2nd Renaissance


Beyond Industrial Capitalism and Nation States



This freesite contains explicit truth and new ideas.
The content could turn you from an obedient subject to a rabid secessionist.
You might become a new tribalist and a Leaver-Giver.
You could help save the world.

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We are experiencing a second great Renaissance in knowledge, technologies and thought. There is a growing body of opinion and literature that recognises the many new realities and opportunities facing us. But most individuals, businesses and institutions, continue to think and act too conventionally.

This freesite puts the case for radical advancement, coupled with the sound and ethical use of the new abundance stemming from the digital and scientific revolutions that are sweeping us forward. It demands far more than evolutionary change and a wide revision of old attitudes and behaviours. What is called for is a complete transformation, from one level of civilization to another that is higher and better in every way.

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... Learn About Suppressed Inventions - Help Keep The Knowledge Alive [206]
The logic of capitalist economics is warped and, as a result, capitalism has failed to improve the living standards of the majority of the people on this planet. Despite two industrial revolutions, and many scientific discoveries and technological advances, five billion people still struggle to exist on less than two US dollars a day. This surely qualifies capitalism and the people who practice and advocate it as abject failures. The truth is that capitalism is not about improving anything, it is about profiting from trade in scarce, highly priced commodities, goods, and services. The key words are 'scarce' and 'highly priced'.

A single true story can make this point clear. The story is about the invention of a means of transmitting both signals and electrical power directly through the earth. This discovery raised the practical opportunity to supply free power to any point on the planet, no matter how remote it might be, and without the need for any transmission lines or costly sub-stations. The man who invented and built a device to do this was Nicola Tesla..

Tesla was not some hare-brained backyard inventor. A Croatian by birth, Tesla immigrated to the US in 1884. After gaining initial employment with Thomas Edison and later working for George Westinghouse, he went on , as Robert Lomas has put it, to 'invent the 20th century'. In his book on Tesla, Lomas recounts how, when the inventor was born in the midst of a violent electrical storm, in 1856, the midwife said that the infant Tesla was 'a child of the storm'. Lomas observes that, "She could not have known how accurate this description would be for a man who was destined to create artificial lightning strong enough to shake the world."

Lomas also writes of the early interest in electricity that was to become a lifelong focus for Tesla and which would lead to his knowing more about this manifestation of energy than any other human being.

After he had become the first scientist and engineer to work out how to harness alternating current (AC) in dynamos and motors, as well as inventing, among many other things, various tuned circuits, the electric transformer, fluorescent lighting, neon bulbs, an electron microscope, and an atom smasher that was lighter and more efficient than anything in use today, Tesla investigated the phenomenon of lightning. He did this in Colorado Springs, in 1899. The following excerpts are from Tesla's own writing, reproduced in Jonathan Eisen's book, Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries.

It was this latter concept, of the worldwide distribution of power to any point at which it was needed, and with negligible loss, that was to eventually end Tesla's career and all but destroy his work relating to his magnifying transmitter. He was subsequently to be denied funding for such a project, from any sources in the US, and he was to be driven out of business, totally written out of scientific texts, and widely discredited. Although he lived into his eighties, Tesla died in poverty, a forgotten man, and a whole room full of notes relating to his Magnifying Transmitter went missing, believed to have been taken away by US federal agents or the military.

Tesla was arguably one of the most outstanding geniuses of the late 19th century. But he was never astute in business, being far too naive and trusting. Tesla thought that everyone would readily support a discovery that would make energy available to all, and do much to end poverty and scarcity in the world. The capitalist/militarist establishments of the US thought quite differently.

Initially, the dream of a far better world began to materialise for Tesla when he moved back to Long Island and constructed a facility he named Wardenclyffe. This massive device, which is pictured below, was ostensibly intended to help his financial backer, J.P.Morgan, to compete with Marconi in the new overseas wireless communications market. When Tesla told him that his new project would transmit 'intelligence' to the world Morgan assumed that he meant that it would use radio communications. But Tesla did not mean anything of the sort.

Being naturally secretive about his work, Tesla refrained from telling Morgan the full extent of the capability of the Magnifying Transmitter that he was constructing. Eventually, when he deemed the time was right, Tesla revealed to his backer the full potential of the tower at Wardenclyffe.

Once Morgan understood that the Magnifying Transmitter could make electricity freely available anywhere in the world, by simply driving a rod into the ground and hooking up appliances, and that the source of the energy it could distribute was essentially free, Tesla received no further funding. While Tesla's attitudes were those of a leaver-giver, J.P.Morgan's ethic was staunchly taker. He would have immediately recognised the threat the new technology posed to the very foundation of capitalism - artificial scarcity.

Once it was noted that Tesla believed that the totally new form of energy, which he termed 'Radiant Energy', had the ability to raise the level of human consciousness and improve mental powers, federal agencies and the military began to regard it as a potential weapon, rather than a force for good in the world. Much later, when the military came to realise that Tesla's technology was also capable of delivering explosive power equivalent to millions of tons of TNT, anywhere on the face of the earth with pinpoint accuracy, a large quantity of Tesla's technical notes on the device vanished, never to be seen again.

The 20th Century - One Hundred Years of Wasted Opportunities [207]

By and large, people on the streets marvel at the progress that has been made during the past hundred years. They observe the development of aviation, from the Wright Flyer of 1903 to the B1 Bomber of today, and are filled with pride for humanity. The achievements of the military/industrial complex during the 20th century are thought to be extraordinary. It is widely believed that humanity has advanced faster than anybody could have ever imagined in 1903. However, it was in that very year that J.P.Morgan pulled the plug on Tesla's Wardenclyffe project and then used his influence in financial circles to ensure that the Magnifying Transmitter was never funded again. Although it is true that Tesla's other discoveries and inventions provided the foundation for the second industrial revolution, the advances made there pale in comparison to the gains that humanity could have made if the Magnifying Transmitter had been allowed to bring free energy to the world one hundred years ago. If that had happened humanity would now be orders of magnitude better off than it is today.

Tesla's discovery of an entirely new form of energy was so important that the suppression of his knowledge ranks as one of the greatest ever crimes against the human race. Of course, with the exception of the likely theft of Tesla's notes, the suppression of his invention was all perfectly legal. It wasn't moral, but then, capitalism is never moral.

Radiant Energy [208]

When Tesla was working for Thomas Edison, on direct current (DC), he observed an unexplained phenomenon that was to lead him to his discovery of what he termed 'Radiant Energy.' What to Edison's engineers was a serious nuisance in their power stations was to Tesla a revelation, a glimpse of another, hitherto unknown, form of energy.

When he set up his business to distribute electrical power, Edison, who was a former telegraph operator and used to sending messages long distances with negligible power, had not understand Ohm's law. He failed to appreciate that the resistance offered by long transmission lines would require very high DC voltages to ensure that useable power reached consumers. He found that he had to build generators capable of producing very high voltages and also construct 'pumping stations' along the line, to boost dwindling power levels downstream of his main power station. Engineers and others working in these places frequently encountered a spectacular, and potentially lethal, anomaly. When a switch was thrown in the generating station, and in the instant before any current flowed, purple/blue spikes radiated along the power lines, and people nearby experienced a stinging sensation. Sometimes an unlucky workman would be standing too near and the purple/blue spikes would ground themselves through his body, killing him instantly.

Unlike Edison and his engineers, Tesla did not for a second mistake this effect for normal electricity, he realised that electrons were not responsible because the anomaly only manifested itself while there was no current flowing. Something else was happening, but nobody was interested in exploring what it might be. The engineers were concentrating their efforts on designing the 'fault' out of the system. Tesla, on the other hand, recognised the presence of an unknown, and obviously very powerful, form of energy. From that time he sought to understand and control this power which he was to later term 'Radiant Energy.'

Tesla found that it was the closure of the switch that triggered the release of the bright radiance. He also discovered, by some quite dangerous experimentation, that the effect could be greatly increased by placing a capacitor between the switch and the dynamo. Further increases in the energy could be achieved by raising the voltage, quickening the rate of switching and also shortening the time that the switch was closed.

In his later Wardenclyffe project Tesla combined this knowledge of how to cause radiant energy to manifest itself with what he had learned from his work with lightning at Colorado Springs. There he had discovered something truly amazing. He found that despite its vast size our planet behaves electrically like a small metal ball. He observed lightning strikes setting up standing waves that reverberated throughout the entire earth. (The ripples that you see on the surface of a pond after you drop a stone into it are standing waves.) The right hand figure below illustrates this phenomenon. It shows that pressure or impulse waves travel very rapidly through the earth in resonance with an excitation source, either lightning or an impulse apparatus such as the one Tesla built and successfully operated at Colorado Springs in 1899. The left hand figure illustrates waves measured in the electrically resonant cavity between the earth and the ionosphere, in the late 1950s, by the German physicist W. O. Schumann.

[The diagram "resonancewaves.jpg" can be found in the separate file 2Rdiagrams.rar]

Once he realised that the earth acts like a high voltage capacitor, a vast reservoir of energy, Tesla designed his Magnifying Transmitter to cause it to vibrate at its natural frequencies . His apparatus 'pumped' the energy waves resonating through the earth, much as a parent pushes a child's swing at the appropriate point of its cycle. When the energy was discharged it. "would manifest itself as a spatially distributed voltage that would radiate away from the electrical circuit as a 'light-like ray' that would charge other surfaces within the field."

A great many people who write about Tesla's Radiant Energy, proponents and sceptics alike, make the mistake of equating it with electromagnetic waves. Tesla often referred to radiant energy as 'non-Hertzian' to distinguish it from the electricity and magnetism that we are familiar with today. No less a figure than Sir Oliver Lodge mistook Tesla's technology for high frequency AC electricity. As a consequence the devices used to demonstrate electrical discharges today are mostly Lodge Coils - ordinary alternators - rather than true Tesla Coils. A high frequency AC apparatus discharges violet sparks whereas a true Tesla Coil produces distinctive bright white discharges that are longer and more persistent than those of a Lodge device.

Radiant energy does not alternate within a wire in the form of a current, it flows outside the wire without any current being manifest. To demonstrate this fact Tesla constructed a heavy U-shaped bus-bar with which he effectively shorted a Tesla Coil, in addition he placed several incandescent bulbs across the legs of the bar. Audiences always expected the discharge from the Tesla Coil to burn out the U-shaped short circuit, and probably destroy the dynamo as well. They thought that electricity was about to flow into the short circuit, but Radiant Energy is not electricity. That was the point of Tesla's demonstration.

When he discharged the coil the bus-bar shorting out the apparatus was not affected, no current flowed in it. Instead, the incandescent bulbs lit up brightly, powered by a cold white energy of unknown nature and origin. In his laboratory Tesla hung incandescent bulbs on a rail that ran around the walls. He put a bulb wherever he wanted to work and it lit up without being attached to any electrical source. He routinely handled what appeared to be ball lightning, putting it into a box, covering it with a lid and then taking it out again.

During his Colorado Springs experiments Tesla used his apparatus to light a large bank of incandescent bulbs that required 10,000 watts of power. Moreover, the array of bulbs was not at the site of his transmitter but 26 miles away. No power lines of any sort ran between them. On another occasion, during a test of the transmitter, Tesla produced a bright white 'lightning' bolt some 135 feet long from the ball atop the tower of his transmitter. The thunder was heard 15 miles away in Cripple Creek. People walking the street were astonished by sparks flying between their feet and the ground, and by flames of 'electricity' spouting from taps when they were turned on.

It is important to note that Tesla's Radiant Energy was produced in a form that was harmless, even though a well tuned Tesla Coil was handling millions of volts. Workers in Edison's power stations were certainly killed by discharges of radiant energy, but in those cases it was not controlled or even understood. The same bright white, non-shocking discharges that Tesla produced on innumerable occasions have since been reproduced by several private experimenters and, doubtless, others in the secret world of the military.

The power is sometimes called 'cold electricity' and it can drive all forms of electrical appliances and motors. When it is generated properly it is inherently safe. Tesla was a scientist who first visualised a concept, then did the relevant mathematics and finally built and tested his apparatus in carefully controlled conditions that minimised all known risks.

Tesla was also aware of ancient knowledge of matter and vibrations. In 1893 he had met the Swami Vivekananda who was visiting the US at the time. Tesla subsequently became interested in the Vedas, a collection of Sanskrit manuscripts dating back more than 5,000 years, and dealing, among other things, with the nature of reality, the composition of matter and the nature of atomic structure. The ancient explanations differ markedly from those of Western science, and place great emphasis on vibrations, frequencies and geometries.

As a consequence of his reading of the Vedas, Tesla became fully aware, even before he began investigating Radiant Energy, that some frequencies and vibrations are harmful to life and that others can be very healing. He understood that just as our ears cannot recognise vibrations above 30,000 cycles per second (cps) our bodies cannot be shocked by frequencies above 2,000 cps. Also, he discovered that while impulse durations at or below 100 microseconds would not cause any physiological damage the waves produced would pass through all matter. He used these insights and other knowledge to generate safe power and clear signals that could be transmitted to any point on the planet with as little as 5% loss.

The safety of other electrical resonance technologies used today, particularly those that use high-frequency AC current to oscillate the Schumann cavity in the Earth's atmosphere, cannot be assumed. Not all scientific and military 'experiments' are performed by people as aware of the effects of vibrations on living things as Tesla was. The most infamous example of a dangerous application of electrical resonance is the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) project that is jointly managed by the US Navy and US Air Force. This 'ionosphere heater' uses a massive antenna array in Alaska to focus an electromagnetic beam on selected areas of the sky.

In 2002 ninety Russian deputies signed an appeal against the HAARP program, arguing that such technology, "..would create weapons capable of breaking radio communication lines and equipment installed on spaceships and rockets, provoke serious accidents in electricity networks and in oil and gas pipelines and have a negative effect on the mental health of people populating entire regions."

The Russians should know. Knowledgeable sources in the West believe that the 1960 address by Nikita Kruschev to the Soviet Presidium regarding a powerful new weapon under development referred to a similar technology that is also based on the discoveries, writings and patents of Nikola Tesla.

The New York Times ran the sub-title, "Premier Pins Military Might on Stockpile of Nuclear Arms." Presumably, this was designed to delude its readership into fearing 'only' the power that had devested Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, fifteen years earlier. The USSR already possessed nuclear weapons in 1960, Kruschev was not talking of them. His words recorded in the NY Times article make this clear. "...though the weapons we have now are formidable weapons indeed, the weapon we have today in the hatching stage is even more perfect and even more formidable. The weapon, which is being developed and is, as they say, in the portfolio of our scientists and designers, is a fantastic weapon. ....a weapon so powerful that it could wipe out all life on earth if unrestrainedly employed."

Tesla Did NOT Design Weapons of Mass Destruction [209]

Although various technologies based on radiant energy and the principles of wave resonance are often called "Tesla Weapons' the man himself was not inclined to design such abominations. Tesla spoke, in fact warned, on many occasions about the potential for terrible new weapons, but he did not design or patent any such devices. He proposed a defensive shield on one occasion but, more often, he outlined the many benefits that his Radiant Energy could bring to humanity. These included global communications, abundant 'free' energy, miraculous healing therapies, and the elevation of human consciousness to higher levels of comprehension and clarity.

There is conjecture, on several sites on the WWW, that Tesla was responsible for the enormous Tunguska explosion in Siberia, in 1908. It is argued that, starved of recognition and funding by the influential J.P.Morgan, Tesla attempted to gain attention by using his apparatus at Wardenclyffe as a 'Tesla Howitzer' - or a super-weapon of mass destruction - to create a large explosion within sight of the Peary expedition to the North Pole which was wintering at Ellesmere Island at the time. There is speculation, and that is all it is, that Tesla might have chosen to 'test' his Magnifying Transmitter in the open area between Peary and the Pole. Given the world attention on the expedition such a spectacular display of power would not have gone unnoticed or unreported, or so the reasoning goes. The theory is given some credence by the fact that the hypothetical target area north of Peary's winter base lies on a great circle line between Wardenclyffe and Tunguska. But that's about the extent of the case against Tesla. He is said to have 'made a mistake' in aiming his apparatus, due to imprecision of the available terrestrial measurements of his day. He is said to have sought attention and financial gain from a relatively 'safe' explosion that went wrong. None of these suppositions fit the known attitudes and personality of the man who invented the 20th century.

The explosion that occurred on the 30th of June, 1908, in the Tunguska region of Siberia, remains the most powerful unexplained blast in recorded history. It was heard over a radius of more than 600 miles, it flattened some 500,000 acres of pine forest around the blast site, it registered on seismographs in countries as far away as the US, it caused a 'pillar of fire' so high that it was observed in Siberian towns several hundred miles distant, it produced dense clouds to an altitude of more than 12 miles and caused 'black rain' over a wide area, Just as the dust from the explosion of the Karakatoa volcano, in the East Indies, in 1883, had caused dust in the atmosphere that coloured sunsets and gave rise to bizarre effects in the Northern Lights, the dust from the Tunguska explosion resulted in similar effects and gave rise to great speculation in the media of the day.

Yet, when the Russian scientist, Leonid Kulik, was finally able to reach the remote blast site in 1927, he found no crater whatsoever. Pine trees at the centre of the blast zone stood blackened and erect, but entirely stripped of branches, foliage, and even bark. Two Western authors of a 1976 book about the explosion, John Baxter and Thomas Atkins, drew striking parallels with trees at Hiroshima that were directly beneath 'Little Boy' when it detonated 2,000 feet above that city in 1945. Around the central clump of standing Tunguska pine trees the remaining forest, also stripped to bare trunks, fanned out, lying at angles that initially seemed to indicate the direction in which the object that caused the explosion was travelling at the time. Interestingly, seismic comparisons and other calculations show that whatever it was that exploded at Tunguska in 1908 dwarfed the atomic weapons of mass destruction used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the US military.

Despite the fact that Kulik spent many years attempting to prove that the Tunguska explosion was caused by a meteorite he was unsuccessful. After WWII, in which Kulik had died, others took up the investigation. One of these scientists was Aleksander Kazantsev, who noted the similarities to an atomic blast. Radiation was detected at the site and people reported their relatives dying from an 'unseen fire' in the weeks and months after the explosion.

Another post-war researcher was Felix Ziegal, who was a professor of aerodynamics at the Moscow Institute of Aviation. He calculated, from 'flash shadows' in a village 125 miles south of the blast site, that the heat of the event must have reached tens of millions of degrees. This was even greater than the heat that caused similar shadows at Hiroshima and led Ziegel and others to conclude that the explosion at Tunguska, at the start of the 20th century and well before the discovery of atomic weapons, was nuclear. The conclusions of Baxter and Atkins, in The Fire Came By, largely support this hypothesis.

Ziegal not only showed that a great blast of radiation seemed to have occurred, he destroyed the meteorite and comet theories by careful studies of the reported track of the object and the non-ballistic, 'directive' pattern of the blast, as recorded by the fallen pines at the site of the explosion.

The first sightings of a 'fiery', 'metallic', 'cylindrical' object in the skies came from western China. Caravans traversing the Gobi Desert regarded the fire in the sky with awe. Ziegal and his associates calculated that at that time, dawn on the day of the explosion, the object was at an altitude of some 80 miles. The data for many well-documented sightings of the object as it sped towards Tunguska then yielded a startling result. When he plotted the reports Ziegal found that the fire in the sky had obviously changed direction while in flight. No comet or meteorite is capable of manoeuvring in that way.

The analysis supported Kazantsev's theory that the cause of the blast was a nuclear explosion in some form of intelligently controlled space vehicle that was attempting to land in Siberia. This might seem an outlandish supposition to many people, but it was the direction in which Russian research led. They started out believing in a meteorite and ended up thinking something entirely different. One thing is, however, quite certain. Whatever caused the Tunguska explosion had nothing to do with the, by then, reclusive inventor Nikola Tesla.

'Free' Energy is REAL [210]

Despite the absence of any commercialisation of Tesla's discovery of Radiant Energy in the 19th century, and the ongoing denials of institutionalised science that such energy is even possible, 'free' energy is real and happening in sheds and workshops throughout the world. During most of the 20th century the Feds, and the economic interests they represent, were able to clamp down on any 'free' energy devices that appeared. Large numbers of workable inventions in this and other fields of technology were ruthlessly suppressed by authorities.

But it is now becoming more and more difficult for governments and vested industrial interests to contain 'free' energy devices and maintain artificial scarcity and energy markets that are dominated by a small club of, so called, 'developed' nations. The same forces that are creating the 2nd Renaissance are liberating underground experimenters and inventors. Radiant Energy is real and now the times are changing sufficiently for it to take its rightful place and form - in the service of free people, and for peaceful rather than military purposes.

Several Factors Facilitated the Suppression of 'Free' Energy [211]

Throughout the entire 20th century the people of this planet were denied the near magical benefits of abundant, safe, and almost costless energy. Several factors combined to make it possible for governments to suppress Tesla's legacy for so long.

Patents are simply not granted on inventions that do not work. Those who think that it is impossible to use one form of power to resonate the earth and then draw off limitless amounts of another form of energy should remember that not only did Tesla demonstrate this phenomenon to the satisfaction of the US Patent Examiners, other researchers have since been able to replicate this process. The difficulty that you or I might encounter, were we to work from Tesla's patent documents, is that of missing knowledge. Patent attorneys and inventors included only sufficient information to uniquely describe a patented device or process. They did not spell out the 'how' and 'why' of constructing and operating an invention. This was done to protect the commercial interest of the inventor. Tesla held some 700 patents worldwide, of which those for his Magnifying Transmitter are probably the most important because it unlocks a hitherto unknown energy field. Many of Tesla's patents are accessible to anybody who cares to ask for a copy. What is missing are his notes that explain the innermost secrets of the technology. A entire room full of these notes vanished, and they held the real knowledge keys to his inventions.

No list of individual inventors who developed and patented a form of 'free' energy device during the 20th century exists, but if it did it would be extensive. As recently as 2001 two inventors in Cairns, Australia, unveiled a machine that had achieved an international patent and which they expected to be able to market for $4,000 to $5,000. The device, which was developed by John Christie, a mechanical engineer, and Lou Brits, an electrician, is more than 500% efficient. Once it is kick started from a conventional battery the device produces 24 kW of clean power, 24/7. The inventors said that, "If it were not for the magnets, which have a life of 1,300 years, and the battery pack, which has a life of about five years, the machine would be in perpetual motion."

While it is far less radical than Tesla's idea of 'broadcasting' power to everyone on earth, the Christie/Brits generator could revolutionise domestic power supply, if it were ever allowed to do so. Once a household had one of these devices it could not only meet all its own power requirements, it could also feed around 10 kW of energy into the local power grid each day. When a family moved home, it would be practical to take the generator with them to their new residence. Given the long service life of the device, many generations of the family would inherit it, and it would continue to pump out 24 kW of clean power every day.

This sounds too good to be true, but it is not. However, it is too good to be allowed to be true, or to be allowed to be made, or to be allowed to be sold. The energy industry is the largest on the planet. Moreover, it has a fundamental interest in maintaining artificial scarcity, and the old economic order. If the Christie/Brits device, or anything like it, were to be allowed to be made available, every country in the world would soon be on an equal economic footing. The dominant control of the OWO would then be at an end.

In present-day Australia, prior to the inevitable political fragmentation to come, Christie and Brits have absolutely no chance of overcoming the various obstacles that can be put in their way in order to prevent their invention being mass-produced and distributed to power-poor communities in Africa, South America, and other places. To use a colloquial Australian expression, the chances that these two budding entrepreneurs can bring their 'free' energy device to the world are, "Buckleys and None." Once some areas secede from the Australian federation and free cities develop, the situation will be entirely different. Tesla's Radiant Energy can and will power those free cities. Free energy will then be the driver for the creation of abundance, and this will lead to the formation of a Level 4 Civilization. There is not long to wait, free energy and abundance will emerge in many parts of the world within this current decade - before the year 2010.

According to an article in the Cairns Post at the time of the announcement of the Christie/Brits 'free' energy device, the two inventors required only $500,000 to start their first production plant. This is a trifling amount of money when the market for a 'free' 24 kW, 24/7 energy generator is considered. Yet. it was always going to be impossible to raise. Or, if the capital could be found the arrangements were always likely to have 'hooks' to snare control of the technology away from Christie and Brits. This is what happened to Tesla, he was enthusiastic and raring to go, he wanted to help the people of the world. J.P.Morgan lent him just enough funds to get started, but not enough to actually complete anything. The patents of the Magnifying Transmitter were included in the deal, and Morgan gained control of them when he cut off the funding to Wardenclyffe. No more radiant energy would be seen in quantity for one hundred years from that time. Free energy was effectively killed during its birth, and billions of people were to be the losers as a result of that action.

Until the emergence of the Internet and, in particular, the WWW, individual inventors were very isolated from knowledge sources and support networks. Even if a prospective inventor could obtain a copy of one or more of Tesla's patents there was no further information available and it was difficult to find or converse with anyone else who might have a similar interest and, perhaps, some additional knowledge. For much of the 20th century international travel was expensive, and it remains beyond the means of the majority of the people in the world. today. Pre-WWW, most private inventors did not have many opportunities to meet and converse with others seeking similar answers.

Just as the Internet facilitated the interchange of knowledge within institutionalised science, the WWW enabled whole 'communities of interest' to develop outside the institutional frameworks of academia and science. Printed books had much the same effect during the 1st Renaissance, knowledge moved out of closely guarded monastic libraries and into the bazaars. Strands of information and expertise began to be documented and sustained by collective interests. Today, the rapidly growing 'free' energy movement is the equivalent of the medieval interest groups that formed as a consequence of the introduction of the moveable type printing press to Renaissance Europe.

There are many 'free’ energy sites on the WWW, you can explore these at your leisure. The important point to note here is that collective interest in a subject, whether it be tapping energy from the vacuum or bee-keeping, leads to open sharing of knowledge. This is nowhere more evident than in the development of open source software. Freenet is an example, it exists because enough like-minded people want it to exist. There are no patent attorneys or financiers involved, just interested, dedicated, Freenetters. Free energy now has a future because there is a collective movement that is interested in developing such technologies. Instead of private gain from patented inventions the motives of these folk are more altruistic - their goal is to benefit humanity as a whole. Free energy inventors still patent their devices, they wish to avoid exploitation of their work by profit driven corporations. However, in many instances, the new breed of 'open source' free energy wizards are happy to share their knowledge and to see communities build and operate their technology designs.

This is a development of incalculable moment. It marks a point in human history at which the control of science and inventions (in energy, open source software, or whatever) moves from governments and corporations to community collectives and co-operative ventures.

Historians will, at some future time, come to regard this shift as the equivalent of the release of knowledge from guarded medieval libraries and its propagation throughout Europe via the medium of printed books. Such a change in the science and control of energy is one of the preconditions for the formation of a Level 4 Civilization. It is beginning to occur, even as you read this paragraph. Tesla's Radiant Energy legacy is about to bear the fruits that he always envisaged from it.

Scientists in general, not only independent inventors, have been greatly disadvantaged by the development of false scientific theories, early in the 20th century. These false theories and narrowly defined 'laws' have sent many inquiring minds off on wild goose chases into a veritable labyrinth of nonsense that was created at that time by a newly institutionalised, and increasingly atheistic, order in Western science. Only now are the false notions and theories being challenged and either revised or discarded as a result of the efforts of various independent thinkers and researchers. One of the pre-twentieth century theories that is regaining credibility and acceptance is that of the luminiferous ether. The notion of the ether is being revived because it provides a sound explanation for the existence of the radiant energy that Tesla so dramatically generated at his Colorado Springs and Wardenclyffe sites.

According to the ancients the primary substance in the universe was the ether (or aether), until the late 19th century orthodox science agreed with them. Tesla believed in the ether, so did prominent scientists such as Sir Oliver Lodge and Albert Einstein. Today, orthodox science has abandoned the ether theory, and it forms no part of modern scientific education. It would be considered 'old fashioned' and even 'eccentric' to include the ether in any present-day explanations of electromagnetics, gravity, sound, vibration, matter, and the like. Even otherwise adventurous theorists like Vogt and Sultan back away for the idea of an ether. Writing of Nikola Tesla they wrote,

Tesla had a deeper understanding of the theory of the ether than Vogt and Sultan supposed. He not only drew on his practical experience with electromagnetic phenomena he learned to read Sanskrit and he studied the 5,000 years old writings of the Vedas on this and other subjects. His conclusions are not widely recorded, however one of his biographers, John O’Neil, a former science editor of the New York Herald Tribune, found and reproduced an unpublished article by Tesla. Of mankind, Tesla observed the following.

In other writings Tesla said,

Tesla might have been mistaken in his explanations for the phenomena that he worked with so successfully, but if he was in error about the ether he was in some very distinguished company. Moreover, conventional science remains quite unable to explain the source of radiant energy, at least publicly.

Inside the many 'black' projects to develop ever more terrible terror weapons, it might well be the case that scientists and technologists continue to believe in and apply the ether theory in their top-secret work. Perhaps it is only public science - the theories taught in our schools and universities - that denies the existence and role of the ether. The reason for such a situation might be readily summed up in just two words, 'national security'.

How The Ether Theory Was Discredited [212]
Two lines of reasoning were used by the physics establishment to cause the ether theory to be abandoned. False and therefore unproductive theories were substituted to fill the gap left by the removal of the ether, and the teachings of thousands of years within many ancient cultures. First there was the most famous experimental failure, the Michelson-Morley attempt to measure the effect of the ether on light waves, in 1887. Secondly there was the subtle 'alteration' of Einstein's relativity theory, around 1925. This gave the impression that if the theory of the ether was true then the theory of relativity had to be false, and vice versa.

Here is a 'plain language' description of the MM experiment, by Paul Laviolette.

The following simplified diagram (from Beyond The Big Bang, Paul A. Laviolette) shows the arrangement used in the Michelson-Morley experiment. BS is a beam splitter and M1 and M2 are mirrors.

The principle that underlay this table-top experiment was the detection of differences in the relative speeds of the two beams of light when they were merged on the screen of the apparatus.

The experimenters expected that, due to their different speeds, the two light beams would not form a perfect combinational pattern. Rather, they thought, there should be 'fringing' in the pattern. The degree of fringing would indicate the time difference between the beams of light.

When one beam was parallel to the drift of the ether and the other was at right angles to it, the time difference, and the fringing in the interference pattern, would be at a maximum. When the apparatus was oriented so that both beams were at 45o to the drift of the ether, the fringing would be at its minimum.

The whole scientific world, not just Michelson and Morley, received an unexpected shock. There was no difference in the fringing of the interferometer pattern, no matter how the apparatus was oriented. Many other experimenters quickly confirmed this fact. This result was then construed by the scientific establishment as proof that the ether, which had been an accepted part of the lore of physics for thousands of years, did not exist.

In order to consolidate that theoretical position and convert it to official truth, federated physics subtly reinterpreted Einstein's Special Relativity, so that there was then an implied contradiction between it and the long-standing theory of the ether. If one was true the other had to be false. However, Einstein himself never rejected the ether,

What Einstein Said About The Ether and His Relativity Theory [213]

Despite the present-day reliance placed on the 'evidence' of the Michelson-Morley experiment, and the smokescreen of 'contradictions' created by the scientific establishment, the ether can and must exist. No less an authority than Albert Einstein clearly and unambiguously said so. The following excerpts are from an address that Einstein delivered on the 5th of May, 1920, at the University of Leiden, in the Netherlands. They are not necessarily quoted in the same order as they occur in his paper.

The above statements by Albert Einstein should be sufficient to cast doubt on the notion that he saw the theory of the ether and his Theory of Relativity as incompatible. Yet, it is widely reported that the notion of the ether had to be abandoned because of just such a conflict. And, of course, the Michelson-Morley experiment is also cited as a reason to abandon all belief in such a strange notion as an invisible ether.

A 3D Ether Or A 4D Ether? [214]

Contrary to common belief, the existence of an ether remains central to physics and cosmology. We can only speculate as to why the ether was disowned by 20th century physics and replaced by a bizarre quantum model. However, one very likely reason is that the ether is the source of the enormous energy that Nikola Tesla was able to tap.

A taker mentality would view the prospect of such energy in terms of weaponry and warfare. Taker leaders would wish to conceal the true nature of the ether and so mislead rival states that might also seek to develop WMDs based on detailed knowledge of this energy source. Sadly, our Level 3 Civilization is dominated by elites steeped in taker attitudes, thus it is quite likely that the motivation for the subterfuge that is evident in relation to the ether theory, post 1925, was driven by military objectives. Another, parallel, motivation for suppressing the truth about Tesla's Radiant Energy, and where it comes from, is likely to have been the desire of the capitalist West to continue the conditions for economic scarcity and their global economic dominance.

Outside grant-governed science, the many theorists, inventors, technologists, and just plain concerned humans, who continue to explore the nature of the ether, fall into two schools of thought. One group believe that the ether exists in three-dimensional space and can be detected by mechanical experiments such as that attempted by Michelson and Morley. A second group, that is growing in number, believes that the ether forms part of the non-material world, and some of them also believe that the space that the ether fills is four-dimensional.

The first group, of which Paul A. Laviolette is an example, consider that because the Michelson-Morley experiment only measured the round trip velocity of light, and not its one-way velocity, the result was not conclusive. In his book, Beyond The Big Bang, Laviolette cites later experiments by Georges Sagnac, in 1913, and Ernest Silvertooth, in 1987, to support the notion that the ether exists, and that its drift is measurable. By implication, this ether would seem to fill the same 3D space that we inhabit.

The second group consider that the ether is essentially non-material, and that the Michelson-Morley experiment was never going to be able to measure it by mechanical means. We could say that, if this group is correct, Michelson and Morley were seeking to measure the ether drift within the first and second theory domains of the earlier diagram of the Three Theory Domains, whereas the ether actually exists within the third (non-material) domain. One author and inventor who is representative of this group of theorists is the former aerospace designer and rocket-scientist, Leonard G. Cramp.

At this time it is not easy to be sure which group is the more correct. It is entirely possible that they might both be right. Some forms of the ether might exist in 3D space and others might be located in 4D space. A basis for considering this can be found in ancient beliefs. Many ancient cultures believed that there are four main 'elements' comprising Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. It is stated quite categorically, in many ancient texts, that four states of the ether correspond to those elements. These states are the Warmth Ether, the Light Ether, the Tone (or Chemical) Ether, and the Life Ether.

Subsequent development of ancient thinking and statements, by people such as Rudolf Steiner, pair the first two states, Warmth and Light, and the other two, Tone and Life. The Warmth/Light pair exhibit the characteristic of expansion, while the Tone/Life pair tend to concentrate toward a point. Also, there is a correspondence between the four states of the ether and the observable states of: Heat, Gas, Liquid, and Solid. In this sense, heat energy is a state of matter. The cosmological model in use today accords with this idea. First there is enormous heat, later hot gases that are also expanding, as the gases coalesce into the liquid state they concentrate to a point in space, finally the liquids cool and solidify. The '3rd Rock from the Sun' was formed this way, as were all the other planets we observe from our small, insignificant perch in the universe.

If any of the four ethers are eventually proven to exist in 4D space, they are most likely to be the Warmth ether, or primal creative energy, and the Life ether, the energy of the final products of creation. Interestingly, this thinking accords with both the beliefs of tribal shamans, the experiences of specialists in psychic phenomena, and the instincts of present-day environmentalists who subscribe to the 1970s Gaia theory - the Earth as a living organism - of James Lovelock and William Golding. The Vogt and Sultan model is also in tune with these ideas, even although those researchers professed not to believe in the ether.

Doublespace! [215]

Because we use our five senses to discern a three-dimensional, wholly material, world, it is difficult for most of us to visualise 4D space. Many theorists and experimenters have pointed out that we are in the same position as a fish in the ocean, that cannot necessarily visualise water, although it is completely surrounded by it. Leonard G. Cramp gives another illustration, he writes:

Sir Oliver Lodge was an eminent scholar, author, and Professor of Physics at University College in Liverpool. Besides being the inventor of the spark plugs that form part of the ignition system of today's internal combustion engines, he was a staunch proponent of the ether. Here is an excerpt from a 1933 lecture that was published in The Queen's Hospital Annual (Birmingham).

