Australia could be turned into the world's lifeboat and in the event of the major destruction he envisaged, could harbour the most important parts of world civilisation, a sort of totally self sufficient Atlantis from which the world could be recreated.

As it turned out it was not necessary to expend huge amounts of capital to produce nuclear weapons as due to Australia's close relations with the United Kingdom, and America and the fact that Australia was already a major producer of uranium it was not difficult to strike a deal with both parties to secretly store suitable nuclear weapons in the country for the use of the three allies should it ever prove necessary. However it was important to have a suitable delivery system and the Australian Government chose the then new American F-111 fighter bomber.

The nuclear weapon stores have remained in Australia and over the years expanded to accommodate a wide variety of new weapon systems that have been developed since the 1960's. This information has been kept from the Australian public and for obvious reasons there is little likelihood the present policy of secrecy will change.

It is known, but certainly not admitted publicly, that nuclear weapons do continue to be stored on Australian soil. The latest, 2007, information is that they remain in a secure facility not far from Woomera in South Australia, although there may also be a second site in North Queensland. It should be noted that because they must be detonated according to specific relationships with the Sun nuclear weapons have never represented a practical weapon of war. In this sense the Cold War was a sham.

Nuclear weapons are stored in Australia because its a safe place to keep them, away from possible terrorist pilfering. Nukes are not the weapons with which any future wars will be fought. Scientific Black Projects, based on Nikola Tesla's discoveries and information gleaned from the Grays have provided the Coalition of the Willing with far more devastating armaments for that purpose. The science taught in our schools and universities is way out of date, but the science used in US and UK defence labs is very different, and it can be extremely deadly to the peoples of any countries whom the Alliance might decide are their enemies.

Sir Phillip's proposal was publicly brushed aside and the media in general tended to infer that it as nothing more than an eccentric dream of an aging scientist. However behind the scenes his ideas were considered with great seriousness and appear to form the basis of current thinking in relation to Australia's strategic planning. Nuclear war remains a threat and one which will increase as more and more nations either buy or develop their own weapons systems. Apart from that there appears to be several new dangers facing the earth ranging from world climatic disruption, possible cosmic cataclysm or even an invasion from outer space. Whatever the driving forces are, Sir Philip's original plan of turning Australia into a lifeboat (perhaps now better described as a fortress) seems to be the first priority and the main driving force behind it is coming from the USA

At this point the author would like to clarify why this report was started in the first place. It's always important to know what motivates such things and why it is necessary to record such matters.

During March, 1994 the author heard from a European correspondent requesting his comments about a letter he had received from a friend in Western Australia. To clarify this for the reader an extract of the Australian's letter of 14th February, 1994 is quoted verbatim as follows:

"(1) There is at the present time a massive upgrading of the Australian rescue and disaster services. This was started about three years ago (Circa 1991) according to one newly trained instructor of these updated rescue services, and all this has to be in place and ready by 1998 (!?).

The services involved are the Government controlled and operated rescue services, and also the so called "Volunteer Rescue Services", Police Rescue Services, plus Fire Brigade and Ambulance Services.

(2) The second thing to be noted, two licenced gun-dealers (the above mentioned newly trained rescue service man is one of them) tell me that their gun-dealer licences are terminated in 1997 (!?). I gather that all other gun dealers (at any rate in New South Wales) will also have their gun-dealer licences terminated in 1997.

I recently had a long talk with this man, whom I have known for a long time. He is of the opinion that around 1997/98 the Federal Government intends to withdraw all firearms from the general public, and that the only people who will then have firearms will be the military and police. (Of course the criminals no doubt will still have their illegal weapons, I suppose).

In view of the foregoing, one may legitimately ask, I think, why it is necessary for the Australian public to be disarmed at precisely the same time as a vastly upgraded rescue and disaster service will be in place?

As we now know, most firearms were withdrawn from public hands immediately following the Port Arthur massacre, on April 28, 1996. Nobody has ever been tried and found guilty of this atrocity, although a mentally handicapped man, Martin Bryant, is serving a life sentence for the amazingly professional slaughter of 35 people, mostly by seemingly 'impossible' hits to the head.

How professional was the killer? Here's some idea of his skill level.

In an unheard of intrusion into the process of natural justice the newly elected Prime Minister then voiced the opinion that it would be better that Bryant not stand trial because "the proceedings would be too stressful for the families of the victims." Dismissing the need for a proper trial was probably a sound piece of reasoning from Howard, but not because of the stress that might be caused to friends and relatives of the dead. You see the gunman, who proved himself to be an expert combat marksman, was observed to be right handed, whereas Martin Bryant is left handed, and has never owned a firearm or seen military service.

It is absolutely impossible for Bryant to have been the highly skilled killer at Port Arthur. Yet most Australians blindly accept the media's verdict that 'he did it'. If there had been a trial, even a 2nd year law student could have defended Bryant in a manner sufficient to secure his acquittal. An experienced barrister would have torn the prosecution case to shreds and shown cause for a Royal Commission to have been established into the handling of the entire massacre investigation.


After some thought the author made a brief reply as he was already aware of some rather odd changes being made to emergency services Australia wide. He believed that if urgency was involved then events would speed up between 1994 and 1998 and so many people would be involved that it would be impossible to keep the lid on such developments for an indefinite period of time. Some of those involved would have to talk. Little did the author know what he was getting into when he started to ask questions of old friends and contacts and probe in many dark corners.

From mid 1994 the pace of events was already showing signs of increased speed. By the end of 1995 it was almost impossible to keep up with the rapidly changing events and since the change of the Federal Government in March 1996 it seems, to use American phraseology, "all hell has broken loose". The previously expected urgency of Government action and their often inexpiable behaviours clearly indicates a timetable that is being followed at all cost and one which seems not to be very limited in scale. There is a definite atmosphere of tension and apprehension which the Government is doing nothing to alleviate. In fact they appear to go on promoting their plans without regard to public feelings and in some instances as if they were hell bent on committing political suicide. The fact that all the parties in Government seem to be working together in some kind of national consensus increases the strangeness of the situation. Presently no opposition exists.

The author will now deal with events from March 1996 to June, 1996 which he believes definitely indicate the high level of urgency which now prevails and the crash through or crash attitude of the Australian authorities.


The Victorian State Government headed by Mr Jeff Kennett promised prior to his re-election that every state secondary school will establish emergency service cadet corps to help develop leadership and social skills. Many-private, fee paying schools have maintained army orientated cadet corps but these have been eliminated from the public state education system for many years.

It is interesting to note that instead of basing the new cadet corps solely on the Army, the State Government proposes to involve 213,000 students in all other military and emergency services. Students will have a choice of training with the Army, Air Force, Navy, Police, Fire Brigade, Country Fire Authority, Conservation Department and the Metropolitan Ambulance Services. It is expected that in two to three years time a large pool of basically trained young personnel will be available to support these services if required. This programme is already in existence in Western Australia and it is expected to be adopted by most other states over the next two years. The cost of operating the scheme in Victoria is expected to be around $50,000,000 per year.

Considering the effort being put into the reorganisation and development of all Australian emergency services the Cadet system (like the Scout movement) is an excellent way of training young and enthusiastic personnel for future use without having to enlighten them as to their true purpose. If all Australian states join in there could be as many as 1,000,000 students under part time training by the end of 1997.

After his re-election in March Mr. Kennett immediately authorised a pilot study programme to commence in several schools in view of developing a state wide Cadet system by 1997.


(1) During late March the Federal Government announced that the Australian Army would start training Singapore Air Force helicopter pilots at the Army Aviation Centre at Oakey, 150KM west of Brisbane where a squadron of twelve super puma helicopters and about two hundred and fifty service personnel and their families would be based. Singapore forces already had flight training at several RAAF bases and armoured training at Shoalwater Bay, Queensland.

(2) The Federal Government announced that it was purchasing one hundred special multi wheeled armoured all terrain vehicles, for the Army. These will be supplied by Canada and stationed in the northern part of Australia. The government has also decided to set up a part manufacturing programme for these vehicles in the near future. It is expected that more than five hundred will be produced within three years.

(3) The Labor Government lost the federal election in March and were replaced by the Howard Conservative government. One of the new government's first action was to instruct the Australian Submarine Corporation to speed up the production of the Collins class submarines. The production is presently running to the original schedule but the government wants them as soon as possible. The factory will be expanded and staff numbers increased to achieve this.

(4) The frigate building programme in Melbourne is also to be speeded up. So far the second frigate is operational and the third is due to be launched this year. The government wants all 10 within three years.

(5) It appears that Australia has continued to purchase large numbers of used but refurbished F111 fighter bombers from the USA There are indications that the airforce now has around 280 F-111 aircraft at their disposal! This is an enormous number in anyone's estimation and it is difficult to understand why Australia would need such a large number of them.

There is a misconception here. Most of the F111s were purchased to ensure a source of spare parts, since these are no longer available from other sources. Manufacture of F111s stopped long ago.

(6) The ever increasing amount of sophisticated military equipment is causing a serious shortage of skilled man power to operate it, particularly in the airforce. To get around part of the problem the armed services are offering positions to outside contractors such as experienced airline pilots and flight engineers. Of course no one will go into such services for lower wages so the services have agreed to pay such outsiders at commercial rates and add a variety of benefits and perks to make the new positions more attractive. This means that an experienced pilot contracted from outside the airforce could be paid three or four times more than a regular careers airforce pilot of the same rank. Obviously the urgency of obtaining the services of the new staff outweighs the conflicts it will no doubt cause. It has been rumoured that, should the need arise, the US government will provide a large number of skilled personnel on a lease basis to operate all the equipment should this prove necessary during a time of emergency.

(7) Shortly after the new federal government came to power in March, new discussions began with the US Government about the establishment of a greater American military presence in Australia. These discussions are still underway and are expected to continue for most of 1996. The US government has asked Australia to agree to the establishment of a major network of military supply bases in Australia which will be stocked with large quantities of munitions, spare parts and complete equipment to fully support any American military operations in the Asia/Pacific area. The US government has promised substantial investment in this project involving the joint co-operation of Australian companies.

(8) The US government has proposed that a major naval base be built for their use at Darwin in the Northern Territory. It is expected that the Australian government will agree to this during 1996.

(9) The US government has further requested the setting up of training facilities in Australia at which American military personnel can be field trained in all forms of warfare. This would be in addition to the present air force training facilities already in operation.

(10) Apart from the new naval base at Darwin, the US government has suggested they establish a substantial military presence in the northern part of Australia. This will be discussed in Washington in June, 1996.

(11) The new Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Howard, made it clear in May 1996 that Australia must have wider and closer co-operation with the USA "at every level."

(12) On the 11th June, 1996 the Australian government announced that there would a major shake up of all military services with a much greater emphasis placed on combat capability and readiness than top heavy administration.


n March it was announced by the US and Australian governments that the top secret base at Pine Gap, Central Australia was being expanded. A second above ground power station is now under construction as well as a large number of houses for additional staff. Normally Pine Gap has a staff of 400 to 500 at any one time. This is being increased to around 1,200 this year. The reason given for the expansion was the need to keep a close watch on the Asian area with particular attention being paid to the development of economic espionage. The fact that such a dubious reason was given in the first place is extremely unusual. Perhaps odd would be a better description. One wonders if the E.T.'s are also having redecoration done.

As already stated, there are currently, in 2007, some 800 American humans stationed at the Pine Gap base. There are also around 240 Grays in this US facility. The latter beings seem to run the place.


On the 19th June [1996] it was announced that a new rocket launch facility would be built near Darwin, Northern Territory. This will be financed by Australian, Russian, US and South East Asian money (particularly from Thailand). Being close to the equator, larger than normal payloads can be launched. Large Russian made rockets will be used for this purpose. Initially these will be fully imported and then part manufactured by the Australian Submarine Corporation in South Australia together with the smaller Russian designed rocket delivery systems they are planning to produce by 1997. It is envisaged that the facility will launch hundreds of satellites for both civilian and military purposes by the end of the decade.

Initially it was proposed that such a facility be built in the northern part of Queensland but due to aboriginal land claims this proposal was shelved. It is also important to note that the Darwin space facilities would be close to the proposed new American naval base and air station which would complement the military operations centred there.

It is doubtful whether there is any strategic aspect to a new space launch facility. The technology has already been totally superseded by the anti-gravity principles that the UKUSA coalition has learned from the Grays. That's why NASA has done so little about developing it's own conventional rockets and shuttles. If a conventional space launch facility is built in Australia it will be a disinformation decoy, nothing else.


As of early 1996 the various State and Federal police forces continue to expand their special operations groups and to train with the military SAS. The excuse is still the same, to counter terrorist activities that may occur during the Sydney Olympic Games in the year 2000. Apart from these activities selected groups in these police forces are being trained to search for weapons in readiness for the impending anti-gun legislation which will be introduced during the second half of 1996.

Since 1994 the police and the military have been conducting joint counter-terrorist exercises of a new and rather sinister nature. The make believe enemies are Australian citizens who start agitating on the subjects of "foreign ownership of Australian resources and business and foreign involvement in the Australian governmental system." It appears that the Anti-Terrorist Plan has been modified to give emphasis to such possible civil activities. These modifications also include insistence that the government takes action to remove as many firearms as possible from civilian hands. It is interesting to note that foreign ownership in Australian business and resources is now above 90% and a large proportion of that is in the hands of American investors.

The development of the private prison system has continued with some speed since the beginning of 1996. In April the Victorian government announced that a new women's prison would be built in 1996/97 and operated by the "Correction Corporation of Australia" which is an American owned company in competition with Wackenhut Inc. It seems that the criticism of Wackenhut Inc. has caused the government to share this profitable business with others hungry for such opportunities. An additional men's prison will be built at the same time and managed by the British based company "Guard Force Ltd." which, in the main, is controlled by American shareholders.


Unfortunately since 1987 Australia has been subjected to a series of mass shootings perpetrated by supposed lone crazed individuals wanting to get back at society. Each time such an atrocity has occurred there has been a clamour to ban all guns held by the civilian community. The most recent shooting was perpetrated at the tourist site of Port Arthur in Tasmania during April 1996 when thirty five tourists were killed by a wealthy 27 year old local man using two stolen guns for no apparent reason. Within hours a co-ordinated propaganda campaign of unprecedented proportions was launched in the media, aimed at the elimination of private gun ownership starting with the Australia wide banning of all. self loading rifles and shotguns and the restriction of ammunition sales.

The Federal Government was quick to seize the opportunity and obtained prompt agreement from the states to ban various types of weapons and demonise gun ownership in general. The result has been a public uproar and the possibility of the federal coalition government being seriously damaged by the eventual loss of seats in it's grass root electorates.

This has not stopped the government who strangely suggest that they do not care if they lose power as a result of their new extremist policy. At this point the reader should refer to the extract of the letter from Western Australia on Page 28 of this report. The Australian government does not seem to be in control of the situation.

Despite the noise and the government threats to ban all privately owned firearms together with the incongruous sight of the new Prime Minister, John Howard, addressing a large group of pro gun demonstrators wearing a bulging bullet proof vest, the government has a major problem. To understand this problem it is important to take a short look at some of Australia's past history in relation to the, ownership and use of firearms.

Since Captain Cook (the official British discoverer of Australia) arrived at Botany Bay more than two hundred years ago, firearms have been an important part of Australian society. They were used to subdue hostile native, hunt for food, guard convicts and train new settlers to defend the colony against the possible invasions from France and Russia.

Also, to support all British Colonial objectives wherever such support was deemed necessary. Remaining a Crown Colony until 1901 the founders of Australia were regularly involved in British. military affairs throughout the Empire. After federation and the creation of quasi self rule in Australia the obligation remained and it was not until the end of the second World War that Australian allegiance to the British Empire began to fade in favour of the USA

Guns had played a vital role in the forging of a nation and the support of a great empire, often at enormous individual cost. There is an unquestionable tradition of gun ownership in Australia and an ingrained sense that the right of such legitimate ownership involving the defence of the home and nation should not be challenged by anyone. Thus it is difficult to understand why the Australian government, which must have an appreciation of these facts, has acted in such a high handed way and is telling a large section of the Australian population to lay down it's arms. The Port Arthur massacre is being used as the excuse to attempt the civilian disarmament of the country, causing immediate and strong resistance from several million Australians. Even more puzzling is the assumption by the government that, following rushed legislation, citizens will simply hand in their guns for a small compensation payment. As only three states in Australia have had any form of gun registration in operation over the past 20 years there is no record of where all the guns are.

Further in those states (Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia) where registration was introduced in the 1980's it was an accepted fact that only about 15% to 20% of the guns privately owned at that time were registered in the first place. As for Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and the Northern Territory no method of registration was ever introduced so there is no way of locating the many millions of guns in those areas.

To give the reader an idea of the magnitude of gun ownership in Australia the Victoria Police Force estimated in 1995 that there was approximately three guns for every man, woman and child in Australia. With a population of just over 18 million this means there are around 54 million guns in private hands and only a small percentage of this number are recorded in only three states. It is safe to say that it would be totally impossible to confiscate even a small number of these weapons without the full co-operation of the Australian public. It is very unlikely that such co-operation will be given and the government knows it. So why are they intent on turning this matter into a major political issue which is already starting to threaten the very foundations of democratic government in Australia? Could it be that the pressure to embark on such an impossible task is coming from outside the country? Due to their lack of understanding, could the future intended occupiers of Australia, the representatives of the new world order, have made a gross miscalculation of the Australian reaction to their demands? The author feels that this is a decided possibility and events could easily get out of control and produce a major political backlash against these policies.

In the event, the citizenry of Australia went like lambs to the slaughter. They gave up their firearms for compensation funded from their own taxes. They accepted Martin Bryant's guilt without a murmur. And they said absolutely nothing about the precedent now established in Australian law of jailing a person for life without him ever having stood trial.

What will they ask as they are meekly herded into the cattle trucks for their final journey to the gas ovens? "Are we there yet?"

Another point of interest is that the Australian armed forces own little more than 250,000 small arms. When this is compared with the estimated 54 million in the Australian community it pales into insignificance. It also represents a very real threat against any official organisations, either foreign or local which may decide to use force to get it's way. Like the United States an armed population is a very big deterrent to totalitarian forces and more a preserver of freedom than a destroyer of it. The Australian government knows this yet relentlessly pursues it's ill advised policies. Perhaps they have no choice. When they are told to jump they say 'how high.'

It is also rumoured that all present political parties in government are agreeing with one another on the issue because their leadership is aware of the danger facing the country and when something happens they will be forced into a government of national unity anyway. It certainly would explain the bizarre newspaper and T.V. images of all the opposing party leaders, standing together, with their arms around each others shoulders, like long lost brothers.

It seems apparent that Australia is being prepared to survive some form of major disaster in the not too distant future. There is some sort of timetable in existence pointing towards the end of the present decade. The big question is what are they expecting that can not be revealed to the public? Could it be a cosmic cataclysm involving a comet or asteroid striking the earth? Are preparations being made with the help of friendly extraterrestrials to resist an invasion of inimical forces from outer space? Is a climatic or seismic crisis developing which would cause social disruption and war throughout the world? Nothing is sure, only that obvious and massive preparations are being made to protect and secure the Australian continent from a cataclysmic event. No doubt time will tell.

Indeed, time might tell.

It might be instructive to look up the work that Terence McKenna did to publicise the fractal nature of time and the existence of a 'great cycle' which he and his brother concluded will end on 21 December, 2012. Which happens to also be the end date of the Mayan Long Count calendar. Sadly, Terence McKenna didn't live to find out whether the Zero Date of his Timewave will, in fact, mark a great transformation of our world and an evolutionary step forward for humankind. He was deliberately poisoned in Hawaii in 1999, and he subsequently died in California in 2000. The world lost a radical thinker and visionary, and we already have too few of his type in our time of need.

A good place to start understanding Terence McKenna's work on the Timewave is an interview he did with Art Bell, in May 1997. The, external to Freenet, link is:

Also see the video below:

The author would like to mention that as far as possible the information contained in this report was checked and where possible attempts were made to verify it. However it has to be borne in mind that some information may contain some inaccuracies due to the impossibility of verifying source material. Never-the-less the author considers the majority of the information well founded and truthful.

It should also be pointed out that many of the providers of this information required their identities to be covered in such a way that they could not be identified. This involved some minor alterations to the narrative to produce such cover and has not compromised the information described in any way.

JUNE 1996



On the 4th July, 1996 the Federal Government announced that new restrictions would be placed on the number of immigrants allowed to enter Australia., Family reunion will be eliminated as a reason for automatic entry to Australia and emphasis will now be placed on English language capabilities and personal skills. Also immigrants will have to pay a bond of A$30,000 to the government to ensure that they do not settle in major cities but take up residence in rural areas and towns. Should they move to a major city such as Sydney or Melbourne they would forfeit the bond. By introducing such complex regulations the government is expected to cut the rate of immigration by at least 50%.


On the 7th July, 1996 the Federal Government announced the establishment of a new air base situated at the north west tip of Cape York Peninsula (the most northern point of Australia) near the small mining town of Wiepa. The base will have a three kilometer runway and facilities for the accommodation of six hundred staff. The completion date for this new A$150 million project is November, 1998. It is interesting to note that due to the lack of man power the base will only have a caretaker staff. All other personnel will be flown in during times of need (see page 30 paragraph 6).


During the first week of July, 1996 Japan successfully tested their first 1/3 scale model of their space shuttle by launching it from a helicopter. It landed by remote control on the main Woomera airport runway. A full scale prototype will now be constructed.

NOTE FROM RMNEWS: There were a few typos and things we felt were mistakes, such as Aurora Borealis rather than Aurora Australis -- After long thought, it was decided to leave the mistakes as the unknown author wrote them.

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The following articles provide insights into the true nature of the Omega technology. It is not simply a radio navigation system, nor just a communications system for US submarines. Omega is based on the discoveries of Nikola Tesla, and the installation at Darriman in the Australian state of Victoria is still fully operational. It is said to be 'only' used by submarines, since the radio navigation system was shut down in September, 1997, but that's not entirely true.