To most people it is inconceivable that such a dense medium could envelop us and our environment without our being aware of it. The ether is, as Lodge explains, far denser than the atmosphere that we are also unaware of. We can imagine how we exist within the atmosphere and move around in it, because we know that it is 'just air', but the ether, as envisaged by Lodge and others, is more solid and packed with more energy than we could ever imagine. How can we possibly move around in something so dense and powerful?

The answer is found in the reality of Doublespace, or conjugate space as some people refer to it. In this concept two types of space exist together, at what we humans might regard, erroneously, as the same place and time. One form of space is the familiar 3D space we experience with our five senses. The second form of space is 4D space which we can only sense with our brains and, to some extent, our eyes (that are an integral part of out brains). We cannot feel, hear, taste or smell 4D space, yet the 3D space that we can sense permeates and is permeated by 4D space.

Although such a notion will be strenuously denied by grant-governed science, it is likely that we can access information in 4D space via our brain because this organ operates as a receiver/transmitter, rather than a storage/retrieval mechanism. Both Vogt and Sultan's model and the Avenel model that Leonard G. Cramp takes as the basis of his Cosmic Matrix theory, support the notion that the information that gives rise to our world emanates from another place. Vogt and Sultan call it the Diehold, Cramp simply terms it The Source.

The illustration above (which is Freeright) shows bounded, 3D space (the cube) enveloped and permeated by an infinite 4D space (the sphere). Until recently, hardly anybody outside the classified weapons research programs of certain nation states could have known the structure of 4D space. Many people had postulated its existence, but none had defined its nature. In 1987 Peter Plichta had enlisted the help of a young mathematician, Michael Felton, to help with computer modelling of his discoveries. Plichta had, much earlier, conceived the idea of 4D space, in terms of intersecting planes and an X2 Y2 geometry. With Felton he developed mathematical models and proofs of the concept.

The following are excerpts from Plichta's book, God's Secret Formula.

At this point it is appropriate to include a diagram from Leonard G. Cramp's The Cosmic Matrix.

It depicts the formation of 'globular' (spherical) 3Dspace around a source, according to the Unity of Creation Theory of Antony Avenel. Some similarity with Plichta's model of 4D space is apparent. This does not imply that both men discovered the same thing. Whereas Avenel considers that 3D space is formed from a framework of creative rays that emanate from a single source, Plichta conceives of conjugate 3D and 4D space, and a unique geometry that applies to every point within 4D space.

Plichta does not discuss or consider an ether. Avenel does not conceive of doublespace.

However, with some license, the diagram can be seen to illustrate Plichta's insight of intersecting two-dimensional planes around a point in four-dimensional space. Although that is not what Avenel had in mind when he evolved his theory of how the ether is formed by rays emanating from a single creative source (that is similar to Vogt and Sultan's Diehold).

Now we return to excerpts from God's Secret Formula, relating to the nature of 4D space: The items date from December, 1987 when Plichta has just acquired an Atari ST 1024 computer with which he and Michael Felton would compile the text and mathematical sections of his book, The Prime Number Cross (German language). He had been reading Immanuel Kant's The Critique of Pure Reason at the time.

Thus, Plichta has discovered the need for two types of space, and the numerical model that governs the transmission of information through both 3D and 4D space, based on the natural pattern of prime numbers and their reciprocals. Note that he does not, anywhere in his writing, refer to an ether. Plichta explains the basis for the formation of matter and the structure of the chemical elements. However, as the foregoing excerpt about wave models shows, he does not consider the existence of the radiant energy discovered and demonstrated so spectacularly by Tesla.

It is not that Plichta's discoveries contradict Tesla's practical demonstrations or theories, it is just that Plichta has not dealt with radiant energy or the ether. He might not even believe in them. Plichta has done his work in the structure of the elements and the order governing the formation of matter, Tesla did his work on electromagnetism and radiant energy. They focussed on different areas, and their conclusions are not contradictory. In truth, Tesla and Plichta broadly agree on the vibrational nature of matter formation.

Some Clarifying Points [216]

Much of the confusion about 'free' energy stems from misunderstandings regarding the difference between normal electricity that propagates in the form of transverse waves and a second kind of energy - Tesla's Radiant Energy - that is manifest in longitudinal or standing waves. The former waveform oscillates (swings back and forth) as it radiates away from a source, whereas the latter pulsates (expands and contracts) like a sound wave. (This radiant energy is sometimes called static electricity by ordinary folk, but it is also termed ethericity by the 'free' energy researcher, Peter A. Lindemann.)

Tesla disagreed with Hertz regarding the singular nature of electromagnetic waves. His notes make it clear that his best transmitters only propagated some 5% of their output in the form of transverse, Hertzian, waves. The equipment was specifically engineered to generate 95% of its output in the form of Non-Hertzian, longitudinal waves. While there was electromagnetic oscillation involved in the circuitry of Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter, the bulk of the output was pulsing the ground harmonic with the natural vibration of the earth.

It is important to understand several points about this process.


New Heresies of the 2nd Renaissance [217]

Europe broke out of the first Dark Age, of medieval times, due to new thought and the spread of information that stimulated discussion and changed attitudes and beliefs. Now, the whole world is ready to break out of the second Dark Age that was imposed by capitalist-federalist agencies during most of the 20th century. Nikola Tesla was a scientific heretic who was well ahead of his time. In the latter years of the 1900s many others emerged. Leonard G. Cramp is such a thinker. Some excerpts from his book, The Cosmic Matrix, will make clear his professional disbelief in many aspects of orthodox science, and also give some brief glimpses of his own radical ideas which, to be fully comprehended, should be read in full from his book.

In writing of The Unity of Creation Theory, Cramp is conjecturing about structures and processes in space. Nevertheless, the Avenel theory is imaginative and that counts for quite a lot at this time in the history of science. New revisionism is sweeping away the contrived explanations and dogma that prevailed during the 20th century, and it is important to consider alternative theories for the gems of insight they might contain. Avenel's entire hypothesis might not hold, but various parts of it could well be valid. Many of the divergent theoretical 'explanations' of orthodox physics are being shown to be quite improbable, why should we reject alternative notions that are, in many cases, more in accord with the teaching of the ancients, who took a more spiritual and metaphysical view of the universe than did the secular, grant governed science of the industrial-capitalist age? Here are some points from Cramp's book, The Cosmic Matrix.

Avenel differs significantly from other revisionists in some respects, but his theory, and Cramp's contributions and extensions to it, contains similarities to some of Plichta's discoveries. Avenel, as mentioned earlier, seems to have been more of a metaphysicist than a physicist. He worked in the third domain of theory. Leonard G. Cramp has a far more mainstream grounding.

Cramp is a former aerospace designer and rocket scientist with a distinguished background in conventional engineering and aerodynamics. He has the somewhat unwelcome distinction of having had the first two copies of his first book, published in 1954, requested by Buckingham Palace, but then taken off sale. The subject of this work was heretical in the true sense of the word. In Space, Gravity and the Flying Saucer, Cramp described his ideas for the design of an antigravity flying machine. Writing in his 1999 book, The Cosmic Matrix, he describes how his ideas were suppressed.

In conclusion Cramp summarises what even he calls some extraordinary ramifications of The Unity of Creation Theory.

  1. "The theory holds that 'attraction' and 'repulsion' forces concerning matter do not originate or reside within matter."

  2. "Rather the phenomenon that causes these effects resides in what we call 'space' and that 'attraction' and 'repulsion' are merely the effects of this energy being unbalanced or changed on interacting with 'matter'."

  3. "This explains why the degree of attraction becomes greater as the bulk and density of matter increase, i.e., the more massive it is the greater the 'dilution' of absorption' of the rays."

  4. "Accepting (2) that the 'power' of so-called space itself is responsible for gravitational. magnetic and electrostatic phenomena, we can get an idea of the colossal energy in space by noting that a 'weight' of say, 200 pounds on the earth would become about 5 million pounds on the dwarf star Sirius B - while on a neutron star this meagre weight would be increased to a thousand billion times that. By this reckoning we may interpret the colossal power of space to be infinite!"

In another part of his book Cramp provides a diagram of the relative amounts of energy theoretically released from one 1 gram of matter, by thermo-chemical, thermo-nuclear, and direct conversion processes respectively. Only the latter process has no residual, untapped, energy. The energy obtainable from typical industrial age, thermo-chemical reaction involving one gram of matter is depicted graphically as a one ten thousandth inch square in the following diagram. You might just be able to make it out in the lower left corner. The heavily shaded square represents the increased energy released by thermo-nuclear means, and the large, lightly shaded square shows the theoretical power released from the direct conversion of 1 gram of matter into energy.

This diagram is not reproduced here to suggest that the absolute amount of energy that can be obtained from matter is known, Cramp points out that it is theoretical. The purpose of the diagram is to drive home the realisation that energy is by no means scarce. All that is required to tap it is the right knowledge. Tesla and many others have already shown that such knowledge exists and that it is practical to draw energy from beyond matter - from the ether itself.

Nick Cook, an experienced defence journalist relates the following conversation that occurred while he was researching his book, The Hunt For Zero Point, which is about the military applications of 'free' energy.

Electrons and Matter [218]

Any dictionary and most science texts dealing with electricity, chemistry, or nuclear physics will tell you what an electron is. It's a subatomic particle that has a negative charge and is responsible for the flow of electric currents. The electron is also said to confer electrical, magnetic, thermal and optical properties on solids. The mass of the electron is almost negligible, it is thought to be about 9 x 10-28g. If the mass of one million electrons were to be multiplied a million times the mass of all those subatomic particles would be about that of a speck of dust. The charge of the electron has been measured at 1.6 x 10 -19 coulombs, however physicists have been unable to measure its size, although estimates exist.

Nobody as ever actually seen an electron, all that can be seen are tracks made in cloud chambers. Nevertheless the existence of 'something' that scientists call an electron is not in doubt. Electronics technologies and instruments such as the electron microscope are evidence that something exists. Electrons seem to 'flow', and they can be made to do work. The above photograph of electron tracks, from the CERN research facility, shows circular tracks because the 'gun' that fires the electrons imparts a spin and they then follow spiral tracks. Do not confuse the picture with the Bohr model of the atom in which electrons allegedly follow orbits around the nucleus. This is not a photograph of an atom, only the tracks made by electrons fired into a cloud chamber.

No heresy arises in regard to the 'use' of electrons in technology, nobody argues that something exists and that it can be manipulated and used. The heresy arises with regard to the theory of the electron and the explanations given by orthodox science for electromagnetic and similar fields. In this area there are many heretics, Leonard G. Cramp is one, Nikola Tesla was another.

Being, among other things, a chemist Peter Plichta is well aware of the role that electrons play in the formation of elements and molecules, and in every chemical reaction. But his acceptance of the existence and role of electrons does not extend to the theoretical explanations that orthodox science gives us for these phenomena. In the latter respect Plichta is one person who has understood and firmly defined what is really going on within electron clouds and the true nature of the interaction of electrons.

As we stand at the threshold of a whole new civilization, the insights and findings of a growing number of scientific heretics are shining new light on our understanding of the natural world, and banishing the misconceptions and dogma of the Dark Age that was the 20th century. During the first Dark Age, in Europe, it was the Roman Church that kept knowledge in heavily guarded libraries and asserted scientific falsehoods to suit their own ends. In the 20th century it was nation states that did much the same thing. Both dark ages were brought to an end by the introduction of new technologies that made information widely available to ordinary people. Once that happens the collective mindset of society changes and civilization advances.

As some early Renaissance artists found, images can also be heretical, it is not only imagination and logic that challenge dogma. The circular arrangement of the natural numbers, in shells, with the prime numbers always occurring on 8 rays, was discovered by Plichta and depicted in his Prime Number Cross. As has already been noted, Plichta makes it clear that he did not invent the PNC, anymore than man invented the natural numbers.

The design by which infinite four-dimensional space can exist reciprocally as points of matter, is certainly not human and is, most likely, of divine origin.

The illustration here shows a refraction photograph that is reproduced from Robert Lawlor's book on Sacred Geometry, It is, as he notes,
"...the closest visualisation that science can give with respect to the nature of atomic substance, which appears to be a pattern of geometrised light energy."

This image is the nearest that we can come to viewing the structure of the atomic level of matter, it is remarkably similar to the patterns produced by Hans Jenny and others using vibrations to affect various mediums.

Writing of an intermediate stage of his investigations, before he had finally cracked the problem of what matter is and where it comes from, Plichta says,

Plichta began by asking questions which, although they are obvious, had not been asked by orthodox science. He wondered why the atomic numbers of the elements run through the sequence of natural numbers, and why the elements with atomic numbers 43 and 61 should be so unstable that they do not occur naturally. He wondered why some elements have several stable atomic forms, as oxygen does, and why others, such as bismuth, have only one stable atomic structure - its other forms being subject to a process of radioactive 'decay'. There were no satisfactory answers available, so Plichta had to seek them out for himself.

Author's Note:
The following explains the measuring systems used for the elements. Two of these systems are related to number, the other is related to mass.

The isotopes of the stable elements turned out to be a key by which Peter Plichta was to discover the true nature of matter. He found telltale patterns in the distribution of the isotopes and these led him to the discovery of the natural law involved, and to a full understanding of the role the prime numbers play in this process. Here are some excerpts from what he wrote about isotopes.

In his book, God's Secret Formula - Deciphering The Riddle of the Universe and The Prime Number Code, Peter Plichta includes a table of the 81 stable elements together with details of their isotopes. Such tabular information is remarkably scarce and is not to be found in present-day text books on chemistry or physics. Nor is the information in the table usually provided during school classes or university lectures. A lot of other information and details about isotopes are taught, but not this information, not the patterns shown in this table.

[The diagram "elements81.jpg" can be found in the separate file 2Rdiagrams.rar]

Click on the small image to go to a larger view of the table, read through the list of unevenly numbered elements (1 Hydrogen, 3 Lithium, 5 Boron, etc) and see if you can find any that do not have either 2 stable isotopes or a single (pure) isotope. Yes, there is one, element 19, Potassium, has 3 isotopes. However all the rest of the elements with uneven atomic numbers have either a pure or a double isotope. Does this strike you as indicative of some underlying rule, or is it just coincidence?

There are 83 elements shown in the table, if we take out elements, 43 technetium, and 61 promethium, because they are unstable and do not occur naturally, we are left with 81 stable elements. One of these elements is hydrogen, the first in the Periodic Table, with an atomic number of 1. If we leave aside hydrogen we are left with 80 elements. Now go back to the table included above and count the number of elements, excluding those three just mentioned, that have a double isotope. The sequence goes: helium; lithium; boron; nitrogen; chlorine; and so on through to thallium. There are 20 elements in the list, one quarter of the eighty stable elements left after hydrogen, (which is the basic building block of all matter).

Look at the two shared characteristics of this group of elements, all of the twenty have dual isotopes but when it comes to an uneven atomic number only nineteen of the elements in the group share this particular characteristic. Helium is the odd-one-out in that, although it has 2 isotopes it has an even atomic number. So we can describe the double isotope group as being 1+19, rather than 20. This might not seem too strange until you count the other group of 20 elements, those that have a single (pure) isotope. Then you find out that, again, we have a 1+19 situation. Beryllium is then the odd-one-out, because it has an even atomic number and all the rest of the group have uneven numbers.

In much the same manner, it can be shown that the remaining 40 stable elements also divide into two groups of 20, and that each of these groups is comprised of elements that exhibit the 1+19 pattern.

Now, you and I might not be able to explain this in the detailed way that Peter Plichta has managed to do, but we can count and we can reason. A process of counting quickly tells us that the grouping patterns are, indeed, real. A process of reasoning tells us that this cannot possibly be due to chance or coincidence. Some hidden rule is at work in the structure of the elements.

Plichta calls it 'God's secret formula', and he has proven its existence beyond doubt. He clearly shows the existence of a quadruple expansion rule that governs the formation of stable elements; in 4 x (1+19) terms.

The following excerpts from God's Secret Formula expand on the non-coincidental forms and patterns found in atomic structures.

Peter Plichta received support and corroboration from various people to whom he described his findings and proofs. One of these people was Professor E O Fischer, a Nobel Prize winning chemist working in Munich at the time. The following excerpts from one of their conversations are revealing in regard to the scope of the discovery, and what Plichta hoped it might lead to.

Indeed they will. The OWO will not be inclined to lose control quietly, but it will lose nevertheless. The parrot people of the global media will be encouraged to actively suppress and distort the message in Plichta's findings. The various agencies of totalitarian-democracies will be charged with cracking down on "trouble makers" who attempt to spread the truth of the Prime Number Cross. The institutions and opinion leaders of grant-governed science will, when they are no longer able to ignore them, vigorously denounce Plichta's discoveries.

But truth can only be obscured and delayed for so long, in due course it will emerge and spread around the world. Human beings have a history of acting on new information and new truths, despite all attempts by governments and those behind them to maintain the status quo. When the new ideas change thinking new action will follow, and the world will experience the full impact and benefit of the 2nd Renaissance. Few ideas will be more important than the notions of readily available 'free' energy, and the divine nature of the laws that govern the structure of what we perceive as matter.

Solving Numerical Riddles [219]

For many centuries, since the end of the first Dark Age in Europe, many human minds have sought to uncover and solve major riddles of a numerical nature. Sir Isaac Newton (1642 -1727) is best known for his contributions to physics, but he actually spent much of his time attempting to unravel a code he believed to exist in the Old Testament of the Bible. Rightly or wrongly, Newton believed that the Bible was a "cryptogram set by the Almighty" and that it listed all events, past, present, and future. He learnt biblical Hebrew and wrote various words and phrases on thousands upon thousands of cards which he tried to arrange in ways that would reveal patterns and messages in the text of the Bible. But, the task was too complex and extensive for such manual methods and Newton's efforts were unrewarded. Thus he found no code.

In August 1994, Statistical Science, a peer reviewed journal of the Institute of Mathematical Studies, in the US, published a paper by three Israeli scientists; Doron Witztum, Eliyahu Ripps, and Yoav Rosenberg. The title of their research paper was, Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis, and it revealed the existence of coded words and phrases in the text of the Bible that are far beyond chance probability. The question of whether this is possible is not under consideration here, Michael Drosnin's best-selling book, The Bible Code, is the best reference for reflection on whether there is a code and what it might tell us.

The fact that is most important in this discussion is that it was the power of modern computers that enabled Ripps and his team to uncover evidence of a code. Newton had only cards that he could rearrange, and he could never find a secret code if it existed. Since the mid-20th century the power of computers has been operating to unlock patterns and secrets that are rapidly changing our understanding and thinking, and driving the 2nd Renaissance forward.

In an appendix to his book, The Truth Behind The Bible Code, Jeffrey Satinover discusses the distribution of prime numbers, and how computer enhancement can reveal patterns that are otherwise undiscernible. At the time he wrote this material, pre-1997, he had obviously not heard of or read Plichta's work, otherwise he would have been aware of answers to some of the 'unanswered' questions he covers.

Nevertheless, Satinover provides some important insights into just what can be accomplished using computer enhancement. He makes the point that the analysis programs that run on a computer cannot reveal patterns that are not there in the first place, they just make them more obvious to our eyes.

Satinover compares the existence of patterns in the Bible and the distribution of the primes. He shows that the seemingly random occurrence of primes within the sequence of natural numbers does, in fact, exhibit an astounding pattern. So too, he argues, Ripps and his colleagues have shown the existence of astounding patterns of related words and phrases found in two-dimensional arrangements of the continuous string of Hebrew consonants that make up the Torah - the first five books of the Bible.

To detect the patterns inherent in the occurrence of the prime members different coloured squares were allocated to represent primes and non-primes - say white and black - then the sequence of natural numbers was plotted in the form of a Ulam spiral. Instead of the linear arrangement normally used when seeking patterns in the distribution of prime numbers, this coiled structure produces a different, two-dimensional, arrangement. When all the primes between 1 and 262,144 are plotted in this way the existence of a pattern becomes very clear.

Look at the result, does it remind you of something? Yes, it resembles the patterns made by vibrations in various mediums studied by Hans Jenny. It is also possible to see an eightfold symmetry, like that found by Peter Plichta in the Prime Number Cross.

Here are some of Satinover's observations about the pattern shown.

At the time, Jeffry Satinover appears to have been unaware that Peter Plichta had already understood the part that the natural numbers - those seemingly 'human inventions'- and the distribution of the primes play in the structuring of matter and the way abundant energy is able to course through the universe. Yet the patterns he reveals are important, not only to the issue of a bible code but also the communication of Plichta's discoveries. Seeing is believing.

Where Does Energy Come From? [220]

The conventional view is that energy comes from matter. When you destroy or 'explode' matter, energy is released. This is the present-day 'knowledge' taught in our schools, colleges and universities. From a simple perspective this explanation seems to be valid. When a bomb or any explosive charge goes off, the matter disappears and there is an observable release of energy. Ask the survivors of the Hiroshima bomb or the Bali megablast, they will say that this is how it seemed at the time. The blasts of energy seemed to come from the bombs themselves.

But this is not necessarily so. Recall Leonard G Cramp's analogy of a stick forming ripples in a stream. The ripples form a persistent pattern in the stream, but are they wet? Obviously it is the medium - the water - that is wet, not the ripples themselves which are only patterns in the medium. Yet, the ripples are tangible. For example, they can be observed and photographed. They can be changed by repositioning the stick, but they are not wet. Ripples exist in the medium of the water, and it is the medium that has the property of wetness.

Some well informed people now believe that matter is also a manifestation of the medium in which it exists, just as the ripples in the stream are a manifestation of conditions in the water in which they appear. On this basis the energy released by an explosion is not coming from the matter that disintegrates, but from the medium in which matter is formed. That medium is the ether.

When he used mass in his famous equation, e = m c2, Einstein was aware that mass is not equivalent to matter. He was not talking about matter or even weight; but the physicist's notion of mass. Unfortunately many people, including scientists and educators, often use 'mass' and 'matter' interchangeably, Peter Plichta even does so at various points in his writings. When Plichta extends Einstein's equation to show that matter is the inverse of space, he really means that mass is the inverse of space. And that is precisely what Einstein meant. According to relativity theory an object, such as a kitchen stool, that is accelerated to a significant proportion of light-speed will increase in mass. The stool, however, remains a stool; it gets shorter but its composition remains the same, albeit compressed. The matter of the stool is not altered but its mass is.

Just as wetness is not a property of the ripples in a stream it is arguable (on very credible grounds) that energy and mass are not properties of matter - anymore than space or time are. Matter is manifested in a medium just as ripples are manifested in the water of a stream. Similarly, it is the medium, and the forces in it and the rules that govern them, that determine the form and substance of matter. On this basis, exactly as Nikola Tesla argued, there is no energy in matter and it is possible to smash atoms without triggering a violent explosion.

Einstein maintained that, "there is no matter". Nevertheless, there are a myriad of seemingly tangible objects in our world. These objects and materials arise from vibrational patterns formed in the medium of the ether according to elegantly simple and universal laws.

Concealed Knowledge About Energy [221]

The energy that is released when a conventional bomb is detonated comes from thermo-chemical reactions that are only capable of tapping relatively small amounts of energy from the ether, mainly in the form of heat. While they can certainly cause awful devastation there is a predictable upper limit to the forces that can be generated by conventional munitions. This is because only the patterns of molecules are broken apart in such blasts, there is no decomposition of atoms and no release of radiation. The energy released from nuclear devices also comes from the ether in which the matter of the bomb is manifested. But, in this case, atoms are disintegrated and much more energy is released; in the form of both heat and radiation.

Conventional wisdom holds that an atomic bomb explodes as a result of compressing matter with a carefully shaped charge, to cause nuclear fission and the release of energy from the matter of the device. There are sound reasons and thorough research to suggest that such a notion is a deliberate oversimplification that is intended to foil attempts by nations and groups, which are presently excluded from the nuclear arms club, to design and produce their own WMDs.

At first impression this might seem a good thing, but the real price of such a concealment has been more than seven decades of denying the means and capability to bring abundant energy to the whole world. Not only could the release of such knowledge have ended all militarism and the related suffering caused by wars, it could have enabled presently 'developing' countries to feed, house and clothe their populations to levels that would have freed them from poverty, disease, and the burden of debt they currently 'owe' to the capitalist West.

An Energy Grid? [222]

Bruce Cathie is a New Zealand author and former commercial pilot who has extensively researched the existence of an energy grid that covers the earth. His work is largely relegated to the 'weird-science' category of literature, because he began his quest for knowledge for a strange, but common enough, reason. In 1952 Cathie observed the manoeuvres of a UFO over Manukau Harbour, in Auckland, New Zealand. He was accompanied at the time by a witness. During the period of the sighting, which was some ten minutes, everyone then in the aero club at Manukau airfield, (five additional people) also rushed outside on Cathie's shout to them and they also witnessed the UFO. During the course of his career in aviation Captain Cathie was to sight many other unexplained UFO's in the skies of New Zealand, his lifelong research into the phenomena was to lead him to the discovery of what he believed to be a world-wide energy grid that is used by both extraterrestrial and 'black project' UFO's from earthly governments.

This freesite is not concerned with UFOs, they are the subject of innumerable books and web sites. Readers of 2ndRenaissance can look-up the many accounts of sightings in such sources and decide for themselves whether UFOs might exist or not. The issue here is whether a global energy grid might exist. If such a grid does exist, anyone who understands the science involved can tap into it - not just UFOs.

But, before leaving the subject of UFOs and concentrating on the possibility of an energy grid, there is a typical account of a sighting below. This is not unlike the experiences of members of the Manukau Aero Club that summer evening in 1952. However, the following is a documented account from the US, rather than New Zealand. The questionnaire items are listed, then the responses of the witness are shown in quotes.

The nature of the questionnaire above, which was designed by the first private organisation to research and study UFOs in the US (the National Investigation Comity on Aerial Phenomena, or NICAP), demonstrates how naturally occurring objects, such as the planet Venus or weather balloons, can be separated from truly unusual sightings like the one above, and that by Bruce Cathie in Auckland, New Zealand.

If true, the answers to questionnaires like this highlight the fact that something unusual requires serious research and a scientific explanation. But accounts of UFO sightings don't usually receive due attention. They are dismissed by the authorities and the media as 'hoaxes', 'hallucinations', etc. 'What would ordinary civilians know about aerial phenomena?' - they ask. 'Leave it to the scientists' - they say. But, who is better qualified to assess flying objects than a professional aviator like Captain Cathie?

When it comes to the above record of a UFO sighting it is interesting to note who reported the incident. Was it some confused senior citizen, or perhaps a far out tree-hugging hippie? Or was it someone more reliable? Well, here are the first few items of that questionnaire, which was completed on September 18, 1973.

Carter, of course, went on to become the 39th President of the United States of America (1977-1981). In his 1976 election campaign Jimmy Carter made UFOs an issue. He told reporters that he would never make fun of anyone who claimed to have seen a UFO, and he promised to end the secrecy surrounding the phenomena. He said, "If I become President, I'll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and the scientists." Other people obviously had other ideas, because Carter was never able to make good his promise.

Both Jimmy Carter and Bruce Cathie took risks in speaking publicly about such a politically incorrect topic as 'seeing UFOs'. Anybody who sees such things is certain to be branded as a kook by the mainstream media. It is absolute, unswerving, official truth that UFOs don't exist. Strange phenomena that can't be readily explained within the present-day body of scientific and state dogma are simply not allowed to exist.

Bruce Cathie not only spoke out about what he repeatedly saw from the flight decks of aircraft in New Zealand skies, he set out to research the phenomena. In the course of this study Cathie noticed patterns in the flight tracks of the objects that he and other New Zealanders saw and reported. This led Cathie, and others, to the discovery of a geometric grid of energy lines covering the world.

The Form of the Energy Grid [223]

Bruce Cathie was not the first person to discover a global geometric grid that appears to channel energy around the earth. But he is unique in specifying it in terms of an angular measure in minutes of arc values and a time unit based on twenty-seven units for one revolution of the earth. He is also the only person to be led to the grid by analysing verified observational data of UFO tracks.

Many other people have defined a similar grid structure from other perspectives. A biologist, Ivan Sanderson, used statistical data analysis of twelve anomalous areas on the surface of the earth. In these regions there are strange gravitational effects, magnetic anomalies, and histories of strange disappearances involving ships and aircraft. The infamous 'Bermuda Triangle' is an example, as are the 'Devil's Sea', southeast of Japan, and the area in the Pacific Ocean, around the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia. Some commentators consider Sanderson's work to predate the mapping of the grid done by Bruce Cathie, but the latter's contribution is more specific and usable. Sanderson showed that there was a pattern linking anomalous areas, but he did not provide a full grid, nor the tools for analysing and predicting phenomena associated with that grid. Cathie did both of these things.

Here are a few excerpts from Cathie's writings that describe how he uncovered the energy grid.

As can be seen from the above, Cathie's construction of the Energy Grid is based on the projection of segments of arc onto the surface of the earth. This results in rectangles formed by 30o of arc. These major grid features can then each be further subdivided into four minor features of 7.5o of arc each. The following illustration from The Energy Grid shows the arrangement for New Zealand.

Having determined the nature of the grid associated with UFO sightings and tracks in New Zealand, Cathie sought the structure of the world energy grid. He found it, as he describes in the following excerpts from his writings.

Besides the approaches to grid discovery of Ivan Sanderson (via an analysis of anomalous areas of the earth's surface), and Bruce Cathie (through an analysis of UFO sightings and tracks), other researchers have worked from different data, to obtain much the same result. The additional data analysed includes seismic fracture lines and nodes, ocean ridge lines, atmospheric high and lows, naturally occurring electrically charged lines such as Curry lines and Hartmann lines, and the locations of ancient cities and 'monuments'. Many of the latter align with the Energy Grid with far greater frequency than mere chance would indicate.

The following Planetary Grid System diagram is from work done by William Becker, a Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Illinois, and Bethe Hagens, a Professor of Anthropology at Governors State University. A similar, but slightly less complete, grid was developed by three Russian scientists: Nikolai Goncharov, Vyacheslav Morozov, and Valery Makarov.

All of the various interpretations of the grid involve projections of geometric solids within the sphere. The corresponding contact points at the earth's surface then form the grid's pattern and energy outflow points. Cathie's grid is based on a cube and an octahedron within the sphere of the earth. Of all the variants his appears to offer the most predictive capabilities with regard to energy. Cathie's grid is, therefore, of most practical use in unlocking free energy.

Forget, for the moment, the debate about what UFOs are and whether they even exist. It does not matter whether the UFOs that produced the tracks that gave Cathie the clues to the nature of the Energy Grid are tangible vehicles, perhaps with alien or human pilots, or simply electromagnetic or radiant energy phenomena associated with the energy flowing through it (much like the 'ball lightning' that accompanied many of Nikola Tesla's experiments). The important thing is to have discovered the structure of the grid and the locations of its main nodes of energy. Bruce Cathie has achieved more in this regard than any of the other investigators and mappers of the grid.

The most complex basis for the World Grid is that developed by Becker and Hagens. They built on the work of Ivan Sanderson, who used a twenty-faced icosahedron, and the Russians: Goncharov, Morozov, and Makarov, who had added even more points to the grid. What Becker and Hagens did was to introduce a further geometrical figure, a spherical polyhedron. Here is how they describe this step.

The Becker Hagens grid shown is particularly useful in understanding and demonstrating such effects as the long-term shaping of continents by energy nodes, and the strong correlation between the grid and the location of ancient 'monuments' and cities. The latter data strongly support the notion of a global knowledge of the existence of the grid in ancient times. Interested readers should seek out information from Carl Munck's writings regarding this aspect. Also very relevant is the work of Rand Flem-Ath and Colin Wilson, as set out in their book, Atlantis Rising.

Beware Misinformation [224]

Without wishing to accuse the author of a particular site on the WWW of spreading misinformation, the issue of whether the 'antenna' photographed by the USS Eltanin is a manufactured object or a sponge requires some consideration. The person who claims that the object is a sponge, namely Cladorhiza, might be entirely genuine in his opinion. He should certainly be entitled to hold such a view and to express it on the internet - otherwise the core principles of Freenet would be jeopardised. However, there are certain aspects of the information on that author's site which illustrate the potential for disinformation to be spread across the web. Accordingly, the doubtful items of 'information' are pointed out below.

The first exhibit here is the official photograph made by scientists aboard the Eltanin, it shows an unidentified object on the seabed south-west of the Cape Horn, at latitude 59o South and longitude 105o West.

On the web site in question this same photograph is labelled as follows:

2.16 A bizarre antennae-like abyssal sponge (Cladorhiza) stands erect, towering over the manganese nodules, 3904 m, Bellingshausen Basin, South Pacific.

The image is presented as that of a carnivorous sponge, but it is actually the photograph recorded by the Eltanin. Although the author of the web site argues that what the Eltanin recorded was a sponge, it is highly misleading to label the Eltanin image with the above text. This creates the impression that the object is a sponge when, in fact, it is of unknown origin and composition. The chosen labelling of the image is blatantly misleading.

The content of the web site is more than somewhat selective. For example, Cathie is mentioned in the following terms:

All this is, of course, designed to denigrate Cathie and discredit his discoveries. However, the facts remain as follows.

  1. Cathie did not fashion a Planetary Grid System around the Eltanin object, his energy grid was built up from confirmed observations of UFO tracks in New Zealand and other parts of the world. The discovery of the object on the seabed southwest of Cape Horn simply helped him to orientate his findings. He continues to maintain that the object is an antenna and that there are other similar devices at locations he can calculate from his, now extensive, knowledge of the grid mathematics.

  2. Cathie's work on atomic explosions does not simply indicate that detonations are only possible at certain locations, there is more to it than that. Cathie's findings on atomic explosions will be discussed further on this freesite. But, in any event, the question of atomic explosions has nothing to do with the nature of the Eltanin artefact, i.e. whether it is an antenna or a sponge. The reference to atom bombs is simply included to paint Cathie as some kind of kook.

  3. Similarly, Cathie's work on the relationships between mass, the speed of light, gravity and energy, have no direct relevance to the nature of the Eltanin object. In reality, people with sufficient understanding of physics and mathematics and who will take the time to read Cathie's books, are most likely to conclude that his equations do not contravene Einstein in any way.

  4. Then, there is the matter of what is not said about Cathie and the Eltanin object. For instance, the fact that Cathie visited the Eltanin when it docked in Auckland for a short refit, and that he spoke to the scientists directly. He was told that they considered the unknown object to be some sort of artefact (i.e. made by human beings) and that it had a metallic appearance. One scientist, a specialist on the very plankton on which sponges feed, is recorded (by The New Zealand Herald) as having said that the object could hardly be a plant. He is quoted as telling a reporter that, "At that depth there is no light so photosynthesis could not take place and plants could not live." He added, "I wouldn't like to say the thing is man-made because this brings up the problem of how one would get it there."
    The place on the ocean floor where the object was photographed by the Eltanin is deep, over 4 kilometres or 2.5 miles down. At latitude 59o South, the location of the object is well below the "roaring forties" and in an area where highly turbulent seas are the everyday norm. Positioning an antenna with any accuracy would be very difficult, even with today's technology.

The second exhibit in the consideration of the misinformation in the content of one particular website that claims that the mystery of the Eltanin object is 'solved', and that is simply the well-recorded sponge Cladorhiza, is an illustration that is presented below.

The box encloses the illustration taken from the site. On the left is a drawing taken directly from the Eltanin photograph, only the background is said to have been removed. On the right is a redrawn depiction of a Cladorhiza sponge said to have been dredged from over 12,800 feet of water during the late 1800s. The limp form of the plant is supposedly due to its decompression. If it came from over 2 miles down it is surprising that there was as much detail left as the sketch shows.