This thing is one of the most powerful weapons on the planet and it is sitting there, with all its destructive potential, hidden in plain view of the Australian public. If only the blind could see!


n 1905 physics genius Nikola Tesla submitted his US patent 787,412 which describes "The Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural Mediums", and includes a design for a series of worldwide generators. It is beyond doubt this patent which led to the construction of the Omega network of radio transmitters erected around the world between 1963 and 1982, officially for the purpose of global navigation, though navigation is its least important function.

Tesla was eloquently misleading in some of his patents and this is probably the ultimate example. Although until recently Omega did offer very low frequency navigation services they were only a secondary function: a "security cover" for the network's real purpose of subtly manipulating the resonant frequency of the earth itself, and the resonant frequency of the earth-to-ionosphere gap.

Anyone able to manipulate resonant frequencies between five and fifteen cycles per second, to three decimal places of accuracy, can influence every dynamic electromagnetic activity on the face of the earth and beyond, including global weather patterns, human thought and thus human behaviour. Put simply, Omega is the most powerful integrated global strike and C3i (Command, Control, Communications, intelligence) network ever constructed.

Due to its capacity to affect human thought the Darriman transmitter is capable, within a certain range, of shattering human consciousness. The weapon can't affect the whole human population, but the majority of the people are at risk. Omega is thus a serious threat to human freedom. But whether it might be used in this way depends on who or what has control of it, as the following essay by the late Joe Vialls shows.

Written as fiction, based on fact.
Tesla's Electromagnetic Pyramids, Page 1
Copyright Joe Vialls, 11 September 1998

In late 1968 a small group of men gathered in a rambling old house situated a few miles outside the German city of Munich. The weak afternoon sunlight was starting to fade as they sat down at the polished oak conference table, and despite a roaring log fire in the ornate fireplace there was a noticeable chill in the air. These men were of no particular religion, nor were they politicians, bankers, bureaucrats or mainstream military personnel. To use their own self-effacing term they were "no-persons", just a group of intelligent men from all over the world deeply concerned about the looming probability of global thermonuclear war. The American Department of State, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the Russian Kremlin were brimming over with megalomaniacs quite capable of destroying all life on the planet in their blind quest for power, unless they could be persuaded not to do so.

Global thermonuclear war was not the only problem. Since the end of the First World War and the subsequent formation of the League of Nations, the same megalomaniacs had frequently expressed their determination to implement a "New Order", bureaucratic code for a one world government. If left to run unchecked, within a single century the megalomaniacs would remove national borders entirely, destroy delightfully diverse national cultures developed over thousands of years, and replace them in-toto with hordes of multicultural drones willing to slave for endless hours in "worker's paradises" for the exclusive benefit of a tiny but immensely powerful global elite. The first successful phase of the New Order exercise was at that very moment in full swing, less than a thousand miles away in the worker's paradise known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Faced with a completely unacceptable Orwellian future, the Munich Group had two objectives: stop the megalomaniacs from destroying all life on the planet with thermonuclear weapons, and at the same time protect the myriad national cultures existing around the world from extinction. The critical question facing its members was how to achieve these awesome objectives with strictly limited resources.

The politicians and mainstream military controlled more than 90% of the conventional and nuclear weapons so their use was not an option. Besides, if the Munich Group resorted to such methods they would risk triggering a global thermonuclear exchange, the very event they were determined to prevent. Many years later this and other groups would supplement their arsenals with micronized atomic weapons for use against specific targets, but the primary weapon system under discussion at the 1968 Munich meeting was quite different, and well beyond the comprehension of any professor of classical or quantum physics.

Rising from the table, each member of the group approached a small strongroom and removed a thick black file. The strongroom door remained open throughout the meeting. If the security perimeter of the house was breached the files would be placed back in the strongroom in less than ten seconds, and the strongroom's twelve inch-thick thermite filled walls would explode into searing white-hot flames, destroying the files, the safe and most of the old house in seconds. Group members might or might not have time to escape the blazing inferno but none worried about the lethal possibility. Omega project security was far more important than personal safety.

Each identical hand-typed file was titled "Omega - The Final Solution", and contained details of an advanced global electromagnetic system based on the work of Nikola Tesla, the little-known genius despised by physicists because he did not have the "correct" academic qualifications.

Despite this notional impediment, around the turn of the century Tesla managed to invent alternating current, the sort of electricity we still use in our homes today, and invented radio as well. Almost always working alone, this single man invented all of the basic electromagnetic devices which would later become essential to 20th Century civilization, from light bulbs and fluorescent tubes to computers and television sets. Fortunately for the Munich Group that gloomy winter evening, Nikola Tesla also invented a great many other devices, some of them so advanced they had escaped meaningful scrutiny.

The introduction to each file focused on specific sections of Tesla's patent 787,412 dated 18th April 1905, titled "The Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through The Natural Mediums". During many thousands of hours of work the group had selected this patent as the core of its work, because it had allowed them to develop a global navigation network so advanced it had already proved irresistible to politicians and mainstream military alike. What the politicians and mainstream military would never be told, however, was that the "navigation network" was in reality dual-purpose, with its primary electromagnetic functions designed to be accessed by the Munich group using undetectable remote control. Several passages from Tesla's patent 787,412 were included verbatim in the introduction for special attention:-

The rest of each file contained details of other Tesla patents and research work, carefully prepared and combined to enable the construction of the dual-purpose navigation network and global electromagnetic control system. When completed worldwide, to the viewing public the Omega network would appear as a series of rather boring radio-navigation masts situated at strategic points around the globe with aerial wires radiating out from the upper part of each mast, giving the appearance of a circus big top, though one of the group repeatedly insisted, with more than a little scientific justification, that the network should be called "Tesla's Electromagnetic Pyramids".

Publicity material already widely circulated claimed the Omega network capable of providing radio-navigation of such high quality that it would significantly enhance the safety of ships and aircraft. This was quite true. In its "security cover" role as a radio navigation network Omega could do this with ease, and with such overwhelming accuracy for submerged submarines that the group had swiftly sold the concept to the American and Soviet defence agencies, though in subtly different ways, because the two sides were bitter enemies busily engaged in a cold war.

Written as fiction, based on fact
Tesla's Electromagnetic Pyramids, Page 2
Copyright Joe Vialls, 11 September 1998

As evening turned to night and group members were served dinner by a trusted retainer they discussed this initial strategy, for without the unwitting assistance already received from governments in arranging and building the huge aerial arrays, they would not have been able to use Omega for its primary though hidden purpose. However, once the global network of stations was complete, the group would access Omega by undetectable remote means during carefully designed "passive" time windows when navigation-transmitter power was not being applied to the aerial arrays. Each Omega station would limit its navigation pulses to a strict staggered format controlled by dual caesium atomic clocks, ensuring that the "passive" time windows were always available to the group. This would enable them to communicate with each other at will, and issue warnings or initiate punitive strikes against recalcitrant individuals and nations, right under the noses of the two most powerful nations on earth, using their equipment without their knowledge.

As coffee and brandy were served after dinner, the American member of the group brought the others up to date on progress. His government had enthusiastically embraced the chance to gain an edge over the "Commies", and had quickly arranged covert funding for the construction of a global network of eight Omega stations. Plans had been completed for eight stations located in America; Argentina, Japan, Liberia, New Zealand, Norway, Hawaii, and on the French island of La Reunion, of which three were already operating. All eight were needed to justify Omega's cover navigation role in the western world, but two locations, Norway and Hawaii, were inappropriate for full global coverage in the electromagnetic control role, which would require a further three stations built on Soviet territory, providing a network comprised of nine "real" Omega stations. The two stations to be built in Norway and Hawaii would therefore be smaller, less powerful and of an entirely different design, ensuring that their use in the western navigation role would not cause inadvertent jamming during periods when the nine "real" Omega stations were in use by the group.

The Russian member explained that as soon as was decently possible after the American plans were originally approved, he had leaked selected diagrams and other details to the Soviet Government, pointing out they could beat the Americans at their own game if his government was prepared to increase Omega's navigational accuracy by quietly building three more stations to exactly the same design at Riga, Irkutsk, and Sakhalin. His government thought this was a wonderful joke. Soviet submarines using an American system but with even greater accuracy! Funding was immediately approved, and all three Soviet stations were already on-air and operational.

Each "real" Omega station was sited on highly conductive soil, with multiple buried heavy-duty ground aerials 1115.5 feet long, radiating out every ten degrees of the compass from the central point. Tuning was accomplished by the primary helix, wound with special litz wire two and a half inches thick, capable of conducting colossal quantities of electromagnetic energy many thousands of times greater than that required for Omega's stated navigational role.

There were six smaller variometers for fine tuning. For the navigational role the main helix would be connected to the above-ground aerial array via a sulphur fluoride-filled bush. The above-ground aerial array was very conspicuous, with a central mast standing 1,400 feet high, draped with sixteen aluminium and steel aerial cables radiating out to anchor points around the edge of the site, thus giving the characteristic "circus big top" appearance to the station as a whole.

Though the mast and above-ground aerials were essential for Omega's navigational role, they were not needed for its discrete electromagnetic control role. If at a later date one of the participating host nations wished to remove its Omega station and could not be prevented from doing so, the circus big top could be effectively "turned upside down", with a tuned steel-lined oil well substituting for the central mast, and shallower tuned steel-lined water wells at sixteen points around the edge of the site replacing the aluminium and steel aerial cables.

The "inverted" Omega station would still operate perfectly in the electromagnetic control role, but would be completely invisible to the human eye. All that was needed was a powerful oil drilling rig for the central well and a less powerful water drilling rig for the shallow radial wells, a cable laying machine for the underground aerials, discreet drilling crews, and local government permission to drill exploration wells in search of oil reserves "believed" to exist in the area. Because every government on earth wants to believe it has oil reserves, and because the group would offer to drill the exploration wells free of charge as a goodwill joint-venture, success was assured. Promises of free expertise and free crude oil would prove an irresistible temptation to every politician on earth. When the rigs eventually failed to find the promised oil reserves and the crews apologetically departed the host country, they would leave behind them a buried but fully operational Omega station.

During the long hours of night that followed, the Munich Group earnestly discussed the fine details of Omega's electromagnetic control function, before eating a leisurely breakfast as the first hint of dawn lit the eastern horizon. Then they rose from the conference table and discreetly left the old house at five minute intervals, stopping only to deposit their files in the strongroom on the way out. By the time the first bus rattled along the street they had all vanished completely, which was entirely appropriate behaviour for no-persons. As Nietzsche once wrote:

"We are unknown to ourselves, we men of knowledge."

As their files and discussions showed, Nikola Tesla alone had provided the core knowledge and experiments which allowed them to design Omega's hidden electromagnetic control function, for only Tesla had discovered and written about the true nature of physics. While academics sat in their ivory towers fiddling with theoretical equations which made sense only to themselves and their dedicated students, Tesla was continually out in the field, bucking the academic system by using hard physical equipment to create or evoke hard physical events and responses.

When Einstein "proved" theoretically that travel beyond the speed of light was impossible, Tesla proved that travel beyond the speed of light was possible, by the simple expedient of physically directing longitudinal waves of electromagnetic energy through and around the earth, later accurately measuring their velocity at one and a half times the speed of light. Nikola Tesla continually made the theoretical academic boffins feel acutely uncomfortable, and they hated and shunned him for it.

Written as fiction, based on fact
Tesla's Electromagnetic Pyramids, Page 3
Copyright Joe Vialls, 11 September 1998

The theoretical boffins had carved the physical universe up into specialities controlled by several of their unconnected academic disciplines, and by so doing had succeeded in completely obscuring reality. For example, a man visiting his local university and asking for an explanation of exactly how he was able to see a hill five miles away, would be told that this was a very complex scientific matter. The poor fellow would first be directed to the neuro-scientists and psychologists who would explain how his eyes worked, before being passed on to the physicists (and perhaps meteorologists) who would explain about photons and the atmosphere between his eyes and the hill. Eventually he would probably be handed on to the geographers and geologists who would explain the physical appearance and composition of the hill itself. Thus the simple problem of seeing a hill five miles away had been converted into several different packages of irrelevant academic rubbish, capable of providing a living for at least five theoretical boffins and their families.

Nikola Tesla knew it was rubbish, because he knew that everything in the universe is connected to everything else by an endless loop of electromagnetic particles, also known as energy, which Tesla proved resonated (vibrated naturally) within identical frequency ranges. If you hook a man up to a piece of medical equipment called an electroencephalograph or EEG, its chart will display Delta, Alpha, Theta and Beta "brain" waves vibrating through a range of frequencies from about one to twenty-five cycles per second, with most of the meaningful activity in a central band between five and fifteen cycles per second. But if you then remove the electroencephalograph sensors from the man and push them deep into damp conductive earth instead, you will find the EEG chart faithfully displays Delta, Alpha, Theta and Beta waves in identical frequency ranges.

Indeed, if the medical sensors could be suitably adapted they would detect identical vibrations in air and "outer space" as well. Thus man is merely an integral part of an electromagnetic whole which embraces his eyes, the apparently empty space between his eyes and the hill, the hill itself, and the universe. Remove or even deflect any of the billions of particles comprising this electromagnetic whole, and man would be rendered incapable of seeing anything at all.

The source for all of this electromagnetic activity is the universe itself, with billions of stars emitting incalculable amounts of energy, in turn used or replicated by the planets. Planet earth is a gigantic electrical generator spinning around two magnetic poles from which limitless energy can be tapped at will, provided appropriate tuning is used, which in the case of Omega means magnifying and applying appropriate resonant frequencies. When the Munich Group designed the aerials for Omega's cover navigational role, they used Tesla's 787,412 which stated the frequency "should be less than twenty thousand [cycles]".

So the group designed aerial arrays perfectly suited to transmitting at frequencies between five and fifteen thousand cycles per second. Man-made electrical generators provided power for Omega's navigation transmitters, which worked perfectly, allowing pinpoint accuracy for submerged submarines monitoring the standing waves emitted by at least three of the Omega stations, known to navigators as a "position fix".

What the group did not tell the politicians and the military was that aerials which can transmit at five to fifteen thousand cycles per second can also transmit on all other frequencies with direct mathematical relationships, known as harmonics. The secret of Omega's hidden electromagnetic control role was its ability to simultaneously or sequentially transmit on even numbered sub-harmonic frequencies between five and fifteen cycles per second, a range embracing the resonant frequencies of the earth itself and the earth to ionospheric gap.

Just as submerged submarines could fix their positions with pinpoint accuracy by monitoring the standing waves emitted by at least three of the Omega stations, the Munich Group could use the Omega network to direct sub-harmonic standing waves and thus resonant effects of virtually any magnitude to literally any point on earth, with equal centimetric accuracy. Exactly which effect was produced at that point on earth would be determined by the precise resonant frequency used, accurate to three decimal places. Every material in the universe, organic or inorganic, has its own unique resonant frequency, allowing Omega extreme accuracy in its electromagnetic control role.]

The best known example of natural resonance is the soprano who shattered a wine glass twenty feet away by singing a particular note. She was singing a note at the unique resonant frequency of the glass itself, which vibrated in sympathy until it exceeded its stress tolerance, then shattered into hundreds of pieces. Using exactly the same principle, if Omega directed the resonant frequency of, say, basalt rock, at a precise point on the earth's surface at vastly increased magnitude, the effect would be identical in that the basalt rock would vibrate naturally with increasing force, until eventually a tremor or earthquake occurred at that precise point.

Destroying entire regions by earthquake or tempest would be a complete overkill for a network designed from the outset by the Munich Group to "persuade" a bunch of megalomaniacs to cease and desist from violence, threatened against whichever small sovereign nation was the chosen "Terrorist State of The Month", so the Omega network would normally be used to demonstrate the likely catastrophic punitive response if the megalomaniacs refused to heed warnings from the Munich Group. Say, for example, that the American megalomaniacs were planning to bomb another hundred thousand Iraqis into instant bloody oblivion, the Munich Group might send a telex or facsimile to an unlisted number deep within the US Department of State, suggesting such action would be considered extremely bad manners, and if it was not cancelled immediately, the electrical supply to the entire eastern seaboard of America would be disrupted, causing incalculable damage to property and commerce in the megalomaniacs' own back yard.

Believing such a threat to be impossible, this first warning would normally be ignored by the megalomaniacs, in which case the Munich Group might send another cryptic message two or three days later: "Watch Auckland, New Zealand, very carefully". Exactly one hour after this message rolled off the facsimile machine Omega might direct a standing wave at the exact resonant frequency of copper, across the underground cables connecting the major power stations to the business districts of Auckland. With the exact level of invisible resonant energy calculated in advance, the electromagnetic properties of the particles in the copper cables would change immediately, creating infinite resistance and blocking the flow of electricity to the city.

Chaos would reign supreme. Weeks later when the world's top electrical engineers examined huge sections of the cable in the laboratory they would find nothing wrong with it, simply because there was nothing wrong with it. The resonant blocking effect used locally in New Zealand would leave no visible signs of damage. In this way the American Department of State might be convinced, solely by the grim demonstration in New Zealand, that it should spare a hundred thousand innocent Iraqi lives.

The two most crucial aspects of the Omega network are how the resonant frequencies are magnified to the point where they can cause incalculable damage up to and including earthquake and tempest, and the remote technology used to access the network itself. Both are extremely dangerous subjects to write about, even as fiction. In 1985, not long after the Omega network started transmitting in its electromagnetic role, four very real Australians stumbled across a portable remote control facility at Cape Leveque, north of Broome in Western Australia. They asked the two no-persons manning the facility a lot of inquisitive questions about the pair of caesium atomic clocks and other specialized equipment they were operating, and the two no-persons in turn asked a lot of seemingly friendly questions about them, such as their names, occupations, where they lived and so on.

Within seven days of leaving Cape Leveque three of the four Australians had unusual fatal accidents, and the fourth, sensing her own possibly imminent death, changed names and went underground. To this day the surviving member of the group lives in constant fear, though she has no idea exactly what she is afraid of. No matter. In the view of the author, living with a limited amount of fear is preferable to being dead. Nowadays this sole survivor says nothing about what she saw at Cape Leveque, which is very good. She may yet live to a ripe old age.

Written as fiction, based on fact
Tesla's Electromagnetic Pyramids, Page 4
Copyright Joe Vialls, 11 September 1998

Long before this incident, the Munich Group encountered several delays in the construction of its nine "real" Omega stations. Though supposed to be on-air and operational by the early 1970s, two stations in particular posed almost insurmountable problems. Peace groups in Norway and New Zealand, incorrectly identifying the Omega network solely as a command and control network for American nuclear ballistic missile submarines, mounted campaigns to block construction in both countries. Because the Munich Group did not at that time have sufficient funds or access to either country enabling it to drill inverted Omega stations in their place, its members could do little more than seethe with impatience. The Norwegian station was of no real importance because it was only a dummy in the electromagnetic role, but the New Zealand station was critical to operations in the southern hemisphere. The Omega network would work without it, but not at 100% efficiency.

One year after the meeting in Munich the group decided that New Zealand was simply too hard, and opted for the critical southern station to be built instead in the Australian state of Victoria. Unfortunately there was now opposition from Australian peaceniks equally determined to stop this "dedicated ballistic missile guidance system" from being built. Several frustrating years followed and then in the early 70s two things happened. The Australian Government set up an inquiry into the control of Omega under the initial guidance of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Gough Whitlam, QC, MP. In turn this sudden use of a dreaded committee, likely to cause extreme delays simply because it was a committee, alarmed the Munich Group to the point where it later decided to send a no-person project engineer to Australia to examine the feasibility of building an "inverted" Omega station if all else failed.

That no-person was an engineer using a passport in the name of John Friedrich, though he was known to the Munich Group only as "Iago". Over the years that followed Friedrich visited several potential sites across outback Australia, earmarking three for future development, but then in 1977 confidential advice was received that the official Omega station to be sited at Darriman in Victoria would definitely get the green light. Friedrich was then quietly infiltrated into a little known organization called The National Safety Council of Australia (Victorian Division), as its engineer for emergency services.

By late 1981 the Omega project was well under way and John Friedrich was kept busy ensuring that it did not come under attack from a bunch of well-meaning peaceniks. During the same year three other no-persons, experts in oilfield and security operations, were quietly relocated to Sale and Port Welshpool, sites in Victoria that bracketed the Omega station and which would shortly become the two principal operational bases for the miraculously expanded emergency services section of the NSCA (Victorian Division).

The choice of oilfield and security experts was no accident. Over recent years the Munich Group had quietly acquired significant funding and was no longer prepared to run the risk of losing global Omega capability at the whim of any single national government. To counter this, five inverted Omega stations were to be built (drilled) to ensure global integrity. One inverted Omega would be drilled in Australia, another in America and three more elsewhere. The level of drilling expertise would need to be extremely high, as would security, hence the three extra no-persons relocated to Sale and Port Welshpool.

The Australian Omega station started transmitting in 1982 and the momentum of the peaceniks slowed considerably, until a few years later Omega was effectively forgotten by the demonstrators, who turned their energetic attention back towards more obvious and visually menacing threats such as Pine Gap and Nurrungar, harmless American bases used for electronic eavesdropping and missile surveillance.

Unfortunately John Friedrich had the bit between his teeth and managed to upgrade the emergency services section of the NSCA (Victorian Division) from a low-profile security facility desired by the Munich Group to protect Omega from attack, to a very high-profile organization beloved by several branches of the Australian Government, many of whom found uses for the extraordinary skills of the NSCA emergency personnel, whose abilities, not surprisingly, surpassed those of the military.

This increased profile disturbed the Munich Group, and it also puzzled them. Although the group had discreetly arranged certain monies in the late 70s to allow the emergency services section to be suitably expanded, they had certainly not arranged the vast sums of money needed to expand the organization to the point where, by the mid-80s, Friedrich alone controlled more than 400 personnel. It later transpired that John Friedrich had exceeded his duties by borrowing vast sums of money from the banks, secured only by fictional sea containers filled with imaginary safety equipment. Whether he did this for reasons of personal aggrandisement, or because he genuinely thought that Omega was in need of vastly enhanced security, will probably never be known.