Note that the left-hand illustration, that taken from the Eltanin image, shows a bend at the base of the stem, just as one might expect in a natural object such as a plant. Even so, most people on the street would be unlikely to accept that the two drawings are of the same organism. They might, though, accept that because there is a 'natural' bend to the stalk of the 'sponge' it is not a manufactured rod or spike. Now look at the image outside the box. This has been edited to remove the false baselines that tend to emphasis the slight curvature of the stem, and to restore the right-hand side of the base to coincide with the original Eltanin photo. The photo shows a thickening of the base of the object, but it does not show any bend.

Now the object looks much more like a manufactured device and less like a sponge. This is what the Eltanin's photograph actually shows. There is no bend in the stem in the original image, it was introduced in the drawing that is presented on the web site that claims to have 'solved' the mystery by identifying the object as a sponge.

Here is what Bruce Cathie writes about the contention that the Eltanin object is an abyssal life form:

The final exhibit is not taken from the 'it's a sponge' web site, but it is important in evaluating the claim that the 'thing' photographed by the USS Eltanin is a lone Cladorhiza plant. When someone presents a drawing of that organism and likens it to the Eltanin object, it is best to seek out a photograph of the sponge itself.

A search of the WWW readily turned up a PowerPoint slide from the biology department of a US university.

As the top image shows, Cladorhiza does have 'arms' branching from a central stem. But they are not arranged at 900 like those of the Eltanin object, nor are they straight and rigid. An average person who was shown this image would be highly unlikely to accept that it matches the characteristics of the Eltanin object in any way. The case against the Cladohriza 'solution' is rested right there. The 'thing' on the deep ocean floor is not a Cladorhiza plant, nor probably any other form of sponge.

The Location of the Eltanin Object [225]

The artefact, if that is what it is, in the Eltanin photograph looks kind of lonely, sitting there miles from the surface of the ocean and a thousand miles from any inhabited land mass. There is nothing else on the sea floor around it. Perhaps it is a manufactured object that simply 'fell off' some ship or other and speared itself into the seabed where the Eltanin found it. But Cathie says it fits as a 'corner point' of an energy grid that is closely aligned with the earth's magnetic field. Could some piece of hardware have dropped off a ship at precisely the right spot? Or might the 'thing' that is described as looking like an antenna actually be one?

The following illustration shows the location of the Eltanin object. The two green arrows above the Antarctic land mass point to its position.

If you run your eye up the line of longitude from the position of the object you will see, approximately where that line crosses the coast of North America. Then look back to the Becker Hagens grid and note the small blue node point in the vicinity of the Eltanin object. It is numbered '57' on the Planetary Grid System map. It will be seen that the line of longitude from that grid node cuts the coast of North America further north than that of the Eltanin object. So, the positions of the object and the Becker Hagens grid node are different. Shouldn't they be the same, if we are dealing with the same energy grid? Is the Eltanin object in the wrong position after all?

The following excerpts from Bruce Cathie's first book, Harmonic 33, help to answer the question.

So Cathie found that there is an ancient grid and a new one. The former conforms to the Becker Hagens grid system and is measured from a meridian that passes through the Great Pyramid of Giza. (The adoption of Greenwich as the prime meridian, in 1884, served to obscure the significance of the ancient Giza reference point.) The energy grid that Cathie discovered while puzzling over the Eltanin object was, he believes, 'under construction' at the time. Once it was completed the second grid's reaction with the original grid created a third -resultant - grid. Here is Cathie's diagram of the situation.

In his book, The Energy Grid, Bruce Cathie writes further about the three energy grids. Here are some excerpts.

The reader should remember that although Cathie's calculations seem very theoretical and quite complicated, the energy grid that he developed fitted the local grid for New Zealand. The latter grid had been developed directly from credible reports of UFO sightings and tracks, and that material is not nearly so theoretical. Cathie simply plotted the observed tracks until a grid pattern emerged. It might be pure coincidence that the local New Zealand grid fits the global energy grid that Cathie developed around the Eltanin object, or it might not be coincidence at all.

There is one sure way to find out. Send a well equipped expedition, with impartial observers from every country on earth, to resurvey the Eltanin 'aerial', if it is still to be found. Also send similar expeditions to survey the other seven corner positions of Cathie's 'polar squares'. Such studies could well be conclusive, one way or the other. But don't expect any such expeditions to be sent out in the near future. Energy Grid studies will not occur until there are independent cities and regions prepared to seek out answers that could spell certain doom to capitalism and federalism.

Far Out Ideas For a Far Out Century [226]

This freesite is not concerned with the existence or otherwise of aliens or UFOs, nor is it concerned with what such beings might be doing in our skies. There are thousands of web sites and publications that deal with UFOs and aliens. This freesite is concerned with far more serious threats to the freedom and well-being of humanity than extraterrestrial visitors. These threats have already been identified as takerism, nationalism, capitalism, and militarism. The iron grip of the OWO on the world's resources has far more serious consequences than the alleged activities of aliens and UFOs.

Bruce Cathie happens to believe that UFOs have been engaged in rebuilding an ancient energy grid that covers the planet and facilitates their access to enormous reserves of energy. The interest here is not with the UFOs or aliens that Cathie writes of, but with the great potential for free energy to be drawn from the grid. This energy within our earth seems to be so abundant and inexhaustible that, were it to be made freely accessible for ordinary commercial and domestic uses, the capitalist system would disintegrate within only a few years.

The materialist elites of the present civilization have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo and their positions of power and control in the face of ample evidence of practical 'free' energy devices and, now, a global energy grid. The rest of us have no economic dominance to lose, nor any valid reasons to fear the exploration and utilisation of the grids that Cathie and others have defined. Abundant energy will not end poverty, disease, and oppression in the world - only new attitudes can do that. But abundant energy is the key to the establishment of a Level 4 Civilization and truly free societies. Once 'free' energy is widely available such visions become practical. Without 'free' energy the prospect of a Level 4 Civilization will remain a dream.

Fresh insights and new thinking and attitudes will carry the global village forward, just as they carried Europe out of the Dark Ages and created the first Renaissance. We must expect 'far out' ideas, 'far out' discoveries and new realities. Do not be put off by information and concepts that would seem 'far out' to our grandparents. Remember what Gregory S. Paul and Earl D. Cox say about 'weird' ideas and technologies:

"It is not weird to predict a "weird" future when we live in a weird world and the evidence that things are quickly getting weirder is overwhelming."

The energy stored and released by gunpowder seemed awesome to the first people to witness it and, until they saw the power of gunpowder with their own eyes, many people refused to believe it. Soon, during the early 21st century, the release of energy from the earth beneath out feet will dwarf the power of all known thermochemical sources, and transform our economies and societies as nothing before it has ever done. Far out new technologies will fill the 21st century, and they will be matched by new, and similarly 'far out', thinking.

Mind Reach and Transformation [227]

Most people, however intelligent and well educated they might be, find far out ideas and radical hypotheses somewhat intimidating. This is not their fault, it is the fault of our society which encourages conformity and actively discourages breakout thinking of any kind. As already mentioned, Edward de Bono discovered that all young children have strong powers of imagination, an innate inquisitiveness and high creativity. Nature equips us to face a complex and changing world by providing us with these vital abilities. But by their mid teens most young people have learned to limit their imagination and to conform to the standards of mediocrity set by state education systems and the mainstream media. Thenceforth they become 'good' citizens who are unwilling and, in many cases unable, to think outside the square of familiar, conventional, ideas and practices.

Our mind reach ability has nothing to do with our performance in IQ tests. Scores in the Mensa range do not indicate whether a person will be comfortable with far out ideas, nor do they indicate any ability to make use of new ideas and technologies in transformation processes. In such areas it is not IQ that matters most but attitudes and values.

The following diagram can help those of us who are older than six years to understand and avoid the trap of always thinking and acting in the 'conceptual comfort zone' that state education systems lock us into.

[The diagram "mindreachzones.jpg" can be found in the separate file 2Rdiagrams.rar]

At a personal level:

- My Comfort Zone is the realm of familiar ideas and concepts that fill our day-to-day routines. Everyone is comfortable here. My 'reality' might not be exactly the same as your 'reality' but I am comfortable with it. Actual reality might be very different to both of our frameworks of understanding and ideas. But we are quite happy with the way we think things are. The way we think things are is the way we have learned that they are. It was our upbringing, our academic and religious education, our peer groups, and the 'authoritative' material we have been exposed to that determined what we believe, and what we are comfortable with thinking and doing.

Most of us spend the majority of our time in this zone of negligible mind reach. This does not mean that we are stupid, but it does mean that we are limited. Fortunately, the boundaries that constrain our mind reach are of our own making and we have it in our power to remove them at any time we choose.

- My Challenge Zone is what is mostly known as 'innovation' or 'creativity' but is really the extension or rearrangement of conventional knowledge and accepted concepts. It can be challenging to do, but it is not in the same class as working with truly weird and far out ideas and realities.

Everyone does some of this level of thinking, but most of us don't do enough of it. And, even if we thought and worked at this level for much of the time we would still be far short of full mind reach.

My Challenge Zone is the area of thinking and adapting that lies between the thinking that I am fully comfortable with and the thinking that I find increasingly uncomfortable. There is no sharp divide, but as the used materials and concepts become more unusual and confronting there is a point at which it is easier to close out and reject solutions than to accept them and proceed. The more used I am to working with truly weird and far out ideas the further my mind can reach before I become too uncomfortable to continue with what seem, by then, to be bizarre and foolish notions.

- My Acute Discomfort Zone is, as the title suggests, quite prickly. An analogy is the hedgerows that are used in regions of Britain and Europe instead of fences. It's a struggle to get through one but when you do get to the other side you are in another field entirely, and it could be a whole lot greener than the one you left.

The facts, ideas and concepts in this zone are, at least to me, threatening like the thorns of bushes in a hedgerow. I don't feel at all comfortable in this zone and suffer doubts and fears of failure, together with acute anxiety about being seen to be foolish for even considering such things. I have to overcome my fears and doubts before I can break into the zone that lies beyond. To do so, I will generally need to have high levels of self-confidence and a driving desire to go there. But it will always be worth the effort.

The following excerpt from the book Twelve Principles - Living With Integrity in the Twenty-First Century, by Martin Hawes, illustrates two attitudes that are characteristic of people who succeed in traversing this zone successfully. First there is an unshakable belief that a particular goal is attainable. Second there is persistence and focus while under fire from various naysayers.

Although he was so young Craig Kielburger could get through the hedgerow because he had the necessary attributes.

In a similar vein Peter Plichta was undaunted, right from his student days, by the criticism of the many people he came into contact with who just knew that prime numbers could not possibly play any part in determining the structure of the elements. Plichta worked on the problem for 40 years until, finally, he was able to show, quite unequivocally, that the primes numbers really do govern the formation of all matter in the universe. Such a breakthrough could never have been achieved by someone who was easily deterred from working with uncomfortable ideas and under relentless ridicule.

- My Transformation Zone encompasses the full limit of my mind reach. Some others might be able to go even wider than I can but, for me, this is my absolute personal best. Just as the margins between first and last in athletics are quite narrow, so the spread between what all people can achieve in this zone is not great. Success here is not due to intelligence or educational qualifications it is more dependent on attitudes, values and an ability to tap into subconscious and spiritual realms. This is not an elite zone, it is not like the Mensa club. Most people can achieve this level of mind reach but, sadly, the prevailing focus on conventional skills and conservative thinking deters many from even attempting to go here.

Note particularly that the aiming point of full-reach transformation mind work has little to do with my personal improvement or gain. It is mainly about my development and application of the mental focus that Martinus prized above all else. The goal of full-reach mind work is to help others. As he put it: "Never let your thoughts move away from working on how you may best serve your fellow beings."

Where the label for this zone speaks, on the above diagram, about 'imaginative use of truth and new insights' it is not restricting thought to orthodox or strictly rational and observable phenomena. My Transformation Zone extends into spiritual and metaphysical realms of thought.

Also, the zone is not exclusive to famous thinkers. Albert Einstein and Edward de Bono have both worked at the extremes of human mind reach, each brought practical insights and usable tools to the rest of humanity. But this zone is not only populated with the achievements of such intellectual celebrities as Einstein and de Bono, the contributions of many authors and pathfinders also fit there - Daniel Quinn is one such person, his stories teach a philosophy that humanity needs to embrace if it is to survive and prosper. There are still others, many in great cities, universities and religious institutions, and some still living and working in jungles and remote places - as shamans.

What all these people have in common is an ability to drive thought to its very limits and then turn it into benefits that are shared widely by others. Some sages do this with knowledge and wisdom, others draw help from hallucinatory drugs, but all generate gains that have wide benefits for others, and often for humanity and nature at large. That is why accomplishments in this zone are always worthwhile, however difficult it might be to produce them.

In the present-day civilization the vast majority of people think and work in their Comfort Zone where there is very little mind reach required. However, most people in a Level 4 Civilization will think and work in the Transformation Zone.

Such a development might not be as new or novel as it seems. It is possible that ancient civilizations placed more emphasis on spiritual and metaphysical aspects than our current materialist society. While we cannot know with any certainty that places like Caral operated like that, such a proposition is consistent with the indications that those people were able to live without wars for 1,000 years. How else would they be able to achieve such an outcome, if not by focusing on serving their fellow beings? Far mind reach and far out ideas would go together in that sort of transformation zone scenario.

When mind reach extends to the outermost zone for groups of people, such as tribes or talent collectives, it reaches its most powerful state. Then, almost anything becomes possible.

A Discomfort Zone Example [228]

One of Bruce Cathie's findings provides a good example of the sort of concepts that characterise the Acute Discomfort Zone. He contends that atomic explosions can be set up for specific places and times on the surface of the earth, and that accidental explosions have occurred in the past due to instabilities in the Energy Grid; before it was repaired. This idea is so 'far out' that most people are very uncomfortable about accepting it, and of being seen to do so by others, whom they think might be quick to label them as; 'crazy', 'loony', 'crackers', etc.

The idea is even harder to accept when it is realised that Cathie is not only saying that atomic explosions can be set up according to the geometries of time and space, he is adamant that it must be done this way; otherwise there can be no detonation of an atomic or nuclear nature. The startling implication of this hypothesis is that the Cold War was a contrived farce. Since each side could accurately predict the other's options in advance neither could gain an overwhelming advantage from their nuclear weapons. Now there's a far out idea!

Understandably, the great majority of people who hear no more of Cathie's contentions than this are prone to totally reject the idea. His more serious critics attempt to heap scorn and derision on his theory and openly question his sanity. Doubt and derision are the inevitable lot of all who are courageous enough to voice far out notions and theories, these and similar reactions go with the territory of the hedgerow.

However, Cathie's detractors face one difficulty in completely debunking him and his theory, Cathie has been able to use his system to accurately confirm the exact date and time of many atomic tests, such as those carried out in the Pacific by the French during the 1960s. Once an hypothesis has been tested by practical experimentation it normally becomes accepted scientific fact, as happened with Einstein's relativity theory. Does the ability of Bruce Cathie's system to explain the exact timing of the explosions qualify it as scientific fact? Well not quite, but it certainly pushes it up the Truth Scale, and also raises a thorny problem for the sceptics.

Readers should consult the full text of Cathie's explanations of his ideas about atomic explosions, in Harmonic 33 or other books by this author. The following excerpts give some impression of Cathie's findings and reasoning on the matter.

Because he works in minutes of arc and harmonics of the geometry of the grid, Cathie's calculations require some study before they are readily comprehended. Do not expect to 'get' the full meaning of the following examples of his calculations. The intention in presenting them here is simply to provide an indication of their nature. One must study Cathie's various publications to really understand his system.

Such conclusions as Cathie's would probably not have surprised Nikola Tesla. He always maintained that no energy could be generated by simply causing atoms to disintegrate in an atom-smashing machine. Nor, apparently, would he have thought it likely that the energy of an atomic bomb comes from compressing matter with a shaped charge until it gives up energy in a fission process. Yet, this is the public explanation of how a nuclear explosion is triggered. It seems likely that this is disinformation spread by the Nuclear Armaments Club of nations who know, and closely guard, the real secrets of triggering such explosions.

Cathie also examined the locations of Tesla's experiments and concluded that they too fell on opportune locations on the Energy Grid. He writes as follows.

Readers should note that although Tesla did not specify exact locations for further Magnifying Transmitters, he had in mind that the complete system would consist of five devices. Besides Wardenclyffe he spoke of another near Amsterdam, another in China, and one at each of the poles. If you look back to the illustration of the Becker Hagens grid it can be seen that such a system would provide near-optimum coverage of the continental land masses of our planet.

It is also extremely interesting to consider what Cathie's computer might make of the combination of the geographical position of the street outside the Sari Club in Bali and the relative position of the Sun at the time of the 1012 megablast. If, when the calculations are done, they click straight into the harmonics of the Energy Grid, this will shift the likelihood of there having been a nuclear device involved well towards the top of the Truth Scale, and confirm the suspicions of many thinking people, including members of the Indonesian Parliament, that it was a mini-nuke after all.

New Insights from the Acute Discomfort Zone [229]
As already noted, the thinking that goes on in the outer zones of mind reach is seldom comfortable. Nor is it generally applauded or rewarded by the guardians of the status quo: big government, big business, and big media. However, the foregoing excerpts and discussions indicate that there is a broad consensus of opinion, and a striking similarity in discoveries and findings, amongst those inquisitive souls who have ventured into the hedgerows of far out thought about the nature of matter and the true source of energy.

The concept of matter that comes out of insights gained in the hedgerows of acute discomfort is totally different to that which forms the basis of conventional science and public education systems. Instead of the notion that matter is solid and permanent, being made up of smaller and smaller particles that are somehow 'glued' together by forces that nobody quite understands, we find something that is far less tangible, and far more mystical. Once hedgerow thinkers move beyond the range of our observation, and confront realities at very small and very large scales, they find that, just as various sages have told us, everything is number. Not only that; the numerical relationships are geometric and harmonic. Matter is made manifest via a vibrational space that contains the energy and information that define our world. Einstein knew this, he said clearly, "There is no matter".

A major consequence of more and more far out thinkers understanding matter and energy in these new terms is, inevitably, an increase in spirituality. This shift is in accordance with the earlier diagram of Three Domains of Theory; science and religion meet within the realms of the non-material, where the whole truth can be found.

Another consequence is that inventions that were successfully suppressed during the 20th century Dark Age will no longer be secret, or so discredited that nobody is prepared to pursue their construction and use. In less time than most people can believe, energy will be so near to being costless that the economics of scarcity will be overturned, and a higher level of civilization will become practical. The 2nd Renaissance holds great promise for everyone, even those who doubt that the world can change so radically and so quickly.

... Seek to Understand New Technologies and Their Impact on Scarcity [230]
Whereas science is primarily about questions of 'why' the world is as it is, technology is mainly about questions of 'how' to bring the fruits of theoretical knowledge and scientific discoveries to society. The preceding 'why' material has covered the subject of energy and why, once various forms of knowledge suppression are bypassed in talent collectives and new tribal societies, energy can become abundant and free. Now it is appropriate to sketch out a few examples of new technologies that can serve free cities and a Level 4 Civilization.

There is an important distinction to be made between various new technologies. One category builds from the thinking of the Comfort Zone and leads to technologies that are innovative and creative in the conventional sense. A second category takes concepts developed within the Acute Discomfort Zone and builds technologies that are entirely novel and unconventional in comparison to those of the 20th century.

Sequential Advances
The new technologies in this category are extrapolations of existing inventions and knowledge. An example is the scramjet engine that operates in the upper atmosphere and has already achieved a speed of 5,000 mph, (albeit for a short time, and unmanned). This technology is far more advanced than the simple internal combustion engine that powered the Wright Flyer, in 1903, but it is a direct descendent of all aero engines. The reality of powered flight using engines to generate thrust has been evident for 100 years.

Discontinuous Advances
The new technologies in this category are entirely novel. There were no precursors; nothing to build from. An example is a teleportation device. Until a team of IBM theorists showed, in 1993, that the science fiction of the Star Trek series does not violate any known laws of physics, there was nothing to suggest that teleportation devices could actually be built. But they can, and they are examples of a technology that sprang out of impossibility to become reality.

Teleportation Technology In The Making [231]

The following excerpt is from the book The Age of Spiritual Machines, by Ray Kurzweil. It provides a very clear account of the principles of quantum entanglement and the instant transmission of random states at speeds far above that of light speed.

Recall here the observation of Gerald L. Schroeder that, "Metaphysics has entered mainstream, peer-reviewed, university-approved physics, though of course not by that name. In academia it's called quantum mechanics." The science that is being done on 'spooky action at a distance' is leading directly to new technologies that are quite novel and unprecedented; such as teleportation. Grant governed science is using 'respectable' terms - quantum mechanics, and nanotechnology - to describe what were much earlier called metaphysics and alchemy.

Whatever labels are applied, teleportation technologies are already at a stage equivalent to that reached by the Wright Brothers while building their Flyer in their bicycle shop. The principles of teleportation technology are depicted in the following diagram from IBM's research site on the WWW.

The transmission of a random code between two places, anywhere in the universe, is instantaneous. The information necessary to decode and reconstruct an object at another place travels at the speed of light. In the process, the original object is destroyed and an exact replica is created; at a distance from the original position.

In June, 2000, scientists at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra successfully teleported a laser beam that contained a radio signal from one place to another. Just as the above diagram indicates, the original beam and its signal was obliterated, and another beam that still contained the radio signal appeared at the target receiving point. Not quite magic, but getting close.

A Brand NEW Adelaide to Darwin Railway! [232]

In 2004 the same government that funded the ANU research into teleportation opened a major rail link between Adelaide, in the south, and Darwin, in the north. It cost AU$ 1.4 billion, consumed 5.5 million man hours in construction, extends for some 1,420 kilometres, has 120 bridges, and rests on 2.3 million concrete sleepers. It would have been a magnificent addition to Australia's infrastructure in 1904. But, in 2004, amid the burgeoning of magical new technologies that will render railways and most other forms of 19th century transportation obsolete, it is a damp squib - a rubber chicken that is most likely to have its neck well and truly wrung before it can return a fraction of the investment made in it.

Michio Kaku is Professor of Theoretical Physics at the City University of New York, and a prolific author and science presenter on US radio. In his book, Visions - How Science Will Revolutionise the 21st Century and Beyond, Kaku makes it very clear that science is close to achieving mastery in three areas that have long been out of reach; Matter, Life, and Mind. When these areas are understood, and new and novel technologies that use the knowledge become reality, the whole of human society will be transformed.

Although Kaku is clearly convinced that such changes are inevitable, his time lines are conservative. He seems to make the mistake of extrapolating past rates of scientific breakthrough and technological development into the future. Other knowledgeable commentators see it differently - they feel that the future will be nothing like the past, and believe that the impacts that Kaku writes of will be felt within one decade, rather than three or four. Perhaps the key point to recognise is that mastery will not be simultaneously attained in all three of the 'holy grail' areas that Kaku nominates. Uncovering the secrets of Life and Mind will take longer than it will for Matter. Scientists and technologists around the world are closing in on mastery of matter at a rapid rate.

It might seem to be a long leap from teleporting the information in a radio signal a short distance, to teleporting manufactured items from Adelaide straight to Singapore or Beijing - at light speed. However, once the principles are understood it is simply a matter of scaling up the technology. Sending living things by such means will have to wait until the secrets of Life and Mind are unlocked by science, but inert objects, even those that embody once-living content - such as bottles of wine, should not be too much of a problem for full scale teleporters.

3D Copying and Nanofacture [233]

An equivalent emerging technology for delivering 'drop it on your foot' objects, but one that is based on different principles to teleportation, is nanoconstruction. In this already tested technology the instructions required to fabricate or nanoconstruct an item are sent over the Internet from a source point to a delivery point.

Nanotechnology involves working with and manipulating matter at the atomic and molecular level. One nanometer is a billionth of a meter. Scientists in a number of countries are actively engaged in developing self-assembling materials and nanofacturing processes that build objects from elemental components rather than crudely machining them from blocks of metal or other substances. Proponents of molecular manufacturing consider that, given the development of suitable nanotechnology tools and assemblers, it will be possible to build products from the atomic level up. This goal not only promises perfect products - bearings could be made so smooth that they would be frictionless - but also very inexpensive manufactured goods.

Nanofacture has already been tested in a preliminary sense by 3D copying technology. It is already commercially and militarily practical to transmit instructions for the reproduction of a three-dimensional object across the Internet, and then 'print out' the replica at the receiving location. Unlike the process of teleportation, internet based 3D copying does not destroy the original. It is, of course, much slower. Nonetheless, there are commercial applications of this sort that use a homogenous powder to 'mold' the copy and then fuse it to form the final object. All that is really transmitted here is the shape of the item, there is, as yet, a lack of complexity and function in the formation of 3D copies. This situation is changing, however, and scientists are starting to build multi-substance copies, and even objects containing semi-conducting and non-conducting composites.

The difference between 3D copying and 3D printing is that the former scans an original object and produces a copy, whereas the latter uses programmed instructions to create an object at the receiving point. The US military, as long ago as 2000, successfully demonstrated 3D printing - of a carburettor block for a tank engine - on the back of a truck in simulated battlefield conditions, via a satellite link.

Spike Technologies [234]

Teleportation and nanofacture are not just new technologies, they are examples of spike technologies. These are the magical inventions and materials that emerge during Vernor Vinge's singularity - the point at which humanity comes to know all that it can know. Recall how Vinge described the approach of this spike in knowledge and understanding:

"We are on the edge of a change comparable to the rise of human life on earth."

[The diagram "spike2R.jpg" can be found in the separate file 2Rdiagrams.rar. The image in the diagram is of Peter Plichta.]

Damien Broderick is a prominent Australian science writer and futurist who is credited with having originated the term’ virtual reality'. His 1997 book, The Spike - Accelerating Into The Unimaginable Future, draws on Vernor Vinge's concept and the writings of technological visionaries such as Eric Drexler.

Broderick popularised the notion of a looming 'spike' in knowledge and an explosion of seemingly magical 'spike technologies'.

The above diagram shows how the old 'machine age' that supported the Level 3 Civilization at the start of the 20th century gave way to computers and other digital technologies. By the mid 1980s the formation of an age of non-biological intelligence was already underway, but this was not readily evident in the data-shuffling machines of that era. Nonetheless, the first practical personal computers had begun to break down the domination of mainframes from 1981 and, by 1984, Dana Andrews had discovered the basis for non-programmed reasoning in optical networks. The 25 year lead-up period required for Vinge's singularity and Broderick's spike technologies to eventuate began back then.

As the diagram shows, the sum total of all knowledge and scientific understanding begins to rise steeply from the year 2000. All scientists and technologists in the developed world have already been equipped with powerful computers to aid their research, and they have been connected with all other discoveries and theories in their field, via the Internet. None of that is new, it happened decades ago. Presently, we are seeing the rapid escalation of knowledge, discoveries and practical new technologies that Vinge predicted.

Amazing as it might seem, Drexler's nano-assemblers, that manufacture 'drop it on your foot' items from nano-soups, atom by atom with perfect precision and quality every time, are far closer than we can imagine. Only a short time beyond that point, humanity will have to come to terms with 'machine' intelligences that are more powerful than natural human intelligence, and we will have to consider issues of 'machine's rights' and the ethics of implanting or otherwise enhancing human brains to increase their capacity and power. Sometime after that stage is reached, but before technology has completely spiked, we might well have to decide how to live and travel beyond our galaxy without our bodies, flashing only our minds and memories across millions of light years, to inhabit new bio-digital forms there.

Damien Broderick's ideas about the way human societies will exist once scarcity is replaced with new technologies of abundance are interesting. Here is an excerpt from The Spike: it is sub-titled "The medium future - a tribal utopia."

Theories, Tools, Technologies [235]

When Eric Drexler first put forward his vision of a nanotechnology age, in his book Engines of Creation, it was 1990 and nothing like that had been thought of before. There were no theoretical principles for nanoconstruction, there were no tools suitable for working at nanometer scales, and there were no designs for practical nanoconstructors. Great scepticism was the only thing that could, at the time, be said to be plentiful insofar as nanotechnology was concerned.

The concepts of nanofacture are simple, instead of making items from the outside-in, by milling away or otherwise removing 'waste' material, nanoproducts are built from the primary building blocks of nature - atoms. The process is inside-out, there will be no waste and the precision should be higher than anything ever achieved during the industrial age. The feedstock for a nanoconstructor comprises molecules that can be broken down into their constituent atoms and reassembled by one of two processes.

The first is part by part assembly, much like a machine age production line. In the second nanofacturing model materials assemble themselves out of a nano 'soup' that is rich in the required atoms. Both these processes use familiar paradigms, one of a production line, the other of chemical vats and reactions that can be observed in many of today's factories. While both of these approaches are likely to be tried, with some likely successes, there is a third paradigm that is definitely post-industrial. It involves forming or condensing matter out of carefully defined vibrational patterns, and will be discussed later.

Today, people like Eric Drexler are acknowledged as visionaries, because it is becoming clear that nanotechnology is going to be a major form of manufacturing in the 21st century. In 1990 just about everyone doubted that it would be possible to manufacture perfect products using an 'inside-out' nanoconstruction process. However, Drexler has the perfect answer for the sceptics, he says simply,

"If you want to see a nanomolecular machine look in the mirror".

Nanotechnology, in rudimentary forms, is already a multi-billion dollar industry, with applications used in missile guidance systems, 'smart' materials, the sensors that trigger automobile air bags, and many other inventions. Nobody dismisses nanotechnlogy anymore, but they still underestimate how rapidly it can advance. Pundits in the field of manufacturing - people who should know the spike technology answers but don't - continue to conservatively estimate that the appearance of nanofacture devices and nanosoups is thirty years ahead of us. Those who are active in the many laboratories now working on these technologies consider the horizon could be far closer, perhaps as little as thirty or forty months away.

The necessary theories are developing rapidly, many practical tools for working at the nano scale now exist, and teams of experimenters and 'tinkerers' are working on real world construction devices and products. Spike technologies are coming sooner than most people think.

Quantum Dots and Programmable Atoms [236]

Wil McCarthy is an engineer and also a science columnist and author, dealing with both science fiction and science fact. While he was Chief Technology Officer for Galileo Shipyards, an aerospace research company, McCarthy wrote a book titled Hacking Matter - Levitating Chairs, Quantum Miracles, and the Infinite Wierdness of Programmable Atoms. It is very relevant to the development of spike technologies, particularly those that seek to create new forms of matter.

Wil McCarthy explains that quantum dots are cheaply produced silicon 'traps' that confine electrons in all three dimensions, so that they cease behaving as particles and, instead, behave as standing waves. In this form, trapped within a nanoscale silicon dot on a base substrate, the electrons behave much as they do within atoms. The following excerpts from Wil McCarthy's book should help the reader to understand the nature of a quantum dot.

Do you see the similarity between this last explanation and the earlier analogy by Leonard G. Cramp, where he likens an atom to the pattern of ripples formed by a stick in a stream of flowing water? The background device, or quantum dot, is similar to the stream and the stick, while the artificial atom is akin to the pattern of ripples. By changing the voltages that confine electrons in an electrostatic corral more or less of these particles/waves can be admitted or ejected from the artificial atom. The voltages in the wire operate much as the stick does when it is moved. and the pattern of ripples - the artificial atom - is changed.

The adjacent diagram shows that an artificial atom is presently much larger than normal atoms. In the illustration the small spheres are true atoms while the large sphere represents a single quantum dot that can be set to behave as an artificial atom.

At first, artificial atoms seem to have serious limitations because they are always attached to a substrate, and are unable to float free like natural atoms. The characteristics of whole surfaces, such as walls and windows, might be changed if they were coated with artificial atoms or molecules. But once a surface was, say, switched from the properties of lead to those of gold, it would not be possible to peel off the latter metal, melt it down and cast it into ingots.

The atoms would be artificial, not real. A wall, a window, or some other object, could be made to look and behave as if it had a coating of gold, but it would be an effect produced with quantum dots, rather than a real coating of atoms of gold. Nevertheless, surfaces coated with artificial atoms would have many uses in a Level 4 Civilization.

Fabricating Matter Using Artificial Atoms [237]

Quantum dots are likely to be very useful as individual units. They are, for example, already used in medical research and microbiology to study living systems. Quantum Dot Corporation has specialised in this type of nanotechnology since 1998 and now supplies nanocrystals (Qdot branded) to its many customers worldwide. In 2003 the prestigious scientific research journal, Science Magazine, named quantum dot bio-imaging technology one of the top ten scientific breakthroughs of the year. The article in Science Magazine referenced work done at Cornell University in which scientists used Qdot nanocrystals to view the blood flow of mice glowing beneath their skin. The resolution of the blood vessels was so high that the researches could see the walls of the arteries ripple with each heart beat - 640 times in each minute.

Wil McCarthy and others believe that, in due course, it will be possible to overcome the limitations of the near two-dimensional nature of artificial atoms and the need to always have a substrate of normal molecules to hold the quantum dots. Here is a little of what McCarthy writes about a solution.

The tools for fabricating assemblages of artificial atoms are still being developed but there are no sound reasons to believe that such efforts will not succeed, or that it might take decades to reach the point of practical mass-production of technologies based on quantum dots. The fledgling pseudomatter industry is presently at an equivalent point in its development as the aviation industry was in 1905 - technology has been demonstrated and much is being done to push it to commercial reality, but it will take a little time to reach the same levels of social, commercial and military impacts that aviation has today. While the early pioneers of aviation technology were constantly scaling up from the fragile Wright Flyer of 1903, the pseudomatter inventors of 2004 are constantly scaling down; to achieve practical results in an invisible realm that holds one of the vital keys to manufacturing abundance in the 21st century.

Hints Of What Is Just Ahead [238]

The following few sections are speculative, but based on the informed opinions of scientists and technologists in the field of quantum dot research and development.

In the course of researching his book, Hacking Matter, Wil McCarthy met and interviewed many people who are actively engaged in this fast-growing technology. At one point he notes a comment by Charlie Marcus of Harvard University's Centre for Imaging and Mesoscale structures (CIMS): "Scientists don't necessarily make better futurists than the people down at the donut shop. So much depends on serendipity - the laser came out of microwave research, not a desire by Schawlow and Townes to improve surgery or record players." McCarthy's experience is that many scientists deliberately avoid speculating about where their research might lead. When he talked further with Charlie Marcus he gleaned snippets of information about what research was being done, such as quantum 'spin pumps' and 'spin filters', but no futurist visions of where the technology can go.

Other scientists and technologists are very excited about the potential of what they are working on, but limited by commercial constraints and the competitive nature of development in a taker society. Wil McCarthy describes a conversation with a developer of technology who fits this profile.

So, McCarthy had to use his own 'headlights' to see the possibilities inherent in the piecemeal informational offerings of scientists and technologists: about where quantum dot technologies are going and what world-changing products they might soon produce. The raw insights and revelations he uses were drawn from direct interviews with researchers working at the leading edge of quantum dots and pseudomatter development. His views of the possibilities are not science fiction, they are based on logical extrapolation of existing science facts.

The Magic of Pseudomatter [239]

Apart from the application of individual quantum dots in biological research and similar fields, there are two categories in which assemblies of these dots will find uses. Quantum dots can be arranged on two-dimensional surfaces or as three-dimensional materials. In the latter case the artificial objects are woven from quantum dot fibres and Wil McCarthy refers to the resultant programmable matter as Wellstone. In the majority of instances quantum dot surfaces and materials exhibit properties which have no direct equivalent in the world of natural matter. Pseudomatter really is different.

McCarthy puts it thus:

The point here is that not only can pseudomatter be, say, transparent and flexible; it can be immediately reprogrammed to be something else entirely. We are about to experience highly adaptable and versatile surfaces and objects in our daily lives. They will help us to build a Level 4 Civilization - sooner than most people think.

Some of the applications envisaged for programmable matter presently include:

Manipulation of Natural Atoms [240]

The prospect of a true nanoconstructor that can assemble materials and products atom by atom, from the inside out and with perfect precision and quality, is dependent on technologists scaling down their tools and working out how to manipulate natural atoms, as distinct from artificial ones. People like K. Eric Drexler and Damien Broderick consider that, as the curve of scientific knowledge and technological capabilities rises at an ever-increasing rate, it will be possible to feed molecules into a nanoconstructor and rearrange them into any desired combination of atoms and molecules. This is a much more ambitious and sophisticated goal than that of the existing 3D copiers already mentioned, but it is not beyond reason.

Peter Plichta's discoveries have already provided the correct framework for understanding and manipulating natural atoms. But before such understanding can be applied it must be recognised and accepted. This shift in attitudes is taking time to happen. It is clear from Wil McCarthy's book that he and the scientists and technologists he interviewed are still using the atomic matter theories that originated a century ago, and which have held back discovery and invention, and kept the world locked into a 'drop them on your foot' view of atoms, for far too long.

Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein appear to have known that "there is no matter", only fundamental vibrations and their harmonics that give rise to what is manifest as matter in the three-dimensional space that we are aware of. Peter Plichta also knows the truth, and he has documented the natural laws that govern the structure of the elements.

In his book, Hacking Matter, which was published in 2003, McCarthy still writes about "the 92 natural structures" although Plichta's work has been published in English since 1997, and in German well prior to that year. Peter Plichta actually finalised his forty-year study of the laws of the elements and atomic structures in 1986. Yet, the information has still to filter through to those scientists who are working at the new frontiers of nanotechnology and artificial matter. Once it does, progress should then be rapid and more and more spike technologies should emerge.

Much of the development work on spike technologies is likely to be done by talent collectives living in free cities, rather than researchers in federalist-capitalist states and institutions.

Nanofacturing Centres [241]

During the 1st Industrial Revolution manufacturing centres grew up near to sources of raw materials, energy, and transportation routes. Thus textile mills were established within easy distances from the coal reserves that powered their steam boilers, and ports and railways that brought raw cotton in and took finished goods out.

New criteria might determine the optimum location of various nanofacturing centres. Energy won't come from coal or oil reserves, but from the Energy Grid discovered anew by Bruce Cathie and also known to earlier civilizations on this planet. The raw materials will either come from atomic feedstock that might be as basic as grass clippings or garbage, or it might prove possible to 'generate' the necessary atoms directly from vibrational patterns. Given the looming prospects for teleportation systems, at least for inanimate objects, distance to new 'needs markets' in presently underprivileged and underdeveloped regions and countries should not be a major factor in siting nanofacturing plants. They won't really have to be close to their target distribution points. Most important will be the presence of forward-looking communities and associated collectives of savvy technologists and innovative leaver givers. Human attitudes and cultural factors will probably be more important in locational decisions than physical and geographic considerations.

If Bruce Cathie's theories regarding the need to synchronise the manipulation of atomic structures with the Sun's position and particular dates and times are correct, the location of nanofacturing plants might be critically governed by these factors. Presumably, although nobody outside the 'black' projects of various nation states seems to know for certain, it is also preferable to perform manipulation of atomic structures on lines or nodes of the Energy Grid. It might also be the case that stronger effects can be achieved at or near major grid nodes, and lesser effects on minor nodes and grid lines. If this proves to be so, it is likely that the optimum sites for nanofacturing will be located in relation to energy grid lines and nodes rather than coal mines, ports or sources of cheap labour.

While it might be possible to obtain electrons, neutrons and protons by a process of 'atom smashing' this seems to be a rather crude approach that could be fraught with difficulty when it comes to trapping and reassembling these components into new atoms and molecules. A better, and more elegant, approach could be to slip the structures apart, just as Cathie suggests in his wire puzzles analogy.

Rather than round the clock shifts that typify 20th century manufacturing plants, the new nanocentres might operate according to optimal positions of the Sun. If there are many nanofacturing plants around the world a proportion of these locations should always have favourable conditions for the disassembly and reassembly of atoms.

An indication that the notion of manipulating atoms most readily at points on the Energy Grid is not as fanciful as it might at first sound is given by an account of magnetic research by the Canadian National Research Council and the US Navy. In 1950 these two agencies conducted the only officially recorded investigation into the Earth Grid system. Project Magnet investigated an area at the eastern end of Lake Ontario that is known as the Marysburgh Vortex. Aircraft and ships had completely vanished there and numerous strange sightings, including UFOs, had been reported.

The investigation was headed by a communications engineer named Wilbert Smith. The following accounts of some of his findings are taken from an article by Richard Lefors Clark, a well known researcher of anti-gravity and the Energy Grid.

The various explanation of the anomalies found are conjectural but the actual findings are not, they are established fact. They indicate that conditions at the Marysburgh Vortex were definitely not normal in 1950, when the official study was done of magnetic anomalies there. The fact that the study was terminated following Smith's preliminary report also suggests that neither the federal authorities of Canada and the USA wanted any further public disclosure relating to magnetic and gravitational anomalies and the Earth Grid. It was not that Smith was not finding any anomalies, he clearly was succeeding in measuring and mapping them. The problem was that an official study was uncovering sensitive information that the OWO did not want publicly documented and legitimised. As baroness Thatcher once remarked, "There are some things you can't tell the people."

Even if all the facts and theories about the Earth Grid and free energy should somehow prove to be false, there is still a looming curve of new knowledge and technologies just ahead of us. The great majority of scientists and technologists presently working in spike technology fields such as genetics, nanotechnology, robotics, pseudomatter, and the like, are not drawing on discoveries and knowledge relating to free energy or the grid. They are driving the curve upwards at an ever-increasing rate, notwithstanding the handicaps due to a lack of awareness and acceptance of ancient understandings and insights that 20th century science chose to discard, or exclude from public knowledge.

Know The Spike Is Coming - Spread This Information [242]

The near-magical technologies of the Spike are not decades away, they are already starting to appear. What is presently an encouraging trickle of scarcity-banishing inventions will soon become a torrent. All of us who now eschew takerism and the failed 'civilization' of industrial capitalism, must work to raise understanding of this looming potential for abundance and freedom from want.

The dissemination of information about the end of the 20th century scientific Dark Age and the advent of wondrous new spike technologies is something we can all do. It is not yet illegal to write or talk about such matters. In order to help raise general awareness of already existing opportunities to end economic scarcity it is necessary to first discover and absorb information that is never presented by the OWO controlled media. Then it is time to spread those alternate perspectives of science and technology at the interpersonal level.

It is not necessary to write articles that are widely distributed, or to make documentary films or address large gatherings. Word of mouth communication accompanied by brief fact sheets, that include appropriate references to books and sites on the Internet, is well within the resources and capabilities of most people. Provided that enough of us take the time to spread the information we will all see a result. Community understanding of the very real opportunities to build a Level 4 Civilization will grow exponentially, along with the new spike technologies and scarcity-banishing inventions that will support a complete transformation of our world - from one of want to one of wonder.

... Confront The Doctrines And Practices Of Economic Scarcity [243]
Imagine that you are an alien on your first visit to our solar system. As your space craft approaches Earth you bring up a visual of the planet. What do you see, what is the most striking feature of this unfamiliar world? Yes, that's it, the planet Earth is a deep blue colour. Much of its surface is covered with water!

Once you land, and blend anonymously into the crowds on the pavements of Sydney, Los Angeles, or some other city, you listen to conversations around you to find out what is going on in the lives of these earthlings. To your amazement you learn that one of the greatest problems facing these people is a growing shortage of water!

Now, if they were all living on Earth's moon you could understand their concern. The Moon is typical of many bodies in the many galaxies you have visited on your travels, it really is short of water and it lacks an atmosphere as well. But the Earth has a great abundance of water, very few of the habitable planets you know about have comparable amounts of H2O. What are these earthlings talking about?

Why are they saying that water is scarce?

At first, you might think that the primitive earthlings simply don't realise that it is entirely practical to desalinate the water in the oceans. But that would not be the reason; the earthlings already have proven technologies for making sea water drinkable. Then why, for goodness sake, don't they do more of that sort of thing? Why should more than one billion people already lack access to fresh drinking water? Why are Mexican babies and children in the industrial zones along the border with the US drinking Coca-Cola and Pepsi because they can't get water?

Then the penny drops, literally. The earthlings are selling water, they are treating it as a commodity. For the sellers of water this means that the scarcer fresh water is the higher the price and the greater the profit. There is still CAPITALISM on Earth; a system that became redundant in most galaxies aeons ago. No wonder water is scarce here.

The Scarce Water Debate [244]

Major corporations and their allies in big government are currently 'talking up' the growing scarcity of fresh water. Fortune Magazine has stated, rather hopefully, that, "water will be to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th." Maude Barlow is Chair of the Council of Canadians and was the founding co-chair of the Action Canada Network. She has strongly opposed both the US-Canada Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA and the Multilateral Agreement on Investment. She is worth reading and listening to on the subject of the commodification of fresh water.

Barlow notes that the privatisation of water is already a US$ 400 billion pa business. She quotes one Canadian water company, Global Water Corporation, as saying: "Water has moved from being an endless commodity that may be taken for granted to a rationed necessity that may be taken by force." The OWO cartels are positioning fresh water as a commodity to fight wars over, just as oil has been for a hundred years. As Maude Barlow puts it:

In India, according to Barlow, there are households that already pay a quarter of their income for water. This situation is probably exacerbated by the existence of arsenic in the ground water in certain areas, making the regular use of many public wells inadvisable. The Indian government is building massive water catchment schemes and these dams are further denying ordinary village people access to clean water. The Chinese government is doing the same thing. Once 'free trade' agreements are in place global corporations will have the legal right of access to the fresh water in the dams, and they will be able to use their considerable legal resources to sue any local bodies that attempt to block their appropriation of the stored water. Here are some excerpts from an article by Maude Barlow titled, Water Incorporated; The Commodification of the World's Water.

This argument about water is irreconcilable, but it can be simply resolved. It is irreconcilable because there is a clash of taker and leaver-giver values. The proponents of the commodification of water are classic takers, in Daniel Quinn's terms. People like Maude Barlow and the attendees at the Cochabamba conference are thinking in true leaver-giver terms, even although they might not describe themselves in that way.

If fresh water really was becoming as scarce as Maude Barlow and most other people in humanitarian and environmental movements believe, the stage would be set for a massive global conflict over rights and access to this natural gift from the Creator - whatever or whomever 'it' might be. But fresh water can be had in abundance and then there will be no profit to be made from commodifying it. Energy and spike technologies hold the key to the abundance of fresh water.

Most folk don't see that yet, but it is so. The Earth is literally awash with water and there is absolutely no need to render it scarce and run its distribution along the lines of an oil cartel. There isn't any reason for oil cartels such as OPEC to continue either. The looming abundance of water, energy, and perfectly manufactured goods are indisputable consequences of the end of the 20th century scientific Dark Age and the gathering pace of the 2nd Renaissance.

Fresh Water From Desalination [245]

Water is commonly said to be a liquid made up of molecules that are each comprised of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms, H2O.
But this is not what water is. The substance 'water' is far more complicated than that. In his book, God's Secret Formula, Peter Plichta relates the fact that;

"For some profoundly mysterious reason, approximately every 55 millionth water molecule is split. The trivial fundamental equation of chemistry

H2O < - > H+ + OH-

means that water is always an inseparable mixture of three components:

H3O+ H2O H1O-

Anybody bold enough to attempt to separate these constituents would surely fail. And we want to travel to space although we do not even have an explanation of the three-fold nature of water!"

The best solution to the provision of ample fresh water to all the life-forms on this planet that require this mysterious substance will be to nanofacture it, using Plichta's discoveries of the rules governing the manifestation of 'matter', and a supply of 'free' energy drawn from the Earth Grid. However, this notion is likely to seem too far-fetched to many of the founders of the first free cities. An intermediate, and less radical, technology might have more appeal. Such a solution could lie in technologies that enable massive desalination of sea water. This bridging step will seem more realistic to the leaver-givers and neo-tribalists who will initiate the 2nd Renaissance. The only issues people are likely to have will be the presumed costs of the desalination process, and its sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Presently, two technologies are used for desalination of sea water and water that has been contaminated; reverse osmosis and steam distillation. Energy to power the plants comes mainly from non-renewable hydrocarbon fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Some solar power is used, but this 'free' energy is not sufficiently developed to be cost competitive with fossil fuels. Although reverse osmosis plants might often be electrically powered, hydrocarbon fuels remain the primary energy source for desalination. While there are definitely environmental issues associated with desalination plants many of these can be overcome at a moderate additional cost. For example, instead of flushing pipes with toxic chemicals that could escape from the plant, ultraviolet light can be used to kill biological organisms that have entered the system.

Judged by prices that can be found on the WWW it seems that very high profit margins are already being made from water produced in desalination plants. One source indicates that the price of a cubic metre of fresh water at municipal selling prices, in Europe, is 3 US dollars. Mediterranean resorts apparently buy the output of desalination plants there at around 4 US dollars, while in the Gulf states such water sells for 5 US dollars per cubic metre. It is said that the price of water delivered by ships to some islands in the Persian Gulf is up to 10 US dollars per cubic metre.

The particular web site, which is soliciting investment in its reverse osmosis technology for sea water, states that high profits are assured because the actual production cost of its process in a mere 4 US cents per cubic metre.

As water is commodified and cartelised the selling price will only rise because supply will be deliberately rationed by the corporations that control the market. There will obviously not be a free or competitive market, but neither is there one for oil. Since the energy source is cartelised as well as the supply of water from the desalination facilities that use that energy, there is a double jeopardy situation developing for the world's water consumers. Plants and animals, who don't have bank accounts, will be left to go thirsty. But, gee, the new market for globalised water is a great investment opportunity.

Oil From Sand [246]

Silicon is among the most common elements found in the Earth's crust, some 27% of the crust (by mass) is silicon. Magnesium is also very common, making up about 2% of the crust. It is usually obtained by extraction from sea water. Sulphur, on the other hand, occurs mainly in the Earth's core, but it is also plentiful. Currently, the US is the highest producer of sulphur, through the use of hot water extraction from buried salt domes. Sulphuric acid is a widely used industrial chemical and there are many plants that already produce it.

Amazingly, silicon can be chemically described as a 'brother' of carbon and it is thus entirely practical - right now - to produce long-chain molecules from silicon. These silane oils have similar properties to the hydrocarbons presently used as the primary source of energy for the industrial world, but with higher calorific values. You have never heard of silane fuel? Having read this freesite through to this point, that gap in public information should not surprise you. Anything that offers a virtually inexhaustible energy source is a threat to capitalism and the OWO. Alternative fuels and energy sources must be ignored or suppressed in the interests of global corporations and federal governments. The relevance and survival of those same entities in the 21st century depends upon controlled scarcity. But everyone else will be better served by the introduction of new fuels such as the silane oils.

The ingredients needed for the production of silane oils are those mentioned at the start of this section: silicon, magnesium, and sulphuric acid. Existing chemical plants can be modified or new ones constructed using existing expertise. Nothing new or far-out is involved. This means that just about any settled site on the seaboards of Australia, the Americas, Africa, Asia and so on, could become a free city that uses silane fuels for its energy needs. They could construct desalination plants and provide their populations with cheap fresh water, and they could do this in a matter of months rather than years.

Of course, there is no 'free' energy here. You can't get anything for nothing in this scenario. Some form of energy most run the chemical plants. Unless this is solar - which is a possibility - there will be either petroleum or silane fuels consumed to run the production facility. What is important is that the control of energy can be wrested from existing energy cartels, and both the cost and the price of energy can be kept at far lower levels. Running industries on silane fuel is an interim solution - using the Energy Grid is far preferable. But silane powered desalination plants are likely to be a good way to meet immediate needs for fresh water in many areas, particularly those near to seaboards or inland sources of contaminated water.

It is no coincidence that the chemist who first separated the higher (stable) silanes is none other than Peter Plichta. Insights into stereochemistry gained in that research, when he was 30 years old, played a significant part in his wider discoveries of the Prime Number Cross and the secrets of the atomic structures of the elements. Here are some excerpts from his book that explain the silanes:

Peter Plichta was not initially interested in the potential of silane fuels because he thought that the hydrocarbons industry was too well established. Later, he revived a boyhood dream of a flying disk and patented that device together with a silane rocket fuel that draws nitrogen from the atmosphere. The following excerpts relate to this application of his research.

A fuel oil powerful enough to power rocket engines can have many applications in present-day industrial processes, including electrical power generation for desalination of seawater by reverse osmosis plants, or to provide heat for direct steam distillation. It is not important whether silane fuel oils are economically competitive with hydrocarbon fuels, what matters is that they are readily accessible to talent collectives and regions that might decide to establish free cities outside of the energy markets controlled by the OWO cartels.

As already noted, nanofacture powered by the Energy Grid is the best solution for free cities and leaver-giver communities. This will be the best, and cleanest way to bring ample fresh water to the people, fauna, and flora that need it. Presently, governments at every level; national, state and local, are spreading the message that water is scarce. They are setting up a profitable new market for global water cartels; they are also diverting attention for their past incompetence and dereliction of their public responsibilities in respect of ensuring continuing supplies of fresh water.

Spin doctors and snowmen throughout the tiers of government, industry and the mainstream media are repeating and constantly reinforcing a mantra that holds that water is scarce and will become even scarcer unless we conserve it and also support the entry of global investors who will, allegedly, create a market for water that will, allegedly, ensure that it is distributed efficiently - as a commodity rather than a natural endowment.

Any old alien (AOA) looking down from its UFO can see right through that lie. Why can't we?

One More Time - Energy Is NOT Scarce, Nor Is Water [247]

Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) was an unusually gifted and perceptive human being. He was a designer and architect, but he spread his talent widely. Fuller was awarded 25 US patents, he authored 28 books, received many major architectural and design awards, and travelled 57 times around the world giving public lectures and interviews. His design for a geodesic dome was a major breakthrough in strength and ease of construction and, today, there are more than 300,000 such structures around the world. In many respects Buckminster Fuller was a latter-day Leonardo da Vinci.

The following excerpt is from the Buckminster Fuller Institute website:

Buckminster Fuller did not consider the Energy Grid and spike technologies, but he nevertheless showed that humanity has always had practical energy options and will continue to do so. It is just that the existing hydrocarbons option has been squarely under the control of the 'Markets', so revered by capitalist oriented 'thinkers' and 'leaders' of the old Level 3 Civilization.

Similarly, there is a water 'crisis' because that leads easily to its commodification, and a new source of profits for privileged investors. However, such a market is really an artifice that erodes the natural rights of the many, in order to enrich a relatively few people.

Maude Barlow had this to say about an open market in water:

Governments are at the forefront of the drive to commodoify water. In Australia, farmers who have dams on their properties to collect rain water must pay a tax to the government for the water that falls out of the sky! This 'initiative' not only reinforces the notion that water is a tradeable, taxable 'good', it usurps the power of nature and claims - for the feds - absolute rights over atmospheric moisture. What would AOA make of this situation? It would probably conclude that we earthlings are profoundly stupid to allow ourselves to be so deceived and cheated by our 'elected' representatives. It might also consider that we are guilty of not only failing to stand up for the natural water rights of indigenous people, but also those of the animals and plants that rely on well watered habitats for their survival.

Reverse The Debate - Don't Accept False Premises [248]

As it presently stands, in can be strongly argued that we are guilty of failing to effectively defend natural water rights on this planet. Instead of meekly complying with new regulations that restrict our rights to water our suburban gardens to the extent that we wish - imposed because water is so 'scarce' - we should be using what water we need, and pointedly turning the problem of scarcity back to the bureaucrats and big-business-admirers in office. We should be saying things like:

Many other responses can be made is a similar vein, and they should be made. When we can't make such points directly to the Feds and the major interests they serve (which is most of the time), we should make them to each other - repeatedly and insistently - until a critical mass of awareness of these issues exists in the communities we live and work in. Unless we do this the snowmen of governments and the mainstream media will succeed in convincing ordinary people that fresh water is truly scarce, and that the solution is to privatise water and let the market distribute it - to those who have the money to pay for it, and hang the rest.

Note that it is not necessary to assert that the Energy Grid does definitely exist, it is only necessary to say that the possibility of its existence should be urgently explored - not dismissed out of hand, as 'too unscientific' or 'too mystical' to even be considered.

Many people might be too unsure of the information about the ancient Earth Grid and its modern equivalent the Energy Grid, to claim to their workmates or neighbours that its existence is a proven fact. They might well feel embarrassed to raise anything so 'controversial' or 'nutty', but feel sufficiently confident to argue that because a water crisis is so serious a matter it is time for the 'authorities' to explore every possible energy solution.

An abundance of energy, of course, would enable practical desalination processes to tap the oceans, and otherwise undrinkable reservoirs, for fresh water. Nikola Tesla correctly observed that access to energy is the key to economic development and that, in the interests of coming generations: "... We have to evolve means of obtaining energy from stores that are forever inexhaustible." Tesla was right, and we must continue his quest for the perfect energy source.

In these terms, it is difficult to argue against a full and open investigation of the Energy Grid and 'free' power technologies. If the federations and institutions of the OWO won't conduct such studies to solve the water crisis, we must form free cities and talent collectives, and do the job ourselves.

Two Giant Levers For Freedom [249]

Ordinary folk feel powerless in the face of the organised deception and exploitation that is being practised by an unholy alliance of taker-thinking governments, corporations and media networks. Individually, ordinary people seem and feel so insignificant that their voice can be, and generally is, ignored. Individually, ordinary people lack financial and other resources to confront the legions of lawyers that the Feds and corporations can muster, and they correctly assess their chances in the adversarial and often corrupt 'justice' systems of the dominant Level 3 Civilization, as very slim indeed.

Collectively, however, ordinary citizens have two huge levers that they can use to not only make their views heard, but also make them prevail. These too-little-used levers are:

Ants are individually puny opponents for small vertebrates and even humans yet, army ants, fire ants, and others, are fully capable of attacking and killing much larger prey, if they are hungry enough or angry enough. The strength of the ants lies in their superior numbers and their instinctive hive model of organisation.

The natural, some would say instinctive, organisation model for humans is the tribe. But there is no suggestion here of attacking or harming the less numerous members of big government and big business organisations that are structured along institutional and militarist lines. Any physical attack on the forces of the OWO would not only violate the sixth commandment, it would fail to advance humanity or benefit society in any way. No, the conflict between the OWO and the rest of us is a battle of ideas and, as such, it holds great potential as a transformational force that will benefit all of humanity - even those people who are presently on the side of federalism, capitalism and a creeping totalitarian control of the many by a few.

If several dozen people decide to renounce their citizenship and cease to pay taxes or show allegiance to a federation, they will have a problem. Once several thousand people decide to take such action the ownership of the problem will start to shift towards the Feds and away from the secessionists. Should a few million families elect to abandon the old federal system and form one or more free cities, there will be very little that governments can do about it, at least in the sense of physical coercion and application of legal provisions and the rule of law. There will just be too many leaver-givers, as there can often be too many ants facing much larger and seemingly more powerful opponents.

Considerable communication will be required to raise awareness of the issues and options surrounding the abandonment of the failed political and economic models of industrial capitalism, and the creation of a Level 4 Civilization from a rising wave of spike technologies. Such dialogue needs to be between us citizens of the deteriorating federations that are becoming more and more totalitarian. There is little point attempting to lobby politicians or gain 'air time' in the mainstream media, those sectors of society are no longer taking any instructions from the likes of you and I.

Although there is no revolution or uprising being contemplated here, and no harm to the agents of the OWO, it can be expected that federal authorities will actively discourage such dialogue between 'their' citizens. Any attempt to inform people and raise awareness is likely to be branded as subversive. But this charge can only be made from the viewpoint of the established order. The alternative, and eventually the majority, view will be that individuals have an intrinsic right to free speech and free assembly.

The Roman Church didn't much like Martin Luther's actions in nailing his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church, nor his criticisms of the sale of indulgences by church officials. They did not view his translation of the Bible into High German as a good thing either, since this enabled more people to read it and understand how it had come to be misrepresented by clergy who could read Latin, and who 'translated' the holy text from their pulpits, to parishioners who were unable to read the Bible for themselves.

What Luther and others in the Reformation did was to start people all over Germany, and eventually most of Europe, talking amongst themselves, about the true basis of the Gospel. In combination with the introduction of moveable type printing presses the Reformation led to much higher levels of intercommunication and dialogue among ordinary people. Once that process had begun it gathered pace like a snowball rolling down a hill. The rest, as they say, is history.

Presently, the Internet is serving the same purpose of connecting information and ideas across national boundaries, between ordinary people, and apart from and beyond the propaganda agendas of the mainstream media. You and I can now find all sorts of facts on the Internet that are never likely to be published or broadcast anywhere else. It is as if knowledge and understanding that was previously only recorded in a language we could neither reach nor read has suddenly been released in hundreds of thousands of web pages which are in plain English (or whatever other tongue we might speak).

There are already many cybertribes with specialised interests, some concentrate on ancient energy lines, dowsing, and the location and alignment of megalithic sites; others deal with 'free' energy devices; still others delve into the beliefs and myths of earlier civilizations; and some explain the quantum world and metaphysical phenomena found there. In the political arena there are a host of web sites produced by conspiracy theorists who blame the failure of the industrialised world on various shadowy groups, such as the Illuminati, Freemasons, Zionists, the Rosicrucians, the Club of Rome, and so on - just about everything through to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. There are masses of facts, speculation and opinions on the web, mainly produced by like-thinking interest groups, or cybertribes. Everything is there, but we are left to sort the wheat from the chaff for ourselves. There is no attempt at coordination between cybertribes or the publication of one or more cohesive frameworks into which all the information and all the conjecture can be fitted. That has still to happen. It will be the next stage of the development of the web and it will probably reside on the Lightnet, rather than the already obsolete Internet.

The two major problems with the present publishing of information and theories on the Internet are to be found in the lack of cohesive models that 'join the dots' between disparate areas of research and knowledge; and in a failure to focus the aim of all the dissent on a single correct target. The first source of weakness is the internalised nature of most of the web sites and discussion groups. There are lots of specialists who are working 'down in the weeds' of their subject areas, but there are very few authors and commentators providing integration and overviews of the material. The framework provided by this 2nd Renaissance freesite is an example of such an integrating model.

The second source of weakness is due to a general failure to challenge the status quo. As Daniel Quinn correctly notes, most people continue to believe that the way we live now is the way we were meant to live. Thus the various activists and cybertribes continue to focus on stopping the decline of society and the slide into a globalised market dominated by a relatively few unethical, uncaring corporations, and their supporting institutions such as the World Bank and the United Nations.

Nearly all the dissent and criticism on the Internet is aimed at entities that are perceived to be breaking down the way we live now and building a 'New World Order' in which they have unchallenged control and power. However, as the world enters an age of magical new spike technologies and abundance, the single correct target of informed dissent is BIG GOVERNMENTS. Particularly centralised federal governments.

Without the biased, often corrupt and unethical, support of big governments, big business will become powerless and non-viable. Without big government and its centralised legal systems and military forces, the shadowy 'string pullers' who presently manipulate world events will have no convenient leverage points. Their hidden power will vanish, and they will be unable to exert any real influence over a myriad of neo-tribes and free cities.

The goal of community dialogue, on the Internet and face-to-face in parks and coffee shops, must be a raised awareness of the need to abandon the way we live now, and the institutions that control how we live now. As well as the legislative and executive arms of government, there is a need to also abandon the judicial arm and its attendant Rule of Law, that is so convenient a weapon for corporations acting against the interests of ordinary people.

Both on the Internet and in cafes and meeting places, there will be a need to maintain privacy and foil eavesdropping by various government agencies and shadow interests. The non-technical Personal Privacy Device (PPD), mentioned earlier, can be effective in masking face-to-face dialogues between ordinary citizens. Rather than expend energy on demonstrating against government support of globalisation and the commodification of water, it will be more useful to generate high levels of private discussion between ourselves. Instead of futile attempts to influence politicians and corporate interests who don't want to hear us, we will be better off influencing each other, and working together to engineer our abandonment of the failed Level 3 Civilization.

The 'Surveillance' freesite has details of the PPD. The link is here.

The Real New World Order [250]

There is a lot of talk and concern about "The New World Order" that is supposedly going to arise from the globalisation process, and enslave the world. But there is little chance of that happening. The players in the alleged conspiracy are Western governments, global corporations, and institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank. All these governments and institutions, together with the ideas that they espouse, are the backbone of the Old World Order. They and their ways of creating and maintaining artificial scarcity, and human suffering are in rapid decline. The elites and apparatchiks of the Old World Order will be the most likely losers of the 2nd Renaissance. But they should only lose power, not their material goods or their lives or liberty.

You and I, and the techno-tribes and new city states we choose to establish, are the true New World Order. We will be the ultimate winners. You and I, the new global citizens and sovereign individuals. Together we can create new abundance and magical technologies that can save the world. To do this we must rediscover and hold to the old truths of tribal societies, and then combine them with the new knowledge and technologies of the 2nd Renaissance.

We must become courageous and ungovernable. We must withdraw our support from the old regimes that can offer no new solutions. We must start to live and act as leaver-givers in a Level 4 Civilization.

... Congregate In Centres Of 2nd Renaissance Thought [251]
During the Renaissance in Italy city states flourished and grew. By the late 14th century, seven out of the ten largest population centres in Europe were in Italy. But it was not only people that migrated to the Renaissance city states, information and knowledge were also attracted to these centres of creativity, and new ideas and skills were born there. These places were centres of thought, and that is what free cities of the 2nd Renaissance will also be. Just as people of talent chose to live and work in the intellectually stimulating culture of Italian city states so will the thinkers and technologists of the 2nd Renaissance be attracted to the stimulus and creativity of free cities.

The motives of the founders and later joiners of free cities will be different to those of the merchants and bankers who built up the Italian city states during the Renaissance. The latter were clearly concerned with the arts and culture, but they were also seeking wealth through trade and commerce. In the times in which they lived economics truly was about managing scarce resources to best effect. There were no technologies able to generate an abundance of near-costless goods and services. As a consequence poverty was quite prevalent among the lower classes in the Renaissance city states, and there was not much that the movers and shakers of commerce and the arts could have done to eliminate that problem.

All that has changed for the free cities of the 2nd Renaissance, their motives will be far more philanthropic than those of the innovators who spearheaded the Renaissance in medieval Europe. Now, magic new technologies to eliminate the scourges of poverty, disease and war from the daily experiences of humanity are within reach. The new thinkers who congregate in the first free cities will understand this vital difference and they will act collectively to create and spread abundance in the world.

Some of the essential socio-political features of free cities have already been noted earlier; apolitical administration, reverse surveillance, no secret police, no career politicians or political dynasties, absolute freedom of movement and association, unrestricted access to health services, low tax levels and true value-for-money services, etc. These and various other conditions are imperatives for free cities that must attract talented, forward-thinking leaver-givers. Additionally, there will be considerations such as self-sufficiency in essentials such as food, water, energy, and so on. This freesite is not the place to detail these requirements, but they will include innovations such as surrounding the free city with highly fertile agricultural zones that are made possible by soil enrichment techniques such at the Amazonian Indians used 2000 years ago to produce what are now called Terra Preta (Black Earth) cultivation areas. Technologies for obtaining energy and fresh water have already been outlined.

It will be important that each free city quickly reaches a viable population level, and this is why people who have realised the need and the opportunities to transform the way we live will congregate in these leaver-giver centres. Just as everyone who is part of a travelling circus does not have to be a high-wire star, it is not necessary for everyone who joins the tribes and community of a free city to be a scientist or technologist. People who live and work in a free city will share common values and goals, including the understanding that there is a better way to live.

While the optimum population range for a free city has yet to be determined it is likely to be more than 500,000 in the interests of self-sufficiency and to discourage harassment by OWO government agents and lawyers. A self-sufficient city, like a travelling circus, requires a wide range of skills, talents and interests; this dictates the need for a reasonably sized metropolis. The population must also be large enough to make the Feds think twice about exercising force to bring a secessionist city back under their control.

The world has already seen, in the 1993 Waco massacre, what the US Feds are prepared to do to groups who choose to live differently. There, government agents and officials were able to attack less than a hundred men, women and children with tanks, while controlling the news released to an obedient media - so that David Koresh became the villain, rather than the US government.

If there had been a city of half a million people at Waco, with a multitude of communications links to the world, including live web-cams, there would have been no attack. The Feds will quickly stamp on a few dissident 'ants', but they will know better than to anger a large colony that is linked to many others and a global network of supporters.

At the time of their inception as free cities most centres will need an inflow of people in order to reach their critical mass of population, and to build up their levels of scientific and technological expertise. When the call goes out for prospective leaver-givers to join a free city it must be answered; there should be no hanging back - waiting to see if new-tribalism works or not. The right action to take will be to join the community of a free city and put your all into making sure that it does succeed. The well-being of future generations, and of the flora and fauna that presently grace this planet, will depend on there being large numbers of early-joiners to establish free cities and begin the many tasks required to replace scarcity with abundance.

City Nodes In A New Civilization Network [252]

The dismal failure of attempts to solve the problems of the industrial-capitalist civilization is clear to anyone who cares to consider the record. The dominant model for initiating change involves concerned citizens, like you and I, generating or supporting a dialogue with elected representatives and officials of the various levels of government. Earlier content on this freesite has discussed Daniel Quinn's analysis of the inevitable outcomes of such communications. New promises are made, new programs are launched, more money is thrown after all the earlier funding that didn't solve anything; but the new programs and bigger budgets don't solve anything either.

Communicating with people in authority who are conforming, whether knowingly or not, to a Taker ethos and whose thinking is steeped, often unconsciously, in centralist principles is a huge waste of time and effort. We might as well talk to the West Wind about blowing north.

The dialogue and communication about solving the world's problems should not be between us and those organising and controlling the old order, but between ourselves. We must directly discuss how we can build a new civilization upon the ruins of the failed capitalist model.

There are already many movements striving to change and improve society and arrest and reverse the destruction that the Taker mentality is causing to the environment and the many precious life forms still remaining on Earth. Some of these have conventional store fronts and organisation structures; Greenpeace is an example, the various churches are another. Other less tangible movements operate in cyberspace and might even be impossible to physically track down; the Freenet community fits this model. Presently, almost all of the transformation movements on Earth are aiming their arguments at government and corporate policy makers. It is time to abandon those tactics and, instead, generate dialogue and new solutions within the general populations of the various countries, not their governments.

Free cities will play an important role in a global communication process that bypasses officialdom and an obedient media, and links the thought processes and knowledge of ordinary people everywhere. Free cities will be concentrations, or nodes, of 2nd Renaissance enlightenment in a global network of forward-looking leaver-givers. Free cities will pump out the information and insights that will enable ordinary people to understand and join the movement to build a Level 4 Civilization out of the ruins of the old, now thoroughly discredited, order that ruled the industrial age.

These cities will also be centres of new learning, and they will earn income from teaching new philosophies, new transformation strategies, and new insights into nature and the metaphysical realm. The arts, science and learning flourished in the Italian city states of the Renaissance, and they will do so again in free cities that abandon federalism and stale economic doctrines based on ever-prevailing scarcity and the erroneous notion of 'the market' as the governing mechanism for the distribution of all resources.

Exposing Flawed Arguments and False Reasoning [253]

Once free cities become established they will flood the world with counter-logic. This reasoning will help ordinary people understand how prevailing logic can be turned on its head, and how society can move forwards and upwards, to a higher level of civilization and a better, fairer world. This is an important role for the inhabitants of free cities. Just as the movers and shakers of Italian city states caused new thinking to spread across Renaissance Europe, so the neo-tribalists of free cities will help people everywhere to see the way ahead. Ordinary people will then realise that the responses of conventional thinkers drawn, as they are, from old intellectual comfort zones rather than the hedgerows of new thought, are now little more than worn out rhetoric and stifling dogma.

Counter-logic is simply a different way of looking at conventional arguments. A couple of examples below illustrate this. The conventional response is in quotes, and the counter-logic follows.