The bubble finally burst in early 1989 when the deception was discovered and the NSCA (Victorian Division) was disbanded, and along with it, Omega's discreet security cover. A year later someone fired several bullets into Friedrich's family home at Seaton from close range and this seemed to be a turning point for him. Under acute stress from the near misses on his wife and children he visited clinical psychologist Ian Joblin, but a year after that, on 26 July 1991, five days before he would be forced into open court in Victoria to give evidence under oath, John Friedrich alias Iago and several other names, was found dead with gunshot wounds to the head. A pistol was found nearby but John Friedrich, no-person project engineer, did not leave a suicide note.

In the years following 1981 the five "inverted" Omega stations were drilled as planned, and sit there to this day in the event that certain national governments decide to tear down any of the original nine "real" Omega stations. As late as 1986 contingency plans existed to drill another three inverted Omegas, so that the cover navigational role could be dispensed with entirely if required. Outside of the Munich Group itself, only a handful of people know where the invisible inverted Omega stations are located, and it is likely to stay that way.

In reality it is extremely unlikely that the mainstream military of each host country will ever allow its Omega station to be dismantled, because the mainstream military is acutely aware that in the event of thermonuclear war, the electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) emitted by the weapons will have a devastating effect on all medium and high radio frequencies, and burn out the transistor junctions in every satellite in orbit around the earth. Under those conditions the only reliable form of communication left would be ground waves at very low frequencies, which in effect means Omega and a handful of other less powerful VLF transmitters. In fact the Australian Omega station was recently stripped of its navigation title but the mast was not derigged, nor were its personnel dispersed. Instead, as the Omega website advises, the station was handed across to the Australian Navy and is now controlled from Canberra. Well, yes, a small part of the Australian Omega station is now controlled from Canberra.

The morality of whether or not the Munich Group should have the right to use such brute power to bring entire governments to heel is debatable, but perhaps no more debatable than the identical "right" of dictatorships sometimes masquerading as "representative democracies" to engage in wholesale murder across the globe to achieve their own geopolitical ends. When the Soviet Government decided to use crop spraying planes to slaughter five thousand Afghans with binary angel dust it did not first seek approval from the Soviet people. When the Iranian Government decided to murder several hundred civilians in the Iraqi town of Halabja with phosgene gas, it likewise did not first seek the approval of the Iranian people. There are hundreds of other similar examples.

Written as fiction, based on fact
Tesla's Electromagnetic Pyramids, Page 5
Copyright Joe Vialls, 11 September 1998

The essential difference between the Munich Group and the murderous megalomaniacs who constitute a substantial part of elected and unelected governments around the world, is that the latter are subject to direction from forces far more powerful than themselves. If politicians wish to be re-elected and thus retain their lavish perks of office, they are reliant not only on the people, but also on those who fund their advertising, and on the media who polish their images on national and international television. On their proven track records the latter groups are dedicated to "globalism", another bureaucratic code word meaning a one world government, controlled by and for the sole benefit of a tiny global elite. Over the years the power base shifts backwards and forwards like the sands in a desert, but the core objective remains the same. 30 years ago the global elite used communism as a cover and Moscow as their base. Nowadays exactly the same global elite use representative democracy as a cover and New York as their base. The more things change the more they stay the same.

In contrast the Munich Group is subject to no such pressures or objectives, and simply tries to check this headlong rush into cultural oblivion by use of threat alone, supplemented when absolutely necessary by punitive action against those individuals or nations perceived as being totally out of control. It requires, for example, completely unbiased and unemotional judgement to direct Omega to spin up a twenty trillion horsepower hurricane as a threat, and it requires equally unemotional judgement and a very steady hand to finally guide the awesome destructive power of that 20 trillion horsepower hurricane to its target, if all other subtle warnings are not heeded.

With the wishes of most inhabitants of this planet completely ignored by the global elite, it might reasonably be argued that the Munich Group and Omega are indeed "The Final Solution", the only mechanism left which can invisibly but inexorably bring irresistible pressure to bear on the global elite, and thus prevent enslavement of the world. If this is the case, then there is one man to whom we all owe an enormous vote of thanks, a giant of a man who, at the end, died penniless and alone: Nikola Tesla.


Western science is seen as modern science, it is seen as rational and objective, only theorising and experimenting in regard to phenomena which are both observable and measurable. But Western science is also strictly secular, reductionist, and materialist and these attitudes are proving inadequate in describing the very small - quantum mechanics within the atom for example - and the very large - the cosmos and the origin of the universe. Modern science is also struggling to adequately explain simple properties of the material realm, such as inertia and gravity, let alone the nature and origin of life.

Western science has stubbornly eschewed the metaphysical realm and the occult because it finds this whole area too disembodied and ephemeral for its traditional methods of discovery. But all this is rapidly changing. More and more maverick scientists are breaking the mold of modern scientific thinking and venturing into the investigation of phenomena which had previously been left to spiritual and religious examination alone. They are doing this for a very simple reason. They are investigating the metaphysical realm because, ultimately, that is where the answers are.

Little by little, but at an ever increasing rate,



A free e-book by Jan Wicherink
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The complete book can be downloaded from Jan's Website:


Three hundred years ago, French philosopher René Descartes (1596-1650) took the liberty to divide our world into two domains, a material domain and a spiritual domain. The spiritual domain became the subject of religion and the material domain was allotted to science. It was the start of an independent journey of a scientific community of scholars freeing themselves from the hitherto dogmatically established scientific facts dictated by Christianity with the Bible in their hands as the only source of holy truth.

Now after three hundred years since Descartes introduced the segregation of science and religion, science seems to come full circle; in a small but growing scientific community science has entered the domain of spirituality! The bridge between science and spirituality has already been crossed!

When quantum physics in the 20th century could no longer rule out the possibility that human consciousness has a real effect on physical reality at the sub atomic level, scientists started to discover things about our reality that seemed to corroborate the tenets held by esoteric teachings. Esoteric teachings have been kept alive in spiritual traditions such as the Vedic scriptures, the Jewish Kabbalah, and in secret Gnostic circles such as Freemasonry, who counted many famous leaders and scholars in their midst.

The things you are about to read in this book are the discoveries made by many leading scholars in various fields of science, among them celebrated professors of famous universities. I have come to believe that the revolutionary scientific discoveries that were made in the last decades of the 20th century, of which only a fraction will be discussed in this book, will ultimately change our current scientific paradigms and along with it our societies.

Changes may not go fast, since science has become just as dogmatic as the religious roots it departed from! However in an ever-increasing speed of our evolution, social changes happen much faster than three hundred years ago in the time of Descartes. The Cartesian materialistic worldview, the blind belief that there is only a material cause for everything in the universe is the inheritance of science and has dominated our Western beliefs about our reality for hundreds of years. However I believe our current worldview will eventually be replaced by a new vision that is dawning in a small community of scientific pioneers.


I can perfectly image you’re very sceptical about the subject of this book and the things you’re about to read. Scepticism is a sound mechanism while evaluating new concepts. However I’d like to give you also the suggestion that scepticism may be used as a defence mechanism by the ego to protect us from being wrong. By being a sceptic we accept the world as it is, it is a safe haven, a status quo. If we don’t let in any new beliefs, we cannot be affected in our core existence and can go about our business as usual. Sceptics are often in good company since they join the masses. However scepticism may also be a hindrance that stops us from learning. It takes courage to allow yourself to ponder the new concepts in this book. In this respect this book is not an easy read and it will require an open mind.


According to [Edgar] Cayce most of modern-day science and technology is simply a rediscovery of technologies that once belonged to the Atlantean culture. And as we will demonstrate in this book, indeed an ancient knowledge is resurfacing again shedding a whole new light on science and is helping to shape a new ether science. Bits and pieces of the Atlantean knowledge have been secretly preserved in secret societies such as Freemasonry. A lot of the original knowledge however was lost, but the fundamentals of this new science have been preserved in an old art of science known as ‘sacred geometry’ that now has been reconstructed.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a member of such a secret society who throughout modern history preserved the art of sacred geometry in his art forms. The Roman Catholic Church forbade this pagan knowledge since the Holly scriptures of the Bible were the only ones that were required and allowed.

The subject of Leonardo Da Vinci’s secret society membership has received worldwide attention since Dan Brown wrote a book about it called the ‘Da Vinci Code’. Although the book is mostly about the supposed marriage of Jesus and Maria Magdalene and their offspring, it also hints at the fact that Leonardo Da Vinci stressed the importance of the Golden Mean, Phi. In this book we will show you that scientists have been using sacred geometry, the geometry of Phi, to create a whole new physics based on the importance of the Golden Mean, Phi!

The ‘Holy Grail’ that is being discussed in the ‘Da Vinci Code’ I believe is neither about a physical object, the cup used at the last supper of Jesus nor his royal blood line (‘sang real’) but in fact is about the preservation of sacred geometry and the significance of the Golden Mean that humanity is now rediscovering!


The way we think about almost all subjects in our society today is pretty much influenced by our scientific understanding of the world around us. Darwinism has had a major impact in our belief that life is mostly about the survival of the fittest. We see this belief reflected in our capitalist system where companies struggle to be the fittest. The struggle to survive is the motivation for companies to ever strive forwards and beat the competition.

Our society, by definition is always lagging behind scientific understanding. It takes a long time before old worldviews, old beliefs and old habits die. However at the turn of the century Darwinism itself is dying. Biologists like Lynn Margulis no longer believe in the survival of ‘selfish genes’, others are already calling Darwinism the biggest blunder of science ever.

In this chapter we will see that the fundamentals, the paradigm, the holy sacraments of science itself; causal determinism and objective reality, can no longer be defended. Science is firmly rooted in the belief that for every effect there is a cause. The effect is preceded by a cause that can be determined. This concept is called ‘causal determinism’. Science rules out the possibility of a God consciousness being a causal factor in nature! Another holy sacrament is the strict segregation and independence of object and subject. The scientist (subject) by studying nature does not influence nature (object) itself by his observations. This concept is called ‘objectivity’.

These very roots of science ‘objectivity’ and ‘causal determinism’ have affected our way of thinking about our world immensely. Science has annihilated the possibility that consciousness plays a role in nature altogether and has therefore driven us into a blind belief of materialism.


In Newtonian physics, the atom is regarded to be a point particle in space. If we want to understand the inner structure of the atom, we must take it apart and study its inner parts. When we’re done and discovered the last smallest sub particle, the smallest cogwheel of the clock so to speak, we will have finally come to understand all there is to know about the atom.

Science has always followed exactly this approach. They have built huge particle accelerators such as the one at CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire), the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland to study matter and take it apart. In the particle accelerator matter is bombarded with particles that are accelerated to close to light speed. After an atom is hit by an accelerated particle, it breaks like fine China, rendering debris of smaller particles that are studied in a vapour trail chamber to reveal the inner structure of the atom.

Science has discovered a whole bunch of particles that make up the atom, we have the electrons, the neutrons, the protons, in term neutrons and protons consist of quarks. The long list of particles goes on an on, and seems limitless. Physicists are still discovering new particles in their particle accelerators; these discoveries don’t make headlines any more! They have discovered and catalogued around three hundred sub atomic particles already!

According to Newtonian physics, the outer physical world is strictly objective, meaning that scientific experiments are not dependent of the observer performing the experiment. In this sense science formulated a protocol under which all scientific experiments must be performed before they are accepted. This protocol stipulates that experiments must be reproducible by other scientists anywhere in the world.

Newtonian physics states that all phenomena in the outer physical world must have a material cause; measurable forces or fields of energy interacting with the physical object must cause them.

Consciousness is also believed to have a material cause. In Newtonian physics consciousness is the epiphenomenon or secondary effect of the chemical and electrical processes going on in the human brain. Hence it is simply a by-product of the physical brain, it has no cause in itself.

The worldview that is sketched above by Newtonian physics is to many still the most popular view today; it is how the majority of the modern western world views their world at large. No wonder since Newtonian physics applies perfectly to the macrocosmic world of material objects that we observe with our senses. It is how we expect the world to function when we wake up in the morning and open our eyes to go about our daily lives.

Newtonian physics is the physics that most of us were taught in secondary school and it is still valid for the macroscopic world. For instance, the orbital laws of the planets by Johannes Kepler are still used today by NASA to calculate the orbits of their spacecraft and are based on pure Newtonian physics.


In 1905 Albert Einstein changed the prevailing worldview of Newtonian physics for good with the introduction of his special relativity theory, followed in 1915 by the general relativity theory.

He proved that the Newtonian laws of physics were by no means static, but that they are relative to the observer and the observed. Depending on the difference in speed between the observer and the object under observation, space starts to either shrink or expand and time starts to slow down or speed up.

Strict objectivity of the physical reality that is the premise of Newtonian physics is maintained if the relativistic effects are taken into account that play a role between the observer and the observed.

Einstein concluded in his relativity theory that space and time cannot be seen as two separate things any longer, but that they must be regarded as one unified thing. He called it the space-time continuum.

Relativity theory supports the principal of locality, which means that all physical phenomena must take place in a limited time and in a limited space. Actions at a distance take time to travel through space as no material thing or force can exceed the speed of light.


In 1905 Rutherford discovered the nucleus of the atom and in 1913 Niels Bohr who had been working with Rutherford, proposed a model of the atom similar to a miniature Solar System in which the electrons orbit the nucleus like our planets orbit the sun. The electrons like the planets orbit the nucleus in spherical layers called the electron shells at discrete distances from the nucleus. The electron shell was Bohr’s answer to the discoveries made by Max Planck, he conjectured that an atom could exist only in a discrete set of stable energy states. He explained that electrons can only orbit the nucleus in a given shell but they are free to make a quantum leap from one shell to another. When the electron jumps (quantum leap) from a higher shell to a lower shell a photon of a distinct wavelength is emitted. The electron does not travel through the space in between the shells, it can only leap frog from one shell to another.

Bohr explained the mystery why electrons don’t crash into the nucleus by saying there is a lowest shell that cannot be trespassed. To this day quantum physics has never been able to explain why the electron is forced to orbit in a given shell, the answer is simply this: it’s the magic of quantum physics!


Quantum science predicted the existence of so called non-local effects. Non-local effects are effects that take place instantaneously between physical objects that are separated in space-time. In this case there is no time involved between the cause and the effect. This is strictly against Einstein’s theory that nothing can exceed the speed of light in the universe. Einstein when he first learned that quantum science predicted the existence of non-local effects called these effects ‘spooky action at a distance’. He just didn’t believe it.

In a paper released in 1935 by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen, together they proposed the so-called Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) correlation for quantum-entangled particles. Two particles are entangled when the quantum states of the particles are coupled. Quantum entangled particles react as one body, there seems to be no separation. When the quantum state of one particle collapsed into a classical state, so does the other in exactly the same state. In order for this to happen it requires that the communication between the two particles is instantaneous in other words non-local. In the EPR proposal however Einstein tried to disprove the non-locality of quantum entangled particles stating that quantum science must be incomplete and he came up with and alternative of ‘local hidden variables’. In 1964 John Bell in theory proved that the non-local effect of quantum-entangled particles was real after all and this became known as Bell’s theorem.

So communication between the entangled particles was again assumed non-local and thus instantaneous. If the state of one entangled particle changes, so does the other to reflect the same state.

Engineers at IBM as of 1993 have been working on quantum teleportation using quantum entanglement as their corner stone. Quantum teleportation is a technique whereby matter is dematerialised in one location and ‘faxed’ in a quantum state to another place to be reassembled locally. Although we’re not expecting Star Trek science fiction scenes in the near future where Scotty is beamed up to the mother space ship U.S.S. Enterprise, the fact remains that the phenomenon is real.

What the researchers at IBM are working on is not the actual teleportation of matter itself, but its quantum state properties. Teleportation was long considered impossible since the measurement, the scanning of the original would cause the collapse of the quantum state and hence destroy the original, degrade it to a classical state. However, the IBM scientists proposed a trick in which scanning takes place not fully in the quantum state but in a half classical, half quantum state such that the quantum uncertainty principle is not violated.

In April 2004 the BBC News reported breakthroughs in quantum teleportation that were achieved by researchers in Austria. These researchers successfully teleported quantum entangled photons over a distance of 800 m across the Danube River near Vienna using fibre-optic wires. This event was the first time that quantum teleportation was demonstrated outside of the laboratory.


Non locality and quantum entanglement only existed in theory until Alain Aspect of the Institute of Optics at the University of Paris in 1982 first proved the very existence of these effects is his laboratory. He managed to produce a series of twin photons that were sent in opposite directions. The quantum entangled twin photons travelled in their quantum state, meaning they have an infinite number of spin directions all at the same time as a quantum possibility. When one of the photons was intercepted and measured, the quantum state of spin of the photon collapsed into a classical spin state that could be determined. At exactly the same time with zero time difference, the other twin photon was measured, the photon collapsed in exactly the same classical spin state as the first photon, no matter the distance between the two photons. The experiment proved that a non-local communication must have taken place between the two photons, how else was the photon to know the exact spin of its twin?

This discovery rocked the scientific community to the core. If non-local effects are real than there must be either other hyperspace dimensions, other physical planes of existence outside our physical world where this non-local communication is taking place, or Einstein’s assumption is wrong that no local effect in our universe can travel at a speed greater than light speed.

After Aspect’s discoveries, university of London physicist David Bohm came up with a completely different explanation. What we see as two separate photons may be illusionary; the photons may be united at a hitherto unknown level as one. He assumed that our universe could be holographic in its nature. He explained this beautifully with an analogy. Suppose we place to cameras near an aquarium, one in front and one at the side. Suppose we show the separate images of the two cameras recording a swimming fish to a spectator on two separate video screens. What our spectator may conclude after studying the images from the two screens intensively is that although he sees two fish swimming, their moves are synchronized (entangled) since the other fish reflects every move of the first fish. What David Bohm is suggesting with this analogy is that at a deeper level of reality the two photons may not be separate after all. He proposed an implicit order of the universe, a oneness at a deeper level that is folded outwards as separate things.

The implications of quantum physics are mind boggling; it is showing us that we are co-creators of our own physical reality at least at the microcosmic level of reality since the observer plays a part in what is being observed. Niels Bohr, cofounder of quantum science once said, ‘Every one who’s not shocked by quantum physics, didn’t understand it’.

We will provide abundant proof in this book of the fact that the effect of human consciousness in quantum physics is not limited to the microcosmic realm, but also applies to our macrocosmic world. Human thoughts, emotions and intention have a far greater effect on reality than ever assumed possible.


Chaos theory reveals that the unpredictability, the uncertainty of quantum science is also true for what was believed to be predictable events. According to chaos theory scientists have been fooling themselves for centuries! By ignoring small deviations in measurements, calling them measurement errors, they had missed the point all together! Predictable systems that could be fully explained with Newtonian physics such as the swinging of a pendulum of a clock and the orbits of the planets behaved chaotic instead of perfectly predictably.

The new reality revealed by chaos theory is that there is chaos, unpredictability, even in the swinging of a pendulum! Our universe does not abide to strict laws of physics at all. Physical laws only operate within certain boundaries, giving them a degree of freedom. Chaos theory showed that our universe is by no means deterministic; it is creative and eternally evolving. Chaos in Greek mythology is regarded as the cosmic force that creates form from emptiness, nothingness.

Physical laws themselves may not be predetermined but may evolve over time. In this respect a better term for physical laws would be physical habits, the natural habits that have evolved in billions of years to become just the way the universe works.

The universe can be regarded as an evolving system of habits. Physical laws are more or less a universal memory of how to do things.


On his return trip from the moon on the Apollo 14 mission, astronaut Edgar Mitchell stared out of the window and had a peek at our blue planet Earth. At that moment something profound hit him. All of a sudden he was hurtled out of his normal consciousness and felt an intense oneness, a connectedness with planet Earth and in fact all of the universe. Never before had he had such an experience. His ego and the separate world outside of him merged. He could no longer discern a difference; he himself had become the universe! His thoughts seem to have an effect on the outer world and the outer world seemed to have an effect on his thoughts. He was fully aware of the fact that the separation of his ego and the universe at large does not exist. It is the experience described in quantum scientific terms by David Bohm whereas the observer becomes the observed!

Many people in all walks of life throughout the ages have reported such experiences; it is called a mystical experience. In a flash of higher consciousness a higher truth is revealed that dramatically changes the life of the person who underwent the experience. And such was the case with Edgar Mitchell.

After his safe return to Earth, he founded, in 1973, a non-profit organization the ‘Institute of Noetic Sciences’ aimed at studying the nature of human consciousness.

After Descartes had called for a divorce between science and religion, consciousness and science were never close friends. Science simply ignored the relevance of consciousness. Science is supposed to be an objective study of nature and holds no interest in the subjective conscious experience of individual humans. To science, these are just two separate things. Anyway how is science to study nature if our personal experience plays a significant role in it?

Psychic phenomenon, such as telepathy, precognition, extra sensory perception (ESP), out of body experiences (OBE), lucid dreaming and near death experiences (NDE), that were reported by so many people time and again, were simply dismissed into the realms of myths and parables. Now from a scientific point of view where science is supposed to study every aspect of our existence, that is a very unscientific approach!

The sceptical attitude adopted by science has created a taboo in our western society that still prevails today. People who underwent these experiences often feel misunderstood and are not taken seriously. Many scientists even today are afraid to even consider examining these phenomena, afraid of jeopardizing their career since some who have tried were cast out of the scientific community.

Fortunately quantum science has forced scientists to change their minds about the subject and a more positive attitude has emerged in the last two decades. A scientific taboo seems finally broken and thanks to people like Edgar Mitchell, consciousness has become a serious subject for scientific scrutiny after all.


We learned in school that our brain is a kind of super computer with loads of neurons firing at the synapses, processing the vibratory information received from the five senses. Our thoughts are personal and supposedly no one has access to them but us! Our memories are engraved into grey cells that constitute the brain. That’s what the majority of people were taught in school and still believe today.

Science has progressed quite a bit from the time of the dusty old ragged schoolbooks and now uses quantum science to explain consciousness.