Another form of conventional response that needs to be refuted is the 'authoritative answer' that omits to mention that knowledge to the contrary exists. An example is shown below. Note that this counter requires knowledge that is not widely distributed. This highlights the need for free cities and networks such as Freenet to spread such presently obscure information.

Authoritative answers are being regularly given to whole populations who are not in a position to question them, because much relevant information is not widely known or is deliberately kept secret by the 'representatives' and 'servants' of those same people.

Communication between citizens (Us-2-Us), rather than between citizens and governments (Us-2-OWO), is necessary to ensure that all available information can be shared, discussed, and brought into play in a multiplicity of forums dealing with ways to create abundance and establish a Level 4 Civilization.

... Stop Voting - Stop Supporting Pseudo Democracies [254]
Just as communicating with the Feds about abandoning the way we live now is a futile process that only buttresses the legitimacy of old ways of thinking and living, continuing to vote within centralised political processes only reinforces their continuing relevance. Citizens who continue to reside within totalitarian-democracies can, at least partly, abandon them by not voting at elections that will never lead to abundance and a better way of living.

Where voting is compulsory, as it is for all three levels of government in Australia, it will be preferable for dissenting citizens to cast informal ballots. If large numbers of citizens do this the numerical legitimacy of the victorious party will be reduced. Whenever the Feds introduce electronic voting machines that do not allow informal ballots it will be time to leave the present nation state, just as it was time for many people to leave Nazi Germany in 1935. Once totalitarianism shows its face openly it is time to go. Leaver-givers who decide to leave their nation in such circumstances are sure to prefer to relocate to a free city or region, where they will be among like-minded people with the same goal of laying down the base for a Level 4 Civilization.

People living in countries that appear to be heading towards a violently totalitarian future should plan their move early and have several options thought out and provided for. In this case not voting will not be enough, there is a need to ensure the safety of loved ones. Those citizens who left Germany before 1933 were generally able to take funds and possessions with them, those who scraped out after 1933 were less fortunate. Many who stayed were dispossessed, imprisoned, raped, slaughtered, or otherwise mistreated by the Nazis or the "liberating" armies. If you're going to leave, do it early.

The War on Terror will quickly become a War on Freedom.

... Become Involved In Highlighting Failures Of The Old Order [255]
Before there can be an irreversible transformation to a Level 4 Civilization it will be necessary for a critical mass of people on this planet to come to the full realisation that the way we live now is not the way we are meant to live. Further, the way we live now cannot continue for much longer without destroying, for all time, any pretensions that the human race may have about being the highest life form that has ever existed; a superior and unimpeachable species with both might and right on its side. This section is about helping others to see the fatal flaws in the old, 'Level 3' way of living, and how they personally can play a part in saving the world.

Being involved in the identification and communication of shortcomings and failures in the way our present society functions and how we are governed does not mean taking to the streets. The dialogue must be between ordinary citizens; i.e. Us-2-Us. There is no point in demonstrating and protesting about government programs that have no hope of ever succeeding, or policies that are completely out of touch with new technical opportunities, new spirituality, and the paths to new social and economic freedoms. We might as well shout and wave placards at brick walls.

In Us-2-Us dialogue, groups of people communicate about ways to realise the full potential of advanced knowledge and technologies; how to create abundance and free humans from poverty. But first, people must also discuss the failings of the old order and be clear that this is no way to live. Secondly, we must collectively recognise that there is neither the will to correct the injustices and fix the problems within the present Level 3 Civilization, nor is there the time. People who wish to see the world change for the better have to realise that the aims of the old order and leaver-givers are irreconcilable. They also need to know that there are solutions to the mess that takers have created, and that they, as individuals within a wider leaver-giver collective, can make a contribution and a difference. Individuals have no reason to feel powerless, there is a better life ahead and they can help all humanity to reach it.

The greatest obstacle to progress in finding solutions to intractable problems such as poverty, drug taking, teenage suicide, corruption, violence, and wanton destruction of the many irreplaceable gifts of nature, is new paradigm blindness. Just about everyone is aware that despite the promises of federal and state politicians to the contrary, governments don't have effective solutions to these problems or many others. People keep proposing ways to get around these impasses but, because they seek remedies within the existing paradigms of layered government administrations and rampant capitalism, they can never have any success. New paradigms are required to solve the problems, but few people are, as yet, aware of better ways to think and live.

One of the most dominant and change-defeating notions is that of individual powerlessness. People feel that, on their own, they cannot have any influence in improving the world; they ignore the example of the army ants and assume - because it has always seemed so - that they truly are powerless. Of course, if they believe they are powerless, then they are. A small coterie of federalists and industrialists is then able to manipulate the way a far larger number of people on Earth live, most of them on less than 2 dollars a day. Depending on where such 'powerless' people reside they might be prevented from congregating or demonstrating, or they might not be able to name the people who are either so incompetent or so corrupt that all new government solutions are doomed to failure. Draconian defamation and libel laws might, as they do in Australia, mean that only the relatively wealthy have the luxury of speaking out. All seems lost, the global bullies are in control, nothing can be changed unless 'they' permit it.

However, there are two truths that are ignored in such a pessimistic assessment. One is that while it is easy to control individual citizens, it is impossible for a relatively few officials, police, or whoever, to control many citizens. Try it with some ants, you can use a small twig or a pencil to block the path or a single ant, and you can do so for five or six at once. But once there are 20 or 30 ants, let alone two or three thousand, control of the routes they take becomes impossible. That is why the authorities of the old order fear mobs, and why they always adopt 'divide and conquer' tactics within their national control strategies.

The other truth is also evident in the problems of controlling ants. The fact is that ants are great communicators, even although some types have as few as ten neurons for a brain ants are able to perform amazing feats of communication, that have even been likened to telepathy, They are believed to communicate with scents, although at least one researcher thinks that the mechanism is something much less knowable to us humans.

Whatever the nature of the communication mechanism ants use, the point is that it is collective. Ants are able to resist outside control because they think and act as one organism. Many animals also use the same tactic in order to survive and prosper. It's time we did the same. After all, tribalism is our natural social structure. In future, whoever persecutes one member of a neo-tribe must expect to face the wrath of the whole group, and of their affiliated tribes around the world. There is not only safety in numbers there is immense strength.

Many Societal Failures Can Be Identified [256]

The key word in the heading is 'societal.' These forms of failure are even more damaging than system flaws, such as the economic imbalance and inequality between the rich and poor nations, or the prevalent scientific dogma and Dark Age thinking in most present-day institutions of learning and research.

Societal failures involve the way we treat each other. Failures in this area don't just make us poorer or less knowledgeable than we might otherwise be, they undermine our claim to be a higher form of life.

The following sections discuss just a few of these societal flaws. These are examples of the problems that need to be communicated on an Us-2-Us basis, and linked into our plans to build a Level 4 Civilization that is free of such inhumanities.

This is NOT Civilization! [257]

The little girl in the adjacent picture lives in St Petersburg. Being homeless, she has been forced into prostitution in order to survive. She leans against a wall, smoking a cigarette and waiting for her next client.
You can read her story in the photojournalism magazine Eight, it's titled "Karat: Homeless in St Petersburg" (see on the WWW), but you already know the plot. This child is the hapless victim of our so-called civilization. She, and millions like her, suffer in the backwash of socialism, capitalism, federalism, and orchestrated nationalism. Together, these humanly contrived plagues and curses diminished the quality of society in the 20th century, until what we are left with is not fit to be called civilization.

Anyone who disputes this statement has only to seek out victims like the little girl in the picture, to know that our "modern" society is a failure. If this were not so, children in St Petersburg and all around the world would not be forced to sell themselves on the streets.

According to a 2001 survey, some 400,000 children in the US were being sexually exploited, from full prostitution to selling sex at school for cash. Another estimate, by UNICEF, puts the number of under-age prostitutes in India at 500,000. On these figures, the less populous US has a greater child sex problem than less developed and less affluent India.

Tell me that it's the Internet, let alone Freenet, that is the cause, and I'll tell you it is the breaking down of something far more fundamental that is the real problem. The way we treat each other is what has deteriorated. In a world dominated by market centred economics everything is for sale, including the kids.

What can we do about this problem? We can firstly set the right example and begin to live in neo-tribal communities where all children are valued for what they are - the future of the human race. Secondly, we can refuse to abandon mistreated children to institutions, be they state or church. Institutions have too much bureaucracy and politics, and too little heart, to fully nurture and care for these kids. We can 'adopt' them within neo-tribal 'families' that are funded by the Level 4 Civilization movement.

Where's the money to come from? It can come from our foregoing that new wide-screen LCD television monitor or our season tickets to the football or the opera. More significantly it can come from the taxes we won't pay to the Feds, to be otherwise wasted on their many futile child welfare programs. The Feds believe that it's their job to spend our taxes on children, to turn out model citizens (who are easily controlled). We believe that it's our job, your's and mine, to spend sufficient of our wealth on forgotten and disadvantaged children, to turn out worthwhile human beings (who will people a Level 4 Civilization to the greatest effect).

Punishment By Imprisonment Is A Medieval Concept [258]

Although this is the 21st century, the societies of the Level 3 Civilization have not yet abandoned the medieval notion of prisons being places of punishment. Today’s institutions of incarceration are called 'Correctional Centres' and other sanitised terms, but they remain vehicles for revenge and punishment exacted by courts under the Rule of Law.

Author's Note:
Some readers might find the following content offensive, since it deals specifically with sexual acts. If you wish to skip this section



This space is intentionally blank.






- Fight or Fuck -

The following accounts of prison rape are taken from various human rights sites on the WWW that deal with this abuse, which seems to be in epidemic proportions in the US, Australia, and many other countries.

  • "I had no choice but to submit to being inmate B's prison wife. Out of fear for my life. I submitted to sucking his dick, being fucked in my ass, and performing other duties as a woman, such as making his bed. In all reality, I was his slave, as the officials of the Arkansas Department of Corrections under the 'color of law' did absolutely nothing."
    - M.P., Arkansas Pro Se federal civil rights complaint filed 8/2/96.

  • "... I probably have AIDS now, I have great difficulty raising food to my mouth from shaking after nightmares or thinking too hard on all this ... I've laid down without physical fight to be sodomised. To prevent so much damage in struggles ripping and tearing. Though in not fighting, it caused my heart and spirit to be raped as well. Something I don't know if I'll ever forgive myself for."
    - A.H., Indiana, 8/30/96.

  • "I was raped in prison from February 1991 through November 1991. From that it left me HIV positive."
    - T.B., Texas, 9/3/96.

  • "The rapes seem to be for two main reasons. 1. They hurt, someone must pay. 2. Being deprived of consensual sex, and self-centred, any hole will do. Power, control, revenge, seem to top the 'reasons' for rape. The person assaulted is either seen as weaker, or gang banged if seen as a stuck up kind of person. You know, refuses to swear, actually admits he is guilty, is seeking help etc. ..."
    - D.A., Nebraska, 9/6/96

  • "I can tell you that whenever a mother calls me whose son has been sentenced to prison, the first question she inevitably asks is, 'What can I tell him so he can keep himself safe?" said Donna Hamm, of the advocacy group Middle Ground Prison Reform. For the very weak, or the very young, or for homosexuals or females, coerced sexual activity is a very real concern, she said.
    - Arizona Daily Star, January 25, 2004.

  • The ACLU lawsuit details the story.

    "For eighteen months ... Mr Johnson was subjected to a system of gang-run sexual slavery. ... Gang members routinely bought and sold Mr Johnson as chattel, raped and degraded him on a virtually daily basis, and threatened him with death if he resisted. ... (Prison officials) were well aware of his plight, but ... made clear by words and deeds that they took sadistic pleasure in his victimisation. They also repeatedly expressed contempt for non-aggressive gay men, and made it explicit that it was their practice to refuse to protect such inmates from sexual assault, at least until such inmates were savagely beaten or 'guffed."

    "We don't protect punks on this farm" Johnson says he was told.
    "Fight or fuck."

    Raped first by a member of the Gangster Disciples gang, the first of seven gangs that would assert their ownership of him at Alfred. Johnson was assaulted again and again - in cells, stairwells, and showers - sometimes by as many as eight convicts at once. Gang members sold Johnson among themselves for $5 and $10 which convicts paid for with commissary items, at one point fighting among themselves over who owned him.
    - Austin American-Statesman, January 11, 2004.

  • Gardesani's willingness to gather evidence on Anderson sparked an investigation by the Colorado Department of Corrections into numerous allegations of sexual misconduct by male staff at the Pueblo women's prison. ... A native of Brazil who speaks four languages but is less than fluent in English, she admits she was reluctant to come forward at first. She was too shocked she says - and then too afraid of what the officer could do to her.

    "Sergeant Anderson was such a cop - go by the book and everything," she says. "People were kind of scared of him because he was mean with inmates. He write you up for anything. I was real surprised it happened because he was the last person I expect it from."

    According to Gardesani, she was reading in her cell one day when Anderson came in and "started running his hands over me. I couldn't believe what was going on." He then left as abruptly as he arrived, she says.

    On three subsequent visits over the next few weeks, Gardesani says, Anderson took her to the one area of the room not visible from the cell door, bent her over a chair, and had intercourse with her. "I didn't say a word" she says, "I was thinking, If I scream he's going to tell them I'm crazy and they're going to put me in the hole, put me in special needs, like happen with other inmates. So I let him do it. I was almost paralysed. He didn't say too much. He just pulled me to the chair. Then he had sex with me without no protection at all."

    ... Throughout it all Gardesani says, she believed any complaint she might make would lead to retaliation. "He told me several times, 'I can't lose my job, so you don't say nothing." she says. "But he has the power, right? He can tell things that I done, and I didn't do it, you know what I mean?"
    - Westword, May 6, 2004.

That was the US, now for Australia.

  • There is something seriously wrong when the NSW prisons are too dangerous even for those convicted of violent crime. Yet that is how the prison system appears to no less a figure than the District Court's acting Judge Donald Stewart (former chairman of the National Crime Authority, former royal commissioner and former Supreme Court judge). Judge Stewart has decided not to send a young carjacker to jail to await sentencing because "what might and probably will face this young man ... does not bear speaking about." And so Ali El Etri will remain on bail after pleading guilty to charges including aggravated carjacking which carries a penalty of up to 14 years in jail. El Etri and a 30-year-old accomplice had lain in wait for a Sydney solicitor then stolen her Porsche Boxter at gunpoint.

    The community may well feel that those who terrorise others in this fashion should be off the streets. However, Judge Stewart was clearly apprehensive about what might befall a good-looking 20-year-old in a NSW jail. Judge Stewart said he wanted to dispel "any romantic ideas people have about jail. It is not a cushy number", and noted there had been a weekend newspaper report on rape in prisons.

    His Honour may well have been referring to the Good Weekend cover story which painted a horrifying picture of jails where the rape of prisoners by other prisoners had become routine. A NSW magistrate, David Heilpern, told the magazine that up to 25 percent of young men in NSW jails had been raped, some every day. Other experts interviewed by the Good Weekend thought Mr Heilpern's figure was conservative. Yet those who were sexually assaulted are reluctant to complain to authorities for fear of retribution from other prisoners. And all this in a state which jails more than 15,000 people a year - almost twice the per capita rate of Victoria, for example.

    "People are not sent to jail to be punished, they are sent to jail as punishment," Judge Stewart said on Monday when continuing El Etri's bail. It is not clear what the Judge may do when the time comes to sentence El Etri on December 13. Meanwhile, he has made a valid point. While governments may introduce tough laws against crime, respect for the law also means that they must accept full responsibility to protect criminals from punishment beyond what the law prescribes.

While Judge Stewart is to be commended for taking his lonely stand against the inhuman conditions in NSW jails and the failure of Correctional Services officials to provide full protection for prisoners, he clearly states the principle that "People are .... sent to jail as punishment". This is the flaw in present-day justice systems, prisons are still intended to punish offenders, just as they were in the Dark Ages. Nothing has changed.

Given that this is the case, it is misleading and erroneous to label prisons as 'Correctional Centres'. These facilities are not designed or operated to 'correct' or rehabilitate the unfortunates who are incarcerated within them. The aim is to punish people for their perceived sins.

Colonial Australia was founded as a penal colony, to get felons who were crammed into prison hulks on the Thames out of the sight of genteel Londoners. Those unfortunates who were transported to Australia, often for petty thefts, were worked hard and treated with extreme brutality. Today, federal and state governments, and the majority of the judiciary who administer the rule of law in Australia, are inclined to perpetuate this principle, while giving only lip service to notions of reform and rehabilitation in the public rhetoric of the justice system.

As things stand, police who arrest offenders such as El Etri, lawyers who prosecute them, and judges or magistrates who sentence them are knowingly sending these people into situations in which they have every chance of being routinely subjected to sexual abuse and physical assault. No valid defence can be afforded by claiming that the end responsibility for the protection of prison inmates lies with Correctional Services authorities.

The Nuremberg trials of 1945-6 rejected similar arguments from those who were part of the chain that arrested, transported and finally exterminated hordes of innocent people whom the Nazis disapproved of.

At Nuremberg it was not accepted that the soldiers and guards were 'only following orders'. If they had forced people into cattle trucks bound for Auschwitz, Belsen, Dachau or similar destinations, the officials, police and military were judged to have been as guilty of crimes against humanity as those who planned and directed the holocaust.

A very strong argument can be made that the abuses that are being allowed to happen in jails in Australia, the US, and other places, are nothing less than crimes against humanity - a justice holocaust. Thus, when a judge sentences an offender to prison the true punishment is far greater than a number of years of loss of liberty. It is repeated rape and, in all probability, a lingering death from AIDS.

Most of the people in NSW jails don't even need to be confined for the safety of the general society. They are in prison for drug use offences, minor breaches such as not paying traffic fines, or for defrauding the social security system of quite small amounts of money. Certainly, there are violent rapists and armed robbers who do need to be confined until such time as they can be rehabilitated, if that is possible. However, there is absolutely no justification for allowing even these people to be subjected to additional, unofficial, punishments of the most vile and brutal kind.

Without wishing to be crude about it, the justice system sucks. And the faults trace back to medieval notions of revenge and punishment that have no place in a truly just society. Again, without wishing to labour the comparison, it is a fact that tribal peoples dwelt in Australia for tens of thousands of years without constructing any jails or severely punishing or abusing wrongdoers. The emphasis in many tribal systems of justice is on rectification of the harm done to victims, rather than torturing the perpetrators of the crimes.

The appalling failures in the systems of justice and imprisonment within the old order cry out to be discussed Us-2-Us. Wide awareness and indignation in the public arena will be significant factors in decisions relating to secession and the establishment of a Level 4 Civilization that is free of such flaws.



This space is intentionally blank.



Crime Rates Are Falling But Prison Numbers Are Rising ! [259]

The following selection of prison population rates per 100,000 of the national population are drawn from an Amnesty International source. They capture the situation as at January 11, 2004.

Australia had 115 prisoners per 100,000 people, China was similar, with 117.
Many European countries were lower. Germany had 98, Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland all had 72. Norway had 64.

Many Asian countries have relatively low prisoner rates. In the Amnesty International study Japan had 53, and India and Indonesia both had 29 prisoners per 100,000 people.
England and Wales had a higher rate of 140, while Brazil had 160, and Cuba had 297 prisoners per 100,000 people.

The incarceration rates in the US dwarfed those of all other nations. At the date mentioned above there were 701 prisoners per 100,000 people in that country. Only the Russian Federation came close, at 606 prisoners per 100,000 people.

The levels of imprisonment are rising in both the US and Australia, and this is happening at a time when many serious crimes, such as break-ins and armed robbery are falling. Here are some excerpts from the Australian Coalition Against The Death Penalty web site. It uses the above Amnesty International study.

  • In the US:
    "Almost 6.6 million men and women made up the correctional population at the end of 2000.

    One in every 32 U.S. residents were on probation or parole or were held in a prison or jail. More than ten million people (1 in 148 people) are incarcerated each year in the U.S. - the incarnation rate being 704 per 100,000 people. Besides executing prisoners on almost a weekly basis, the U.S. also has some of the toughest prison sentences in the world which include life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

    Each year, there are approximately 3,000 deaths in custody in the U.S."

  • "The prison boom has exacted a tremendous social cost. Since 1985, the increase in money spent on U.S. prisons nationwide topped $20 billion. That is almost twice the increase in dollars spent on colleges and universities, according to a recent report titled, 'Cellblocks or Classrooms."

  • "Prisons have not expanded because more crimes are being committed, but because more people are now being arrested for minor offences - more people prosecuted and more people given lengthy sentences, as lawmakers consistently compete with each other to re-introduce ever-harsher penalties. It is not that crime has increased; it is the punishment."

The above point is also borne out in prison statistics for Australia. The following excerpt from an article by Cheryl McDermid titled "A precipitous increase in Australia's prison population" (November 2000) makes this clear.

  • "In 1982 the incarceration rate was 89.9 per 100,000; by 1998 this had climbed to 139.2 per 100,000 - a 55 percent increase. The rate is over 30 percent higher than Britain's at 94 per 100,000 and almost seven times higher than Indonesia with 22 per 100,000. The annual growth rate in prison numbers is twice that of England and Wales, although only half that of the United States.

    Such figures indicate profound changes in society and demand an analysis. But their publication has been met with virtual silence in the media and official circles. There have been no headlines, no debates. Nor has the AIC [Australian Institute of Criminology] attempted to explain the roots of the phenomenon, despite issuing a series of related reports from August 1999 to April 2000.

    The perception created by governments, the police, the judiciary and the media is that society is under siege by crime, and everyday life proceeds under a cloud of fear. Yet the figures compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal that between 1993 and 1998 there was no statistically significant increase in the main crime categories - household break-ins, attempted break-ins, motor vehicle theft and sexual assault."

In her article Cheryl McDermid quotes from a submission that Justice Action, a prison reform group, made to the New South Wales (NSW) Select Committee on the Increase in Prison Population. It said:

"Murder is perhaps the offence most likely to be reported, least amenable to statistical manipulation and most indicative of the likely level of violent crime in society. The murder rate in NSW remains essentially unchanged since the 1970s and is around the same rate as it was at the time of federation (1901)."

Anybody who has studied the European Renaissance should not be surprised by the rise in prison populations now, at a time of similar technological and social transformation. Five or six hundred years ago the crime that put many unfortunate people in jails and torture chambers across Europe was heresy - having an opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine. Because the Roman Church had no capacity nor willingness to deal with a flood of new knowledge and scientific ideas, it simply locked up those it feared and it also made examples of them.

Victims, for that is what they were, were publicly put to death - disembowelled, torn apart by horses, burnt alive, and so on. This happened not only to males but to whole families, women and children alike. Nevertheless, in the end, nothing could stop the transformation of Europe and the loss of the secular power that had been wielded by the church. All those people suffered for nothing. The old guard lost anyway; defeated by new knowledge and ideas.

One of the major changes in society that authorities do not fear is the burgeoning substance abuse industry. Illegal drugs are big business and governments and their agencies are used to 'regulating' such interests, be they from the underworld or the overworld. Governments promise new programs to fix the drugs problem while blaming drug addicts for 'rising crime rates'. New government programs never seem to work and the drugs problem continues unabated. Moreover law enforcement and court systems are encouraged to 'crack down' on relatively minor offences, while leaving the main causes unaddressed.

It is the drugs industry that is the root cause of many of the convictions that are leading to increased incarceration rates and expansion of the prisons system.

US statistics show that the proportion of prison inmates serving time for drug offences has risen dramatically during the past three decades. In 1970 the percentage of drug offenders in the US prison population was 16.3, by 2002 it had risen to an astonishing 54.7 percent. And the proportion of drug offenders in US prisons continues to rise, there seems to be no stopping it.

More prisons, larger prisons, are being built to accommodate the flood of offenders sentenced by the courts; construction costs average US$100,000 per cell and the cost of accommodating each inmate is about US$20,000 pa. In 2002 prisoner accommodation and related services cost governments in the US some US$40 billion; that's big business and it is attracting private sector corporations.

The Next Big Thing - Prison Labour As A Competitive Advantage [260]

The following excerpts are taken from an article by Kathy Kelly of Voices in the Wilderness, its title is Privatising Hell, and it draws on stories from an online edition of India's national newspaper, The Hindu, and from Business Week's online editions.

Another article, The Celling of America, is quoted from the Covert Action Quarterly.

The next excerpts are from an article titled When Corporations Rule the World, by David C. Korten.

"All The Way With The USA" [261]

A former prime minister of Australia (1966-1967), Harold Holt, is widely remembered for his "All the way with L.B.J." endorsement of the Vietnam war. Today, the Australian government continues to unreservedly adopt policies and philosophies emanating from the U.S.A. This copycat behaviour extends to the privatisation of prisons and the overly harsh immigration detention centres that have been criticised by a report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (2002).

The first private prison in Australia opened in 1990. Whilst the US has the highest proportion of its population in prison, the Australian state of Victoria now has the highest proportion of prisoners in its privately run jails. No other state in the world has a higher proportion of commercially housed and managed prisoners. Not surprisingly, in these time of globalised markets, not a single private prison in Australia is run by an Australian company. In truth, there aren't many local firms or brands left in any industries in this country.

Private prisons and immigration detention centres are good business for private operators because there is no financial risk involved. The government foots the bill for the construction of the facilities and then pays private contractors to run them. Since the basis of payment is the occupation rate of each prison, the more prisoners there are the more money the private operator can make. There is a strong incentive to "get em there and keep em there". This is the same model that has emerged in the US.

Amanda George is a community lawyer who has been active in opposing the privatisation of prisons in Australia, particularly those facilities which now hold 80% of the women who are serving time in Victoria. The following excerpts are from an article she wrote during the 1990s, when there was still time to halt the globalisation of Australian prisons.

Federal and state governments in Australia don't seem to have been too concerned about who gets the contracts to run prisons here. The organisation that originally managed federal immigration detention centres and a number of state prisons was founded by four former FBI agents in the 1950s. Not only does that corporation, which has grown enormously in the intervening years, have a dubious association with the CIA and the alleged manufacture of high-tech weapons and munitions for illegal export from the US to third-world customers, it has a positively dreadful, and very public, record of mismanagement of prisons and mistreatment of prisoners in its care. (According to an article in the Atlantic Monthly its board of directors has included; "a former head of the FBI, a former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, a former CIA director, a former CIA deputy director, a former head of the Secret Service, a former head of the Marine Corps, and a former Attorney General.)

[Their name doesn't particularly matter, it's the underlying thinking and attitudes that are important in understanding prison privatisation]

A second major prisons contractor used by governments in Australia also has an unenviable track record. If the purpose of imprisonment was really rehabilitation and 'correction' it would seen that such a provider should have been eliminated during the tendering process. But no, they got the lucrative contracts anyway, because the purpose of a prison sentence is solely one of punishment. The executive sent to Australia to run private prisons for this contractor had previously come to the attention of US courts. While working as director of corrections in Virginia and Arkansas he was found by the US Supreme Court to have violated the 8th and 14th amendments of the US Constitution, in respect to cruel and unusual punishment. Really just the sort of guy you want if your idea of prison is punishment.

Here are just a few of the prison management incidents (or failures in a duty of care) that have been reported in relation to the US owned for-profit corporations involved in managing Australian jails and immigration detention centres (the latter are really prisons as well, but they are never described as such - prisons are for punishment you see). The excerpts are taken from various reliable sources on the WWW; there is little doubt that the problems stateside were real.

Given their record of abuse allegations and incidents of mismanagement, it is not at all surprising that the multinational (US owned) 'corrections' companies that Australian governments chose to run jails and detention centres on Australian soil have delivered much the same results here. For example there is the siting of the first privately run women's prison outside of America, at Deer Park in Victoria.

Other examples are:

Mr Williams need not have worried about [...'s] business fortunes though, the company that replaced it in 2002 as the contractor for Australian immigration detention centres is now the subject of a conditional takeover offer by a renamed and rebadged [...]. If the truth were known, he probably had more reason to be worried about the safety of his family or his personal reputation and career. He was dealing with the biggest, toughest and most highly connected corrections corporation in the whole American Military Industrial Complex (AMIC). Those 'Good-ol'-Boys' don't muck around, and few Australian bureaucrats have ever had to deal with anything like [...] before. They are putty in its hands.

While none of the global private prisons contractors now operating in Australia were involved in the following incident it is indicative of the industry that has developed in the US. The case is also quite revealing with regard to where the torture techniques recently reported at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad might have originated.

The interrogators at Abu Ghraib were CIA but the guards were mainly contractors from the US prisons industry, perhaps some came from Brazoria County, Texas.

However, the point about the range of abuses listed is not who was responsible nor who was ultimately to blame. The truly concerning aspect is that governments throughout Australia have chosen to take prisons and detention centres in this country down the same privatisation path; to the same awful conditions and human rights abuses. There is so much documentation available on the failures of for-profit prisons in the US that the Australian decision makers would have had to be both uninformed and incompetent not to be aware of the facts about the records of the contractors they appointed.

Why then did they do it? We can only speculate, but it is likely that the inner circle of political and business 'heavy hitters' in this country feel comfortable with their own kind from America. Both groups feel threatened by the looming changes due to the digital revolution, and they both want to hang onto control at all costs. These people are not philosophers, they aren't deep thinkers, they are militarists, industrialists, and political warriors. Brutality and coercion appeal to them as means to keep the lid on the mega-change pressure cooker which this freesite terms the 2nd Renaissance.

In pursuing their goal of absolute control of every aspect of society these federal fascists will erode any vestiges of civilisation that remained at the end of 20th Century Dark Age. We need to discuss these trends on an Us-2Us basis, before they can take hold and do damage to innocent people in Australia, America, and other totalitarian-democracies.

A New Market In Body Parts - "Killing The Chicken To Scare The Monkey" [262]

While it has not yet happened in Australia or the US, there is a disturbing trend in other countries, notably China. There, body parts from executed prisoners are being offered for sale on the world market. Many of these harvested organs are going to American clients - that's globalisation for you folks, gruesome isn't it. Of course, China is an outright totalitarian state and such atrocities are to be expected there. However, the US and Australia are rapidly moving towards totalitarianism, under the cover of 'the war on terror'.

Presently, it is a felony to sell organs in the US, and there are fines up to US$50,000, and prison terms of up to 5 years. Nevertheless, Dr Thomas Diflo who is director of the renal transplant program at the New York University Medical Centre, has reported (in 2001) having seen a number of patients who had admitted to paying around US$10,000 for a replacement organ from executed Chinese prisoners. He said they showed little remorse regarding the source of their new kidneys, and were "ecstatic" to be taken off dialysis. So there's a need and there's a market. Since the US and Australia are already being run "by capitalists for capitalists", an unofficially sanctioned trade in organs harvested from prisoners could happen here, and sooner than we might think.

An article on the Village Voice web site, by Erik Baard and Rebecca Cooney, reports on reactions to Dr Diflo's revelation of the illegal trade in death row organs:

China is one of several countries that presently executes women (the US is another). The number of cases of female executions is not easily determined, it is difficult enough to pin down the overall number of executions each year let alone the gender composition of those punished.

The Chinese government does not publish figures on executions but estimates from various human rights and other activist sources range between 3,000 and 15,000 pa. But by any measure, no regime executes more of its citizens than China does.

Recently the pace of executions has been accelerated and the procedures have been modernised. An article by the noted Australian journalist, Hamish McDonald (from Beijing, in March 2003), reported as follows.

The Village Voice article by Erik Baard and Rebecca Cooney adds:

Don't think for a moment that what is happening in China today; "killing the chicken to scare the monkey" cannot happen in the USA or Australia. Federal and state governments have unenviable records on the privatisation of prisons and increasingly close associations with for-profit operators in both detention and health care. Australia has been condemned by the UN Human Rights Commission for its inhumane treatment of asylum seekers in detention facilities run by private contractors. Specifically, Australia's treatment of children in detention is the worst in the developed, and supposedly civilised, world. The Australian Feds say they are acting legally, and that they have laws in place to regulate private contractors and to cover themselves; just as the Chinese have laws regarding the "donation" of organs by executed persons, together with procedures and arrangements that enable a thriving industry in organ harvesting to circumvent those laws.

It is not a question of whether particular governments are communist, socialist or whatever. The truth is that once a regime becomes totalitarian, as China already is, it will choose to disregard the rights of its citizens and subject them to whatever atrocities suit its purpose.

The US and Australian feds are rapidly moving towards totalitarianism. It would seem to be only a matter of time before the death penalty is reintroduced in Australia and, once that happens, the way will be open for executions to be integrated with the harvesting of organs and body parts - as pioneered in China. Such trends need to be discussed urgently within an Us-2-Us process. More ordinary people need to be made aware of the prospects of their countries evolving into openly totalitarian states and of their present option of seceding from federal governments and setting up free cities. Obscenities such as organ harvesting from convicted persons will not occur in free cities, but there is a growing possibility that they will happen in totalitarian-democracies like Australia and the US.

But, before considering the implications of the death penalty, there is reason to consider how we already treat each other in relation to the imprisonment and punishment of women and their families. Great barbarity is going on right now in this area; within the ambit of the rule of law and the revenge and punishment systems of our "civilized" societies.

Let The Girls Go! [263]

In a recent case in Sydney, Australia, a judge sentenced a woman, who had killed her 10-year-old autistic son, to a 5 year good behaviour bond. The judge said, as he delivered the non-custodial sentence, that he considered that "This offender has suffered enough .... All the evidence leads to the inevitable conclusion that this offender will punish herself significantly for the rest of her life [for] taking the life of her beloved son." The woman was reported to have told a psychiatrist that:

Notice again, the key presumption that underlies all Western justice systems; that offenders must be punished and made to suffer. In the above case the judge concluded that since the woman would continue to blame and punish herself for the rest of her life there was no need to send her to jail to be punished.

Judges and prosecutors in the Australian justice system, and in that of the USA, see it as their role to dispense the punishments set out in the law. They are, in fact, administering a punishment system. It is not a 'justice' system or a 'correctional' or a 'rehabilitation' system. Nor does it offer victims much more than useless revenge and, sometimes, a little monetary compensation for the harm they suffered. The perpetrator's fate is always clear and prescribed. They must be punished.

As discussed earlier, sending offenders to prison, especially those run by for-profit contractors, is to condemn them to suffering over and above the punishment prescribed within the rule of law. Such suffering is often of a cruel and inhuman nature and in violation of various human rights covenants. Yet judicial officers, with a few rare exceptions, continue to sentence offenders as though the additional suffering does not exist, or is nothing to do with them. They know what's happening in the jails but they choose to ignore it. In so doing these officials are converting the system they serve into one of injustice rather than justice.

Society then needs to consider whether offenders, particularly women and children, should ever be incarcerated at all. It might still be appropriate to contain unrepentant rapists and serial killers in order to protect the general community. However it is hard to see how imprisoning women who have killed their children, but who pose no threat to the general public, is anything but barbaric and totally uncivilized.

During 2003 an Australian woman, Kathleen Folbigg, was sentenced to 40 years in prison, with a non-parole period of 30 years. Her crime, which she continues to deny, was to consecutively smother her four children when they were aged between 8 and 19 months. She was largely convicted on the basis of entries in her private diary, although these did not specifically refer to her having killed her two sons and two daughters; only that she was her father's daughter. Her lawyers are appealing her conviction.

Whether Kathleen Folbigg is guilty or not it is an obvious fact that shutting her away for up to 40 years is not going to rehabilitate her nor serve as a warning to other mothers who might be tempted to smother their infants. Motherhood just does not work like that. For a woman to take the life of her child requires exceptional circumstances; it is not a natural act that any mother might consider in the light of likely penalties, or the chances of evading detection and punishment. There has to be something seriously wrong for a woman to commit the murder or manslaughter of her offspring. In Kathleen Folbigg's case something was, indeed, terribly wrong.

When she was herself just a toddler Kathleen witnessed the violent murder of her mother by her father. The man used a knife and inflicted 27 vicious stab wounds to young Kathleen's mother, who might have been trying to protect her from her father. A psychiatric report made shortly after the killing indicated that the young girl had a "bizarre preoccupation with her genitals" and considered this and her "retarded" state of mental development to be indications of sexual abuse during her first 18 months of life. Kathleen Folbigg never have a chance of growing up and becoming a 'normal' mother.

The judge noted her background and considered that because of it there was little chance of rehabilitation in her case. He said, "She is remorseful but unlikely ever to acknowledge her offences to anyone other than herself. If she does, she may very well commit suicide."

Kathleen Folbigg is currently segregated from other prisoners and is locked up for 22 hours out of every 24; "for her own safety". What an injustice, what an unnecessary punishment, and what a waste of a life.

Another case, this time in California, also underlines the futility and barbarity of the incarceration of women. Kristin Rossum's trial made headlines all over the world because it was seen as a classic love triangle and it was billed by the media as the 'American Beauty' murder, because of the red rose petals found at the death scene.

In 2003, Rossum was convicted of poisoning her husband of six years, by administering an overdose of fentanyl - a painkiller that is up to 100 times more powerful than morphine. Because Krisitn Rossum worked as a poisons expert, a toxicologist, and would be aware that fentanyl is an odourless and colourless drug that would be difficult to detect unless it was specifically tested for, she came under suspicion when it was found in her husband's body.

Despite her story that her husband had become depressed after she had told him that she intended to leave him for another man, and he had most likely taken a lethal cocktail of drugs from stocks she had purchased a long time before in Mexico, she was not believed by her husband's brother. He requested that police question Kristin further and keep the investigation open. High levels of fentanyl were detected during the subsequent inquiry.

Given the fact that Rossum still strenuously denies having poisoned her husband, and the lack of any witnesses to the killing or evidence to directly link her to the poison, there must still be considerable doubt that she is guilty. The media feeding frenzy that her case caused did her no favours, and it could well have contributed to the "guilty" outcome of her trial.

The prosecution alleged that Rossum killed de Villiers because he threatened to tell her employer, the San Diego Medical Examiner's Office, that she was having an affair with her supervisor and that she had also relapsed into a methamphetamine addiction. They claimed that she staged the death scene to look like a suicide and scattered red rose petals around the body to emulate scenes from her favourite movie, American Beauty. The prosecution claimed that Rossum gave false evidence when she testified that she spoke to her husband on the phone, around lunchtime on Monday, November 6, when medical experts said he would have been already comatose.

In Kristin Rossum's version of events she left her husband at home in bed on that Monday morning, she said he was speaking in a slurred manner and that he seemed sluggish. He had been very upset about the prospect of losing her and had always been very 'clinging' during their marriage. He was depressed and he told her he had taken several sedatives. She called his workplace and told them he would not be at work that day, and then she went to work herself. Rossum claims that she spoke to her husband at lunch time (by when the prosecution claims he would have been unconscious) and that when she arrived home that evening he was asleep and snoring. During the night she says that she realised that he wasn't breathing and she phoned emergency, while trying to revive him by CPR. She said that when she pulled back the bedclothes she saw that her husband's chest was covered with red rose petals and that he had their wedding pictures in the bed with him.

Asked during her trial whether she had loved her boss at the San Diego Medical Examiner's Office so much that she was prepared to take her husband's life so that she could be with him, she replied: "Absolutely not, that's what divorce is for." When challenged as to whether she had, with or without her lover, killed her husband, Rossum replied simply. She said: "I wouldn't hurt Greg."

Nevertheless, Kristin Rossum was convicted of murdering Greg de Villiers on purely circumstantial evidence. The prosecution emphasised her probable love triangle motive, her opportunity to kill her husband, and her knowledge of and access to poisons. But the jury was obviously confused by the lack of hard evidence. This is indicated by the fact that after the prosecution had spent seven and a half hours on its closing arguments and conjectures - while the defence took less than two hours to point to a complete lack of evidence; just a whole lot of suppositions and allegations - the jury in the case needed to deliberate for some eight hours over a period of two days. This was not a simple case of 'here's the hard evidence, pronounce her guilty'. The jurors, along with most other people, could not honestly be certain that Kristin Rossum was a murderess.

There are, to anybody who decides to look at the matter coldly and objectively, some serious reasons to doubt the seemingly obvious guilt of this young woman, and to doubt that she was ever likely to be afforded a fair trial. Here are a few of the misgivings that persons of conscience might have about the finding at Rossum's trial.

  • While there was an amount of fentanyl missing from the laboratory where Kristin worked, the prosecution totally failed to tie her to that deficiency. She claimed that she did not take any fentanyl, but a presumption of innocence on this point seems to have been overlooked by the jury in the flurry of allegations that they were bombarded with during the lengthy closing address. Anyone could have taken the drug, Rossum was taking methamphetamine for her own use. Who knows how many other people were dipping into the drug supplies at the San Diego Medical Examiner's Office. If Rossum could do it so could others, the security on drugs where Rossum worked seems to have been lax. Many of the people in such a lab would know what to do with fentanyl, other than using it as a poison. Fentanyl is considered to have a high potential for abuse. No one has suggested that Rossum ever used it in that manner - to engender a high - but other people might have. They would hardly come forward and admit to it though.

    Greg de Villiers would have been aware that toxicologists in Kristin's circle considered fentanyl to be a difficult drug to detect, at least on the part of a victim, he was said to have been at a party where this had been discussed, and the L.A. County toxicologist, Dan Anderson, and authored a paper titled Death by Fentanyl. While the defence lawyers for Kristin Rossum were unable to prove that de Villiers had acquired a quantity of phentanyl, and administered it to himself, nobody ever tried to prove that he didn't. He is described as having been "a top biotech executive" and he would, more likely than not, have had contacts in the laboratory equipment and drugs supply industry who might have been willing to get him some.

  • Fentanyl can be administered in three ways; by mouth, as a slow-release skin patch, or by intravenous injection. The prosecution contended that the drug was given to de Villiers during a struggle, and that there was an extra needle wound beyond those made by the medics who had attended his death and tried to revive him. The prosecution's expert witness testified that this particular puncture was not made correctly, and that it was consistent with the damage that could be caused if someone had forcibly administered a needle while de Villiers was resisting the injection.

    Unfortunately, the defence were unable to prove their suspicion that Greg de Villiers had drunken a large dose of fentanyl from a glass found at his bedside because it was never tested for traces of the drug. The police had initially assumed the death was a suicide and had not treated it as a murder scene until it was too late to capture vital evidence. Again, the presumption of innocence might have been applied, but it was not.

    In the absence of hard evidence to show that de Villiers drank fentanyl of his own accord, and in the face of prosecution claims - supported by expert testimony - that there was a suspicious needle wound on his arm, the jury seem to have been convinced that - circumstantially - Kristin Rossum injected her husband with a lethal dose of fentanyl.

  • The known facts of de Villier's death could equally fit a suicide motive; that of a rejected, highly attached and dependent lover, who wished to end his unhappy life and also leave a message, that was not necessarily malicious or vengeful, to his wife and her new lover. But the defence was frustrated in their attempts to develop this quite probable case.

    Not enough seems to have been done by the state investigators to rule out this scenario, and Kristin Rossum's team lacked the authority and resources to explore it in full. This often happens to accused persons who have to contend with a state team that is seeking to gain a conviction, come what may, and is prepared to either overlook or even to deliberately exclude possible clues.

  • One such failure to pursue the investigation to the full extent possible involves Rossum's claim that she bought a yellow rose on the fatal day, not one with red petals. The prosecution, with great diligence, tracked down a copy of her supermarket docket that showed that she bought a rose that day, but the colour was not recorded.

    Given the extent of electronic surveillance in all supermarkets and convenience stores it should have been a simple matter for the state to determine whether the tape showed a red or yellow rose in her hand when she was at the checkout. Although the recording would be in mono it should still have been forensically practical to detect the difference in hue between the shade of a red rose and that of a yellow one.

    This was not pursued and, of course, such an investigation was beyond the capacity of the Rossum defence team. The state always enjoys this sort of advantage in any test of 'justice'.

  • Another line of investigation that should have been pursued, but wasn't, concerns Kristin Rossum's claim to have phoned her husband at lunch time on November 6, when he was supposedly already near death and, according to expert testimony, had not emptied his bladder for some 10 hours. If it were to have been shown that Rossum did indeed speak to her husband when she claimed it would almost certainly have cleared her of the murder charge. But her defence team lacked the authority to requisition transcripts of the conversation and confirmatory details as to its time, date, and the calling and receiving numbers involved.

    The prosecution did not seek out this information for two reasons: (a) Such information is not officially supposed to be available, although it is an open secret that the governments of all the COW nations have routinely recorded all phone conversations for decades, and certainly well before 911 and the War on Terror. (b) Their case against Kristin Rossum could have been seriously undermined and the death of Greg de Villiers might have had to be treated as a suicide; which is the way the police initially saw it.

    Ordinary citizens such as Kristin Rossum who come under suspicion of criminal acts face a daunting task to clear themselves. They invariably have limited financial resources and, more significantly, they lack the authority and resources needed to fully seek out evidence that could prove their innocence. Ranged against the accused are the enormous financial, legal and investigative resources of the state. Because the so-called justice systems of the USA and Australia are so adversarial, deriving as they do from feudal times and English law, the prosecution are always 'out to get' the accused.

    Both police officers and prosecution lawyers can advance their careers, pay, and status by securing convictions, especially in high profile cases like the 'American Beauty' murder. These guys simply didn't want Rossum to be found 'not guilty'.

    Trial by jury simply isn't a 'fair' system in which a balanced view is taken of all the facts and a just decision is reached. The whole process by which people are convicted and sent to prison is seriously flawed, and the authorities and others who live from it know this only too well.

    The star prosecutor in Kristin Rossum's case was thereafter promoted to Judge. Similarly, various advancements followed the prosecution, in Australia, of Lindy Chamberlain for the murder of her baby Azaria Chantel Chamberlain, in 1980. The cases, though in different countries and 20 years apart, also have other similarities.

    In both trials the evidence was predominantly circumstantial, there were no actual witnesses to the deaths and, in the Chamberlain case baby Azaria's body was never found. Both Kristin Rossum and Lindy Chamberlain were convicted on the basis of conjecture, media hype, and expert testimony. In Lindy's case she told of a dingo (a native wild dog descended from a species originating in Thailand) entering the Chamberlain's tent in the Ayres Rock Camping Ground on August 17, 1980 and carrying 9-week-old Azaria off in its mouth. Kristin's version of the events surrounding the death of her husband have already been outlined above. Both women strenuously denied any guilt but both went to prison.

    Lindy Chamberlain spent 3 years in Darwin jail and gave birth to another daughter there. Luckily for her she was not required to wear leg irons during labour, as she would have been in California where Kristin Rossum is now incarcerated. Chamberlain was released following the revelation that the 'fetal bloodstains' found under the dashboard of the family car and which had played a major part in the conviction of her and her husband, were nothing but red undercoat - just common old paint. A forensic scientist in the employ of the Northern Territory government had seemingly 'mistaken' paint, which is an inorganic compound, with fetal blood, which is an organic substance.

    The deceit and misrepresentation in the official explanation of how such a 'mistake' ever happened beggars belief. The person responsible for the error still works for the Northern Territory government and is currently involved in the investigation of another high profile murder where no body has been found and the evidence is largely circumstantial!

    In reviewing the 1988 film, Evil Angels, about the Chamberlain case, Robert Ebert of the Chicago-Sun Times warned of the danger of allowing accused people to be convicted on the basis of circumstantial evidence. He also noted that, if the death penalty had applied in Australia, a wrongful conviction could have resulted in Lindy Chamberlain's execution.

    As the Chamberlain case showed, expert evidence can be just as dangerous as circumstantial evidence. Since the development of DNA testing numerous convictions have been appealed and overturned on the basis of misleading or untrue evidence given under oath by expert witnesses. Nobody knows how many innocent men and women have gone to their deaths as convicted murderers or are still serving time in 'punishing' prison conditions because of the unchallenging acceptance by juries of 'expert' evidence.

    The adversarial nature of the justice system and, ingrained 'convict for your career's sake' attitudes within the law enforcement, legal, judicial and forensic cliques that investigate and prosecute suspected wrongdoers, have often combined to deny accused people a fair hearing and to send them to imprisonment, institutionalised and unjustified 'punishment' or even death.

    The expert testimony in the Rossum trial said that de Villiers had been dead for most of the day on November 6, 2000 and that he was already comatose by the time she claimed to have spoken to him on the phone. The expert evidence also indicated that Greg de Villiers died from a massive injection of fentanyl that was administered roughly, as would occur if there had been a struggle. The expert evidence said that de Villiers death was the due to large amounts of fentanyl detected in his body. The expert evidence in the Chamberlain case said that red automotive undercoat was fetal blood. Who knows what the truth really is?

    Well, for one thing, somebody already knows or can readily determine whether Rossum made the lunchtime phone call that might well have cleared her of murder. They just aren't saying because to bring such evidence to light might not only overturn a 'highly successful' prosecution and conviction, it would reveal to the US populace the extent to which their everyday communications are being monitored by the Feds. Unfortunately for Kristin Rossum, even if her version of events is true, nobody will ever admit that there is a record of her conversation with Greg. It will not be deemed to be 'in the national interest' for authorities to admit that judicially authorised wire-tapping is an anachronistic farce, and that due to the wonders of modern communications technology all phone conversations can be, and already are, monitored 24/7.

    It was also difficult for Rossum's legal team to authenticate the expert evidence that was tendered in court. It is not clear whether they were able to verify the conclusions about the time of death, or whether there really was a large amount of fentanyl in de Villier's body. Kristin Rossum herself would have been able to determine the concentrations of the poison, she is a summa cum laude graduate in chemistry from San Diego State University and a trained toxicologist. But as the accused person it was not possible for her to do any such analysis, it had to be independent.

    Her supervisor and lover at the San Diego Medical Examiner's Office could also have determined whether the amounts of fentanyl in the body were suggestive of a frenzied attack and intravenous injection of a massive amount of the drug, sufficient to kill de Villiers very quickly, or whether there were substantially lower amounts of fentanyl in the body; more consistent with his having drunk a smaller quantity from the glass found at his bedside, and then expired more slowly and in the manner that Rossum described at her trial. But no such analysis by Rossum's lover - or apparently anyone else on her side - was permitted. He was ordered to stay right away from the investigation that eventually jailed her.

    Despite the above commentary Kristin Rossum does bear a degree of guilt in relation to the break-up of her marriage and the death of Greg de Villiers. She is clearly guilty of adultery. She is also guilty of causing her 'clinging' husband great distress in the manner of her proposed separation and divorce. The right thing to have done, if her marriage was so intolerable to her, was to have divorced Greg before she took another lover. The way de Villiers was confronted with absolute betrayal and rejection could, very possibly, have caused him to end his own life. Kristin Rossum was also guilty of substance abuse and possibly of the theft of drugs from her place of employment. Nevertheless, many women have done very similar things; they're not commendable actions but they aren't really hanging offences either.

    The issue here is not whether Kristin Rossum is a 'good' or a 'bad' person. All of us are a bit of each. Although there are many reasons to doubt it, suppose, for the sake of the argument, that Rossum really is a murderess and that she is the scheming, self-centred, spoilt and over privileged brat she has been portrayed as in the media and at least one book written about her trial. Should she be in prison for the remainder of her natural life; without the possibility of parole? Should she be further punished within a prison that functions to exploit and torment its inmates beyond all the bounds of human decency, morality and human rights? The important issues involve questions of whether she should have been incarcerated as she has been, and whether she should be additionally punished by way of harsh treatment and, more than probably, sexual abuse.

    Not only does the following argument find the answers to these questions to be a resounding NO, it raises the further question: if Rossum, assuming that she really is a husband poisoner, should not be confined and so treated, then what about the other 7,000 women serving time in the twin prisons complex at Chowchilla? What about all the rest, all over the US, and those in Australian jails for that matter?

    How many women really need to be kept away from society because they pose a clear risk to it? The answer is damn few. It is quite probable that there are less than 100 women in the Chowchilla prisons complex where Rossum has been incarcerated that really should be kept off the streets. Even it there are three or four times as many women in the latter category, they should not be incarcerated in places like Chowchilla or treated as sub-humans, to be abused and tormented by a cruel system. As far as the rest of the women in the twin jails are concerned, the correct response is obvious:

    Let the girls GO!

    The Awful Realities Of Chowchilla [264]

    In December, 2002, Kristin Rossum was sentenced to life imprisonment, without the possibility of parole. She is now incarcerated in the Central California Women's Facility (CCWF) Chowchilla, in a complex that holds more convicted women than any other jail on planet earth. The judge had earlier denied a number of defence motions for a new trial and, at the short sentencing hearing, he ordered Rossum to pay a $10,000 fine. The de Villiers family have also filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her.

    In California, Rossum's conviction for murder made her eligible for the death penalty, as is also the case in many other states of the US. The prosecution chose, however, to seek a life prison term. They would, undoubtedly, have been aware that such a sentence would involve far greater and more protracted punishment than would a quick, lethal injection. Sadly, Kristin Rossum is presently discovering the nature of the unrelenting punishment that awaited her in Chowchilla. From many accounts, that place is not far short of HELL.

    A probation officer's report of an interview with Rossum following her conviction, and just prior to her sentencing, indicates that she had at least two misconceptions at that point. Firstly, she told the probation officer that: "I still can't believe the jury convicted me." It wasn't the jury that was responsible, it was the investigation and prosecution teams full of career-focussed people. The jury, as noted above, would seem to have been unsure of their ground in the face of purely circumstantial evidence. It was, more than likely, expert evidence that convinced them that there were some 'hard' facts involved and that these could convict Rossum.

    Secondly, although she expected to be sent to prison, at least until she and her family could win a retrial, Kristin Rossum does not seem to have expected a life sentence. She certainly showed by her remarks that, like most people on the outside, she had no conception of what the place she would be incarcerated in was really like. She told the probation officer that if she were sent to jail she hoped to take advantage of the educational opportunities available. When she was eventually exonerated, as she expected she must surely be, she planned to attend graduate school and earn a doctorate in analytical chemistry. She also expressed a wish to have a family. None of these expectations would prove to be realistic.

    She was about to be put in the care of a system that would mistreat and punish her for the rest of her days.

    The following excerpts are from various sources judged to be reliable. Not only first-hand accounts by inmates but also quite public scandals, investigations, and rebuttals surrounding Chowchilla, that give some idea of the conditions that Kristin Rossum is presently enduring. As you read them ask yourself whether, if your daughter, sister, or wife were experiencing the same things; how you would feel about it.

    Yes, that's the way Kristin's parents, Constance and Ralph Rossum, are feeling too. Because what their daughter is now facing, no matter what she might have done to 'deserve' it, is emphatically NOT civilization! It's plain SADISTIC!


    Justice systems and their many injustices, together with prisons and their deteriorating standards are rich sources of material for Us-2-Us discussion. Once ordinary people come to realise the immorality of the 'prison as punishment' notion that underlies the criminal justice machine, and when they come to realise the extent of the culpability of the judiciary who preside over it, their acceptance of the system will plummet. They will begin to talk of establishing new and better societies outside the current federal and state regimes.

    They will become predisposed to peaceful secession. Not revolution, not an overthrowing of the cruel injustice system that is the reality of Chowchilla and many other prisons and detention centres like it, but leaving - seceding and setting up free cities where people who do wrong will not be repaid in an 'eye for and eye' fashion, but given genuine opportunities for redemption and rehabilitation.

    It is not fanciful to believe that criminals can be rehabilitated or that the harm they have caused might be repaired, various tribal societies managed to achieve such outcomes for thousands of years. It can be done, and discussing the presently catastrophic regimes of justice and incarceration will lead people to fathom ways of doing so again, within a Level 4 Civilization.

    Living In Peril of Prison [265]

    Most people are presently indifferent to the growth of private prison industries and the harsh punishment meted out to the wrong doers incarcerated within the 'correction' systems of the US, and copycat administrations such as Australia. However, ordinary citizens really need to be concerned about such trends. Western prison systems are reverting to practices and conditions that were abolished long ago. Private prisons and prison industries are spreading in Britain too, due to the economic imperatives of finding cheap labour sources to compete with global corporations using third world labour.

    Currently three US states, Alabama, Florida, and Arizona, have reintroduced chain gangs. Wisconsin and California are also said to be considering such a measure. Here is a brief report by the World Organisation for Human Rights USA, that is published on the WWW.

    The World Organisation for Human Rights USA site also documents another innovation that enables guards to control greater numbers of prisoners, with consequent savings in operating costs.

    The crimes people are being sent to prison for are often minor. The three strikes rule is exacerbating the problem and filling the jails with factory fodder for global corporations to employ for a few cents an hour. The following excerpt tells the sad tale of one woman who was sentenced to do time in Chowchilla and never made it out - back to her family. It is from the web site of the prisons activist group U.N.I.O.N.

    It's clear from accounts such as this that the incarceration system is now geared to the containment of more and more 'workers' at the lowest possible cost. Why else would the jails in the US be awash with electronic shock devices that enable fewer guards to control greater numbers of prisoners, while the largest women's prison complex on earth can't find a defribulator to shock an inmate's heart back to life?

    What will Stephanie Hardie's mother tell her daughter's two children about their mother’s death. "Mommy went to jail for overdrawing her account at the bank and, while she was there making garments that are so cheap they are being dumped in Asia because even the Asians pay their workers more, she had a heart attack: and, because it's so important to keep costs low to compete globally, the prison couldn't do any tests or use any equipment to save Mommy."

    Why would Stephanie's kids ever want to be citizens of California or the United States of America? Why wouldn't they want to live in a free city where there are no jails for women and children, and where very few men are locked up either? Why wouldn't they want to do this in California, which is their home after all, and their birthright? California without the state or federal governments and their connections to big business could be a nice place to live and grow old. With them, it's becoming a nightmare for families like the Hardies and the Rossums. More and more people are being harmed by the justice and punishment systems, and fewer and fewer will see the wild birds in the sloughs along on the ways to inhuman places like Chowchilla.

    Poverty, combined with increasingly harsh laws and mandatory sentencing rules, will force more and more people into the state's proliferating centres of punishment and industry called 'correctional facilities'. A woman with two children, such as Stephanie Hardie was, might well overdraw her checking account if it was to meed their urgent needs for basics such as food, medicines and clothing. Prison is not a serious deterrent to people who are struggling to exist.

    New welfare reform guidelines like those applying in California make it harder for needy people to 'go straight' once they are released. Individuals who have been previously incarcerated in California are not eligible for public benefits such as housing. Just existing is being made harder for people who are already unable to cope in the wonderful world of 'free' markets and capitalism.

    Women are most vulnerable to poverty levels that correlate with imprisonment; they don't tend the have the best jobs and they don't enjoy equal pay for equal work. Recent statistics for Australia show that while the overall incarceration rate for men increased by 15% between 1995 and 2002, the rates of imprisonment of women rose more sharply.

    These figures are not a reflection on working class Australian women, they are an indictment of the economic policies and incarceration practices of governments, at both the federal and state levels. The number of women imprisoned in Australia is still relatively low, but the trend is clear and threatening.

    Poverty is not far from the doorsteps of average Australians either. Due to their experience of high rates of taxation and of frequently seeing savings invested in funds and shares misappropriated or mismanaged, many families have sought to build wealth through home ownership. The family home is one of the few assets in Australia that is not subject to a capital gains tax and rising property prices have encouraged people to take mortgages to buy houses or apartments. However, the level of household debt (borrowing) in Australia is the highest in the developed world, and even moderate rises in interest rates have the potential to force families who can't meet higher repayments onto the streets.

    Just four major banks hold the financial future of the majority of Australian families in their hands. When a turnaround in property prices comes, and it is associated with rising interest rates, many Australians will find that a great criticism that the financial trader. George Soros, makes of capitalism is true. Soros laments the fact that "capitalism has no soul".

    Because of a looming crisis in the international monetary system, the next recession in both Australia and the US could easily become a catastrophic depression. In such circumstances many more people would be forced into poverty, at a time when the justice and punishment systems are becoming harsher, and when globalisation and competitive imperatives are driving the rapid adoption of cheap prison labour.

    When slick politicians stand up before an election and promise a return to full employment and jobs for your kids when they leave school, be wary that they don't mean prison jobs!

    Globalisation threatens to incarcerate Australians through another route. A 41-year-old Australian man, Hew Raymond Griffiths, who has never visited the United States, is involved in the first case in legal history of extradition for copyright crimes. If his extradition to the US and trial there go ahead, Griffiths faces a 10 year term in prison and a fine of up to $500,000. He could end up in one of the new chain gangs in the US, wearing a stun belt and being held up by the AMIC as a deterrent example to internet pirates and other copyright violators.

    Given the propensity of the US industrial complex to patent and copyright everything that can be covered by such protection, and a good many natural substances as well, it is certain that considerable efforts will be made to extradite 'offenders' from anywhere on the planet and demonstrate the way that 'justice' can be meted out to them. We can expect laws to be extended to facilitate this form of prosecution. The Australian feds, for example, are likely to 'help' the AMIC protect its IP 'rights' and even to apply anti-terrorist legislation to the task.

    Mr Griffiths has already been held in prison for some months for an alleged offence from which he clearly did not seek to make any money. His motives appear to have been to break down barriers to the free flow of technology, music, and other forms of entertainment, so that anyone connected to the internet, including people in the third-world, could benefit from otherwise prohibitively priced items. In this sense he represented a direct threat to the status quo, and the right of a few nations in the developed world to 'own' and exploit anything they choose to patent or copyright, even natural forms and designs. Hey, he must be made an example of.

    Given the growing importance of intellectual and creative inputs to a knowledge based economy, we can expect to see a growing emphasis on 'protection' of the rights of a minority over the needs of the majority. Maintaining scarcity, as has already been noted, lies at the very core of capitalism. It is not beyond the bounds of probability that corporations with vested interests in controlling the supply of all manner of goods and services will actively pursue ordinary people who can be found to have breached patent or copyright restrictions.

    Even minor infringements could be used in another iteration of 'killing the chicken to scare the monkey'. If numbers of Australians, Indonesians, Thais, and so on, can be extradited to the US or Europe and incarcerated for illegally copying such innocent materials as music or videos for their own enjoyment, a powerful deterrent to such activities will develop, or so the RIAA and others might think.

    The Times Record News, Washington, reported as follows in June, 2004. The heading was "Post-9/11 laws expand to more than terrorism."

    Nor will the long arm or the law be restricted to new or broadened legislation that is passed in the name of 'The War on Terror'. Where necessary, various old laws on the statute books might well be pressed into service to help fill the prisons with cheap labour.

    It was once a normal event for women to be tried and imprisoned or executed for witchcraft. In one of his many books, The Invisible College, Robert Lomas makes just this point.

    One might think that convictions under the Witchcraft Act are all in the past, but the case of Helen Duncan indicates otherwise. She was the last 'witch' to be tried in the Old Bailey and sentenced to time in Holloway women’s prison - in 1944.

    Duncan was a well known medium and her 'crime' was to reveal, during a seance, that the British battleship HMS Hood had been sunk in action with the German navy, before the information had been released to the public. How Helen Duncan knew about HMS Hood and also HMS Barnham is not the issue here, what is important is that instead of merely trying and fining her under the 1824 Vagrancy Act, which was usually used where mediums were said to have obtained money by fraudulent means, the authorities choose to apply the harsher provisions of the Witchcraft Act of 1735. This enabled Duncan to be imprisoned or even executed.

    This mother of six spent nine months in jail after having been found guilty of "pretending to raise the spirits of the dead". It seems clear that whether they believed in her ability to contact the 'other side' or not the government of wartime Britain were not prepared to chance her predicting the time and place of the Normandy landings. Accordingly, they used a 200-year-old act, from times of very different beliefs, to lock her away. Due to a public outcry at the time the Witchcraft Act was repealed and replaced with the Fraudulent Mediums Act, which carries lesser penalties.

    After 911 neither the British, Australian or US governments would seem to have any need for old laws such as those against witchcraft, although many such laws are still available to them. Post-911, any citizens who the authorities deem to be terrorists (modern witches) or to have assisted or harboured terrorists, or even to have expressed public criticism of antiterrorist measures, can be detained without trial. History tells us that whilst governments have such draconian powers they will surely use them, and not necessarily against real terrorists but anyone they wish to silence.

    The British police subsequently hounded Helen Duncan, raiding her seances and repeatedly taking her before the courts. Her premature death in 1956 followed such a disruption and people still assert that she died because of their intrusion breaking her trance-like state. It would have been more humane and probably just as secure for the authorities to have obtained Helen Duncan's word that she would not reveal any matters of military significance discovered during her seances. Instead, the government of the day chose to use a decidedly medieval law to incarcerate the woman.

    This seems hard to fathom until you realise that this was the same government that was willing to perpetrate the greatest war crime of all, the firebombing of civilians and war wounded at Dresden. On the basis of that single act the then British government would seem not to have had any humanity or sense of right or wrong.

    Governments of this defective nature are again in power in the West. People in various totalitarian-democracies are now living in real peril of imprisonment. They just don't realise it yet.

    Here come de Judge - Time to Leave [266]

    There have always been examples of rulings and interpretations that have supported the saying "The law is an ass". This is increasingly the case, because even the best intentioned judges are now facing an avalanche of new technologies and social change. But, it is no good making excuses for the judiciary and continuing to accept their strange interpretations. We must recognise that not only judges but the whole legal system will struggle more and more. In the end the whole system will become a farce. This is the way empires end.

    Those of us who aspire to be part of the new civilization that will emerge from the chaos of the collapse of takerism and the capitalist economy, must draw the increasing level of judicial absurdities to the attention of our fellows, and help them to recognise that it is time to leave - to secede from the old society now served by a legal lunatic asylum, no longer capable of coping with change or able to deliver just, sensible interpretations and sentences.

    Here are two examples of the confusion and madness of the old system.

    The judge who imposed the 'bread and water' sentence jailed the offender for only 30 days, but that is still too much of a punishment. The conditions in prisons are such that no judge with any decency at all would send a woman there, even for 30 minutes. Besides the overcrowding, exploitation of labour, and deficient medical, educational and pastoral care systems, there are ever present possibilities of sexual abuse; both from other inmates and from 'correctional' officers. The judges know this when they send women to jail.

    State prosecutors and judges know all this, yet these church-going pseudochristians are still sending women to prison to be secondarily punished and abused in whatever ways their jailers and fellow inmates determine. This is not civilization, it's barbarism of the worst kind.

    The prison system has never been reformed except in name. The prison system is, by now, incapable of reform, and the same can be said for the law enforcement and justice systems which feed it. This reality applies in most nation states within the old Level 3 Civilization, it is not confined to Australia, Britain and the USA. But that doesn't make it right for those administrations to be engaging in the incarceration of women and children. The practice is barbaric wherever it is practiced and by whomever it is authorised and administered.

    The need to abandon all support for federations and states that continue to incarcerate women in prisons where they will surely be mistreated is very clear. The same applies to the imprisonment of men, but the predicament of the girls seems more uncivilized to most people. They must be freed first, then the guys. As for the death penalty, it is not only inhuman - it directly contravenes the rules of God. This is never the way we are supposed to treat each other. The Rule of Law has greatly overstepped its limits when it causes wrongdoers to be put to death. Judicial killings are simply murders dressed up as justice.

    Judges and Executioners Defy The 6th Commandment [267]

    the United States has carried out female executions since the resumption of capital punishment in 1997; some states even have the death penalty for children. Australia does not presently have the death penalty, but there are persistent voices agitating for its reintroduction. Most of the people who support capital punishment are simply being wound up by the parrot people. They have no idea what happens to women who are executed. A few real examples follow. They might just make a few readers reconsider their support for judicial killings.

    The last woman to be executed in Australia was Jean Lee, in 1951. Along with her lover and another man she had been found guilty of the murder of an illegal (SP) bookmaker, in 1949. There was a lack of certainty about the extent to which Jean Lee was actually involved in the murder, and strong criticism of the High Court and Privy Council decisions in her case. Police interrogation procedures were also believed to have contributed to her conviction. Because Jean Lee was a some-time prostitute and petty criminal she was easy 'voter bait' for a government that wished to paint itself as highly moral and tough on crime.

    What these shining moral examples to a highly conservative society did was actually very brutal. Jean Lee had collapsed at the sight of the hangman and his assistant entering her cell. Both were dressed in khaki shirts and trousers and wearing large steel-rimmed goggles and soft felt hats pulled over their foreheads, calculated to frighten their victims; just as the large wigs judges wear are intended to intimidate those brought before them.

    Jean's limp body was handcuffed, her arms were pinioned and her ankles were bound. A large white hood was placed over her head, with the flap over her face left open. Her limp body was then carried out onto the special execution platform above the internal gallery in Pentridge, and while her unconscious form was held upright on a chair above the trapdoor a noose was placed around her neck and the sheriff read her the warrant for her execution, of which she presumably did not hear a word. The flap in the hood was closed, the trap was sprung, and Jean Lee plummeted to her death.

    Hopefully, she subsequently found far greater mercy for her soul than a cruel system had accorded her in her life. All this was done to that woman at the instruction of a judge and verified by his colleagues in higher courts.

    Yet, despite the horror of the 'last' female execution, there is now a growing movement to reintroduce the death penalty in Australia. This is occurring at the same time that anti-terrorist hysteria is driving sinister considerations of 'legal' justifications for torturing accused persons. If legal torture and a reintroduction of the death penalty ever come to pass it will truly be a case of the re-enactment of the horrors of the 1st Inquisition that paralleled the Renaissance in Europe many centuries ago.

    Australian society will then be no more civilized than Europe was during the Dark Ages. And we shall all have reason to wonder why we have not managed to progress further in terms of our humanity and spiritual understanding.

    By any estimate, the State of Victoria is an insignificant part of planet Earth. This is not to say that Victoria isn't a pleasant place or that there is anything lacking in its people; just that it isn't the centre of the universe. The fact is that Australia is a very large island that is lightly peopled by mainly taker-come-latelies descended from the various countries of the first Dark Age. As with the rest of Australia, nothing in Victoria is of great relative importance in world politics, economics, or other matters (except for various sports).

    Victoria only became a state able to make its own laws in 1851, when it was separated from the earlier colony of New South Wales. But. having spent a hundred years devising more and more laws of every kind, Victorian politicians and the state judiciary in 1951 deemed themselves so expert in justice, and so correct in their view of the world, that they chose to defy the only laws that really matter - the ten commandments.

    The first four of those laws dictate how the human race should relate to God. The remaining six laws dictate how we humans should relate to each other. The 6th commandment is clear and unambiguous: "Thou shalt not kill." It is in no way conditional, it does not even say 'thou shalt not kill except if attacked'.

    The sixth commandment certainly does not allow any latitude to kill a woman because you might think she's a strumpet, or that she's probably involved at the edges of a murder committed by her lover. Nor is there latitude or justification in the sixth commandment to allow for hanging people in order to gain electoral popularity. The sixth commandment explicitly says that we shall not kill each other - not ever, not for any reason. Yet, the state of Victoria and its law enforcement and justice agencies and officials clearly saw the 6th commandment as irrelevant in the Jean Lee case, and they saw their own laws as 'right' and 'most important'. All the indications are that they, and every other government in Australia, still think and act that way with regard to The Rule of Law.

    The existence of unjust laws and brutal punishments administered by pseudocristian elites provides one of the strongest arguments in favour of secession from federal and state regimes in Australia. Similar examples of brutality involving the 'legal' application of the death penalty abound in other nation states, and these also provide strong arguments for 'leaving' the brutalities of federalism and totalitarian-democracy behind. The following examples of female executions were all 'legal' in the countries in which they occurred. And they were all equally in breach of the laws of God, regarding how we shall treat one another.

    Brutal Justice For All - Women Included [268]

    The excerpts below are from sources on the WWW and indicate the extent of willingness of the State, the families of the victims of crimes, and the populace at large, to see convicted people put to death. While the focus here is on executions of women there is no suggestion that men should be executed but women should not. Nobody should be put to death, no matter what crimes they are truly guilty of or how many people they have hurt. Who says so? God does!