In 1920 Wilder Pinfield believed that memories were stored as engrams at a specific location or address in the brain, just as a computer stores its data in a specific memory location. Karl Lashley on the hunt for these engrams eventually found by experimenting on rats that memories are not stored at dedicated locations inside the brain at all. Memories seemed to be dispersed all over the brain and each part of the brain seemed to contain the whole memory. Since memory storage is distributed all over the brain and each part contains the whole memory, it may explain why people with dysfunctional areas in the brain still hold on to their memories.

The ‘part contains the whole’ aspect of the brain’s memories triggered Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram when he learned about holography in 1960. He came up with a new explanation for memory storage and believed that the brain stores memories as a wave interference pattern like a hologram. A hologram is three-dimensional picture that is stored on a two dimensional photo as a wave pattern. It is constructed by splitting a coherent laser beam into two beams using mirrors. These two beams are recorded as a wave interference pattern on a photosensitive plate whereas the subject being photographed diffuses one of the beams and the other the reference beam is aimed straight at the photosensitive plate. When viewed in normal daylight the hologram doesn’t make sense, it contains a lot of blurry circles! However when a laser beam is shone through the hologram, a three dimensional picture of the original subject emerges that can be viewed from multiple angles. The three dimensional picture seems to be floating in the air.

Now the brain’s memories are thought to be stored in the same manner as the hologram stores a picture. Holographic memory storage can also explain the huge storage capacity of the brain of the order of 10 billion bits of information in an average human lifetime. Holograms are also very good at explaining how the brain manages to access and remember things very fast from its huge repository of information. In a blink of an eye we recognize a face of someone we haven't seen for many years even if the facial expression of the person has aged. Holographic images can easily be compared and matched even when they are not a 100% identical.

Pribram showed that not only our memories but all our cognitive processes, smell, taste, hearing and seeing may be explained by holographic principles. Let’s take visual perception as an example. The current view of science is that the picture of the world is projected through the lens of the eye onto a canvas, the retina in the back of the skull and that this picture is somehow 'digitized' by the brain and its pixels stored.

Pribram proved that dedicated nerve cells in the eye respond to certain frequencies of electromagnetic waves that hit the eye. The picture is viewed as a set of frequencies and not as individual dots or pixels. Now how can a picture contain frequencies you may ask? Well in a process called Fourier transformation, spatial information can be translated into a frequency spectrum. Jean Fourier proved that any kind of waveform could be constructed from pure sine waves. When multiple sine waves of different frequencies, phase and amplitudes are superimposed, any kind of waveform can be constructed. The process of determining the constituents of the wave is called spectrum analysis and is mathematically described by the inverse Fourier transformation.

The inverse Fourier transformation is used to create the original wave from the spectrum of sine waves. Now Fourier transformations can also be applied to two-dimensional spatial information. What Pribram found was that the cortex of the brain conducts a Fourier transformation on the visual image in the eye and distributes the constituent frequencies of the picture all over the neurons in the brain. So the picture is actually internalized and memorized as a wave interference pattern among neurons, just like the hologram stores the picture.

The original memory of the picture can be reconstructed from the holographic representation by the inverse Fourier transformation creating a visual image inside our head.

The construction of an image from a spectrum of individual sine wave frequencies is the technique used in the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner used in hospitals. The MRI scanner also uses Fourier transformations to construct a holographic image of the scanned body from the excited hydrogen atoms in the water molecules in the body. This MRI technique has been developed by Walter Schempp who later contributed to the quantum brain theory stating that:

Memories are not actually stored within the brain itself but in the fabric of space, the physical vacuum. The brain is simply a store and read out tool to write to and read from the physical vacuum where the holographic memory is actually stored as a wave pattern.

When we combine Karl Pribram's holographic theory of the brain with David Bohm's theory that our universe as a whole is just a giant hologram, we get an interesting view of reality, called the holographic paradigm.

In the holographic paradigm, the universe is seen as just a huge repository of electromagnetic frequencies encoding multiple levels of reality.

The brain, using Fourier analyses, decodes one channel out of a blur of electromagnetic frequencies in the universe and from this constructs our inner representation of reality. Our brain is limited to receiving only a limited range of frequencies from the outside world and hence receives a limited scope of reality. We could say that the brain tunes into one reality much like a radio only tunes into one station.

We think we move through a solid world of images that are perceived by the brain but the fundamental truth could be that we simply decode just one reality out of many parallel worlds.

The holographic paradigm solves many mysteries involving paranormal phenomenon since individual brains are just a part of the whole, the universal brain. All brains in the holographic paradigm are infinitely connected and paranormal information (telepathy) can easily flow from one brain to another.


Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose contributed to the quantum brain theory by presenting a model of the brain based on quantum computing. They believe that our brain processes information from the neurons not only in classical states but may be using quantum states as well. Quantum states within the brain were long believed to be absolutely impossible since the brain was too big, too wet and too hot to sustain quantum states that were hitherto only observed in the laboratory in isolated and controlled situations at the sub atomic scale. However Hameroff now believes he has found the building block, the qubit for quantum computing in the brain. He identified a tiny tube called a microtubule that comprises the cytoskeleton of the cell. The cytoskeleton is the skeleton that gives the cell its structure; it’s the scaffolding of the cell. Besides giving structure to the cell, the microtubule is also a transportation pipe for all sorts of chemical compounds used by the cell.

Hameroff points out that the cytoskeleton may also have a neural function and that they may even be more advanced than neurons themselves. The neural function of the cytoskeleton may explain why a single cell organism can perform intelligent tasks. Although the single cell organism does not have a neural network, no neurons and no brain, it has some primitive form of consciousness since it can perform intelligent tasks such as swimming, eating and mating!

Now for humans, we have a brain consisting of neurons that are interconnected by dendrites and synapses that make up the central nervous system. Inside the neuron cell we find a cytoskeleton build form microtubules. The microtubule itself is constructed from tubulins, hexagonal structured proteins. It is the tubulin within the microtubule of the neuron that Hameroff has identified as the qubit of the brain.

The classical interpretation of neurobiology has been that concentrations of various ions carry impulses to and from the central nervous system and are responsible for all the information processed by the nervous system as a whole.

Hameroff however noticed that the microtubule contains highly coherent light (laser like light) and that this light might play an important role in the information processing by the brain.

Fritz Popp had already discovered the emission of bio photons by the human body. Popp found that weak emissions of bio photons could be detected emerging from not only the human body but from all biological life forms and suspected that the source of these bio photon emissions is related to DNA.

Hameroff found coherent bio photons inside the microtubule in their quantum state. In other words the bio photons were coherent and quantum entangled. The microtubule is filled with water molecules that are highly coherently ordered, and Hameroff believes that this ordered water plays a significant role in the conductance of the bio photons through the microtubule. When the bio photons pass through the microtubule they are sent to the synapses of the neuron and then move over to the next neuron. In this way the microtubules acts as a wiring system for the coherent light in the brain and in fact all of the rest of the body.

This network of microtubules is referred to as the Internet of the human body connecting not only the nerve cells but also every other cell in the body. It allows for quantum information exchange between the brain and the rest of the body. The implication is that consciousness is not restricted to the brain itself but that all cells of the body share in the same conscious awareness.

This may explain the holistic nature of consciousness whereby our thoughts and feelings act in unity in the body. Think what happens when you’re infatuated and the person you are in love with suddenly jumps in front of you. All of your body and brain will respond instantaneous and in unity! Your eyes get wider, your heart starts to pump faster, you breathe faster, your adrenalin level goes up and you feel butterflies in your belly while your knees start to shake, all of this in unison. The unified response of the body in a single moment is sent over the body’s neural Internet through the microtubule ‘wiring’ as a coherent wave of light connecting all the cells in the body.

Hameroff’s companion, mathematician Roger Penrose developed a new alternative for the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics, the collapse of the quantum wave by conscious observation. Penrose proposes an objective reduction (reduction is a synonym for the ‘collapse of the quantum wave’). Objective reduction (OR) calls for the collapse of the quantum wave without human conscious observation but just happens when a ‘certain threshold’ of what he calls quantum gravity is reached.

The quantum computation that goes around in the brain uses a feedback mechanism from the organism’s sensory input and that’s why the collapse of the quantum state maintained in the microtubule is called an Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch OR). The classical state of the sensory input, orchestrates, manages the quantum computation by means of the feedback loop.

Now Hameroff’s quantum brain model makes a point of mentioning that consciousness, our thoughts and feelings are a result of the objective reduction (OR) of a superposition of all possible thoughts and feelings taking place in the qubits inside the microtubules inside the neurons of the brain. In other words our personal thoughts are just a collapse of universal thoughts.

The quantum brain model states that the universe itself has fundamental proto consciousness properties!

It is this proto consciousness, or universal consciousness (thoughts of all thoughts) that collapses into our individual consciousness in the qubits of the brain. This happens at an average rate of 40 collapses per second corresponding to the 40 Hz brainwave frequency.

Our awareness of internal thoughts and feelings are constructed like the movie frames in a motion picture at the speed of 40 frames per second from a universal consciousness.

Hameroff and Penrose point out that their Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch OR) model for quantum processing in the mind is consistent with the spiritual teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism and Kabbalah that all teach the existence of a universal mind.

Now what we have here is a model of the brain that states that consciousness is not the epiphenomenon, the result of brain activity but that the brain must be regarded as a big antenna or receiver of a universal consciousness that is everywhere in the universe!


Japanese researcher Dr Masaru Emoto, chief of the Hado institute in Tokyo, demonstrates probably the most convincing and startling effects that human consciousness can have on physical reality.

Dr Emoto has discovered an effect on water that was given the name the ‘Hado’ effect. He describes it as follows, quote: ‘Hado is the intrinsic vibration pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness’.

He wrote a book that was issued in 1999 called ‘The Message from Water’ that has sold millions of copies already around the globe and has been translated in many languages. He’s lecturing and holding seminars around the world and also conducts live experiments where he demonstrates the ‘Hado’ effect of water. The word ‘Hado’ is now a buzzword in Japan. People use it to express the vibrations of a place or person, ‘this place has no Hado’ or ‘He is low on Hado today’!

And all this upheaval is about crystallized frozen water? What is it that he has discovered?

Dr. Masaru Emoto has performed a series of experiments in which he proves that our thoughts and feelings affect our physical reality.

Water was his subject of study and he started out studying the shape of water ice crystals. He used all sorts of water from all different places all over the world and studied how they would form ice crystals. He noticed that water from heavy polluted rivers doesn’t crystallize at all and that clean mineral spring water produces beautiful ice crystals when being frozen.

So far so good, it is a result that may be expected. However to his amazement he discovered that the crystallization of the water molecules was somehow related to his mood. He started experiments in which he used clean tap water and sent all kinds of human emotional thoughts and feelings to the water samples before freezing them. To his astonishment the water reacted to his intentions. When negative thoughts and feelings were used, no beautiful ice crystals were formed, they were either chaotic in form or did not crystallize at all. However when he sent loving thoughts and feelings to the water before freezing it, the most beautiful and regular highly organized crystals formed.

In following experiments he put stickers on the bottles of water and labelled them with words like ‘Love, God’ and ‘Hate and Devil’ and again the ice crystals reflected the intention of the words put onto them.

Next he experimented with all kinds of music to test the effect. Music is a natural expressing of vibrations and it was no longer a surprise that the vibrations of lovely classical music versus aggressive angry hard rock music were also reflected in the ice crystals.

Dr. Emoto’s Hado theory postulates that,

‘since all phenomena are at heart resonating energy, by changing the vibration we can change the substance’. So when we want to change the internal vibration of let’s say polluted water, we can use our positive intention to clean this water!

And that’s exactly what Dr. Emoto and his ‘followers’ are now doing. All over the world Hado cleansing rituals are held to clean our rivers, seas and oceans. The first time he demonstrated the effect of Hado in public, he gathered a crowd of 350 people around Japan’s most polluted lake, Lake Biwa on the 25th of July 1999. The foul water smelled horrendous caused by the algae ‘Kokanada’ that yearly covered the lake! In the gathering organized by Dr. Emoto a large crowd of people projected their positive intentions like a laser beam onto the polluted waters.

Water samples of the lake’s water were taken before and after the ceremony and a dramatic improvement of the structure of the water crystals was detected. A month after the ceremonial, a newspaper article appeared in the influential Kyoto Shinburn newspaper. The article stated that this year ‘the spread of the water algae had improved and that the foul stench had disappeared’.


If anyone in the last decades has had a major impact in the holistic medicine it must be Doctor Deepak Chopra. Born and raised in India, he had his medical education in the Unites States. It was after a personal meeting with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that he was persuaded to study the 4000-year-old traditional Indian Ayurveda. Ayurveda is Sanskrit for the ‘the science of life’. After his meeting with the Maharishi he went to take the train where he met a friend who handed him a book about Ayurveda. One and one makes two and Deepak new there was a message here. After reading the book, he became convinced that there was more to Ayurveda than commonly believed in the West.

Doctor Deepak Chopra had become frustrated in his medical career because he could do so little for his cancer patients. A patient of Deepak diagnosed with lung cancer got medical advice to quit smoking and the man replied: ‘Thank you doctor, my mother in law can give me that advice, but she doesn’t charge me 50 bucks!’

In his book ‘Quantum Healing, exploring the frontiers of mind/body medicine’, Doctor Chopra explains the relation between quantum physics and Ayurveda.

Ayurveda teaches that all is spirit and that also the body is created by the mind. In this respect the mind must have all the power to heal the body.

Notice that there is no ‘hard problem’ to be solved in Ayurveda, there simply is no bridge to cross between the immaterial and the material world since there is no duality in mind and body.

According to Deepak Chopra our deepest thoughts and feelings play a significant role in the healing of a patient. This has been seriously underestimated in western medical practices. The body is constantly recycling every atom in every cell. In a year’s time the body is completely renewed and every atom in every cell has been replaced. Then what exactly is it that keeps that tumour in its place if the whole body is rebuilt every year? Deepak explains that the blueprint for the physical body is the subtler quantum body. Diseases appear in this quantum body before they manifest in the physical body. As long as the disease is not removed from the quantum body, the blueprint, the body will continuously reconstruct the body along with the tumour.

According to Deepak the mind has the capability to produce every drug that Hoffman La Roche sells only at no expense, in the purest form and in the perfect dose.

The ability of the mind to heal the body may explain the well know placebo effect, the effect whereas a patients is cured by his own suggestion since he has been administered only a dummy.

The ability of the mind to heal the body could also be at cause in the miraculous spontaneous remissions of cancer that have been reported so often in the medical files but for which there is no medical explanation.

The nocebo effect is the opposite effect of the placebo effect; it is the negative effect that the doctor’s diagnoses have on the cure of the patient. Therefore the doctor-patient relation is of a crucial importance in the healing process. It is a western ethical code that the patient has the right to know his medical condition in all cases, however the drawback is that when a doctor straightforwardly gives a patient the diagnoses ‘you have an incurable cancer sir’, he has actually given his patient the death sentence. The diagnosis ‘incurable’ kills the patient’s last hope for a cure and along with it his mental abilities to heal himself, besides that he will probably have a mental shock as well.


Professor of Physics at the University of Oregon, Amit Goswami, author of ‘The Self Aware Universe’, ‘Quantum creativity’, ‘Physics of the Soul’ and ‘The Visionary Window’, is the founder of a whole new brand of science called ‘science within consciousness’. Goswami believes the paradoxes imposed by quantum science can only be solved if an opposite view is adopted about consciousness. In the current worldview consciousness is regarded as the side effect or the epiphenomenon of brain activity. Consciousness is simply the result of the chemical dance of molecules and electrical fields of energy in the brain. This causal deterministic view of consciousness is called upward causation and claims that our free will is illusionary. All human behaviour is simply determined by our chromosomal makeup and the sum of mechanical, electrical and chemical processes that happen in the body. Following this concept, humans are just complex machines without free will.

Amit Goswami however believes in a downward causation for consciousness and that consciousness is the ground of all being. He has a very simple reasoning:

‘how can consciousness be the result of the physical world, if the physical world by grace of the collapse of the quantum wave requires consciousness observation?

Consciousness cannot be both its own cause and its own result at the same time! The chicken and egg problem is solved if consciousness is seen as primordial.

Amit Goswami’s religious Hindu background taught him that the mind of Brahman is the only cause for the universe, however from his scientific sceptic background he refused to believe it. Finally he gave in and accepted that his religion had been telling the truth all along.

He is trying to teach that our material realism, the belief that our material world is the only reality there is, is false and that the ground of all being is consciousness.


According to cutting edge 'out-of-the-established-framework- reasoning' biologist Rupert Sheldrake, our consciousness is connected to unseen collective fields that he calls morphic fields. Every member of a group contributes to the collective morphic field and the total awareness of this morphic field is accessible to each individual of the group. There are countless morphic fields, at least one for every species.

Sheldrake also believes that morphic fields contain the information for the building plan of a living organism.

Although it is commonly believed that DNA contains all the information required to build an organism, this is certainly not true. The DNA contains only the information for the construction of the materials that are required to build the organism; it does not contain the assembly plan itself!

In the first stage of the embryo all cells are 100% identical and differentiation takes places after the fifth cell division (32 cells). But where does this information about what cell is to differentiate into what -what part of the embryo is to become a head cell and what a tail cell -come from? The information cannot possibly come from the DNA itself, since the cells can’t discriminate among themselves -so what is orchestrating the embryo growth?

Rupert Sheldrake thinks that this information is stored in an external morphic field.

It may also be the explanation of the rather strange phenomenon of gene recovery discovered in fruit flies. Biologists had removed the genes that were responsible for eyesight from the DNA of a colony. The flies all went blind. However, miraculously after a few generations, the genes were restored in the DNA and the flies could see again! It is now believed that the information of the missing genes was recovered from the morphic field of the DNA of the fruit fly.


The invisible field

Quantum science in the 20th century revealed the presence of an all-pervasive background sea of quantum energy in the universe. Cambridge University’s Dr. Harold Puthoff was one of the first to measure this energy of the universe. This energy was measured at zero degrees Kelvin, the absolute lowest possible temperature in the universe equal to minus 273 degrees Celsius. At this temperature according to Newtonian physics all molecular and atom movement should have seized and no energy should be measured at all! Instead of finding no energy, as was expected, he found what he called a ‘seething cauldron’ of energy and henceforth it was given the name zero point energy (ZPE).

Harold Puthoff proved that the physical vacuum is not devoid of energy at all and that instead of being a vacuum, space it is actually a plenum.

In quantum electrodynamics the background sea of quantum energy is now used to explain the uncertainty principle that was discovered by quantum physics, the unpredictable behaviour of sub atom particles. The jiggling of sub atomic particles is believed to be caused by the zero point field. Randomly virtual photons jump back and forth between the zero point field and our physical world. They collide with and are absorbed by sub atomic particles that will be excited into a higher energy state. After nanoseconds the energy is released again by means of another virtual photon that returns to the zero point field. The photon is called a virtual photon since it comes and goes from the zero point field and is not here to stay in the material world. It is only used in the energy exchange between the zero point field and the material world.

Not only photons but also all sorts of elementary particles come into our physical reality from nowhere at all. They seem to come from the zero point field, make their appearance in our physical reality for only thousandths or millionths of a second to disappear once again in the void.

These forms of mystical particles were called virtual particles since they were not stable enough to stay around in our reality. The zero point field is a quantum foam of virtual particles and photons. Our universe is never at rest not even in empty space!

Even in a pitch-dark room where absolutely no light from the outside world can penetrate, scientists can still measure the presence of virtual photons.

The existence of the zero point field has been known in the quantum science community for a long time, but most scientists simply ignored its relevance. They simply nullified the effect of the zero point field energy in their scientific calculations since it only bothered them. As a result they eliminated the effect of the zero point field because they believed the effect was insignificant!

However a small but growing number of scientists now take the zero point field very seriously, among them are many professors of note and they are now taking on a radical different view of our reality. Their scientific discoveries and theories are controversial in the eyes of the established science community who are holding on to the old paradigm that our world can and eventually will be fully explained by a mechanical model of the universe.

The zero point field is becoming popular to a larger public thanks to scientific journalist Lynn McTaggert who wrote the book ‘The Field’. She created greater awareness of the zero point field that may otherwise not have been disclosed to the public at large. I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in new zero point discoveries and the astonishing role human consciousness plays in this field.

For paranormal and psychic phenomenon, there is now a scientific basis for study.

One of the first magazines covering the zero point field at length is Ode which appears in the US and the Netherlands. The article about the zero point field appeared in the November 2003 issue, nr 61.

A sea of energy

Princeton University’s John Wheeler and Richard Feynman valued the zero point energy for the first time.

They calculated that a cup of zero point energy is enough to bring all the oceans of the world to boiling point.

The equivalent in matter of the zero point energy using Einstein’s famous equation of E= m * c² is 1094 gram/cm³! This is more matter per cubic centimetre than the total mass of the entire universe!

Contrary to what we have always believed matter is not a condensed substance but a diffuse form of energy.

Now how is this possible, we seem to live in a huge sea of energy and we don’t even notice it? We’re like fish submerged in water but never ever aware of the fact that there is water all around them.

Haisch and Rueda contributed to the zero point field using Hal Puthoff’s work, by proving Newton’s famous law of inertia which states that inertia is the product of mass and acceleration, F= m * a. This old law that Newton took as an assumption, an axiom in his Principia, the holy Bible of classical physics, could never be proven in last three hundred years! But by taking account of the zero point field, Rueda and Haisch proved that inertia is simply the resistance, the drag that objects experience when accelerated in the zero point field.


There exists a very weird phenomenon in nature that is called sonoluminescense; it is the transformation of sound waves into light energy! It is well known experiment in mainstream physics.

In the experiment a small spherical glass, filled with water is resonated by harmonious sound waves of 20 KHertz originating from sound speakers. Next a very tiny air bubble is blown into the centre of the spherical glass flask. When the air bubble is exactly centred in the flask it starts to rhythmically implode and emit light. The light is emitted in ultra short light flashes representing trillion-fold concentrations of the original sound energy. Temperatures within the centre of the bubble reach an astronomical height of 30.000 degrees Celcius and the pressure is immense.