    At first encounter the debate around the death penalty appears to be complex, there are a variety of standpoints and issues involved and it seems impossible to balance them out in a logical manner. On the one hand there are notions of just punishment and deterrence; on the other there are fears of wrongful conviction and the conflict between the commandment of God and the laws of mankind - the much touted Rule of Law. There is even dissent between various religious groups regarding the interpretation of the Bible; some people claiming to find justification for capital punishment in the scriptures despite the unambiguity of the sixth commandment. However, there are sound reasons to eliminate many of the arguments.

    The revenge motive, on the part of the families of victims, is very strong and it underlies much of the resistance to the abolition of capital punishment, but it can be eliminated because of the hollowness of its outcomes. Many families feel strongly that the execution of a person who has been convicted of murdering one of their loved ones is justice; they see it as balancing the ledger - an eye for an eye ... and so on. But the overall society loses by such pay-back notions.

    A women's group in Malaysia opposed the introduction of a mandatory death sentence for convicted child molesters on the very sound basis that once this happened the crimes would be driven even deeper underground - they would be hushed up and not acknowledged under any circumstances - and more children would then be at risk. Moreover, if a mandatory death sentence applies, juries will be more reluctant to convict an accused person and, as a consequence, a greater number of genuine child rapists will walk free - back into the community to offend again.

    The argument that the death penalty is required as a deterrent, and that without it more citizens are at risk of being murdered, has already been shown to be fallacious. The figures from countries that have abandoned the practice of executing people for murder - and this includes most countries in Europe - do not show any rise in such crimes nor any deterioration in public safety as a result of there being no prospect of offenders being executed.

    Similarly, there is no reason to expect that drug trafficking will increase as a direct result of abolishing the death penalty. This evil industry is owned and managed by people who are never brought before the courts and for whom the prospect of conviction and execution simply does not exist. A lack of serious law enforcement, because of who the real 'Mr Bigs' are and the power they have, is the more serious issue in the prevention of drug trafficking. Those who drive the drug trafficking industry 'onwards and upwards' are successful capitalists and as the saying goes: "Capital punishment is for people who have no capital." Executing any number of underlings in the trafficking industry will never curtail or eliminate it, a death penalty for trafficking addresses a symptom of the drugs pandemic not its cause.

    The notion of the death penalty as a supreme punishment - not revenge or a deterrent, but punishment because offenders 'deserve' it - is seldom part of the debate about its retention or abolition. Nonetheless, the concepts of punishment and the right to punish underpin the whole practice of condemning people to death. Daniel Quinn's writings have laid bare the Taker assumption regarding the 'right' of humans - as the most advanced life form on the planet - to decide: 'Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die'. Not only which humans shall die, but also which animals and which plants; which rivers shall be polluted and which ecosystems shall be destroyed. Such arrogance and stupidity is acting to keep the death penalty on the statute books, it is also sustaining ongoing campaigns for its reinstatement in countries, such as Australia, which had earlier abandoned it.

    Some commentators attribute the notion of humanity's right to kill or otherwise punish its own kind - and just about everything else - to false religious interpretations. However, most mainstream religions oppose the death penalty. It is true that some minor religious groups tend to comb the scriptures for justifications for everything they do, including punishing others, but this is not where the modern attitudes to punishment come from.

    The notion of punishing those who 'deserve' to be punished follows from our profound lack of spiritual understanding - including the nature of death and the purpose of life.

    In the present Level 3 Civilization, religion is everywhere but true spirituality is almost nowhere. During an interview the author and Gnostic, John V. Panella, was asked what he considers to be the biggest problem on this planet. His reply:

    "Spiritual and metaphysical ineptness ... it's that simple!
    Nothing else matters, and never will."

    Isn't religion the same as spirituality? Not really, religions are about believing in and worshiping a deity or divine power, whilst spirituality relates to the human spirit and soul and their place in the nonmaterial world. There have been many religions throughout the course of human history, all of them have embodied spiritual concepts but none of them are spirituality.

    When people in a society rely solely on religious scriptures to determine right and wrong they can derive narrow viewpoints on these issues. They can then demand punishment when it isn't appropriate. Considering only religious scriptures is limiting in the same way that only studying and applying Newtonian physics is limiting. Just as understanding the quantum world requires new insights and different laws, so the consideration of justice and the right, or not, of humanity to execute members of their own species requires insights and understanding beyond those available in religious texts.

    Spirituality is the context in which religions are set, it is wider than the worship of a deity or deities; it surrounds religion and permeates religion but it is not religion as such. A religion is a belief system, it is based on faith and it is difficult, or perhaps impossible, to prove. Since spirituality deals with the spirit and the soul it is far more examinable by modern science. Despite the protestations of a well organised sceptics movement, it is possible for experimenters to seek out the soul in our material bodies and to prove the existence of life after death. The nonmaterial world is a world of vibrations and it is examinable. This freesite is not about spirituality per se and it does not develop the subject. Perhaps spirituality and the growing evidence for life after death might be the theme of a further freesite devoted to such matters.

    One thought that is relevant to the debate over the death penalty, and which derives both from spirituality and present-day religions, is this:

    A divine system exists and it has a creator. Whether you call that creator God or not, It has defined good and evil, right and wrong, in various revelations over the millennia. Further, in realisation that we humans are almost incapable of always doing good and never doing evil, It has also defined mercy. Mercy is there to be used. We are meant to show mercy to those who transgress the teachings of religious scriptures. To understand why this might be so one must appreciate the essence of spirituality and the nature of our journey through life, and beyond.

    Final Reactions [269]

    The following excerpts from a web site about the execution of Karla Faye Tucker capture a range of typical reactions to that event. They are quite revealing.

    An Age of Double Standards and Unfairness [270]

    The going down of the old Level 3 Civilization should not be regretted. It has been an age of hypocrisy, inequality, and double standards within the rule of law and its associated justice and corrections systems. If you consider this statement to be incorrect examine the following contrasts between the justice that murderesses like Karla Faye Tucker and Jean Lee received and the treatment accorded to victorious, and powerful, war criminals. There just isn't any balance whatsoever. There is one justice for the ruling elites and another for women like Karla Faye Tucker and Jean Lee.

    The contrasts are right here in this freesite. Look back at the pictures of the DU babies in Afghanistan and recall the senseless slaughter of innocent civilians there for no real outcome and with no good reason. Think about the unprovoked invasion of Iraq on grounds that have since been shown to have been false. Recall the torture of captured Afghanis and Iraqis in places like Camp Xray and Abu Ghraib prison, that nobody at the top knew anything about. How many innocent people were killed or maimed or irradiated in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq? Yes there were many, but the only casualties officially reported were those of 'coalition of the willing' soldiers, the civilian deaths, injuries, and ongoing illnesses aren't even being counted.

    Then look at the crime of Karla Faye Tucker, she used a pickaxe to kill two people. That's right two. So no mercy for her from the Texas Board of Criminal Justice or the then Governor of Texas, George W. Bush. Karla, of course, very was unlucky: she was unlucky to be an attractive woman, she was unlucky to be a powerless member of society, and she was unlucky enough to live in Texas.

    No other state in the Western world executes as many people as Texas. During the term of Governor Bush, between 1995 and 2000, one hundred and fifty two (152) people were executed in Texas. Karla Faye Tucker was one of them. But then, the people of Afghanistan and Iraq have been pretty unlucky too.

    Earlier, on the other side of the Atlantic, Ruth Ellis had the dubious distinction of being the last woman executed in Britain (for the time being). There is no doubt that Ruth Ellis was guilty of murder, in 1955 she shot her lover David Blakely outside a pub in Hampstead, London. Having shot him once with a 38 calibre revolver she pursued him around his car and shot him again, as he fell to the ground she emptied the remaining four rounds into his body and was then arrested by an off-duty policeman, while still holding the smoking gun. A jury took just 14 minutes to convict her of murder and, because a mandatory death sentence then applied to this crime, the judge in the case directed that she be taken back to her place of confinement, Holloway Prison, and there hanged by the neck until dead.

    Despite a huge public outcry this order was carried out expeditiously and Ruth Ellis was executed just three weeks and two days later, on 13th July, 1955. As a result of her case and the considerable pressure of public opinion the Homicide Act was subsequently amended (1957) to allow for the lesser charge of manslaughter to be applied in circumstance where there was a 'diminished responsibility' of the accused.

    There was certainly diminished responsibility in Ruth Ellis' case. It was known at the time of her short trail, at which she appears to have pleaded 'not guilty' in order to have her side of the story told, that the man she killed regularly assaulted her. Just 10 days prior to the murder she had suffered a miscarriage and ended up in hospital, after Blakely had punched her in the stomach. It was also known that an unnamed man had not only provided her with the 38 calibre revolver she used to kill her unfaithful lover, but had also taken her to Epping Forest and showed her how to use it. Finally, this man is alleged to have driven Ruth to the pub in Hampstead where David Blakely was drinking, and where she shot and killed him.

    Although Ruth would not name the man to her defence team his description, provided by witnesses at the scene of the shooting, fitted that of another of her lovers Desmond Cussens. Despite the fact that this new information was provided to the Home Secretary before the execution of Ruth Ellis, it appears to have been disregarded, and certainly Cussens subsequently lived out a natural lifespan and died many years later, without ever having been charged with any role in the murder of David Blakely.

    At a 2002 hearing before the Court of Appeal, instigated by Ruth's family and supporters to try to clear her name of murder and have the lesser charge of manslaughter recorded, it was alleged that Ruth had been sexually abused by her father and that she had been beaten by her husband as well as David Blakely. It was also argued, on the evidence of a midwife who saw Ruth in the street the night that she shot Blakely, that she was "stressed and weeping". Ruth was alleged to have told the midwife: "It's my boyfriend. He's in there with another woman. He won't let me in!" On the basis of this and other evidence it was alleged at the appeals hearing that Ruth Ellis had been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, even though this condition hadn't been medically defined at the time of her trial. As one commentary on the WWW puts it:

    The execution of Ruth Ellis was, nevertheless, a foregone conclusion in 1955. The jury had no option to find her guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter because it didn't exist at the time. Similarly, the judge was obliged under the Homicide Act to apply the mandatory death sentence. Only the Home Secretary could grant her clemency, as had been done for ninety percent of the women convicted of murder in Britain that century. But he choose not to do son in Ruth's case, even though he had reprieved the death sentence for a woman who had murdered her next door neighbour with a shovel, just one week earlier. He had also reprieved two male murderers, one at the same time as the woman and the other some 3 months earlier.

    Circumstances might also have conspired against Ruth because it happened that when the new evidence of a male accomplice came to light and was tendered immediately to the Permanent Secretary, he was out at the races that afternoon and her new statement was left with another official, who simply did nothing with it.

    In keeping with the medieval notion of severe punishment for violations of the Rule of Law, Ruth Ellis' execution was a brutal affair. The following excerpts of an account of the rituals performed in Holloway Prison that July morning in 1955, make grim reading.

    Regarding the decision not to grant a reprieve of execution for Ruth Ellis the Home Secretary is said to have noted:

    The Home Secretary then revealed his prejudice:

    It wasn't just sex and morals that reared their head in Ruth's case it was class distinctions as well. Had she been a blue blood she might have fared somewhat better.

    Just as Karla Faye Tucker was many years later, Ruth Ellis was unlucky. She was unlucky to be an attractive woman, she was unlucky to be a powerless member of the British nation state, and she was unlucky enough to live in a class-conscious society with barbarous, mandatory laws and penalties.

    But then, the people of Dresden and the large numbers of refugees that filled the city, were similarly unlucky just over 10 years before Ruth met her fate at the hands of the British establishment. Recall that the registered number of deaths at Dresden in 1945 totalled some 480,000 of which 46,000 were school children and 37,000 were infants and toddlers.

    Ruth Ellis killed one man who had been sleeping around, and who had violently assaulted her on many occasions.

    In Ruth's case the judge was not primarily to blame for the brutal outcome of her execution, he had no option but to apply the death sentence because it was mandatory at the time, (he could, however, have declined to serve as a judge in such a mandatory system). The law that hanged Ruth Ellis permitted no consideration of any diminished responsibility or special circumstances.

    Whether to grant a reprieve was the decision of the Home Secretary; at the time a military man and later a Lord of the Realm. He had been brought up on killing and class barriers and he was disinclined to extend mercy to a person of Ruth's status and morals. He pretty much said so in his note on the decision to let her hang.

    The judge might have erred in deciding that there was insufficient evidence to support a verdict of manslaughter on the grounds of provocation (which is really what Ruth's crime was), but he faced the dilemma that she qualified for a conviction of murder on the two legal grounds that had to apply. The prosecution had to prove, firstly, that Ruth actually killed David Blakely (called "actus reas" or the "guilty act") and secondly that she fully intended to kill him (termed "mens rea" or the "guilty mind"). Ruth had clearly killed her victim and she had freely admitted her intention to do so. There was nowhere for the judge to go.

    After the judge denied the submission of the defence for a manslaughter verdict Ruth's lead defence counsel, in protest, declined to sum up the evidence for the defence, saying: "In view of the ruling which your Lordship has just pronounced I cannot now in propriety address the jury al all, because it would be impossible for me to do so without inviting them to disregard your Lordship's ruling." Ruth was thus denied her wish to have her story of the events surrounding the killing of David Blakely aired in court.

    Contrast the killing of David Blakely by Ruth Ellis and the firebombing of Dresden on the orders of the British High Command in World War II. Did the high command intend to kill Germans, including the many civilians who took shelter in Dresden believing that it would not be targeted? The answer is obviously yes, Britain had been first to declare war on Germany in September, 1939 after their various ultimatums for a Nazi withdrawal from Poland were ignored. The legal point is clear, Britain declared war and in so doing displayed an intention to kill ('mens rea').

    Secondly, hundreds of thousands of German civilians were killed by the R.A.F and the U.S.A.F. as a result of the deliberate creation of fire storms across Dresden. There is not a shadow of a doubt that horrendous incendiary weapons, consisting of phosphorous, magnesium and petroleum, were rained down on Dresden causing an enormous death toll. It is a fact that 1 n 5 German non-combatants who died in WWII met their deaths as a result of the firebombing of Dresden - 'actus reas' the guilty act is undeniable - The British and Americans did kill those people.

    No one has been or ever will be charged or convicted for the Dresden war crime. Victors of wars are never tried, they are rewarded with medals and titles instead. They are murderers nevertheless, and far worse human beings than Ruth Ellis and Karla Faye Tucker ever were. Moreover, despite their titles, medals and other honours, those perpetrators of the Dresden raid are not real men. Real men don't kill women and children.

    The problem with capital punishment is that it is never applied in a fair and balanced manner, nor is it ever likely to be. In these circumstances there is only one decent thing to do, abolish the death penalty and remove mandatory sentencing from the statute books. There is of course an even better thing to do; abandon the flawed and brutish civilization that espouses the Rule of Law while tolerating double standards in its application. Build a new, Level 4 Civilization that has no such injustices.

    Interestingly, nation states have ceased making declarations of war; perhaps on the advice of their war crimes lawyers, that they leave themselves too open to 'mens rea' interpretations. None of the COW nations declared war on Afghanistan before they invaded it, nor did they declare war on Iraq. They simply attacked and assured the world that their murderous actions were justified and 'legal'. It might, depending on the depths of dishonesty that the various legislatures of nation states are prepared to sink to, be deemed 'legal' to blow the limbs off infants in front of their parents or rain radioactive matter over dwellings, cultivated land and water courses. But it will never, ever, be moral.

    Mandatory Laws Are Proliferating [271]

    People need to be aware that not only is the punishment system that is called justice, unfair and inhuman, it is rapidly becoming harsher and even more unjust. Mandatory sentencing in the form of 'three strikes' 'zero tolerance" and other legislation and policies devised to 'crack down' on crime are filling the prison factories. The people being incarcerated are the ones with 'unlucky' profiles; poor people, powerless people, illiterate people, drug addicted people, jobless people, homeless people, itinerant people, black people.

    Not only are more people going to prison, they are going there for longer terms. Nor is it hardened street criminals and drug pushers who are being increasingly incarcerated, it is young people out of their luck, it is single mothers struggling to bring up children, it is ordinary people who are finding it harder and harder to cope with the impacts of globalisation on employment, it is sick people who can't afford health care, it is people whom you wouldn't have thought would ever end up in jail.

    This trend in the imprisonment of misfits has happened before - long ago in Renaissance Europe. it is sure to get worse before it gets better. It is a growing threat to anybody and everybody who can't quite 'catch the wave' of globalisation; farmers who can't afford to pay multinational corporations for new seed for every crop because the last crop they grew used seeds that had been genetically modified to produce only sterile plants, native people who can't even produce and use their traditional remedies anymore without paying royalties to some 'researchers' in the US or Europe who have patented them. There are many other examples, but you get the idea.

    Don't dismiss the problem of harsher laws and mandatory sentencing as something that affects 'them' but not you and your children. The record from Renaissance Europe suggests that as the ruling elites feel their grip on power being eroded by new technologies and the spread of information and ideas, they will react with torture, imprisonment and death. 'Killing the chicken to scare the monkey' will become a standard federalist tactic for maintaining control over increasingly restless populations in the West's major democracies.

    Borders will be tightened, surveillance will be increased, death penalties will be reintroduced and made mandatory for a wider range of crimes, torture will be sanctioned (the 2nd Inquisition), prison terms will be lengthened and parole options will be limited. The practice of contracting executions out to for-profit corporations will grow, with a nice little earner on the side in the marketing of body parts.

    We are living through the downfall of a whole system of civilization, and growing chaos is inevitable. All the while the snowmen and the parrot people will trumpet the 'advances' being made in the War On Terror (aka War On Freedom) and lionise 'good' citizens such as federal agents, police, border guards, and the like. Citizens will be encouraged to inform on each other to 'keep our country safe'. This had already started to happen. It will accelerate as the threat of people breaking away from the control of the old order increases.

    ... Maintain Resolve and Hope [272]
    No matter what the Old World Order might do or say there are many ways that ordinary people can support each other and take both joint and individual action towards one crucial goal: establishing a Level 4 Civilization by 2014.

    [The diagram "ntc.jpg" can be found in the separate file 2Rdiagrams.rar]

    As the diagram shows, the disintegration and chaos of the end of the Level 3 Civilization is well advanced - far more than is apparent from the messages of the mainstream media.

    The time is ripe to engender new awareness and hope in communities and common interest groups around the planet. This process has already started, particularly on the WWW. Now is the time to give new ideas and new meaning a greater impetus, and to widen and popularise Us-2-Us dialogue in order to help new thinking and values spread and take hold.

    Remember, there is no revolution involved in a transition to a free and better society based on abundance and deep spirituality. There will be no violent overthrow of existing power structures; just a firm abandonment of the outmoded and limiting paradigms of the old civilisation that was based on scarcity and centralised control. In the looming age of abundance each neo-tribe and free city can readily support and control its own culture and ethos.

    Be very clear about it, whatever the snowmen and parrot people might say;

    Secession is not sedition.

    Secession is an individual right! Every person born into a federation belongs in that land and society, but they do not necessarily 'belong' to a centralised administration. Citizens in a democracy only tolerate control and continue to fund central administrations through taxes if those administrations deliver them the things they aspire to.

    One of the most important things that people everywhere want for themselves and their families is freedom. If a state of federation does not provide what groups of people aspire to those same groups have a right to secede and set up their own more advanced society. If they don't have such a right then they aren't living in a democracy at all, but in a totalitarian state that is disguised as a democracy.

    Freedom is an intrinsic right, it should never be granted or withdrawn within the framework of extrinsic rights established by nation states and federations, and governed by The Rule of Law. Remember the diagram of collective rights, it is reproduced below.

    [The diagram "naturalrights.jpg" can be found in the separate file 2Rdiagrams.rar]

    As the old economic and political orders disintegrate, the control freaks within federal and state administrations can be expected to move to restrict freedoms and tighten the rule of law over extrinsic rights. This is what happened towards the end of the first Dark Age in Europe, and it can be expected to happen again. In fact the signs that a new era of suppression of rights has already begun are everywhere.

    It is vital for the members of emerging leaver-giver tribes to remain non-violent. New tribalism does not imply the sort of behaviour that has, sadly, characterised the decolonisation of many African nations. The genocide in Rwanda in 1994, in which 500,000 people, mainly Tutsis died, (about the same death toll as that of the 1945 incineration of Dresden), and over one million people fled into other countries as refugees, is not the form of tribalism that will be helpful to the 2nd Renaissance. The type of behaviour that occurred in Rwanda was not tribalism, it was barbarism as bad as that exhibited by British War Cabinet in WWII and the COW nations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    New tribes must be driven by proud values and spiritual awareness. Violence and revenge can have no place in the advanced cultures of a Level 4 Civilization.

    Remember the two great levers for change: superior numbers, and communal communication abilities. Talk to each other in an Us-2-Us fashion. Take up the task of spreading counter-logic and new solutions throughout the old, faltering, 'civilization' that is founded on capitalism - the economics of scarcity, federalism - the centralisation of power and control, and militarism - the doctrine of 'might is right'.

    Numbers matter - Act like the ants. [273]

    There are said to be at least 15,000 human beings sold into slavery each year in the USA alone. Some commentators and human rights workers put the figure as high as 50,000. Similar trafficking in human livestock is occurring in Britain, Australia, and many other countries. The unfortunate slaves are forced to work on farms, in restaurants, as domestic 'servants', in brothels, and in pornographic video productions. There is no point relying on authorities to stop this new-slavery, most politicians are indifferent to the plight of these people because they are powerless - and there is nothing that career politicians and bureaucrats despise more than powerless people.

    Consider what might be done about sex slavery with sufficient numbers. A few concerned citizens can't be effective in having sex slaves released from a particular brothel. If they go to the police there is a good chance nothing will happen, the officers are probably getting kick-backs from the brothel operator (and possibly even 'free rides'). If six or even a dozen or so citizens go to that brothel to release unwilling workers there, they will be set upon by pimps guarding the girls, and by lawyers acting for the establishment. But, if six hundred citizens go to a brothel to release any slaves therein, the operators will let the girls go without a murmur, the pimps will offer no resistance, and no legal action will ensue. That's the sort of power that can be generated by many people acting like the ants.

    Note that the above example does not advocate closing brothels in which women work of their own free will. Prostitution is as old as humanity itself and this 'oldest profession' is often far more honourable and worthy of respect than the 'second oldest profession' that is often used to harass its members. The cure for prostitution most probably lies in the establishment of economic abundance and the creation of social conditions in which women don't have to do such work in order to survive. Also important might be a leaver-giver ethos that engenders support networks for those members of the society who need help to find ways to survive and contribute without having to prostitute themselves.

    The difference between support networks within a taker ethos and a leaver-giver ethos comes down to who it is that is supported. In the taker world a family will usually act to rescue one or more of its own daughters from a life of prostitution, but they will leave the rescue of "other people's" daughters to someone else. In a leaver-giver world, each family regards other people's daughters as part of their own social group, or tribe, and they will act collectively to rescue them from the clutches of prostitution networks. This is not a 'mission impossible' ideal. There are historical examples of natural human tribes in which prostitution and suicide were largely unknown. It's just that few such cultures have survived the twin onslaughts of colonialism and the industrial revolution. Now it's time to reverse that situation.

    State Money Controls Us - Our Own Money Frees Us [274]

    One of the greatest psychological hurdles that prospective leaver-givers will face is losing their home and other property if they don't meet their mortgage repayments. They probably won't see their own way clear to 'leave' a federation or state and help set up a free city. While they will urge others to take such action, and genuinely support them, they themselves will not feel able to follow the example. "Not yet - not until we can afford to." But the reality is that those people who hang back will never be able to 'afford to.' That's the way the economic system is geared.

    However, money as we know it - state regulated and valued by international trade movements - is unnecessary.

    When the colonial powers first moved into Africa they found thriving 'economies' based on barter or the exchange of unregulated 'money', these systems were efficient and the tribes who used them remained free. The colonial masters brought the native populations of Africa, Australia, and the US, to heel by introducing a central money supply. To use Daniel Quinn's expression, "The food was under lock and key." You could only eat if you had state money and you could only get that if you entered the state-run economy; often as a low-paid labourer, porter, or the like. The indigenous peoples of colonised countries have been labouring under the yoke of the international monetary (aka control) system ever since. They have been joined by the non-indigenous descendents of the original European colonists, and other people who migrated to their lands.

    But, every now and then, reality shines through a small crack in the system of national currencies and international trade, and then it is shut out once more. This happened in Argentina during the economic meltdown of 2001-2003, which involved the government defaulting on an external debt of US$132 billion, the collapse of the banking system, the freezing of deposited savings, soaring inflation and massive unemployment, and a "pots-and-pans rebellion" in which large numbers of Argentineans took over the streets of Buenos Aires and besieged the closed banks, demanding their deposits be returned.

    Although many people suffered real hardship as a result of the lack of state-backed money, they were able to survive and quickly introduce their own systems of barter and unofficial currencies. And while sadly, some people died in the initial riots, for most Argentineans life did not end. The people of Argentina demonstrated that they could build an alternative economy and basic support frameworks for each other.

    Nobody disputes the fact that the financial crisis in Argentina was due to mismanagement and corruption within the government and, to a lesser extent, the banks. Nobody suggests that the economic malaise that descended upon a country that had once been the seventh richest nation in the world was the fault of the people of Argentina. Thus, it is highly ironic that the money that was mismanaged and misappropriated was the people's. It was not the government's money - governments don't actually have any money unless they raise if from the people by taxation. It was not the bank's money - banks don't actually have any money unless people deposit it and then borrow money within the system. The money and the wealth that was so greatly devalued in 2001-2002 was ultimately the people's.

    There is a strong possibility that if the Argentinean people had not participated in a state-managed economy, and if they had not dealt with large multinational banks, but invested and borrowed with local cooperatives instead, Argentina would still be one of the richest countries in the world.

    Here are some WWW excerpts that capture the nature of the new communal movement that quickly emerged in Argentina, once the state-managed economy collapsed (They come from Global Village News and Resources - GVNR).

    Although it lacked a new-tribal spirituality and the leaver-giver ethos, the Argentinean example shows the latent tribalism that lies just under the surface of their capitalist society. While the IMF and the OWO have again - for the moment - established economic and political control over ordinary Argentineans, the brief period of financial and political instability clearly showed that the people of Argentina were able to get along without a state-controlled currency, the 'services' of multi national banks, or the 'help' of the IMF. There is really no reason to suppose that they couldn't have carried on; to build a different and far better society, and to barter with people in other countries outside the international monetary system.

    Once ordinary Argentineans began printing their own alternative currency they became free from the economic control of the state. Had they persisted they would have unleashed powerful innovative and wealth creating forces that had long been constrained by the old economic order. If the people of Argentina could do these things so can the people of any country or free city. They just have to realise that they can achieve far more without the overburden that state bureaucracies and national political parties impose. Then, once they decide that they can do far better using enterprise and social collectives, and applying natural tribal principles; they must act like ants.

    The best time to make the break with the old order is before the economy totally collapses; that will avoid most of the hardship and grief that accompanies a complete financial meltdown. People who are concerned about their large mortgages and credit card debts must realise that when (not if) a major depression comes the banks will show them no sympathy; but will seize their property and other assets with the full backing of the rule of law. However, it doesn't have to play out that way.

    Just as numbers can change the balance of power when people - acting collectively - decide to free trafficked women from brothels or take over a failed enterprise, so they can turn the tables on predatory banks and other financial institutions. If a few thousand people were to declare their intention to default on their loans, the big lending institutions would quickly sool their lawyers on to these individual families with great indignation and vigour. But, if several million families were determined to abandon their contracts the story would play out very differently.

    Note that there would not be a violent attack on the old order, but it would be an attack nevertheless. No one should expect that people abandoning the Level 3 Civilization will treat its denizens and institutions kindly - just non-violently. The same goes for respecting unfair or unduly limiting patents and copyrights; or any of the other economic and social control mechanisms that hold back the prospects of a new and better world in the early 21st century.

    The Feds are justifiably scared of a swarming populace - of angry and frustrated people - being able to talk and rethink their society among themselves; as around a third of the Argentine population were bound to do by the collapse of their official economy in 2001. This is why sophisticated new surveillance systems are proliferating and intruding into our privacy more and more. And it is why more and more people are being 'encouraged' to become informers and spy on their fellow citizens who are often labelled as 'terrorists' or 'terrorist sympathisers' (modern 'witches'). This pattern is absolutely typical of all historical slides into totalitarianism. Do not expect the OWO to give up without a struggle. But do expect the angry ants to win, because the combination of their superior numbers and growing access to new communication technologies will guarantee their eventual victory over the OWO.

    Follow A Freedom Flag [275]

    Patriotism and pride in national flags is increasingly misplaced. The flags of the CoW nations and many other countries have been so sullied by war crimes, and social and economic barbarism, that they are no longer worthy of any reverence. Not only have the national governments that fly those tainted flags repeatedly engaged in military actions that have killed and maimed large numbers of non-combatants (women, children, the aged, and the infirm), corporations from those nations have also routinely engaged in the deliberate destruction of surplus foodstuffs in order to maintain their scarcity and high prices, while many children around the world have starved to death for lack of nourishment. Very simply: the sullied flags the Feds fly are no longer worthy of being followed.

    Leaver-Giver movements and the free cities that will form during the 2nd Renaissance will need a new flag to follow - a freedom flag that is pure and unsullied by two centuries of capitalism and federalism. A draft design, which is of course freeright, is offered here. It is by no means completed and still requires detailed attention by a professional graphics artist to perfect it. Also, the final design should probably be in the dimensions of the Golden Mean instead of the 5:8 ratio used by the draft. Nonetheless, several symbolisms are contained in the flag as it is shown here.

    [The diagram "FreedomFlag.jpg" can be found in the separate file 2Rdiagrams.rar]

    The white waveform signifies the new and liberating knowledge and technologies that will banish scarcity and enable the formation of a Level 4 Civilization. It also depicts the reality beneath the seeming solidity of the world around us, that although there appear to be solid objects everywhere, vibrations create all matter and we are really inhabitants of a universe of waveforms.

    The spiritual significance of the waveform motif is that just as there is no matter there is no death. Our physical bodies quickly wear out and turn to dust, but our souls continue to exist forever and we journey on in other lives and other bodies.

    Several important numbers appear in the draft design of the Freedom Flag. There is one flag (1) and it has two (2) colours (white is a tone rather than a colour; here is signifies zero (0) or nothingness). There are three (3) troughs in the wave motif and there are four (4) crests to it. The sum of the number of crests and troughs is seven (7). Readers who have understood the earlier discussion of Peter Plichta's work will realise the significance of the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Seven, on the other hand, is the number of mystery in sacred geometry. For example, nobody has been able to discover how to draw a mathematically perfect heptagon. Seven is also the only number in the decad (the first ten numbers) that cannot be produced by multiplying any other of those numbers and which cannot be used as a multiplier to produce any of them. For this reason the ancients knew seven as the Virgin number and regarded it as a symbol of the eternal.

    Seven is used in the Freedom Flag to represent the possible limitations to human understanding and our need to take some matters on faith alone, and not expect to be able to 'prove' or 'disprove' them with our incomplete tools and logic.

    Readers who desire to know more about numbers in ancient times should consult John Michell's excellent book, The Dimensions of Paradise - The Proportions and Symbolic Numbers of Ancient Cosmology, from Adventures Unlimited Press, 2001.

    By changing one or both of the two colours used in the Freedom Flag it will be possible for every free city and leaver-giver tribe to have their own distinctive form of the design. While the colour combination shown represents the overall movement for freedom, abundance, and the establishment of a Level 4 Civilization.

    The hex code for the upper colour of the primary flag is #800080 and that of the lower is #FF8000.

    Each free city and LG-tribe can choose their own colour variations and then register them on Freenet. Some Freenetter is sure to set up a page where they can do that. That freesite should include the final graphic design for the Freedom Flag and a way to claim and record specific colours for each flag being registered. At first, the registrations might need to be anonymous and only refer to the fact that a group of people in a city (say Dallas!) is working to found a LG-movement there and they have chosen two colours for their flag. Since all larger cities in the West are established strongholds of the OWO, formative LG-tribes will probably need to remain relatively discreet until they achieve a critical mass of membership and community support. It's not a free country yet!

    Basic Entitlements In Free Cities [276]

    Cities that proudly fly their version of the Freedom Flag will begin to implement an abundance economy by first providing the basic necessities of life; free to all their citizens. These basics will include food staples, basic shelter, adequate clothing, medicines and health care, digital libraries and access to Lightnet terminals, etc. No money will be required to access the basics for living. Non-basic commodities and services will be traded during the early years of the free economies, using barter or a 'people's currency' much as the Argentineans did in 2001. Gradually, as magic new technologies make inroads on scarcity and begin to generate goods and services in abundance, more items will be added to the free list.

    It will be some time before luxuries such as yachts and cosmetic surgery become free to everyone, but that too will eventually be possible. However, by that point, the influence of new spirituality will have greatly reduced the desire of people to accumulate material possessions. Life will be full of joy and love, but simple in its requirements.

    An Outline of the Game of Life [277]

    What follows is a greatly simplified model of the purpose of life, as set out in far greater detail, and often with considerable obscurity, in various spiritual teachings from past ages. The Snakes and Ladders metaphor used here is a practical explanation, and is not deeply grounded in research and science (although some such forms of evidence do exist). The advantage of this simplified model is that it brings the nature of the game of life to the fore and skirts past all potentially diverting considerations of the details of its underpinnings. It is the latter area that usually bogs down in debates between those people who choose to believe in the existence of a divine judgement mechanism and those who want to see it proven beyond doubt - which is something that we might never be able to do while we are in our human form.

    Even young children understand the principles of the game of Snakes and Ladders. A player moves a counter over a board according to the throws of a dice, and the aim is to travel from the 'start', at the bottom of the playing area, to the 'finish' at the top. Throws of the dice which land a player's counter on the foot of a ladder advance it to the top; throws that land on the head of a snake send the counter back down to the end of the tail.

    The board-game of life can be likened to snakes and ladders, but with 'free will' operating each time the counter lands on the foot of a ladder or the head of a snake. In life we have the freedom to choose whether we will travel up a ladder or down a snake.

    Usually, deciding to climb a ladder has some 'cost' attached; we have to give up something in order to rise up the board by way of a ladder. Conversely, going down a snake can bring us some form of gain, we might choose to cheat someone, or we might even decide to kill them in order to gain an advantage or to keep a secret hidden from the world.

    Because we have the 'gift' of free will and are not constrained by fate in the same way that the player of a normal Snakes and Ladders game is, we can choose whether to give and do good - climb a ladder - or to take and do harm - slither down a snake.

    Thus, we can strive to reach the 'finish' or we can decide to ignore that goal (often because we have no faith that there actually is a 'finish' or reward for helping others at our own expense) and deliberately cause havoc for our personal gain or satisfaction. The people who travel down snakes of their own free will are not usually convinced that there is any divine 'score keeping' involved in the game of life. They reason that if they can escape detection or hire a skilled lawyer who is able to get them off any charges of wrongdoing they have somehow 'won'. Only those of us who recognise the existence of a divine design and plan behind the game of life are concerned to climb ladders and reach the top of the board of life.

    A perfect life is beyond most of us, we inevitably go down a few snakes from time to time. But we can all strive to finish as high on the board of life as we possibly can. In this regard it is never too late to switch from choosing snakes to choosing ladders. The Rule of Law and its attendant judicial punishment processes universally fail to recognise this fact. Wrongdoers are either confined in prisons under conditions that make it difficult to just survive, let alone find ladders to climb, or in the case of capital crimes they are increasingly likely to be executed. The 'justice' system ends the game and they are denied any opportunity to regret their crimes and seek to reform their lives. Paradoxically, the agents of judicial punishment who prevent wrongdoers from resuming the normal game of life are completely unaware that they themselves travel down a snake each time they take such 'legal' actions. Ultimately, they can finish lower in the game than those they judge and punish.

    Teachings from the ancients and present-day shamans suggest that the board-game of life is played many times, just as snakes and ladders is played repeatedly. However, people brought up on mainstream religions that emphasise one life and either heaven or hell to follow have lost this understanding. Most of them have also given up the notion of a judgement day and consider that the end of their life is the final end - nothing exists for them beyond death. Of course, these ideas are contrary to the teachings of the various religions, but those institutions have been progressively marginalised by the secular power of nation states and federations. All present-day religions have also been overshadowed by the materialistic cultures spawned by commerce and capitalism.

    Is it too much to attribute the decline of spirituality to the growth of central governments and economies based on taker philosophies? Not at all. The Renaissance in Europe began the process of sidelining spiritualism five centuries ago. The Reformation broke the temporal power of the Roman Church and also split its religious following. At the same time the flow-on effects of Johannes Gutenberg's mass printing technology transformed Europe into a thriving hub of commerce and conspicuous consumption. These changes laid the foundations for the present Level 3 Civilization, with its focus on the material world and the acquisition of material possessions.

    History tends to happen in cycles. The second wave of communication technology is now having the same effect that mass printing did during the Renaissance; it is connecting information and thoughts in ways that are exposing and undermining the power of nation states and federations. At the same time there is a resurgence of interest in meaning, particularly amongst young people and the elderly.

    Those in their middle-life stages would also be concerned with meaning, but they are so enmeshed in their repayments - mortgages, credit cards, etc - and a daily struggle to advance within a system of relentless economic scarcity, that they have little time to think about such esoteric matters as the meaning of life. Even women, who used to stay at home and raise their children on a full-time basis, are now forced to work to make ends meet. Only the very young and the very old presently have the luxury of time to wonder and search for meaning. But the situation will change as it becomes apparent that there are new alternatives to economic scarcity and predatory globalism. Soon, everybody will be seeking new meaning and new opportunities to climb as many ladders in the game of life as they possibly can. Once this happens a Level 4 Civilization will be assured.

    Beyond Material States [278]

    In the early 1900s, grant-governed science cut itself off from the metaphysical and all phenomena that could not be objectively measured and repeated under laboratory conditions, and ushered in the 20th century Dark Age of knowledge. During this time the ascendency of capitalism in economic matters also reinforced materialist views of our existence and the nature of life and death. Not surprisingly, a large proportion of the world population, particularly in the West, largely eschewed religion and paid their 'faith' only lip service, preferring to 'worship' the acquisition of tangible possessions instead of finding a path to spiritual enlightenment. You can find these folk in shopping malls on most Sundays, instead of in church. And you can find the churches largely empty, unless they stage hot-gospel music, church-jazz or some other hyper-religious attractions to fill their pews.

    Some science has always pursued the answers to non-material phenomena and other states of consciousness. Considerable work of this type was carried out in the USSR during the Cold War, and other independent scientific minds have also been active in many parts of the globe. As already stated, this freesite is not heavily focused on the nature of spirituality and metaphysics. Those subjects really merit their own site that includes the best available references and insights. Nonetheless, it is appropriate to say a little more at this point about the significance of Dr Rick Strassman's experiments with DMT.

    While DMT is the active constituent of the brews made with ayahuasca that are used by shamans as an aid to perceiving non-material states and reportedly gaining knowledge from the spirit world, it is also a prohibited substance in Western societies. The latter fact is somewhat incongruous because DMT is a naturally occurring organic hallucinogen that is produced by our bodies and always found within our brains. Technically, in terms of the Rule of Law, we are all 'manufacturing' and using this prohibited substance.

    In his book The Cosmic Serpent, DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, Jeremy Narby gives the following accounts of the history of hallucinogens.

    Rick Strassman changed the above situation when, between 1990 and 1995, he conducted DEA-approved clinical tests of the effects of DMT on sixty human volunteers, at the University of New Mexico. Jeremy Narby could have been unaware of Strassnan's studies and findings at the time he wrote the above comment about the rarity of DMT field trials. The fact is that, until Rick Strassman did the experiments, science did not know what human subjects will experience when they are injected with measured doses of DMT, under properly controlled double-blind conditions. The results of his work are truly startling.

    The DMT molecule was first synthesised by a Canadian chemist named Manske, in 1931. The presence of DMT in plants was first discovered in 1946, when it was isolated from a South American tree used to make psychedelic snuffs. But it was not until 1965 that a German research team isolated DMT from human blood. Today, it is known that DMT is in many living organisms, not just Amazon plants and humans. Until Strassman's study nobody had seriously tried to answer the question: What is DMT doing in our bodies? Finding the answer to that question was the aim of the work done by Rick Strassman and his colleagues at the University of New Mexico.

    Perhaps the most significant finding was totally unexpected by Strassman. He was prepared for vivid descriptions of altered states of reality; those are the responses that hallucinogens typically produce. But he was deeply surprised to find a considerable degree of consistency throughout the records of what the various volunteers 'saw'. Because people saw the same things and often met the same beings while under the influence of DMT, Strassman was faced with the astounding postulate that the 'other worlds' and 'beings' actually exist. What else could he conclude when many of the volunteers, who did not know which session involved the injection of a placebo and which involved DMT, reported essentially similar experiences, but only from their DMT sessions and not from the control studies?

    The DMT experience also had a profound effect on many of the volunteers, all of whom had been selected for their prior use of psychedelics and who should have been less shocked than inexperienced 'first timers'. But the participants were shocked nonetheless and most claimed they had never experienced anything like the 'visions' that they were immersed in by DMT.

    The regimen of injections involved several sessions and different steps from 'low dose' to 'high dose' levels, the latter being 0.4 mg/kg. The deep spirituality that many of the volunteers experienced during and following their high dose sessions is captured succinctly in the following comment made by one subject:

    "You can be an atheist until zero point four".

    Rick Strassman recorded around a thousand single-typed pages of notes of the sixty volunteers reports directly after their DMT experiences and subsequent reviews by them of these records. Here is a small selection to give you the flavour of their encounters with the spirit molecule.

    Not all of the subjects had euphoric and revealing experiences under the spell of the spirit molecule. Rick Strassman was surprised and concerned to find that 42% of the volunteers in the study had 'adverse' effects and reported feelings of pain and fear. Strassman wondered why such a high proportion of the participants fell into this category. He had thought that by using volunteers with experience of psychedelic drugs he could minimise such negative sessions. But that was not the case. Here are a couple of reports of neutral or unfriendly receptions on the other side of the veil.

    Because of the emotive and belief-shaking nature of the implications of Rick Strassman's work it is important that you read his book, DMT the Spirit Molecule, before forming conclusions from the above excerpts. It is not possible in this limited space to capture or present the exceptional balance and honesty of Strassmans writing about his findings and conclusions. Many important facts and insights, of necessity, are unsaid here.

    For example readers might think that the volunteers who were injected with DMT ran the risk of addiction, but the truth is that the spirit molecule is not addictive (however this does not mean that it is safe to use DMT in unsupervised conditions). Or, readers might consider that the experiences described were simply wild dreams. The fact is that the participants strongly refuted this suggestion and pointed out that, unlike the dream state, some parts of their DMT experiences took place while they were fully conscious and aware of the people in the room with them, Strassman and others. They were also able to take off their eyeshades and open their eyes and see both the DMT vision and the room at the same time. This is nothing like dreaming.

    There are may other possible misconceptions, thus the best thing to do is read DMT the Spirit Molecule in full before venturing your own conclusions about Strassman's studies and what they mean.

    Using DMT can be very dangerous. Impacts on heart rate and blood pressure can be extreme. Shamans prepare to use ayahuasca by following a strict dietary regime for several days and by sexual abstinence. Do NOT experiment with DMT unless you are medically supervised or under the guidance of a traditional Shaman. DMT is a banned substance in most Western countries, including the US and Australia.

    Why Is DMT In Our Bodies? [279]

    Finding answers to this question was the primary reason for Dr Strassman's work on DMT. The following excerpts from DMT the Spirit Molecule are intended to provide a partial window into the author's findings and conclusions in this matter. Again, it is recommended that you actually obtain and fully read the book before applying these insights to your own thinking and belief system.

    The fact that Rick Strassman, as a medical researcher, had difficulty coming to terms with such an explanation does not weaken it. The conclusion is actually strengthened by the fact that he was unable to answer the question of what DMT is doing in our bodies within any of the existing biological and psychological models. Strassman tried hard to fit the phenomena reported into those conventional frameworks, and he could not do it. He was left with the postulate above; DMT enables us to change the reality channels of our existence. Under its influence we can be 'here' then 'there' and then back "here" again.

    This is how Amazonian Shamans have used DMT (in ayahuasca) for thousands of years; to contact 'spirits' in other states of reality and gain knowledge and advice from them. They have been consistently ridiculed as fakes and unscientific primitives, but the shamans of the Amazon, and other parts of the world, continue to maintain that they have gained their vast knowledge, of the extensive range of plant-based drugs and medicines they manufacture and use, from the spirits.

    Today, Western pharmaceutical corporations are feverishly collecting - and patenting - the store of pharmacological knowledge possessed by such 'primitive' people. Will the West soon be forced to also adopt the explanations of how shamans have obtained their extensive knowledge and repertoire of cures for hundreds of diseases and ailments? That they simply tuned their consciousness to a different channel of reality?

    Look back to Vogt and Sultan's theory of the seven levels (they call them 'dimensions') of information perception and access. Their model, you will recall, fits within the third theory domain, the realm of non-material existence - where science and religion meet. The use of DMT to access 'other channels' corresponds closely with Vogt and Sultan's 5th level. The explanatory mechanisms differ between Strassman and Vogt and Sultan, but they are essentially describing the same level of ability to receive and perceive information that is normally beyond the reach of our five lower senses, and the brain that interprets the information we receive from those sources. There is definitely a convergence of thinking happening. Scientists and other theorists in the West are starting to develop explanations that are coming to resemble the spiritual beliefs and teachings of the East, and of religions such as Buddhism.

    More dialogue and open-mindedness is needed before there is a fusion of the explanations of science and the spiritual beliefs of the world's religions. Writing of his own difficulty in coming to terms with the tales of the volunteers in the DMT study, Rick Strassman makes exactly this point. Here are the relevant excerpts.

    Indeed, what would happen if consenting scientists had regular access to and use of the spirit molecule in their work? Might not the slow convergence of thinking between science and religion be rapidly advanced?

    Further Hypotheses [280]

    Rick Strassman's work on DMT led him to many other conclusions and hypotheses that are not covered here - read his book to learn about his many other ideas. More can also be drawn from Strassman's research than he might have chosen to tease out. He would only have included speculative notions where a linkage to scientific data and findings existed. For example, the reason for so many (42%) of the volunteers experiencing either neutral or non-benevolent feelings emanating from "them" is not pursued. Probably, Strassman considered that there was only so far it could be taken before all linkage to hard science was lost and speculation reigned.

    But speculation does no harm if is identified as such, and not passed off as fact. When considered in terms of the board-game of life, or the Snakes and Ladders analogy, the finding that a large proportion of the volunteers reported "adverse" aspects within their DMT experiences seems completely consistent. Most non-western religions place considerable emphasis on the recycling of the soul from life to life, in a reincarnation process. Strassman discusses this aspect in relation to the function of the pineal gland (see below). Although conjectural, it is possible that some volunteers were either already at low levels on the game-board of life, or were going down rather than up the board at the time of their experiences.

    In his book Strassman describes the possible role of the pineal gland in birth and death. Here are relevant excerpts from DMT The Spirit Molecule.

    Much of the above, as Rick Strassman discusses in his book, is speculative. He honestly states that, as far as he could determine, nobody actually knows whether the pineal gland does produce DMT, because no scientific study seems ever to have looked for it there. However, he says, DMT is known to be produced within the body; in blood, it the lungs, and in the brain. Strassman is 'joining dots' when he hypothesises that the pineal generates DMT and acts as an antenna for the soul.

    However, there are certainly existing dots for Strassman to join. For example, the enzymes and precursors required to synthesise DMT are known to exist in quite high concentrations in the pineal. Also, the pineal is known to exercise control over other glands in the endocrine system, as a type of 'master unit', and it is the source of melatonin, that controls among other functions, the reproductive cycle. The pineal is, therefore, a good candidate for being the primary source of endogenous DMT.

    René Descartes (1596-1650) the great philosopher, scientist and mathematician, also considered that because the pineal is the only single, or unpaired, organ in the brain it is likely to handle our thoughts - one at a time. The Ancients knew the pineal as the "third eye", related to insight and intuition.

    Although Strassman notes the lack of hard evidence of DMT production in the pineal gland within the scientific literature, there nevertheless is an account of how the formation of such a compound could occur there. It is published on the WWW in an article by Albert Most, titled Eros & The Pineal, (1983). It says in part:

    Given the distinct possibility that the soul enters and leaves the body with the assistance of the spirit molecule, it is not too surprising that volunteers under its influence should have experienced different 'receptions' from the beings they encountered. Basically, those individuals who had been making progress climbing ladders would be in a happier state than those facing the consequences of going down too many snakes on the game-board of life. Whether the DMT travellers were being judged by "them" or simply facing their own consciences, their recollections of the experience could well be less positive than those people who had achieved higher positions (climbed more ladders and gone down fewer snakes) in their life.

    This is not to say that 42% of Strassman's volunteers were bad people, only that they had been playing the game of life a little worse than their colleagues who had felt more comfortable, even euphoric, during their time in the bardo.

    The implication of this hypothesis is that if you go down too many snakes in your life you probably won't like your forty-nine days in the bardo. This will be the fate of those who ordered the firebombing of Dresden and the use of DU ammunition against the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq. It is why we don't need to rush to judgement on others. There is a reckoning at the end of each life, and whether they are winners or losers depends on each individual. Free will cuts both ways, if you slide down many snakes you will surely lose, but if you climb enough ladders you are sure to win. Sadly, it seems likely that many of us simply 'tread water' in successive lives. We remain at about the same position on the game-board, about a third of the way up, and neither do anything too bad not anything very good. The Leaver-Giver philosophy offers all of us encouragement to change that situation and, instead, climb ladders that help our fellow beings.

    Another startling conclusion - at least for taker-thinking humans - can be drawn from Strassman's study. It concerns the other animals. Since dogs, cats, rats, pigs, whales, dolphins, elephants, and the rest, have pineal glands near the centre of their brains, it is likely that they also have souls that enter an leave their bodies in the same manner as ours do. This will come as no surprise to native people such as the American Indians, the tribes of the Amazon, or the Australian Aborigines - they have always known this.

    Since the spirit molecule is also known to occur in many plants, it is also possible that, although they lack a pineal gland, there is some form of lower-level consciousness operating in these living things. They might not have free will in the same way that we do, but there is an argument that plants are only alive when they house souls, and that DMT plays a similar role in easing life in and out of the various plant species.

    Again, this will not strike many indigenous people as surprising. It is only among Westerners, with their single-life model of existence, and a view of themselves as being far above other forms of life, that there will be disquiet about this hypothesis.

    However, all of us who have ever fallen under the spell - and unconditional love - of an animal companion, whether a dog, a cat, a horse, a budgerigar, or some other species, already know that all animals are conscious and that they possess souls. Given how obvious this fact is, it is remarkable that many highly intelligent scientists, and others in all walks of life, still require "proof" before they will accept it.

    Attack Lethal Memes - Not Those Who Follow Them [281]

    Whether they can yet be proven, or ever will be proven, the insights that spiritual teachings and models provide us are going to be of crucial importance as the old civilization fails around us. There will be extraordinary pressures to fight and struggle against the increasing brutalities and controls of the old order. It will be only natural to want to take to the streets to protest, to riot, to man the barricades. However, spirituality and new tribalism are the ways to better lives - not violence.

    The worst action we could possibly take in response to the new barbarities of the 2nd Inquisition and the War on Freedom is to retaliate with violence. If we do that we will be letting the OWO define the location and nature of the battlegrounds, and we will be committing to resolve our disputes with their rule of law.

    Instead of massing to demonstrate outside government buildings and capitalist institutions we must employ Us-2-Us dialogue, and not go anywhere near traditional demonstration locations. Rather than congregating there, we should gather outside the cities, on the riverbanks, by the sea, and also on Freenet. We should carry and use PPDs, to confuse Big Brother, and we should exchange ideas and understanding among ourselves. There is no point in arguing or fighting with the madmen who are vainly trying to maintain the status quo amidst a giant wave of technological and spiritual change. We must decide our future without them.

    To do so we need to develop a common understanding of the dominant ideas that govern the outgoing society and its institutions - what Richard Dawkins would call its memes.

    The following excerpts from Daniel Quinn's book Beyond Civilization explain the concept of memes.

    There is no point in attempting to persuade the likes of the movers-and-shakers within the American Military Industrial Complex (AMIC) to abandon the ingrained memes they have carried all their lives. Not only are they disinterested in giving up their memes, they can't give them up - not even to save their own lives. But the ordinary people can be persuaded to abandon the lethal memes that threaten their future. This broad populace must be the focus of all public dialogue from leaver-givers, and not the 'leaders' who presently run nations and industries.

    Lethal Notions of Capitalism [282]

    Wealth creation and economic prosperity are, under capitalism, based on principles of competition and survival of the fittest. The phenomenon of capitalism, which is scarcely two hundred years old, it is grounded in these dominant ideas. The notions are not strictly memes, because they are not ingrained in all members of the society, but they are potentially lethal. Not only can corporations fail because they can't adapt to discontinuous change and economic abundance; whole nations can be impoverished unnecessarily and societies can wither and die of anger, recriminations and blame for corporate and other institutional misdeeds and collapses.

    Globalisation threatens the old corporations as well as more publicised 'victims,' such as unskilled workers, the natural rights of resident people to their local water and other resources, and the proprietors of small businesses. Globalisation inevitably lowers the price of non-unique products and services, forcing corporations to be more and more efficient, just to remain competitive. A need to achieve economies of scale is driving a rapid concentration of established industries, and the remaining large players are having to grapple with the need to control wider operations with fewer available people. In the drive to remain competitive they are turning to computer systems and away from human employees. Many of the living employees that remain are either part-time workers or contractors, and the core of permanent managers and specialists is also shrinking.

    For a time large corporations can follow each other down the path of downsizing and outsourcing their workforces and placing their future in the hands of computerised transactions and control systems. They can run their operations as they would run a database, and increasingly ignore 'old-fashioned' leadership elements such as the trust and loyalty of their employees. The numbers can look really good - for a while. Then, when the global market is rationalised yet again, fewer competitors gain greater economies of scale, the prices drop and so must the direct costs and overheads. Profit margins become so thin that there is no longer room for operational errors or tactical mistakes. With little or no buffer against sudden 'dips' in the market, the corporations, and the investments of their stockholders, become highly vulnerable. Big corporate collapses occur and stock markets fall in response to the crisis. We saw this happen in the airline industry after 911, and in the travel and hospitality industries during the SARS epidemic. We will see a great deal more of it before this decade is over.

    Several lethal notions are at work in major corporations in the present-day. One is the idea that the bigger a business is the better it can compete. This is, and always has been, hogwash! The only reason that it seemed to work in the past was due to the protection afforded by trade barriers and cosy 'deals' between big governments and big business interests. The markets were not 'free' in those days, and there were golden opportunities to collude and to contrive conditions of scarcity - super-profits could be made. However, the truth is that while capitalism flourishes under controlled scarcity, it collapses under genuinely free trade and abundance. The latter conditions will prevail during the 2nd Renaissance, and being big and widely spread will become a handicap rather than an advantage.

    Another capitalist belief is that only the fittest will survive. Business is seen as a highly combative undertaking in which there are always winners and losers. It simply is not possible for everyone to win under capitalism, but it is under the conditions of free trade and abundance that will surely characterise the 2nd Renaissance. Traditional industries and corporations could possibly survive and prosper if they were able to abandon their increasingly predatory, win-lose, paradigms and develop more cooperative, symbiotic business models and philosophies. But, the task is beyond them because they are holding fast to what will soon prove to be lethal notions of how the world of commerce works and how to succeed in it.

    If you have investments in such 'dinosaur' corporations, even if they are so-called 'blue-chip,' get out now! Similarly, try to quit your superannuation and pension fund arrangements if they seem to be heavily into stocks in 'yesterday's heroes' types of corporations. If possible (it has been purposely made hard to get out of many Australian funds) look for financial managers who will invest your savings in the high-technology area or other seemingly 'high-risk' segments. If you can do that you might just, only just, have a little money coming to you when you retire. The concept of capitalism is no longer viable, so investments in capitalist enterprises are no longer a good bet.

    Pickering's Organisational Insight [283]

    Larry Pickering (now retired) is one of Australia's more famous cartoonists. Entirely self-taught, he was a prolific worker and is reputed to have drawn as many as five cartoons a day during a period of some ten years, mainly during the 1970s. Distinctively, Pickering often drew people, including politicians, without any clothes on. The example of Larry's work shown here reveals his great talent as an observer of his fellow humans and the true nature of their organisations, institutions, and cultures. During his working days this man was truly a sage with a sketch pad. He saw right through Australian society, and most of the prominent people in it at the time.

    [The diagram "PickeringL.jpg" can be found in the separate file 2Rdiagrams.rar]

    It is not just the overall depiction of a hierarchically structured organisation that is so accurate in the cartoon shown, we are all aware of this model anyway. It is also the expressions on the faces of the characters that are so true to life; the extrovert sales rep,' the dominant (Alpha male) CEO , the picture of the Founder hanging behind him (a similar type - the universally respected 'Captain of Industry'), the chain of officious senior administrators shuffling paper, the treacherous career-ladder climbers, and so on. You will all recognise these types from your personal experiences of an organisation jungle. Larry Pickering probably drew this insightful sketch from memory, in a couple of hours.

    One does not have to look too hard to see the essence of capitalism within the Organisation Jungle. The now lethal notion of competition (internal as well as external), instead of cooperation, is shown there. So is the disaffection of the group of lower level workers, who stand around chatting and giving only grudging compliance within the work models and performance plans of a firm that treats them as position descriptions instead of individuals capable of giving much more than is ever asked for. In the organisation jungle people at lower levels are typically 'controlled' rather than led or inspired. Apathy and wasted talent on a immense scale are the by-products of this treatment. Unfortunately for the business, it is often the people at the lower levels of the tree who have the most direct and telling interactions with its customer base.

    Notice that in this model people climb ladders for their own ends. This is nothing like the Snakes and Ladders analogy for the game of life. But it should be, people spend too much of their lives at work to be stressed out by internal competition and politics. Tribal enterprise models will offer fulfilment instead of combativeness.

    Capitalism Takes, Spiritualism Gives [284]

    The higher one rises up the game-board of life the more spiritual consciousness there is, and the less concern there is with self. The organisation cultures that typify capitalism can't accommodate such thinking because their whole ethos is about competition, and winning at the expense of someone else, who is then, by definition, a loser.

    This situation does not auger well for corporations who can't shake themselves loose from the old capitalist mindsets. As abundance and spiritualism increase in the world, under the influence of new technologies and a convergence of science and religion, the 'tried and true' cultures of the industrial age will be entirely out of place. As occurred during the first Renaissance, rising affluence will tip the balance of power away from big, slow, difficult to deal with, institutions, towards small, fast, attentive merchants. A new class of merchant was born then, and a new cultural movement will be born now. Instead of capitalists, and capitalist cultures, we will have leaver-giver cooperatives and talent collectives.

    These will be organised on entirely different lines to the organisation jungle. They will be tribal, in the manner of Daniel Quinn's travelling circus example. However, due to humankind's new capacity to generate abundance, people will join new tribal enterprises in order to have the opportunity to contribute fully and give to others. Quinn notes that nobody runs away to join a travelling circus in order to give up something, they expect to get something. In 2nd Renaissance enterprises what members of collectives and cooperatives will get is an outlet for their raised levels of spiritual consciousness.

    At higher levels of consciousness the challenge on the game-board of life is not about improving one's personal position, it is mainly about helping other living beings to improve theirs. Now that humankind has access to knowledge and technologies that can create abundance, there is no need to struggle for survival and self-advancement. As this fact dawns on more and more people the emphasis of most enterprises will align with Martinus' guideline:

    "Never let your thoughts move away from working on how you
    may best serve your fellow beings."

    The leaver-giver ethos accords with the thoughts of Martinus and with the sentiment of the well known poem, Abou Ben Adhem, by JHL Hunt (1784p;1859).

    As free cities are established and abundance is seen to be achievable, more and more people will join the leaver-giver movement, and begin to raise their levels of spiritual consciousness - by helping others. Those people who are presently pursuing religious teachings in order to improve their own standing with God, Allah, Krishna, or whatever, should take note of the above poem. It indicates that individuals who devote their energies to helping their fellows to improve their lives and spiritual positions will always rank above those who only seek the blessing of God for their own sakes.

    Illusions And False Truths Have Limited Us All [285]

    References to the deficiencies of capitalism should not be taken as an attack on the people and organisations that practice this philosophy. The only attack here is on the lethal memes that underpin capitalism. One of these, which we were all immersed in soon after birth, is: Resources are, and always will be, scarce. But this is, and always has been, a falsehood. Before humankind achieved the necessary levels of knowledge and insight, resources certainly seemed to be scarce. But that was an illusion due to ignorance. Remember Buckminster Fuller's observation about scarce energy:

    "There is no energy crisis, only a crisis of ignorance."

    There is, however, no justification for attacks on people who genuinely believed that resources are scarce, and then scrambled to control them. Nor can we call these people stupid. Most of us have been similarly deceived by our memes. Once people are able to recognise realities that are normally masked from us by what we see and believe, most will quickly change their attitudes and behaviour. When this starts to happen on a large scale, civilization will go up several gears - and quite rapidly.

    What science has begun to discover during the past three decades is that:

    Hardly anything in this world is what it seems to be.

    We think that our eyes see what is in front of us, but we really see an interpretation of reality fashioned within our brain. We think that matter is solid, but it is almost entirely emptiness. We believe that digital technologies, which manipulate binary digits, are something special, while failing to note that nature is fundamentally analogue. Waveforms, tones and harmonics, are actually shaped and ordered by the prime numbers, and the 'solid' reality we 'see' isn't solid after all.

    Until quite recently, very few people were aware of these insights. Ironically, it has been new technologies based on the 'unnatural' use of binary calculations that have finally exposed the truth to all who would know it.

    The Real Scarcities [286]

    In a societal sense, one real scarcity is understanding. It is ignorance that leads people to do bad things to each other. Once an underclass of 'losers' is created in a society they operate at the lower levels of spiritual consciousness. A vicious cycle of offence, punishment, reoffence ensues; and it leads to millions of people being denied their freedom. The punishment and prison industries then flourish, but our society unravels.

    Conversely, people who come to understand the game of life are able to raise their spiritual consciousness to levels at which they not only pose no risk to others but are also content within themselves. To call such an insight enlightenment is too evangelical; a better phrase is understanding life's purpose.

    Another great scarcity is mercy. The cause is rooted in takerism and the meme that says: We humans have the right to decide which creatures shall live or die. The earlier call to 'Let the Girls Go,' and to get everyone out of Chowchilla and places like it, was not simply a compassionate response to the increasing horrors of the prisons. It is fundamental to the abandonment of one of the most corrosive notions in the present-day culture - that the rule of law is a civilized and 'just' approach to wrongdoing.

    As a prerequisite to the formation of a Level 4 Civilization we must find ways to get not only women and children out of the jails, but the guys as well. Unless we do this the 'justice and punishment' arrogance, that goes back to medieval times and the protection of property held by the nobility, will poison our attempts to found a spiritual society in which goodness prevails over all other traits.

    You see, there can be no spiritually grounded society, no Level 4 Civilization, without a recognition of the pre-eminence of mercy in the game of life. We all have free will, and we sometimes do wrong instead of good. But that does not mean that humans can or should sit in judgement on their fellow beings. The place for the assessment of each life is within the forty-nine days that the soul spends in the bardo - after death. It is a divine process that we humans have no role in. The animals don't have the arrogance to judge or punish each other in defiance of the divine order. Neither should we.

    Some Practicalities Of Emptying The Prisons [287]

    Given the importance that prisons and punishment have in maintaining control of increasingly restless populations, the task of achieving the release of the people in the jails and the closure of those institutions, seems daunting. But it is so vital to the 2nd Renaissance that we must find ways to do it.

    The principles to use to find those ways have already been set out in earlier parts of this document. To recap, the key points are:

    You don't think it's possible to have a society without jails? Well, tribal societies such as the Alawa of Australia did so for more than forty-thousand years. So too did many other ancient societies. Not only have no fortifications been found at the site of the megalithic city of Caral, there are no signs of any prisons either. A society that seems to have lived in peace for a thousand years probably didn't need jails.

    The very notions of the rule of law and judicial punishment are socially corrosive and damaging to the spiritual consciousness of both the people subjected to them and those that practice them. The following diagram shows the choices we have, right now, as the 2nd Renaissance gathers pace and a Level 4 Civilization lies ahead of us.

    We can continue within the systems of law making, law enforcement, and punishment; or we can simply reject them as inhuman, and walk away.

    [The diagram "OurChoice.jpg" can be found in the separate file 2Rdiagrams.rar]

    Where will the women released from the Chowchilla prisons, and from all the other jails, go? We must make room for them within the neo-tribal cultures of the various free cities that we establish. Their families must be able to join them as well. Many of these women will need care as well as encouragement to rehabilitate and integrate into a new society. A high proportion are non-white, and many carry drug addictions. Ibogaine, the prohibited anti-addictive substance, can help in the latter case. Compassion and genuine elimination of racial attitudes from the white populace of the free cities can heal the hurt that women of colour have suffered at the hands of the old society and its 'justice' and 'correctional' institutions.

    Once the women are settled we must do the same for the men from the prisons. Because of the supportive culture of the free cities, very few former prisoners should need to be kept off the streets. We should accept those small numbers of men and women that do need be contained in some manner, but we should treat them well, and never confine them in inhuman ways. These ideas aren't idealistic, they are the very core of a society that operates according to the principles of high spiritual consciousness, and mercy.

    It is very unlikely that the Feds and various State governments will close the prisons and release all the inmates. Even if there were to be a huge change of heart in the old communities, and popular support for such reforms. Making new laws, year after year, and punishing wrongdoers, is an innate strategy for maintaining control of society, within the Level 3 Civilization. The OWO won't change it or give it up easily.

    The prospect of prison is a deterrent to rebellion, and the Feds will want that insurance as the controlled economy and the old order continue to decay and weaken. But, when significant numbers of the more highly skilled technicians and scientists decide to abandon the old society, rather than rebel against it, the OWO will find that their 'justice' system and their prisons are not a deterrent to secession. It is likely, therefore, that secessions and the establishment of free cities will need to precede the emptying of the prisons. The need to make the change to free cities is therefore urgent. People are suffering and dying in the prisons every damn day.

    Secessions will reshape the economics of the prison system. Once the Feds and State governments no longer have the tax revenues that they had when they built and filled their jails, they will be more inclined to allow the release of female, and later male, felons. It might be necessary to 'recompense' the old governments for their 'trouble' in arranging the releases, on a reasonable per head basis. But it should not be necessary to have a great debate or struggle about it.

    Will ex-offenders make decent citizens worthy of the benefits of free cities? They will if the colonisation of Australia by the British is any indication. Most of the initial populace of the various colonies that were set up some two hundred years ago were, in fact, convicts. Once they were released it did not take them long to assimilate and make significant contributions to the building of the nation.

    Sadly, at the instigation of a relatively small but powerful establishment, the nation that the descendants of the original convicts helped to develop, has now become, to the shame of many present-day Australians, America's 'Deputy Sheriff' in Asia, and a co-aggressor in Afghanistan and Iraq. Tell me the way the people in the jails think is evil and dangerous.

    Although the foreign policies of the CoW nations are operating to gradually drive decent people in those countries away from their governments, the prisons issue can be much more potent. Dialogue on the streets, in the cafes, and on the Internet, will have more impact if it is about the prison abuses and injustices at home than if it is about abuses 'over there,' - to people we don't know, and whom the parrot people say are terrorists who 'deserve it.'

    The citizens of the 'homeland' know, without even having to think about it, that the women incarcerated in the jails, down the road or somewhat further away, are not terrorists. They're predominantly mothers, and many families on the outside are suffering both the emotional stress of separation from a loved one and the economic loss of a breadwinner. Ordinary people understand these facts, and they will be receptive to any groups that offer to take the women from the prisons, look after them, assimilate and rehabilitate them, and keep them from further wrongdoing.

    That should be the thrust of our arguments to gain the closure of places like Chowchilla and the unconditional release of its inmates. The closest any of these girls have ever come to committing war crimes is to manufacture flags for the US military to fly in Afghanistan and Iraq. By comparison with the 'liberators' who have sprayed the countryside with DU ammunition, while bringing The rule of law and greenback-democracy to the long-suffering inhabitants over there, the women in Chowchilla are saints.

    Let the women in the prisons know that there are many of us prepared to commit our support, energies, time and money to getting them released as soon as we can. Send them mail, and parcels of cosmetics and toiletries (the authorities might not always let the goods through, but they will soon get to know we're serious, by the quantities we send). Tell these mothers that many, many, of us forgive them - whatever they've done. Tell them there will be genuine supporters (leaver-givers waving the Freedom Flag) to meet them when they get out, and make damn sure there are. Tell them the world will change and it will become a better place. Send them hope!

    Change Rapidly But Not Cataclysmically [288]

    Finally, as this first edition of 2nd Renaissance concludes, a caution about pushing for instant reform. Certainly we need to push to empty the jails and genuinely rehabilitate the inmates who have suffered within them. but it will be unwise, and unnecessary, to act to bring the old order to a sudden end. The reason is simple. Too many people would get hurt if the present economic system were to collapse quickly - like the Berlin wall. There would soon be many people eating rats and toads - as there were in the aftermath of the collapse of the Argentinean economy. Nobody would benefit from that sort of social and financial trauma. It will be far better to aim for a parallel transition from taker-capitalism to leaver-giver-tribalism. As the old system unravels of its own accord, there should be a rapid build up of free cities and the technological, scientific, and spiritual foundations for an economy of abundance.

    The first phase of the build up to a Level 4 Civilization must establish credible examples of leaver-giver-tribalism. This will involve like-minded people forming a number of free city pilot projects. During the first phase, the focus must be on demonstrating that people can live in a tribal way, amidst the spike technologies and scientific modernity of a post-capitalist economy. From the lessons learned, and the demonstrations of abundance produced by the free city pilots, it will be practical to set out guidelines and provide resources and skilled people to assist the formation of a second wave of secessionist cities and regions. All the energies of the new leaver-givers must be directed towards these ends, and the controlled economy of the old order must be left to its own devices. It is not our function, as builders of the new society, to tear down the old one.

    That the old economic order is destroying itself, and taking the whole world towards a replay of the Argentinean crisis on a global scale, is no secret in financial circles. It's just not featured on the 6 o'clock news or the pages of the mass-media newspapers. The following excerpt from the August 12, 2004, edition of the Dow Theory Letters, a financial newsletter by Richard Russell in the USA, captures what the people inside the economic and financial sectors know and accept. It's scary and it's true.

    There is no need for anyone to overthrow the old order based on capitalism. The societal flaws and lethal memes that are associated with takerism and capitalism are already well on the way to destroying the empires of the industrial age, New knowledge, new technology, and new thinking are helping to accelerate the process. Time is running out for the old order.

    Our concern, as leaver-givers, needs to be with the world beyond the demise of capitalism. We need to have a social and economic logic, and a system of transition, in place well before the looming meltdown. We must have the rudiments of a new civilization and a new society ready for people to join when their old world fails them.

    This is the most important work and thinking that we can ever do on behalf of our fellow beings.

    September, 2004

    Go forward in peace. And always remember the line from Gravity's Rainbow:
    "If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answers."

    The PART ONE freesite link is here.

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