Mainstream physics is still having problems with this experiment and are speculating about cold fusion, others think that there is no other explanation than that the abundant light energy comes from the zero point field! The sonoluminescense effect has stimulated the imagination of Hollywood filmmakers, and they featured a whole film about this phenomenon, the film is called ‘Chain Reaction’.

Further investigations about this natural phenomenon may lead into what is called sonofusion, a kind of cold fusion that physics has been seeking for so long.


Harvesting the energy

Since the word of zero point energy was out in the world, a new breed of gold diggers was born. Many inventors are on the hunt for this zero point energy since it is free energy. The story goes that even Michael Faraday and Nikola Tesla discovered the application of free energy. Once you know how to delve it you can tap it from the vacuum in an abundance that is inexhaustible. Image this, your TV set having no power cable since it is running just on energy it receives from the vacuum? Can you image that, do you know what this means? Bye bye to oil, maybe now you get the hunch. In a world that is heavily dependant on oil, many people in power today will not be so pleased since they will lose all their power and wealth.

It is for this reason and the possible military applications that these inventions have been suppressed globally in the last few decades. The United States of America prohibits pending patents to be exported outside the USA if they are believed to have dangerous military applications. However retired army lieutenant Tom Bearden has patented an over unity free energy device called the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, the MEG. Over unity in this respect means that more energy is coming out of the device than what is going into it. Bearden claims that it produces a 100 times more energy output than the energy that is put into it to keep it running. His MEG device is not in conflict with the laws of energy conservation, the second law of thermodynamics, since it simply taps the energy from the vacuum. Jean Louis Naudin who replicated Bearden’s MEG device now corroborates his claim that the MEG is an over-unity device.

Bearden has redone 19th century James Clerk Maxwell’s work, the founder of the classical electrodynamics theory. He says the interpretation of the original work of Maxwell is seriously flawed and has been misinterpreted and simplified by Lorentz and Heaviside for better understanding. Bearden discovered that the original quaternion equations of Maxwell were overlooked and, as a result, so was the possibility of tapping free energy from the vacuum. Bearden is in good company about this statement since it was Max Planck the founder of quantum physics who had always suggested that the validity of Maxwell’s equation should be re- established.

In lay terms Bearden’s MEG devices is basically a charged dipole, consisting of two charged plates. He explains that the physical vacuum creates a virtual photon flux of electromagnetic energy that sustains the electrical dipole potential. The dipole potential is actually the equilibrium between the discharge and replenishment by virtual photons from the vacuum. Hence, the static electric field is not static at all; it only appears to be so, much like a waterfall, which from a distance looks like one static wall of water, but when studied at close range proves to be a constant flow of water.

The secret of the Meg device is not to discharge the charge of the dipole in the same circuit of the dipole but in another separate electrical circuit. After this the vacuum will automatically replenish the discharged dipole to seek equilibrium. The charge that flows in the other circuit is said to deliver real electrical power.


In this way zero point energy is extracted from the vacuum and discharged in an electrical circuit.

Bearden says that all our current sources of electrical energy such as batteries, dynamos and power plants all have one problem in common. When the electrical current is fed back to the source that created the electrical current to begin with, it will kill the source of the virtual photon flux with the vacuum. Unknowingly we’ve been taking buckets full of zero point energy from the river but were unintentionally throwing it straight back into the river.

Tom Bearden also made a very important new discovery concerning a new type of ‘electromagnetic energy’. According to Bearden the four Maxell equations used in today’s electrical engineering are simplified versions of Maxwell’s original work. According to Bearden it was Oliver Heaviside who removed the scalar part of the complex numbers in Maxwell’s equations leaving only the vectors in Maxwell’s equations for easy calculation.

This is why science today only knows the classical electromagnetic wave that is a transverse wave. In the transverse wave the electrical and magnetic fields of the electromagnetic wave oscillate perpendicular to the propagation of the wave.

Bearden says that by removing the scalar part in Maxwell’s equations we missed the fact that energy can also propagate as a longitudinal wave at super-luminal speed (faster than the speed of light). Longitudinal waves are akin to sound waves and oscillate in the same direction as their propagation.

According to Bearden the internal longitudinal wave in the electromagnetic wave is the fundamental wave and exists in all known electromagnetic fields of any shape. The scalar component of the electromagnetic wave can be created from two opposing electromagnetic waves, a wave and its anti wave. Both waves will cancel each other’s electrical and magnetic field components when the waves are in phase spatially but 180 degrees out of phase temporally The result is an electromagnetic scalar wave.

This scalar wave travels in the time domain and it is completely different from the transverse electromagnetic wave, which travels through three dimensional space.

According to Bearden we must think of time as a compressed form of energy just like matter is. Remember Einstein’s famous law that tells us that energy equals mass times light speed squared? Now the same amount of abundant compressed energy can be found in the time domain and can be tapped when the longitudinal scalar EM waves of the time domain are converted into ordinary transverse EM waves. The conversion of scalar electromagnetic energy into transverse electromagnetic energy is called scalar interferometry and is the result of two interfering scalar waves. It is the opposite effect to the self-cancelling of two transverse electromagnetic waves which creates the scalar wave.

The virtual photon flux that occurs between the dipole and the vacuum mentioned above is what scalar waves are. So scalar waves are very different from electromagnetic waves; for one thing they can travel over immense distances with no loss of energy at super-luminal speed (faster than light).

When scalar waves are created by a dipole, such as a battery, a generator or a permanent magnet with two poles, the polarisation of charge will create scalar waves that rush between the dipole and the vacuum. Every dipole in the universe from the atom with its positive and negative charges, to the Earth and the Sun with its magnetic fields and all the other heavenly bodies in the universe radiate scalar waves, so basically scalar waves are everywhere in the universe, they fill the vacuum of space making it a plenum of zero point energy.

In the early 20th century Nikola Tesla was the first to discover the scalar wave. He used induction coils to create these scalar waves. He had conducted many experiments while sending scalar waves around the Earth proving that scalar waves propagate over long distances with no loss in field strength. Unlike our current familiar electromagnetic wave that dissipates and looses its energy at a rate equal to the square of the distance from the source, Tesla’s longitudinal waves could travel any distance with practically no loss of energy.

Tesla in his time believed in the existence of the ether and that it could be harnessed for free energy that could be the salvation of humankind. He addressed the American Institute of Electrical Engineers in 1891 with these words; ‘.. with the power derived from it, with every form of energy obtained without effort, from stores forever inexhaustible, humanity will advance with great strides, it is a mere question of time when man will succeed in attaching their machinery to the wheelwork of nature’.

Tom Bearden’s scalar waves have also been discovered by Russian scientists. The Russians however have given scalar waves a different name; they refer to them as torsion waves.

We will learn much more about torsion waves later. As a former military man, Bearden is convinced that the Russians used this technology to create an arsenal of scalar wave weaponry during the Cold War. These weapons are based on Tesla’s howitzer, a deadly scalar weapon that makes our present day weapons of mass destruction bleak in comparison. In their mildest form these weapons can be used to modify and manipulate the weather, create hurricanes and tornados and can even be used to induce earthquakes. In their most aggressive application they could wipe out our present civilisation with a deadly force that is unstoppable.

On the other hand the peaceful application of scalar wave technology is beyond imagination; it is unlike any other technology that this planet has ever witnessed and may lead us into a Golden Age. It promises free energy, anti gravity propulsion, and healing applications that will cure any disease by means of time reversing the illness.

According to Bearden, Antoine Priore in the sixties and seventies used a pre-cursor of his patented medical application of the scalar wave technology and Priore’s experiments on animals proved that he was able to cure all forms of cancer. The explanation for these miraculous cures is that the damaged cells are simply forced by the scalar waves to their previous healthy state. So scalar wave technology is a technology of miracles if we are to believe Bearden.

Bearden’s theory, which he has put in writing in a book called ‘Energy from the Vacuum, Concepts & Principles’, is proven by the first marketed power device called the ‘Patterson Power Cell’, an innovative over unity energy device.

The Patterson Power Cell is developed and patented by James A. Patterson, scientist of the Clean Energy Technologies in Dallas. It is a glass enclosure filled with thousands of tiny palladium coated spheres that serve as the electrodes. It runs on heavy water. When started with a small input power of 1.4 Watts, the cell puts out an enormous amount of heat, hundreds of times the energy input. Claims are that the US Patent Office has tested it and four patents have been awarded. It’s being studied at different universities worldwide and is taken very seriously: now the dispute seems not to be if it works but how it works!


Vortex technology from antiquity

Robert A. Patterson is a very remarkable engineer who has educated himself in vortex technologies and studied the work of Viktor Schauberger. Viktor Schauberger worked on vortex technologies for the Nazi’s during WWII and has made many amazing inventions that, like Tesla’s inventions, almost went down in history to be forgotten. Their invaluable contribution to science is finally recognised by pioneers now the energy shortage in this world is building to a climax.

We’ll come to vortex technologies and their electrical application in Daniel Winter’s implosion physics in chapter 6 (‘Ether vibrations’). The best visualisation of a vortex is a tornado sucking in air and accumulating these whirling winds with incredible magnitudes into the centre, the eye of the tornado.

Among Patterson’s inventions of applied vortex technology is a RAM implosion wing that can be attached to the roof of a car. This wing will create an imploding vortex in front of the car and an expanding vortex behind the car, such that the pushing of the rear vortex reinforces the suction from the front vortex. The overall effect is that fuel consumption is drastically reduced by a factor 2 or 3.

The drastic reduction of fuel consumption is the result of the car’s drag reduction. As a practitioner of the Chinese martial arts of Wing Chun Gung Fu, Patterson got the insight to use the energy of his opponent who takes a swing at him; by redirecting that energy to work for him, he is able to tackle the opponent by getting him out of balance from his own swing. It’s a common practice in martial arts. Using the martial arts analogy, the opponent of the car would be the sustained drag and Patterson explains that the energy contained within this drag can be redirected to do usable work. This is exactly what his RAM implosion wing is doing.

Patterson somehow realised that the same vortex pumping mechanism of his RAM implosion wing, based on the aerodynamics of air, may have an electrical counterpart in electrodynamics if applied to zero point energy in the vacuum of space. What if he could ‘pump’ this zero point energy using electronic circuitry to mimic the vortex technologies used in the design of his wing?

Now the most astonishing fact of the matter is that his next enlightened idea was inspired from yet another ancient Asian art form, a Dogu statue from Japan. He stumbled upon this statue reading ‘The Antigravity Handbook’ by David Hatcher Childress. These ugly looking statues date back at least a 10.000 years. Looking for the electronic equivalent of his RAM implosion wing, he suddenly realised that this must be it.

Now you and I, if we had yet another 10.000 years time to gaze at this ugly statue, would probably never come up with the idea, but according to Patterson, this statue is the schematic representation of what he calls an electrogravitic implosion propulsion system.


From this statue he developed his electronic zero point energy-pumping device and called it the ‘Dampened-wave Oscillatory Gravitic Unit’ (DOGU). It uses much of Tesla’s technology to extract free energy from space, according to the designer. Basically his device is rather straightforward and self-energises using antenna technologies to scavenge the resonant electromagnetic frequencies that exist in free space.

If Patterson’s DOGU invention is not already more than orthodox science can cope with, the idea that this planet could have been the home of cultures dating back to at least 8.000 BCE with access to the same space age technology we are just discovering, is mind boggling.

However as we will abundantly prove in this book, these highly civilised cultures predating our current civilisation did indeed exist, and their scientific prowess has been transmitted to our current era by means of artefacts whose scientific significance completely evaded the archaeologist who unearthed them, and who could only wonder at the beauty of the art form itself. In chapter 1 ‘Earth Changes’ we mentioned that Edgar Cayce had predicted that the science of the sunken continent of Atlantis would resurface and the Dogu artefacts from antiquity can be regarded as evidence to corroborate Cayce’s predictions.

Hutchison effect

The Hutchison effect is a collection of phenomena that were discovered by the flamboyant John Hutchison in 1979. John Hutchison lives in Vancouver Canada in an apartment that he has completely stuffed with electronic equipment.

Hutchison has been experimenting in his apartment with scalar waves using Tesla coils and a Van de Graaff generator. Using radio wave interference of low energy input but of high voltages of hundreds of kilo Volts, he discovered amazing effects ranging from:

-levitation of heavy metals
-fusion of dissimilar materials
-anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material
-fracturing metals in a strange way.

All of these effects have been documented on video and he has been demonstrating his discoveries to many qualified scientists and famous people who are now supporting him financially. The Hutchinson effect is demonstrated in movies on the Internet. In his movies we see objects floating in space and metals vibrating as if they are puddings. He even levitates a heavy canon ball. He is also able to demonstrate the fusion of dissimilar materials such as wood and metal. The wood simply submerges into the metal and when the Hutchinson device is switched off, the wood remains as if it had been perfectly glued into the metal! In the same way he has melted coins into aluminium bars.

His experiments defy all common laws of nature! His anomalous waves having anti-gravity abilities seem to alter space-time itself.

He is able to melt metals without any burn marks or obvious heat radiation. Materials such as wood held in the same place where the metal is melted were not burned! This simply defies the laws of thermodynamics whereas a heat radiation should at least be noted. Somehow his device seems to dissociate the normal organization of the atoms in a material. It is as if the Van der Waals forces that bind the atoms in the material are shut off and the atoms are free to be moulded into a new configuration.

John Hutchinson has also developed a self-sustaining battery that recharges itself from zero point energy, so he claims! The battery generates 18V at 250mA! He says he got help from Tom Bearden with this one!



Quantum physics that has been around for some hundred odd years now is still mainstream physics most accepted physics. Although quantum science has revealed the presence of the zero point field with all its virtual sub atomic particles and photons that jump into existence from apparently nowhere to return to oblivion nanoseconds later, there is still is no reasonable explanation as to how and why particles and photons can appear and disappear just like that.

Also the quantum probability wave is still hard to grasp and visualize. Quantum physics may have proven to be a mathematically correct science; for lay people the wave-particle duality of quantum science it is still very hard to understand. How do we visualize particles that are both waves and solid little marbles?

Another difficult thing to grasp is the atom model presented by Niels Bohr where electrons fly in well-defined shells around the nucleus. Since electrons continuously radiate energy they should eventually collapse into the nucleus, but they don’t! The question is where does this radiating energy actually come from and how is it replenished? Quantum science has accepted the quantum states of the electrons (distinct shells within the atom) for a fact, but is unable to answer the question why the electrons only occur in discrete shells within the atom and why they don’t eventually crash into the nucleus.

Even three hundred years after the discovery of gravity by Newton, science still has no theoretical explanation for it.

This is exactly why science is moving forward to find new theories that can better explain the anomalies of quantum science. Today mainstream science’s best shot is the string theory. However, a small group of scientists is now taking a radical new view, and their thinking is taking them back to insights from ancient history.

For hundreds of years brilliant physicists and philosophers have tried to represent our world in mathematical models of particle physics that state that our physical world is made of matter of which the smallest part is called the ‘atom’. Atom is an ancient Greek word meaning undividable; it is supposedly the smallest part of matter that cannot be divided anymore! Quantum mechanics however noticed that particles in some cases behaved like waves and later introduced the wave-particle duality.

Some quantum scientist already suggested in the past that the quantum waves could be real waves after all, existing in the physical domain. They did not believe in particle wave duality.

As long ago as 1937 Erwin Schrödinger wrote that ‘what we observe as material bodies and forces are nothing but shapes and variations in the structure of space itself’.

Eventually even Einstein rejected the idea of discrete particles and believed that particles were in fact part of a continuous field.

A growing number of post quantum physicists are discovering what Einstein and Schrödinger already assumed; physics may have been on the wrong track all along, misled by the idea that the material world exists of separate hard particles! They are suggesting now that we may live in a wave-based universe. Matter is simply the focal point of a vibration in an energy sea called the ether.


The ether

In Greek antiquity, the Greek scientists and philosophers believed that nature only counted four elements; earth, water, fire and air. The atoms were believed to be the building blocks of these four elements of the universe. Aristotle added the fifth element ether and postulated that planets and stars were made of this ether. Greek philosopher Plato, 350 years B.C., described these five elements and added that matter is created from the five Platonic solids that he described in his book Timaeus. He equated the tetrahedron with the element fire, the cube with the earth, the icosahedron with water, the octahedron with air and the dodecahedron with the ether, the stuff of the planets and stars. We now know of course that there are far more elements in nature than the ones known in Greek antiquity. However, it is a well-known fact that the Platonic solids play a role in chemistry as the internal organization structures of molecules in many materials. For instance the Platonic solids show up in the organization of molecules of natural crystals.

In this chapter we will present a new theory about matter that agrees with Plato that the atoms are constructed from the Platonic solids.

Some scientists now believe that the ether is a subtle energy that flows through all material things like some liquid, creating the material world from it. The Platonic solids are believed to be the geometrical internal structures of the atom. That’s the reason why sacred geometry is so important in this new ether theory.

In the 19th century the luminiferous ether was well accepted by science! It was the medium through which the electromagnetic wave was supposed to propagate. In those days physicists believed that matter and the ether were two separate things. The ether served as the carrier medium for radiant energies such as light and was believed to transmit force fields between material objects in the universe such as gravity. James Clerk Maxwell, the founder of electrodynamics and his contemporaries didn’t have any doubt that the ether existed.

However in 1887 Albert Michaelson and Edward Morley conducted an experiment to prove the existence of the ether. At the time light was thought to be a compression wave that propagated as a longitudinal wave through the motionless and stationary ether, just like sound waves through the air. While the Earth itself is spinning, the Earth must have a relative motion with respect to the motionless ether. They reasoned that when the speed of light is measured on the surface of the Earth, it should give different results when measured clockwise or counter clockwise with respect to the rotation of the Earth around its axis. However the Michelson Morley experiment proved that the speed of light had the same constant value no matter in what direction the speed of light was measured. From this experiment it was concluded that the ether did not exist. Physics has abandoned the ether theory ever since. However today scientists believe that the results of the Michaelson-Morley experiment have been misinterpreted.

So now after a hundred years the ether is back in physics. In the new emerging physics, the Newtonian particles and quantum mechanical particle/wave duality is abandoned. In new ether physics there are only waves!

The ether is the medium of the electromagnetic waves and it is assumed that the ether is a non-material fluid-like medium, a subtle energy substance that permeates the entire universe. It is a well known fact that waves require a medium to wave in: without a medium, sorry there can be no waves. Sound requires the air. For water waves it is the water that waves. But for some unexplainable reason ever since the Michaelson-Morley experiment supposedly disproved the existence of the ether, physics accepted the fact that electromagnetic waves can travel through empty space without any medium at all. How absurd, if there is no medium, then what is waving? How is light to propagate as a wave phenomenon if there is nothing to propagate in? Physics accepted that light could travel through absolute nothingness only because the Michaelson-Morley experiment had failed to prove the existence of the ether.

An astonishing premise of the revived ether physics is that there is no dualism, no distinction between a material and immaterial thing; it’s all energy since energy is all there is! Matter is not a fundamental property of the universe; it is the form not the substance that shapes matter. Now we finally can take Einstein’s famous formula E=m * c², one step further and really start to understand what this formula implied!

It is not that energy and matter can be interchanged; no, matter = energy, period!

In this sense matter is an illusion of solidness and separateness. Eastern spiritual traditions have always claimed that our world is Maya, illusionary. What they meant by this is that separateness does not exist; there is only the unity at the fundamental level of existence, the unity of Brahman. Now we may see Eastern wisdom corroborated by modern day science!

This is how ether physics is best described:

Our universe is multi dimensional and it is made of one substance and one substance only! This substance is called ether and it is a vibrating fluid-like energy that permeates the physical vacuum. Matter as we know it is created moment by moment as a standing wave, a vortex in the physical vacuum. It is the condensed centre of these vortexes that creates the illusion of a separate particle. All matter in the universe is interconnected since the particle fields extend to the far corners of the universe.


Wave Structure of Matter

A precursor of ether physic is the Wave Structure of Matter theory by Milo Wolff. In 1986 Wolff formulated a theory that he called ‘the Standing Wave Structure of Matter’ (abbreviated to WSM theory). Independently Geoff Haselhurst came to the same conclusion about a standing wave theory for matter and they are working together as of 1998.

The WSM theory is relatively simple. It proposes that matter is the focal point of a standing wave the result of two interfering waves. One is an inward wave moving towards the centre and the other is an outward-bound wave moving away from the centre. The waves are spherical waves in the fabric of space. The centre of the two spherical waves is the ‘point particle’ centre. As simple as the axiom of this theory is, the properties these standing waves can assume seem to be immense.

Whereas almost all physical laws both in Newtonian and quantum physics were empirically derived from experiments, Milo Wolf says he now has a theory that a priori, from theoretical principles, allows the laws of both relativity and quantum physics to be determined!

If he is right the origin of the physical laws and the properties of charge, mass and gravity, for the first time can be understood. Mainstream physics could never really explain these; for one thing we still don’t know what gravity really is; we have known the physical laws of gravity since Newton; however we don’t know what’s causing gravity!

String theory is trying to accomplish exactly what the WSM theory has done, to integrate quantum physics and Einstein’s relativity. String theory is mainstream physics best shot and hope for a theory of everything (T.O.E.)

A wave structure of matter had already been proposed 130 years ago by William Clifford, he declared that ‘all matter is simply undulations in the fabric of space’. Unfortunately, his colleagues never took his work seriously.

In the WSM theory matter is just the interference pattern of in and out waves. The in-waves of a given particle are the out waves of another particle. In this way all matter in the universe is sustained and mutually dependent. In and out waves tie all the matter in the universe together.


Sub-quantum kinetics

Paul La Violette has developed a general system ether theory called subquantum kinetics. He believes that science is wrong about many aspects in physics including the Big Bang theory that tells us that the universe came into existence from one big cosmic explosion. According to the Big Bang theory, the universe inflated from what is called a singularity, an infinitely compressed point in space, into a volume of several hundred million light-years in diameter in just 10³² seconds!

This event required that all known laws in physics, including the laws of Thermodynamics, Einstein’s relativity laws (nothing can exceed the speed of light) were disabled for the happy occasion, the birth of all matter and energy from complete nothingness. After this briefest of moment of time, the holy laws of science were re-enacted and ever since the universe does not allow energy and matter to be created from the same nothingness any longer (first law of Thermodynamics). At its birth, the universe showed its highest degree of organisation and physics dictates that this order eventually will decay into complete chaos again (second law of Thermodynamics). Scientists call this the increase of entropy.

Paul La Violette does not contradict these laws; on the contrary, he simply doesn’t believe that these laws were disabled for just this split second during the Big Bang. In his book ‘Genesis of the Cosmos’ he mentions many more problems with the Big Bang theory such as the explanation for the observed red-shifts of stars that cosmologists use as proof that our universe has been expanding ever since the Big Bang. The red-shift of the stars is believed to be caused by the Doppler effect as stars move away from our point of reference. Cosmologists never took the alternative tired light explanation for these red-shifts seriously-that is, the fact that light travelling over billions of light years may be absorbed by intergalactic material resulting in a loss of energy and an increase of wavelength.

La Violette believes that the cosmology of the ancients is a better alternative that does not suffer from the Big Bang’s singularity problems.

According to many ancient cosmologies, the universe evolved over billions of years as a result of a continuous process of matter and energy creation from a supposedly fourth dimensional realm, the ether. This creation process has never ceased and still continues today according to La Violette. To sustain his claims, he explains that the universe at heart is not a closed but an open system and is able to receive energy and matter from a fourth dimension without contradicting the laws of Thermodynamics.

The ether is supposedly an unobservable metaphysical realm, a non-equilibrium transmutable medium that continuously fluctuates. When fluctuations reach a critical threshold they are able to spawn stable waveforms in our observable physical universe. It was only in 1973 that system theorists learned about chemical solutions that were able to create self-organising chemical reactions that spontaneously started to oscillate. These chemical reactions such as the Belousov-Zhabotinski reaction periodically spawned so-called chemical or reaction-diffusion waves. The cross chemical reactions involved oscillate between low and high concentrations of the chemical compounds that drive the reaction. Let’s assume that the first reaction uses compound X to create compound Y, then the second reaction will be exactly the inverse of the first and use compound Y to create compound X again.

There is a constant diffusion of the compounds from areas of high to low concentrations, hence the reaction-diffusion wave. These chemical waves will spawn beautiful Mandela like wave patterns when put on a Petri dish. To understand how the chemical reaction actually starts to oscillate let’s use the metaphor of the predator-prey system. Suppose we have a population of rabbits that has an abundant supply of lettuce. Since rabbits breed like hell, their population will grow fast. However in our little closed habitat there are also foxes that feed on the rabbits, limiting the growth of the rabbit population. Since the rabbit population grows fast, so does the fox population. However, since there is a feedback loop in our system, balance will be restored in our habitat; when the foxes eat too many rabbits, they will run into a food shortage, reducing the growth of the fox population and allowing the rabbits to survive. The fox-rabbit population will oscillate between two extremes, a minimum and maximum, a perfect example of a wave oscillation.

From these observations, Paul La Violette reasoned that the ether may likewise spawn wave patterns from two ether states, two different etherons, which continuously mutate from one state into the other and visa versa. In normal cases, the ether maintains its equilibrium state due to the second law of Thermodynamics, however under critical conditions these ether transmutations like the predator-prey waves may become self-organising and form stable wave patterns. These wave patterns will become observable in our physical universe as electromagnetic energy, light.

His theory has been tested in a simulator model called the Brusselator and uses two X and Y etheron states to prove that under critical conditions, self-organising oscillations may spontaneously come into existence. The actual ether reaction used just a few more intermediate ether states but for the sake of simplicity etherons X and Y are the only ones mentioned here.

The transmutation ether model of Paul La Violette brings to mind the transmutation of the Chinese Yin and Yang energies mentioned in the I Ching, the Book of Changes. The I Ching mentions creation as the result of cyclic mutual transmutations of Yin and Yang energies. The female Yin energy transforms into the male Yang energy and vice versa in an eternal process of physical manifestation.

Paul La Violette’s sub-quantum kinetics perfectly describes how the ether realm spawns waves that we observe as light in our universe. Since this light forms a standing wave that is eternally replenished by the etheron transmutations, this is what we finally observe as quantum particles of matter.

Sub quantum kinetics yields a better alternative for the required in and out waves of Milo Wolff’s WSM theory. As we progress in our understanding of how matter is actually shaped from the ether, we will see in the next paragraphs that the vibrations created from the ether must be organised in vortex shapes in order to shape the atom.


Vortexes in the ether

David Thomson and Jim Bourassa both founded the Quantum EtherDynamics Institute and are independently developing an ether based model integrating, quantum mechanics, relativity theory and string theory. The model describes matter as a sub atomic whirlpool, tornado or vortex in the ether. They call this vortex the Toroidal (A) Ether Unit (TAU). When combined in spherical configurations they form the nucleus and electron shells of the atom.

Quantum EtherDynamics mentions that the ether has both mechanical and electromagnetic properties. The mechanical property is what gives matter its mass; it’s the angular momentum of the whirling ether energy. Mass is simply the inertia created by the ether vortexes much like the inertia that is created by a spinning top.

The eternal spin of the ether vortexes that is to be maintained for the stability of all matter in the universe is called the mysterious Gforce or God Force. EtherDynamics defines it as an enormous force with no known cause. I quote from their website:

‘The Gforce is a tremendous force that is beyond comparison to any other force in the universe. It may not be what physicists are hoping to find (and I believe this is why this model hasn't been proposed before), but the Gforce appears to be a primary force that gave rise to the entire universe. If one were to liken it to the Force in Star Wars, they wouldn't be far off. If one were to characterize this Gforce as God, or Supreme Being, or Great Architect of the Universe, they wouldn't be far off, either. Whatever this prime force is, it appears to be a living thing and the source of all things animate and inanimate.’



Sacred geometry plays an important role in the ether physics that we are presenting in this book. The reason is rather straightforward. When the universe is shaped from one substance and one substance only, then the only way to give the physical world a seeming separate appearance of individual material things is through form, since substance by itself cannot discriminate.

Hence the geometry of the ether and how it is structured is the crux in creating the material world.

The relation between vibration and geometry is beautifully described by the work of Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist Hans Jenny (1904-1972) in a science called ’Cymatics’.


The late Buckminster Fuller (1895 -1983) however was the first to discover that a relation between musical frequencies (The Diatonic scale) and geometrical forms exists. He used a balloon submerged in blue dye and vibrated it with frequencies from the musical scale (the 7 white keys from the piano): as a result of wave interference, marvellous two dimensional arrangements appeared on its surface.

Dr. Hans Jenny carried on the work of Buckminster Fuller and tested these standing wave vibrations in spherical volumes of fluid. Much to his surprise all of the Platonic solids, named after the legendary philosopher Plato, showed up as geometrical patterns. What you see in the picture above is a star-tetrahedron; it is also on the cover of this book! If you examine the picture carefully you may have noticed the two equilateral triangles, one facing up and one facing down. Together they form a symbol that is known as the Jewish Star of David, but remember in 3D reality the two triangles are tetrahedrons, three sided pyramids.


The white curved and straight lines in the photograph are the places where the vibration is cancelled, these are the nodal points, the still places to which the colloid particles dissolved in the fluid take refuge when the fluid is vibrated. The geometrical patterns are the result of wave interference. When the outgoing waves from the centre of the sphere meet the reflected waves from the surface of the sphere, standing waves are formed.

Plato explained in his book Timaeus that the Platonic solids are the basic forms that construct matter and that this knowledge came from the legendary Atlantis.

We now have proof that humanity knew about the Platonic solids even before Plato. In the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford they preserve all of the 5 Platonic solids and some additional semi-regular solids that were described by Pythagoras. Carved out of stone the Platonic solids are dated at least a thousand years before Plato! These stones were found in Britain and belonged to the Neolithic peoples, a culture that according to our current understanding did not have the mathematical ability to understand these forms -nonetheless they carved them out of stone!

Now isn’t this surprising that a vibrated fluid can create forms such as these and that these forms have been described by Plato some 400 years BC?

The secret of ‘Sacred geometry’ is not about geometry per se, it’s about vibrations that take on geometrical patterns!

Sacred geometry was preserved throughout history in Freemasonry circles since it was believed to be important knowledge revealing the secrets of our universe! Contemporary scientists now tell us that in fact all of creation is the offspring of ether vibrations just like the Eastern Hindu cosmology has always talked about the Ohm sound of Brahman as the vibration that creates the physical world.

Daniel Winter and David Thompson interpreted these Cymatics experiments, and both agree that the Platonic interference patterns also occur within the ether, and that it is these interference patterns that really shape the atom.

The Egyptians called matter frozen music and if indeed matter is the result of musical vibrations of the ether just like the Cymatics experiments demonstrate, we can now appreciate why.


Implosion Physics

Daniel Winter presents a physics that is called ‘implosion physics’. He concludes that the entire universe, the material world is created from one non-material substance, the ether. The ether is a kind of super conductive fluid that flows right through all physical objects. The ether vacuum is an extremely dense nonetheless frictionless medium. The best comparison for the ether being non-material in nature is the super-conductive state of helium. When helium is cooled down to temperatures below 2 degrees Kelvin it becomes a super-fluid, which means that objects can move through this fluid with no friction at all.

Daniel Winter now believes that vortexes, little eddies or tornados in the fluid-like ether are the basic building blocks of matter. Since the ether is some kind of a fluid, it follows the well-known physical laws of hydrodynamics.

Interestingly, in 1895 two clairvoyants by the name Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant published an article in a magazine titled ‘Occult Chemistry’ wherein they explained the internal structure of Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen. Using clairvoyance as the only instruments in their scrutiny, they revealed the internal structure of the above-mentioned elements. The clairvoyants had no scientific background whatsoever; however they pictured the following torus shapes as the basic building blocks of the atom:


They called these torus-like flow forms the ‘Anu’ and mentioned that the atom is shaped from the ether using the Anu as a flow form.

Daniel Winter supports the idea of these two clairvoyants and uses the torus shape from these observations along with the Platonic Solids to construct the atom.

According to Daniel Winter the ether creates vortexes, little tornados of whirling and spiralling energy in the ocean of ether, our universe. The vortexes in the ether are like the little eddies in a river. The vortex is nature’s natural flow form for fluids. The same vortex flow form is created every time we pull the plug in our bathtub!

When two of these ether vortexes join their funnels they form a torus:


Now the torus is a unique flow form in hydrodynamics, it allows fluids to spiral inwards and outwards on the same surface of the torus. It is a very stable flow form.

If the universe is essentially created from one universal substance, the ether, it must be form that is used to create different and separate things out of this universal substance. The torus is nature’s perfect flow form to create a seemingly separate entity in the formless ether that is stable enough to last.

The torus flow form is similar to the rings created by the smoke of a cigar. The cigar smoke whirls inwards on top of the smoke ring and comes out again on the bottom of the ring. It is constantly folding inwards to come around on the other side flowing outwards. The torus is often compared with the shape of a doughnut or an apple. It’s a spherical form folded inwards at the poles to form a small hole in the middle.

The individual ether torus doughnuts can be nested inside each other. Nesting torus doughnuts requires that the vortex cones of the torus are aligned with the faces of the Platonic solids.

The flat bottom of a vortex cone should touch the face of a Platonic solid. As an example we show the cube that contains 3 vortex pairs or 3 torus doughnuts aligned perpendicular to each other in a cube and 5 nested torus doughnuts in a dodecahedron.


Now we may remember from the Cube of Metatron that the Platonic solids themselves can be nested, they fit into each other. Let’s take the cube, when lines are drawn to interconnect all centres on the 6 faces of the cube, they form the octahedron. The octahedron is fully circumscribed by the initial cube. The same process can be repeated now with the octahedron by interconnecting the centres of the faces of the octahedron. The result is a cube now circumscribed by the octahedron. This process can go on and on forever, creating smaller and smaller Platonic solids perfectly nested into each other, it creates a fractal, a repetitive geometric pattern.


The nesting of the Platonic solids is not restricted to the cube and octahedron. All Platonic solids can be nested into each other. It is the nesting of the Platonic solids that creates the electron shells of the atom. Similarly however at a much smaller scale the nucleus of the atom is formed.

The electrons in the electron shells correspond with the vortexes that are nested in Platonic symmetries. According to Daniel Winter, physics has mistaken these vortex waveforms for electron particles. Within the atom, the electrons orbit the nucleus at a fixed distance from the nucleus. The sphere that describes the orbital plane of the electron is called the electron shell. There are different types of shells in the make up of the atom that were given the names s,p,d and f shells and they contain respectively 2, 6, 10 and 14 electrons maximum.

Each vortex pair in the doughnut corresponds with 2 electrons and when the doughnuts are organized inside a Platonic Solid we get the equivalent of an electron shell. Here’s the correspondence:

1 vortex pair (1 torus) corresponds with the 2 electrons of the s shell.

3 nested vortex pairs in a cube correspond with the 6 electrons of the p shell.

5 nested vortex pairs in a dodecahedron correspond with the 10 electrons of the d shell

7 nested vortex pairs in an icosahedron correspond with the 14 electrons of the f shell.


So matter is the stable flow form pattern emerging from the ether. It takes on geometrical shapes from a formless energy, creating the illusion of separate electron particles in the electron shells and the particles that make up the nucleus.

Mainstream physics has never been able to explain why the atom has these ‘random’ numbers of 2, 6, 10 and 14 electrons in its electron clouds, the orbital shells around the nucleus. Daniel Winter’s model of the atom now explains exactly why these number show up in the periodic table of the elements! These numbers are related to the geometrical properties of the Platonic Solids! Also for the very first time we have an explanation as to why the electron does not crash into the nucleus and how it’s radiated energy is replenished. Electrons are not particles that encircle the nucleus in stead they are standing wave patterns at discrete distances from the nucleus! The ether simply replenishes these standing waves eternally.

Another way of looking at the torus shape is regarding it as a form that can be perfectly described by a set of Phi spirals.


Each Phi spiral is actually a series of pure sine waves. It is a well-known principle in physics that any complex wave shape can be created from the sum of simpler pure sine waves with different frequencies and amplitudes. This principle is called the Fourier principle. The Phi spiral is constructed from a series of harmonics with wavelengths that comply with the Golden Mean version of the Fibonacci sequence:

1/. 1 . Y² Y³

0.61803 1.00000 1.61803 2.61803 4.23606

Y= 1.618033988749894848204586834365638117720309180

When pure sine waves with wavelengths of 1/ Y, 1, Y, . ², . ³ etc. are added together, they will form a perfect Phi spiral.


When these Phi spirals circle around the torus they meet and interfere. As a result of this interference two new additional waves will be created. What is important to notice is that both new waves will have wavelengths that are again in the Fibonacci series. This allows that the interference will be non-destructively since the interference will simply result into more harmonics in the Fibonacci series.

Whilst destructive interference is the norm in wave interference, the only exception in nature is when the waves interfere with Golden Mean ratio wavelengths!

In other words, the Phi spiral can re-enter itself around the torus shape without destroying itself. So the Phi spiral is the universe’s only possible way to nest and become self-organizing. This is how stable matter can be formed from electromagnetic energy as a form of pure wave interference.

Electromagnetic energy in a straight line is what we usually call light. When this same light chases its own tail around the surface of the torus shape we call it matter. In other words the atom is pure electromagnetic energy in a form that we no longer perceive as light but as matter, or to put it in Daniel Winter’s own words;

‘So now we have this dualism that waves in a line are energy and waves in a circle are mass, and because we don’t know how the wave got into a circle from the line and out, we conceive mass as separate from energy. E=MC^2 simply said that yes loop the speed of light back around on itself, and you made mass of energy’.

The Golden Mean spirals of the torus shape eventually spiral into a perfect zero still point in the nucleus of the vortex that coincides with the nucleus of the atom. So these sine waves implode inwards into increasing smaller wavelengths. The implosion of the Golden sine waves into smaller and smaller wavelengths not only increases the frequency of the waves but also increases the speed of the waves to become super-luminal waves (travelling faster than light). According to Daniel Winter, this is what gravity really is, the cascade of Golden Mean electromagnetic sine waves that gain an ever-increasing velocity breaking the speed barrier of light. Einstein had always assumed that electromagnetism and gravity were related and Daniel Winter explains to us how this connection is established.


When doughnuts are nested to form the electron shells of the atom, the only requirement to continue this form of non-destructive interference is that these doughnuts align according to the Platonic Solid geometries.

When these nested doughnuts inside the atom are arranged according to the Platonic solids symmetries, all waves will rush into the centre of the atom, creating repetitive, recursive or fractal patterns that not only shape the electron shells but also the nucleus. Eventually the fractal patterns disappear into a zero point in the nucleus of the atom.

The implosion of the electromagnetic waves into shorter and shorter wavelengths is what gravity really is. In a way the torus is a miniature black hole that attracts the light into itself creating gravity.

The harmonious wave cycles that follow the Golden Mean ratio, the Phi cycles, may be the origin of the word physical (Phi cycle). Physics would be simply the study of Phi cycles!


Universal principle

The repetitive patterns of the Platonic solids that fit into each other are fractals. A fractal is a repetitive pattern that can be scaled to any size. The scale may change but the ratio is held constant.

Now the fractal patterns that shape the atom, according to Daniel Winter also shape our planets and stars, in fact the universe.

A fractal has self-similarity at all scales, it’s the same geometric pattern repeated. The inner structure in a fractal is reflected in the outer structure. Fractal means fraction of the all, indicating that each piece is part of the whole. It is the basic idea of a hologram and this is why according to Daniel Winter the universe at large is just a super-hologram. The fractals of electromagnetic energy interconnect everything with everything within the universe and are the basic building blocks of this hologram. The fractal repetitive structures of electromagnetic energy weave a giant cobweb throughout the universe.

The wavelengths of planets and stars are huge in comparison with the wavelengths of the atom, however when their wavelengths fit into the Fibonacci sequence of the Golden Mean, they interfere non-destructively; they implode and form a fractal attractor that we call gravity! This is how the planets and stars are connected by means of imploding electromagnetic waves that we experience as gravity.

So if the universe is in essence a hologram and there is only one principle that shapes everything from atoms to planets, stars, and the universe at large, we should find proof of these vortexes, Platonic Solids, and doughnut structures in all parts of the universe.

This holographic principle of the universe was first mentioned by the ancient Greek Hermes Trismegistus as one of the seven Hermetic principles ‘As above, so below, as below, so above’. What Hermes meant was that there is a correspondence between the different planes of existence, the macro-cosmos and the micro-cosmos. This Hermetic principle tells us that what we see out there in the universe, in the galaxies, stars and planets, we will also find on a smaller scale inside the atoms.

So is there any proof that may corroborate the validity of this Hermetic principle in our universe?

The answer is yes there is; the amazing fact of the matter is that recent discoveries reveal that the Hermetic principle and the sacred geometry involved can be demonstrated in both the theoretical unobservable sub atomic vortexes of the atom, and the very real observable largest vortexes of hurricanes! Richard C. Hoagland and David Wilcock discovered the pentagonal and hexagonal structures in the eyes of violent category 4 and 5 (Saffir-Simpson scale) hurricanes that have threatened the United States in the last few years. Satellite photos beautifully display the five spoked-wheel observed in the eye of some of these hurricanes. The satellite photo below shows the pentagon in the eye of hurricane Isabel of September 2003.


Wilcock and Hoagland theorise in their hyper-dimensional physics that category 4 and 5 hurricanes open up an inter-dimensional gateway with a higher dimension that allows etheric energy to flow into our physical dimension. This etheric energy in the form of torsion waves (discussed later in this chapter), create standing waves like the ones in Dr. Hans Jenny’s Cymatics experiments and are the explanation for the observed pentagonal and hexagonal patterns in the eye of the hurricane. We would never have discovered these hyper-dimensional ether structures in the mechanism of a hurricane if the water vapour of the clouds had not arranged itself according to these interference patterns.

Wilcock and Hoagland believe that hurricanes are not only feeding on the conventional convection currents caused by the warm ocean waters and cooler air above, but also experience anti-gravity effects in their funnels as a result of the torsion waves. As a result the clouds that form the pentagram on top of the hurricane are raised in the air much higher than normal. The antigravity effect increases significantly and coincides with the formation of the pentagram only when the internal hurricane wind speeds build up to the extreme categories 4 and 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Daniel Winter has a slightly different interpretation of the sacred geometry involved in these hurricanes. According to Daniel Winter, the pentagon shape revealed in the two-dimensional satellite picture is in three-dimensional reality, a dodecahedron, and the hexagonal shape represents the top view of an icosahedron. Winter postulates that the nested and fractal structures of the dodecahedron and the icosahedron are the result of imploding electromagnetic waves in the eye of the hurricane. These electromagnetic waves are extracted from gravity, Winter explains, since gravity and electromagnetism are related phenomena. Hurricanes and tornados are renowned for their anomalous electromagnetic effects such as thunderbolts and shining lights in the funnel of these storms. This is an anomaly since hurricanes and tornados are not thunderstorms. So now it seems that nature has provided a real observable phenomenon that allows us to study the hurricane as the Hermetic counterpart of the same vortex that shapes the atom.

The doughnut torus shape created by these vortexes can be found in the macroscopic world as well. Surprisingly enough, NASA in the summer of 2004 released new information about discoveries that were made with the European Space Agency observatories the INTEGRAL and XMM-Newton. They discovered that so-called black holes in our universe are actually doughnut shaped torus formations! Black holes are objects with an unfathomable mass. They have the density of millions to billions times the mass of our Sun and the gravitational force of black holes is so strong that nothing can escape from it, not even light. Everything in the environment of a black hole is attracted to the core of the black hole.


The similarity between the macroscopic doughnut torus shape of the black hole and the microscopic doughnut torus shape of the atom is apparent. The black hole’s basic characteristic is that its gravitation is so immense that even light cannot escape it. According to Daniel Winter the vortex structure of the doughnut torus structure is actually an implosion of Golden Mean waves that is no less than the equivalent of gravity. It is light that is attracted into the core, just like what happens inside the Black Hole.

It is also interesting to note that recent developments in string theory predict that black holes can exist at any scale from the microcosmic scale of particles to the macroscopic monstrous scales of black holes observed in remote galaxies. In fact at CERN in Switzerland they are building a new colossal particle accelerator to be finished by 2007 called the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and scientists are anticipating that the LHC may actually be powerful enough to spawn miniature black holes. This remarkable fact has become possible from new insights in string theory. String theory predicts not only multiple dimensions but also that gravity unlike all other forces in nature will be active in these additional dimensions. This means that the effect of gravity is far stronger at small distances than conventional theory predicts.

In conventional theory black holes can only be created from tremendously dense masses; however string theory now allows for miniature black holes far less dense that can exist even at the subatomic level of particles!

Astrophysics is still trying to find out the right cosmological model for our universe. The current accepted idea has been around since the seventies and is the idea that the universe has been created in one giant blast called the Big Bang. Ever since the universe has been expanding, the cosmological model of an expanding universe is called the inflationary model.

One of the founders of the inflationary model Dr. Robert P. Kirshner of Harvard University now believes that a cyclic model can better explain the latest discoveries made about our universe. In the cyclic model the universe is re-birthed in an eternal cycle of both expansion and contraction. Recent discoveries have shown that the universe not only expands, but also that this expansion is accelerating. The only source that could explain this acceleration is an invisible energy that permeates the entire universe! Astrophysics has termed this mysterious energy dark energy!

Remarkably a cyclic model is the cosmological model that corresponds with the ancient Eastern cosmology. According to the spiritual Eastern scripture of the Upanishads the universe is recreated eternally from the breath of Brahman by breathing in and out the Prana of the universe.

There are now a number of astrophysics theorists who have launched the idea that the universe at large has the shape of a giant doughnut torus. One of these theorists is Professor Joseph Silk of the Department of Physics, Oxford University. The most common used method by scientists to model the shape of the universe is to measure and determine the geometry of the cosmic microwave background radiation of the universe, the primordial residual energy of the Big Bang. The new idea that the universe is shaped like a torus stems from the last measurements of the background radiation.

If we assume that the universe is indeed in a perpetual cycle of birth and death then the doughnut torus shape can perfectly explain and model this behaviour.

Just suppose that all planets, stars and galaxies move through space in this huge doughnut shaped universe. The centre of the doughnut represents the moment of the Big Bang. The centre like the centre of the black hole is a singularity where all space and time are infinitely compressed. Think of this zero point as the eternal now. Now when we leave the zero point of the doughnut and move outwards through the funnel over the surface of the doughnut, space emerges and starts to expand, time starts ticking. We’ve left the ‘white hole’ of the universe where planets, stars and galaxies are birthed. While traversing over the surface of the torus, space keeps expanding until we cross the equator, the middle plane of the symmetrical torus.

Next space starts to shrink again and all space is attracted to the ‘black hole’ opposite pole of the doughnut where everything will collapse again to the zero still point within the doughnut. We’ve completed one complete cycle of birth and death! The eternal cycle of the universe would be such that everything is being birthed from a singularity, (The Big Bang), the white hole of the universe. After the universe’s birth we move for billions of years through space to end up where we started to be attracted again into a huge black hole. From there on the next cycle is started.

Recent discoveries made by astrophysics have also shown that the Platonic solids can also be found in the clustering of galaxies.


In our galaxy, the zodiac with its twelve signs actually has the geometry of a dodecahedron with its 12 faces corresponding to the 12 houses or signs of the zodiac!

Platonic Solids also show up in the Earth’s energy fields as will be demonstrated in the next chapter. The ‘aura’ of the Earth is a dodeca-icosohedron grid (nested dodecahedron and icosahedron) that is referred to as the Earth grid for short.

Richard Hoagland together with David Wilcock have pointed out that there are planets in our Solar System that show geological stress points at exactly 19.47 degrees latitude. Examples are the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, the Great Dark spot of Neptune, the Sun’s area of the largest sunspots. The 19.47 degrees latitude stress points can be explained if we consider the interlaced tetrahedron energy structures to be present in the sphere of these cosmic bodies.

The correspondence principle of Hermes Trismegistos ‘as above, so below’ is valid also for the Platonic solids in the aura, the energy field of the human body. Science in the nineties has actually corroborated the existence of the bio energy fields of the human body that were already known to the Chinese for thousands of years, know as the Chinese meridian system and the seven chakras in the body. The eastern Chakra systems of the body have been identified as nodes in the human body where vortexes of subtle energy from higher dimensions interfere with the physical body.

Many ancient traditions mention the etheric energy counterpart body of the physical body as the vehicle of the human soul. Supposedly the energy structure of the human aura contains the wave interference patterns of the Platonic Solids especially the star-tetrahedron.

The energy body in ancient Egypt was called the Merkaba. (Mer=rotating light, Ka=spirit, Ba=human body). It was believed that the spinning light of the Merkaba could take a person from one dimension into another. It was the light through which the soul descended into the human body and that can also be used to ascend to higher planes.

The Merkaba energy field of the human body is an interlaced tetrahedron (double interpenetrating tetrahedron, one pointing upwards and one downwards). The Merkaba is mentioned in many religions such as in the Jewish Kabbalah, which describes it as a counter rotating energy field that affects both spirit and body.

In the Bible Ezekiel called the Merkaba the vehicle of light. This vehicle of light allowed the soul to travel between parallel dimensions. Kings 2:2 tells the story of prophet Elijah and Elisha who crossed the Jordan river at Beth-El when all of a sudden a Merkaba of fire appears and Elijah disappears in the whirlwind. Elijah had vanished from the face of this Earth and ascended from the physical plane.

The Merkaba is also preserved in Islam in the ancient Islamic mysticism of Sufism. The dervish Sufi dancer expresses the Merkaba by spinning in a counter clockwise dance his robe, creating two spherical discs that express the toroidial shape or torus shape of the Merkaba.

Sacred geometry researcher Drunvalo Melchizedek has put much effort in reconstructing the significance of the Merkaba; he mentions that the human body creates the Merkaba as an electromagnetic energy field around the body. Ananda Bosman has launched a whole new science that he has coined Vortexiajah. Vortexiajah stands for a physics of vortexes within vortexes that perfectly corresponds with Daniel Winters implosion physics. Ananda explains that the Merkaba or the Light Body Star Ship as he mentions it is the vehicle between the third dimension and other higher planes of existence. He claims to be able to travel out of body using his Merkaba. His first outer body experiences spontaneously occurred after a serious accident where he almost lost his life! He claims to be in contact now with a higher intelligence helping him to shape his new physics Vortexiajah!

Sacred geometry patterns of electromagnetic energy also occur in the energy field radiated by the heart. The human heart has an electromagnetic field in the form of a doughnut toroidial field (perfect torus) triggering the 7-layered muscles in the heart to beat. This toroidial energy field is the animator of the heart according to Daniel Winter.

Another example is the geometry in DNA. DNA has the geometry of ten interpenetrating dodecahedra spiralling along the helix. It requires ten Phi spirals to create the top view of DNA. The basic geometry of DNA is that of a dodecahedron. Since Daniel Winter assumes that the universe is one huge super hologram and that everything in the universe is connected with everything else by means of Golden waves, he believes that DNA is electro-magnetically coupled with the Earth grid and the Zodiac by means of the fractal dodecahedron shapes of energy.


Ether and the zero point field

But how does the ether relate to the zero point field that quantum scientists have discovered? Are they one and the same thing? The only difference I believe is how these fields are being described.

Both fields describe energy that is everywhere in the universe. Quantum physics however describes the zero point field as the collective energy that is released (virtual photons) by all of the sub atomic particles in the universe when they fall back from their excited state to their energetic ground states (called the Lamb shift after Willis Lamb). The sum of all this energy is what creates the zero point field. On the other hand the sub atomic particles borrow energy (virtual photons)from the zero point field pushing them into a higher energy state. The give and take of virtual photons of energy is what shapes the zero point field. In this way empty space, the vacuum is actually a plenum of electromagnetic energy (virtual photons) spanning all frequencies in the electromagnetic frequency domain.

In contrast with quantum physics the ether theories state that there are no particles only waves.

The zero point in the ether theory of Daniel Winter is the perfect stillness, the alpha and the omega of creation. This zero point is perfect stillness and infinite movement at the same time. It’s the same thing.

How can this be? How can these opposites be the same? The cascade of Golden waves creates an infinite series of higher harmonics and when all the waves are added up using the Fourier principle it creates a flat wave of zero Hertz, perfect stillness!

Now think of a glass of water, if you start to vibrate it slowly, you will quite clearly see wave fronts in the glass. When we increase the frequency, it will be harder to notice the water surface is vibrating. If we add in all possible vibrations with frequencies ranging from extremely low to indefinitely high, the sum result of all these vibrations will turn the water into a smooth surface again. The water has become calm again. This calmness however is illusionary since the water is both at rest and shaking like hell all at the same time!

That is what the zero point field in essence is; it’s complete stillness (0 Hz) and filled with an infinite cascade of Golden harmonics all at the same time.

The waves that create matter and that by means of fractals move into the nucleus in an increasing cascade of Golden waves speed up and exceed the speed of light. But where do they go? They centre into the zero point, back from where they came. In this sense, the zero point is the alpha and omega of creation!

The zero point is perfect stillness and unimaginable abundant activity at the same time! They are two sides of the same coin, it’s like a snake biting it’s own tail.


Conscious energy

Scientists like David Wilcock, Daniel Winter take the notion even further, they say the ether energy has properties of consciousness, they conclude that there is no dualism in the physical and the mental realm.

The ether energy is pure consciousness energy and since it shapes our entire universe, the universe itself must be a living intelligent being.

So if this fact can be proven ether physics seems to be a scientific corroboration of the tenets held by many Eastern spiritual traditions that the source of our universe is a life force energy, a spiritual energy called many names like Prana, Ki, Chi, Akasha to name a few.

In this chapter we’ll present some ‘proof’ of this startling conclusion, although scientists take different notions to come to this conclusion. For instance David Wilcock refers to Russian research on torsion waves that travel as spiralling impulses through the ether at a billion times the speed of light. They are caused by many types of events such as the movement of physical objects but also surprisingly enough by conscious thought! Russian discoveries revealed that our thoughts and feelings extend far beyond the body and travel through the universe!

Quantum physicist David Bohm also believes that the universe is holographic in nature and that there is an undivided wholeness of all things. It is useless to think in terms of separate particles since they are like little whirlpools in the river, you can’t tell where the whirlpool starts and the river ends. Bohm goes on to say that consciousness is not only present in animate life forms but also in inanimate matter since, energy, space, time and consciousness are not separate things according to Bohm.

Amit Goswami says that consciousness must be the ground of all being to solve the ambiguity of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum science. So it must be consciousness that is primordial and shapes the physical. Amit Goswami is the author of the book ‘The self-aware universe’.

Daniel Winter explains consciousness as follows; wherever the ether waves organize themselves around the torus to become fractal or recursive, they turn around the torus to meet themselves, they become self-referential. Not only do they create gravity but also self-reference or self-awareness in the process. Self- reference is the principle of being self-aware and is the definition of consciousness according to the ancient Vedas.

The Golden waves in the fractal geometrical patterns are attracted to the zero point, the focal point of the atom. The zero point acts as a fractal attractor drawing into it all the electromagnetic waves that can be shared to ride the roller coaster of the cascading Golden waves. In a sense it’s a miniature black hole attracting the light into itself meanwhile creating not only gravity but also self- awareness.

But if recursive electro-magnetic waves forming fractals is the true nature of consciousness, it means that consciousness is not restricted to life forms only but also inanimate objects must have a kind of consciousness. All material things in the universe must be self-aware!

Indigenous tribes like the native Indians of America and the Australian aboriginals for instance have always claimed that everything from the raindrops to rivers, from rocks to mountains are alive. Conscious life is not restricted to animate life forms that dwell upon the land; the Indians believed that every material thing had a soul, including the land. To these people all of creation was alive and part of the whole; they worshipped the mountains and the rivers, the moon and the Sun just as much as the animals and plants.

Our western culture regards the ancient religions as primitive since the ancients worshiped the stars and planets as the Gods of the Heavens. Maybe they didn’t have such a primitive and poor concept of reality after all? Maybe it is us who have some catching up to do?

It is now dawning on science that the universe may be self-aware. This implies that all atoms, planets, stars, etc, are self-aware and have some form of individuality. We can no longer speak of consciousness that is restricted to organic life forms alone; consciousness can reside in many forms including stars and planets. The universe itself may be one conscious being that we humans are part of.

This makes every single focal point of electromagnetic waves an individual consciousness that is part of the universal consciousness. Human individual consciousness focusing in the human body is simply a piece of the total consciousness of the universe.

The brain is merely the antenna tuned to receive the individual consciousness from the universal consciousness just like the quantum brain theory suggests. Each individual mind however also has access to the universal mind.

It would explain how the universal consciousness was accessed by so many geniuses like the greatest philosophers, scientist, artists and musicians that have inspired us throughout the Ages. If we accept this, then within this holographic concept of consciousness our separate egos must be illusions.

A growing number of physicists today believe that the universe indeed is self-aware. Why is it that almost all of the world religions associate God’s consciousness with light? The Bible tells us that God is the Light of the world!

Daniel Winter’s implosion physics now tells us that it is conscious light that creates the material world! Could this universal consciousness that many like to refer to as God be the zero point in the ether, the still point, the fractal attractor in chaos theory that draws all the light of the world into itself where all is One? The zero point could be regarded as the source and destination, the alpha and the omega of creation.

Daniel Winter tells us that it is this universal consciousness that focuses the waves into the zero point and keeps it spinning, it can be compared with the Gforce mentioned in EtherDynamics!

But wasn’t God also associated with unconditional love? If God is really to be associated with conscious light then where is the love in all of Winter’s Golden waves?


Phi and Love

Manfred Clynes, a former concert pianist studied the relation between music and emotion. During his many performances he learned that certain parts of his playing moved people more than others. He wanted to find out what it was in music, what pitches and notes touched people more than others. He started a scientific career to find out.

He studied the wave shapes that were related to human emotions. The tender hugs and caressing between people seemed to follow predictable envelopes of pressure that were universal. His studies showed that they were not related to cultural, religious or racial backgrounds. All over the world people seem to follow the same recipe for creating emotions in waves.

Expressions of anger and hate where people push and jerk the other also follow predictable wave paths of pressure. Amazingly the emotion associated with love is Golden Mean related! If we’re hugging our loved one and we express the feeling of love, the maximum pressure in the hug is at exactly the Golden Mean ratio with respect to the total duration of the hug!

Daniel Winter concluded from Manfred Clynes material that love must be Golden Mean related!

So it seems there is only one way the universal consciousness of the universe can create. It requires the loving non-destructive interference bending of light into fractal structures of geometries that allows the waves to stand and interfere eternally.

The higher harmonics in the Golden Fibonacci sequence are all based on the longest Phi wave, the carrier wave. The cascade of electromagnetic waves all braid on this Golden wave with the longest wavelength, the long Phi wave or lo-Phi wave, the love-wave!

Is lo-Phi the origin of the word love?

So it seems only love creates and we can now appreciate that the loving waves that interfere with each other is what creates the material world. If the interfering waves did not maintain the Golden Mean ratio in wavelength, destructive interference would be the result and the material world could simply not exist. Isn’t it true that love can move mountains and that hate and anger destroys everything? We can see the same principle expressed in waves that lovingly construct the material world! When the waves hate each other, they compete and kill each other!

Light in a straight line is energy, loving light bending around a focal point creates matter and it’s the universal consciousness that keeps the waves centred! If the universal mind of the universe, God is the light and love of the world, like the Bible has always told us; we can now appreciate it from a scientific perspective!


The loving heart

Daniel Winter is a member of the Heart Coherence Team that has developed a Heart Tuner ®. The Heart Tuner is a heart/brain biofeedback system that is able to measure the coherence between the heartbeats (Electrocardiogram ECG) and the brainwaves (Electroencephalogram EEG) of an individual. It is used by therapists and researchers but is also suited for individuals to establish balance between the heart and mind.

For the first time in history we’re able to really measure human emotions such as compassion, empathy, love, anger and frustration. The Heart Tuner uses the electromagnetic waves of the heart and the brain and is able to determine if there is harmony between them, in other words if there is coherence between heart and mind. What the Heart Tuner does is that it checks whether our feelings and thoughts are balanced.

For ages we’ve believed that the heart is the home of our feelings and emotions, it is expressed in almost any popular love song, however human emotions can now really be measured and they stem from the heart indeed. Emotions are reflected in the waves of the ECG.

Also our thoughts leave a fingerprint in the electromagnetic field of the brain, our brainwaves recorded in the EEG. The Heart Tuner picks up the signals of the heart and the brain and is able to detect phase locks between the waves of the ECG and the EEG.

When a phase lock is detected, not only do the frequencies in the heart signal match up with the frequencies of the brainwaves, also their phase matches, the waves are harmoniously connected! In technical terms the signals are said to be coherent! What really is happening is that the person involved is balancing his feelings and his thoughts and he’s experiencing peaceful, joyful feelings, bliss.

The Heart Tuner has proven its therapeutic benefits:

• It stimulates the immune system
• Balances emotional and physical health
• Is a feedback tool for stress release
• Improves a person’s learning abilities
• Can be used to eradicate addictions.
• Is a good aid in conflict solving by measuring coherence between two persons (it’s a lie detector that never lies!)

Now how does the Heart Tuner work and what is really happening in the frequency spectra of the heart and brain?

First of all, the sonic sounds of the heart, the heart beats are translated into electromagnetic pulses by the thymus of the heart and the glands in our body that act as piezo-electrical devices translating sonic pressures into electromagnetism. This is how the heart creates an electromagnetic field that can be measured as an ECG.

Daniel Winter discovered that people who are experiencing true feelings of love leave a signature in the frequency spectrum of the heart, the ECG. What happens is that the frequency components in the spectrum become Golden Mean related (Phi)! Surprisingly also the brainwaves can become entrained, phase locked with the heartbeat waves! Brain and heart waves beat in the same pace and in the same phase connected by the Golden Mean (Phi).

The result is our by now familiar cascade of Golden electromagnetic waves just like we’ve discussed before that is happening inside the atom.

According to Daniel Winter, the cascade of Golden electromagnetic waves ends up as blue light in the DNA of our body! The DNA is a kind of a lens attracting the electromagnetic energy into itself.

So how do the heart and brain waves that have long wavelengths connect and lock with the much shorter wavelengths of the DNA? It’s the Golden Mean ratio that bridges the scale of the long wavelength of the heart and brain waves to the short wavelength of DNA. When our thoughts and emotions are attuned to love, a cascade of Fibonacci series of harmonics is created that links the energy of the hearth and mind to our own DNA.

So emotion is really energy, it is energy in motion, e-motion. Emotion is like a roller coaster conveying the emotional energy from the heart to every cell in our body into our very own DNA. The energy of our emotions moves between these scales of long waves to short waves and is finally delivered to our DNA.

Fritz Pop had previously discovered bio photons, the blue light in the body, and assumed that they are somehow related to DNA, Daniel Winter explains to us the wave coupling mechanism of how the energy of the mind and heart is delivered to our very own DNA.

When the heart expresses the emotion of love it creates a cascade of Golden Mean electromagnetic waves, in fact it creates gravity just like the atom does when it attracts by Golden Mean braiding electromagnetic waves into the zero still point. Why have we always associated love with gravity? Why do we use words like I’m attracted to you, like the moon is to the Earth, when we’re in love with someone? Why has our emotion always been associated with weight? Why are we heavy in love?

When Isaac Newton saw the apple fall from the tree, he had just discovered gravity. He ran off to tell others and explained the principle of gravity by saying that the apple is attracted to the Earth. The people stared and laughed at him, the whole idea seemed preposterous, how could an apple be attracted to the Earth? Are they in love? Only people in love are attracted to each other. It took Newton a long time before people started to get used to the idea of gravity as a force of attraction. In those days, Newton would have done better to take other words to explain the principles of gravity.

However taking Daniel Winter’s theory of gravity literally, the word attraction seems just fine; it now seems appropriate three hundred years after Newton to say that the Earth and the moon are in love and that it is gravitation that is drawing a man to a woman!

Daniel Winter also used his Heart Tuner on a trained yogi who went into a deep state of meditation. Formerly he had instructed the yogi to focus on a tree and to send loving thoughts to the tree. He placed an antenna near the tree and linked both the yogi and the antenna near the tree to his Heart Tuner.

The antenna under the tree picked up the Earth’s electromagnetic Schumann waves. The Schumann waves named after German Professor W.O Schumann were discovered in 1952. The Schumann waves are a result of the Schumann resonance, a frequency resonation of about 8 Hertz that occurs between upper layers in the atmosphere and the Earth’s crust. It is called Gaia’s heartbeat.

The Schumann resonance is somehow related to human consciousness since brainwaves operate in a frequency domain that includes the 8-Hertz Schumann frequency. Spacecraft of NASA are all equipped with a device that simulates the natural Schumann resonance frequency. From early space travel NASA learned that astronauts get disoriented and distressed when they are shut off from the Schumann resonance. As a human beings we depend on it.

Daniel Winter demonstrated that the trees in the woods act like huge antenna that pick up the Schumann frequencies and amplify it. When hooked up to the Heart Tuner he noticed first of all that the yogi’s ECG and EGG were coherent as expected from earlier experiments. However he also found that the yogi’s brainwaves and heartbeats had become coherent with the Schumann resonance of the Earth!

What he demonstrated with his experiment is that when we feel love we tune into and become one with nature itself. Daniel Winter now believes that all biologic life depends on the Schumann resonance as the carrier wave, the long Phi wave to braid electromagnetic Golden waves. Humans can link up to biology and to mother Earth itself for that matter. The heartbeat of this planet is the Schumann resonance. It may be the explanation why a walk in the woods is so refreshing and why people like to spend time in nature. Being completely shut off from the Schumann resonance at high altitudes in a plane where the fuselage acts like a big Faraday cage, is now believed to contribute to the effects of a jetlag.

Daniel Winter warns us of the hazards of electromagnetic smog in our biosphere; it destructively interferes with biology itself and finally causes cancer. We’ve shielded ourselves from the natural Schumann resonance and the Earth grid energies by hiding in concrete buildings and by destroying the green forests of the globe, the antennas that amplify the Schumann resonance.

The power grid in the United States that drains current into the Earth causes the worst case of electromagnetic pollution and this activity should be stopped immediately according to Dan Winter!


Torsion waves

Nikola Tesla around 1900 was the first to experiment with two spiral coils (caduceus shaped). He fed the two coils with opposing alternating currents such that they would create electromagnetic fields that would be self-cancelling. Although the electromagnetic fields were cancelled out, he demonstrated that his Tesla coils were nevertheless able to transmit energy over long distances. He had actually discovered a new form of energy.

Remarkably Tesla’s waves did not loose energy at the inverse square of the distance as normal electromagnetic energy does, even over long distances there was no loss of energy to be noticed.

Tesla’s work on this revolutionary new form of energy was almost forgotten in history. It retrospect it seems his work was too revolutionary to be accepted by society in the last century, especially its application of free-energy. This is why his work nearly disappeared without trace.

Fortunately the same form of new energy was independently discovered in the nineteen fifties by Russian astrophysicist Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev (1908-1983). Kozyrev’s discoveries were kept secret by the Soviet Union during the cold war. It was only after the fall of the Iron Curtain that Kozyrev’s discoveries were slowly revealed to the West. In the Soviet Union thousands of academics have delved into this subject after Kozyrev’s initial discovery of this new form of energy. Kozyrev proved the existence of the ether once and for all.

This new energy is neither electromagnetic in nature nor does it relate to gravity as it stands on its own. The new form of energy discovered by Kozyrev is a spiralling non-Hertzian electromagnetic wave that travels through the vacuum at super-luminal speeds, a billion times (10. C) faster than light. Due to the spiralling nature of the wave, the wave is called a torsion wave since it traces a spiralling path!

According to independent researcher David Wilcock the torsion wave also traces a perfect Phi spiral! Torsion waves are called non-Hertzian waves since they do not obey the classical theory of Hertz and Maxwell.

Einstein and Dr. Eli Cartan predicted the existence of static torsion fields in 1913 in a theory that became known as the Einstein-Cartan Theory or ECT for short. Torsion fields never got very much interest in physics until Kozyrev discovered their actual existence.

We have already discussed torsion waves in chapter 4 about the zero point field, where we mentioned that Tom Bearden discovered that the fundamental wave in the electromagnetic wave is a scalar wave. The scalar wave is the wave that remains when two opposite electromagnetic waves interfere cancelling out the electric and magnetic field components, just like Tesla did. The result is a hitherto unrecognised component in the electromagnetic wave, a longitudinal wave vibrating in the same direction it is travelling.

Maxwell’s classical electromagnetic wave theory that is still the prevailing theory today for electromagnetism does not allow for scalar waves and accounts for transverse electromagnetic waves only. These transverse Hertzian waves named after Heinrich Hertz, are created when electric charges oscillate from side to side in a dipole antenna. At a distance they will induce a transverse force on a charge in a distant radio receiver antenna when aligned perpendicular to the propagated direction of the Hertzian wave. Scalar waves, lacking transverse polarity, are generated in a totally different way and cannot be received with a normal dipole antenna, the antenna used in all of our ordinary electronic receivers.

This is also the explanation for why this new form of energy has not been discovered much earlier. Tom Bearden’s scalar waves now get support from Paul La Violette whose sub quantum kinetics theory not only predicts the Hertzian transverse waves but also Tesla’s longitudinal scalar waves. According to Paul La Violette a monopole antenna such as a charged sphere will create longitudinal scalar potential waves when periodically charged and discharged. Scalar potential waves can and have been detected using a Bendini detector.

To prevent the misconstruing of scalar and torsion waves mentioned in this book, they are synonyms for the same wave.

Scalar or torsion waves now seem to play a significant role in explaining our physical reality. Although torsion fields are very weak they can be measured using torsion beam balances that were first developed by Kozyrev. Torsion waves create minute forces in matter and that’s how they can be detected.

Torsion fields can be either static or dynamic. Static torsion fields can take on the form of vortexes like the one mentioned in the implosion physics of Daniel Winter. These static vortex torsion fields in the fabric of the vacuum space can stay in one place for a very long period of time.

Kozyrev discovered that torsion fields can also propagate through space as torsion waves at tremendous speeds at least one billion times the speed of light (10. C).

Kozyrev noticed that all physical objects both absorb and radiate torsion waves. By shaking, vibrating, deforming, heating and cooling physical objects they generate measurable torsion waves. Even the displacement of an object generates torsion waves that can be measured. All movement therefore from the vibrations of atoms to the orbits of our planets and stars leaves their traces in the form of torsion waves in the ether.

A very remarkable phenomenon that Kozyrev discovered by rotating gyroscopes is that they lose very small but measurable amounts of weight. Also firmly shaking objects could make objects lose weight. Now from our current understandings of physics this is quite impossible! It violates all physical laws, how can solid matter lose weight when it is spun at high speeds or shaken? If we still believe that matter is made of little hard marbles called particles, yes this would be a great mystery! However Kozyrev showed that the gyroscopes shed more torsion waves when shaken or spun, so that etheric energy that sustains the object was shed back into the background sea of the ether. The momentary loss of ether energy accounted for the weight drop.

Dr. Harold Aspden of Cambridge University discovered a related phenomenon. He attached a powerful magnet to a gyroscope and spun it at high speeds. He measured the amount of energy required to accelerate the gyroscope to full speed to be a 1000 Joules. Now to his surprise when he stopped the gyroscope from spinning and restarted the gyroscope to spin again within 60 seconds after it stopped, it required 10 times less energy to spin the gyroscope to the same speed. The spin of the gyroscope had added extra spin to the ether that sustains the gyroscope that lasted for a while before it wore off, rather like the momentum stored in the tea of a teacup after stirring it with a teaspoon. We now know that spinning magnets are strong torsion wave generators.

Another violation of the laws of Newton with respect to torsion fields comes from Bruce De Palma. He conducted experiments where he catapulted two identical steel balls at the same speed under the same angle into the air. The only difference between the balls was that one of the balls was rotating at 27000 revolutions/minute and the other was not. The spinning ball reached far higher into the air than the non-spinning ball. By the spinning of the ball torsion fields were created that caused a slight change in the total mass of the ball.

Kozyrev discovered that stars also radiate torsion wave energy and postulated that these torsion waves were generated due to the spinning of the stars. From his astronomical observations of stars using dedicated telescopes to measure the torsion wave radiation, he noticed that the star radiated this torsion wave energy from a location in the sky that must be the true position of the star whereas the visible light of the star reveals the position of the star many years ago since it took many light-years before this light reached the Earth.

From this observation he concluded that the torsion wave must travel at super-luminal speeds. He even noticed that torsion wave radiation was received in a location in the sky that revealed the future position of the star! Since torsion waves travel at super-luminal speeds, they can cross the time barrier and ‘move’ into the future.

Since the Earth also radiates torsion waves and this torsion radiation is much stronger near the poles, Kozyrev’s experiments are geographical location dependant. He also noticed that his effects could only be measured during the cold periods of the year. In the summer the intense solar torsion waves interfered with the torsion waves of his experiments. Our Sun is the greatest torsion wave generator in our Solar System.

Torsion waves flow in and out of all physical matter and atoms are basically all torsion wave generators.

The counter rotating Phi spiralling electromagnetic waves in the implosion physics of Daniel Winter that spiral into the nucleus of the atom, likewise cancel the electromagnetic components of the electromagnetic waves and result in a torsion wave.

Russian science has actually many names for Daniel Winter’s electromagnetic energy vortexes such as spin fields, torsion fields and axion fields; they are all vacuum spin fields. The doughnut and vortex structures of spiralling Golden Mean waves described by Daniel Winter are forms of static torsion fields. The spiralling into the zero still point of the electromagnetic vortex creates the following effects:

• It accumulates ‘infinite’ energy due to the implosion of the waves into smaller and smaller wavelengths. The shorter the wavelength the more energy is contained in the spiralling wave. Like the tornado accumulates energy and focuses it into the eye of the tornado, the electromagnetic vortex accumulates energy into its still-point. Notice that it is the extreme spinning of air molecules in the eye of a tornado that gives it its immense destructive power.

• A spin field of electromagnetic energy stores inertia (the resistance to movement). The more spin, the more inertia is stored. The same inertia effect is demonstrated by spinning tops and gyroscopes that resist any change to their momentum. If we appreciate these two effects created by torsion fields, we may start to understand why matter and energy are interchangeable (Einstein’s famous formula E=m* c^2) and what it is that gives matter its solidness.

If we organise vortex spin fields of electromagnetic energy in the organisation patterns of the Platonic solids we call an atom, we may now understand that:

• Matter is a dense form of accumulated energy

• Matter internally has properties of inertia that gives it mass.

So in reality, there is really nothing solid about matter. Mass is the illusion of a solid thing, it’s the Maya of the material world mentioned by the Tao.

This illusion is sustained by the stored inertia in the waves and has tricked science to maintain a false concept of inertia. We’ve always believed that inertia is an inherent property of mass, but the truth is just the opposite, the stored inertia of spinning electromagnetism in a local region of space creates the effect we observe as mass!

There is little known in Western science about torsion fields created by matter spun at high speeds. NASA has just recently launched a satellite in April 2004 to investigate the spin fields of the planets in our Solar System. Since most scientists believe that the spin field is a property of matter, they fail to recognise that it is the torsion field that creates matter in the first place.

Bruce de Palma’s spinning gyro experiments proved that gyroscopes actually lose weight. This phenomenon is totally unexplainable within the current scientific paradigm, however if we understand that by spinning an object we change the overall electromagnetic spin stored in the object, we may see why it has a feeble but measurable affect on its mass.

We can now also start to see why Haisch & Rueda, discussed in chapter 4 ‘The Zero Point Field’, were able to prove Newton’s famous law of inertia F=m * a. They proved that inertia is the effect caused by accelerating mass through the zero point field. Well since the electromagnetic vortex within the atom stores both zero point energy and inertia, we’re not surprised to find a correlation here.

Static torsion fields in the form of vortexes in the ether and the spiralling torsion wave travelling at super-luminal speeds are getting more and more attention in Western science. According to some, torsion waves are the missing link in the search for a final ‘theory of everything’, Einstein’s unified field theory. It seems that electromagnetism, gravity and torsion waves are all members of the same family; they are just different forms of ether vibrations.

The most astonishing fact that may prove that a ‘theory for everything’ is within reach, is the fact that Kozyrev discovered that human thoughts and feelings are generating torsion waves as well. He has been able to measure torsion waves that were caused by sudden human emotional changes. So what Kozyrev proved was that:

Consciousness is related to ether vibrations.

Our very thoughts and emotions create torsion waves that travel at super-luminal speeds to the far ends of the universe.

Torsion waves may be the physics for telepathy, the ability of mind reading between two individuals. Since torsion waves can physically affect matter, they may also be the explanation for psycho kinesis or PK, the ability to mentally change physical objects. Stage performer and spoon bender Uri Geller has always demonstrated these abilities in front of large audiences. Although many still think he was a conman, he has been subjected to scientific scrutiny but they could never disprove his ability. During the cold war Russian scientists experimented a lot with psychics because they believed that their abilities were genuine.

Now we may remember from chapter 3 ‘Science and Consciousness’ the research programs of Dr. William Tiller into the effects of human intention. He used test persons to imprint their intentions into his IIED device and asked them to manipulate the outcome of an experiment, for instance the lowering of the acidity of water. The IIED device was placed in a room for extended periods of time and the effect of lowering the acidity of water could clearly be measured.

After a while the IIED device could be removed from the room and the effect continued. The room had somehow become conditioned. Now the conditioning of this room may be explained by the presence of static torsion fields that were imprinted in the physical vacuum of the room by human intention! These torsion fields created by means of human intention are able to create subtle changes in matter.

In 1984, Dankachov showed that static torsion fields could also be memorized in water. Water proves to be a good medium for storing static torsion fields.

The late French biologist Jacques Beneviste has proven that water is able to memorize the constitution of chemical compounds that were dissolved in it. Somehow a torsion field can be created in water that is a fingerprint of the chemicals dissolved in the water. After diluting the water a great number of times such that no possible molecules of the original chemical compounds could be found, the heavily diluted water still maintained its properties as if the original compounds were still in there. What had happened is that although no molecular traces could be found in the water, there was still the imprint in the water of the original torsion field of the chemical compounds.

Beneviste also demonstrated that by simply placing a second bottle next to the first one he could copy the properties of the water from one bottle to the other. The torsion field of the first bottle of water was induced into the second!

Prof. Dr. David Schweitzer is able to photograph this memory effect of water. He has a fairly simple method to measure the water memory effect of water and the imprint they leave behind in the water. He takes a water drop and allows it to dry up at a tilted angle. Next he investigates the dried up water drop under a microscope and shows how interesting light structures become visible.

The memory effect of water may be a physical explanation for homeopathy. Many people are very sceptical about homeopathy because how can clear water that has been diluted so many times such that all chemical compounds are gone still have a medical effect? Pure water can’t have a healing effect can it? However the invisible torsion fields that are present in the water may be the reasonable explanation for this phenomenon.

The imprint of human intention into the ice crystals of Dr Masaru Emoto is yet another example that can be explained by torsion waves radiated by human thoughts and emotions. The torsion fields created by human intention are simply memorized in water. At an invisible level the internal structure of water has changed. After freezing the water these changes manifested in the different shapes of the ice crystals and were visible to the naked eye.

At Sound Energy Research they create torsion field imprints in water using scalar (torsion) wave technologies. They treated distilled water with scalar waves and a dedicated coil developed by Dr. Glen Rein. The result is structured water called scalar wave structured water™. They sent samples of this water to Dr Masaru Emoto who froze the water samples and studied the crystals. They formed perfect hexagonal structured ice crystals. This is yet another example that indirectly proves that consciousness and torsion waves are related since both human conscious intention and scalar waves seem to produce the same results in Dr Masaru Emoto’s experiments with ice crystals.

Sound Energy Research sells their programmed ‘smart’ water in bottles in three different flavours. By using different intentions they added different programming to the water. The water is said to have relaxing and healing properties.


Akasha field

Torsion waves are very remarkable waves as they never wear off, they propagate to the far corners of the universe without losing their power and in this respect they have eternal life. Torsion waves as they travel through the physical vacuum do not encounter any friction; therefore they maintain their energy.

As torsion waves traverse the universe they interfere with other torsion waves. Over time they weave a tapestry of the history of all that has ever happened within the universe from the movement of the smallest sub atomic particle, to the revolution of the planets, and the expansion of galaxies. Remember that torsion waves are generated by many phenomena such as the vibration or displacement of matter, electromagnetic energy and our conscious thoughts to name a few.

Torsion fields are therefore information fields as they encode everything that has left its traces in the form of torsion waves in this universe. This boils down to the recording of every little thought that was ever thought and every little move that was ever made. The interference patterns of the torsion waves form a huge hologram that permeates the whole of the universe.

Just like the waves of the seas form an interference pattern that in theory allows us to decode the movement of the ships that stirred its surface, likewise torsion waves theoretically allow us to decode the history of our universe. The only difference between the waves at sea and the torsion waves is that the sea waves eventually loose their energy as they crest at the shores. The superposition of torsion waves and their memory capacity however is limitless and eternal.

Torsion waves allow for information transfer across the universe, connecting every atom with every other atom and since torsion waves travel at super luminous speeds they could be the explanation of the non-local effects that were predicted in theory and empirically discovered in quantum physics. The information field created by torsion waves allows for a coherent whole of the universe, connecting every little atom with all other matter in the universe, informing it of its whereabouts and activity.

In fact scientists are discovering a very high state of coherence in our physical universe that cannot easily be explained if the universe is a bunch of single individual parts of atoms, molecules, planets and stars that only maintain contact by separate forces such as gravity acting upon them. Quantum entangled particles keep their coherent relation eternally and are not bothered by any distance separating them whether it be a few millimetres or the distance of a galaxy. These coherent relations can only be explained if an invisible field permeates the universe that interconnects them.

The information field described above is termed the A-field by Professor Emeritus Ervin Laszlo. Laszlo in the last four decades developed an integral theory for everything; instead of specialising in one particular field, Laszlo has studied many fields of science and finally developed an integral system theory. According to Laszlo the A-field is more fundamental than energy and matter in the universe. It’s this primordial information field that is the ground of our universe interconnecting everything with everything rendering our view of separate entities in this universe useless. In his system theory there are no separate entities at all; ‘separate’ entities that we observe in our universe are all embedded in one seamless interwoven net of connections.

The A-field of torsion waves may be new to science but its existence has been known for thousands of years in the East. The only new thing about it is that it is being rediscovered by western science. Eastern spiritual tradition has named this field the Akasha field.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning radiating or shining, it’s a synonym for ether. Akasha is the womb of creation bringing forth every physical aspect that can be perceived with the senses according to eastern traditions.

In ancient eastern spirituality the history written within the Akasha field is called the Askashic chronicles, the book of life that records everything that has ever happened or will happen in the universe. The Akashic chronicles or Akashic records contain the story of every soul that ever lived on this planet.

The Akashic records are holographic torsion fields of individuals that embed in larger holograms of groups of peoples such as nations. The holograms of nations weave the hologram of humanity on Earth and resembles what Carl Jung called the collective mind of man. The A-field or Akasha field can explain the psychic abilities reported by many people to see into the past and know about events that took place in this world that were not perceived by any personal cognitive conscious experience. The Akashic records are the storehouse of information that has been consulted by all great seers throughout the ages including Edgar Cayce.

The author of this book personally testifies that psychic gifted people are able to read the Akashic records. In the past I have been consulting a paranormal practitioner for a long time. Being born as a very sceptical person, my disbelief in the paranormal however eventually melted as I was confronted with many unusual cures that I could not explain. I also shared many experiences with other clients of this practitioner during the long waiting hours in the waiting room.

During one of my consultations I handed him a photograph of someone close to me without disclosing any prior details about the person in the picture, not a single word. I simply asked if he could help this person. He held his hand above the picture to sense it while he started to reveal to me what had happened to this person in clear details and quiet explicitly explained the situation this person was in. The information hit me right in the face for I knew he was right. I was totally flabbergasted by the experience since there was no way he could know the details he was revealing to me! From this moment on I knew with absolute certainty that there was something fundamentally missing in my understanding of what I believed to be my materialistic reality.

To me this personal experience changed my scepticism about the paranormal once and for good. After my first experience I met and talked to several people with paranormal abilities. I can therefore from my own experience testify that psychic abilities to read the Akashic records are real and that indeed everything that has every happened in this world must be written in the vacuum fabric of space and time. Human consciousness is able to read this book of life.

Today I believe there is no woman more convincingly demonstrating her psychic abilities than the famous American medium Char Margolis. She conducts readings on TV-shows where she is able to give the most amazing details about the deceased loved-ones, always starting by spelling out the names of the spirits she’s contacting! She is able to see spirits, read thoughts and foresee events reading from the Akashic records. Her mission is to show people that death is not the end but really the start of a new beginning. She is also here to tell us that each one of us has these innate intuitive abilities just like she has.

I think everyone of us at least has had one or more experiences in his life where he or she suddenly had access to information not perceived by the senses. What we call intuition, a sudden insight or feeling that informs us about a situation, may be explained by moments of unconsciously tapping into the Akasha field and having access to information we can’t logically explain. Sometimes we just know things!

Twins who are emotionally very close often keep a telepathic contact and unconsciously know about each other especially when the other twin half is in distress. Twins often have an ability called twin-pains; they are able to sense the pain of the other half in cases of, for instance, a severe toothache.

Owners of a dog know that their dogs are often mysteriously able to sense when their humans return home after a long day at the office. Animals in nature are able to sense a pending Earthquake. Hours before the actual quake animals start to respond very nervously as if they sense something terrible is about the happen. Earthquakes are accompanied by a tremendous release of torsion waves as a result of the frictions that occur in the Earth crust prior to the quake itself. These intensified torsion waves are most likely sensed by the animals’ consciousness and may explain their nervous behaviour in anticipation of the quakes.

Humanity has somehow lost its paranormal abilities that are still common in animals. During the tragic events of the tsunami that took place on the 26th December 2004, rescue workers in the aftermath of the earthquake were amazed to find an almost complete absence of dead wildlife although there were so many human casualties. The reason may be that animals used their 6th sense and felt the impending disaster that caused them to flee to safer places in the higher mountains.

It seems our current understanding of psychic abilities and the paranormal is finally catching up. Explanations for psychic abilities have now come into the domain of science that for the first time in history is able to give a rational explanation for these abilities that have been ignored, ridiculed and dismissed out of hand for so long in the West.


Such Spiritual Science is now explaining the reality of our world and revealing the awesome power of human consciousness.

The power of human consciousness is something that the alien Grays have every reason to fear. Grays are, however, unable to overcome the power of high consciousness human thought. The Omega technology is also useless against spiritually charged people.

Our survival as a species will depend on our ability to quickly learn to use the power of human thought to defend ourselves and our loved ones against the Grays and governments who have turned Australia into a secret fortress at their behest. This does not imply the use of consciousness to kill Grays or those humans who have been stupid enough to serve them. It means standing up and defending ourselves in non-lethal ways. And it means saying "No more" to the system of government that allows furtive control of Australia and its population.

But before all that, it means letting the scales drop from our eyes and seeing what's really happening; what's really being done with our taxes, in our name, but for the benefit of a non-human species which has a relatively low capacity for love and compassion.

When we fully see their weakness we will know our strength.